Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digg Launches Related Posts Beta

I guess Digg finally got over the spamming here and there from all corners of the internet marketing industry. They just launched their Digg Related Posts in Beta testing. This is the newest modification since I cannot remember anymore from Digg admin and I like this one as it somehow minimizes the opportunities for spammers (like me) and other out there.

This move to put some changes will lessen the chances that only the spam links submitted will get the say and outbound clicks. Maybe Jay Adelson woke up and said hey, we ought to use something out of those who gets visits and leads from using Digg in return.

Actually, it's not really them who benefits from it but all users as well because the related posts will take the users to more relevant content which is a good indication that there will be more chances to see other posts and diggs by other people.

This also means that those who do not usually have the time to search for other relevant posts, not thinking that it is possible, will no longer have to click here and click there just to find other information that they may be interested in. In just one page, there will appear a link to other related posts with Digg's related posts beta.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Days of Agony as a SEO and Link Builder

I have been a link builder and a SEO for years now and I can't imagine myself being in this situation so many times but so far, this is the most challenging for me. The "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest indeed got must of us in our seat buckled up and sticking on it. We all want the glory at the end of the day but the day seem so endless for all of us. The day seem not enough for our entry sites and our link building and SEO efforts.

While some have struggled only to raise a few index fingers in their respective keyboards, we, the new optimizers of the new generation (I must count myself as one of them) struggle to seek more and more knowledge as if some kind of a vampire really hungry for blood and thirsty for more as we taste defeat and glory all in sudden repulsive reaction by Google. There are those who prayed to Google to put them up the pedestal and then gave up on what they used to believe, now they have directed the power they have earned to an enemy's (competition is the right word for it) entry website.

While others have struggled to cheat in their most hidden ways and hide them for anyone to see, I am here in my desktop trying still to decipher what in the mind of Google when it doesn't respond to my call. This is my world, the world that I have learned to love and live with all my days everyday here at home and this is where I will be until the end of time. I love SEO more than just my friends and I admit it, sometimes more than my own family. It is sometimes the reason I don't take a bath just to finish things I have to do. I don't regret it instead, when I start to think about it, it makes me smile.

I couldn't imagine myself of a lesser man because of SEO and my life will be full of challenges that rise my blood to the head making me blush sometimes. This is the life of an SEO, the life that I love and the life that I chose to live and will always leave me hanging by a thread. The thrill, the competition, the challenge and the art of learning how things are when others don't and still struggle to find out. This is the felling and the life of a SEO. We will win the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest at whatever cost. WE WILL WIN!

Sam Casuncad

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sphinn Bar Argument: Why I Don't Approve Questioning Quality Over Responsibility

There is an ongoing argument within the Sphinn (allow me to say veterans and regulars) about raising the Sphinn bar. For those who do not know about it yet. Allow me to enlighten you with the sort of voting plexo going on.

"Sugarrae", a.k.a. Rae Hoffman (according to his/her profile I took a t peek at Sphinn) of MFE Interactive raised an argument regarding raising the bar in Sphinn, that is raising the number of Sphinns that a post needs to be able to land in the home page as a hot post. From the current setting, the suggestion by "sugarrae" is to raise it up to 30.

The suggestion highlighted such reasons why this suggestion. One of which was to prevent unworthy posts from getting in the hot pot in the home page of Sphinn. This way, sugarrae said, Sphinn would have a home page full of quality posts.

Now, my question is, who is who to say that a post is quality or not when honestly speaking, yes, I find a lot of greatly great posts from Sphinn but not all of those in the home page where there is the hot seat is really hot? I guess that leaves us with the same concern.

Here are a few of the arguments raised regarding the suggestion to raise the bar that I would like to have highlighted here which for me are a few good points aside from mine.

Skitzzo raised that there wouldn't be any difference at all because people who can find friends to raise their post to 23 and make it hot will probably find another 7 to help them push an entry to the home page.

"GOOD point here" - for me

Another TonyAdam raised, that he is ok with the 30 mark but his doubt is would that even help the quality of the home page any better?

"Even a better point" - for me

Here's the interesting reply from the SearchEngineLand, Danny Sullivan - "Might be time to take it up, though I'd suggest we go to maybe 25 or 27 first. Incremental to me is often better than dramatic. Also, with it being the holidays, activity tends to go down. We could also kick the weight of comments up. Comments do contribute as to whether something goes hot."

"Now wouldn't that be a better option for you?" I like that.

"My own opinion is that, I think it would be better to leave it at what it is today because I believe that this is just a matter of having friends in the Sphinn arena and to tell you all frankly, including the regulars in Sphinn, I don't care whatever quality the Sphinn home page has as long as I know for myself what is quality for me and only my own purpose. Everybody have their own purpose why they go to Sphinn and what could be a quality post to this person may not be any worthy to another so who's who to say what's quality post and what's not?" Don't tell me that because you have a lot of Sphinns in your post that we can equate that to quality....I strongly disagree on that if that is your point in raising the bar.

People at Sphinn know how to choose what's quality and what's not. We all do... so what's the point in raising the bar? Even if posts get hot and get to sit in the home page for as long as Sphinn is live, the Sphinners decide themselves what's hot and what's not regardless of whether they are friends or not. This is called responsibility.

If I am a Sphinn user or a Sphinn visitor, there is a big difference to a post with a 100 Sphinns that I cannot use and learn from and that which has 5 Sphinns that will do me good and where I can learn from based only on my own judgement. We all have different levels of interpretation, as well as needs when we speak of posts in Sphinn and there is nothing wrong with networking within Sphinn community either because that is the very essence of joining there as a search engine marketing community of adult, mature, responsible people who know how to know what works for them and what does not.

Let them all Sphinn as friends and let the others choose what they know will give them something useful in the end. No point in raising Sphinns needed to be on the home page because even if you all Sphinn up as friends a single post that I or others don't want or need, to me or the others, it would still be rendered useless. Don't worry, I am a responsible Sphinner and I am not one of those who Sphinn because this or that person is my friend or fee is some authority in the web. I don't even like all of the regular's posts there and best of all, I am responsible.

If you like this post, Sphinn it here.

I'd like to say sorry to "sugarrae" for missing on the picture in the profile (I hope you forgive me). My mistake is unforgivable there and thanks to ms. Jill for correcting me on that.

Web Content Writer and SEO Job

If you are a Filipino and looking for SEO jobs and can do web content writing, this is just the perfect chance for you to be part of a BPO company that is hiring today someone who can fit for their requirements for the position mentioned above.

  • write, produce new content and re-write landing pages for the web
  • design and layout websites from scratch
  • creation of website mock-ups for the company
  • traffic generation and maintain website integrity
  • backlink strategy and implementation
  • directory submission and internal link optimization
  • SEO technical analysis and evaluation
  • ......MORE

  • Applicants must have at least finished Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Computer Telecoms) Com-Sci/IT and more...
  • Required language - English
  • Preferred language - Japanese
  • Required to have at least 8 years of experience in the related field
  • Must be able to speak English language fluently and write in correct grammar
  • Good knowledge in CSS and HTML
  • ...MORE
Apply to:

Company: SBT Philippines Inc.
Location: 14th Flr. Orient Square Bldg., Emerald Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Website: www.sbtjapan.com

Pinoy Jobs in Cyprus (OFW): Search Engine Marketing and SEO

Cyprus, an eastern Mediterranean republic found in the East of Greece is now the next target for Filipinos looking to work for different positions. This report came in the news today in ABS-CBN channel 2 (a local news channel in the Philippines) . According to the local Pinoy news, Cyprus Jobs for Filipinos (OFW) are centered in the positions that Pinoys will be looking to fill up by early month of February were, electrician, chef, concrete finishers, manicurists and labor workers.

As this is a good sign that the country is starting to open to Filipinos and the Philippine skilled and professional working population, I started to wonder if there is by any chance that online business would also be a good place to start off for some of the talented professionals from the Philippines in the search engine marketing arena.

Aside from these details released today in the news about jobs in Cyprus for Pinoys or Filipinos, I did a short research about the current search engine optimization (SEO) in Cyprus and found literally very few competing for the local online businesses there. I also did a short study of the current search engine marketing condition in Cyprus and found even a little bit lesser professionals vying for this specific job.

Even if this is the case for many places in the world, I am hoping that in time, the SEO and search engine marketing industry will grow and this post is part of a call for professionals to try and seek a place in the search engine marketing arena in Cyprus.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Expert eZine Articles Author

The Intelligent SEO Blog author (me) has just been labeled as expert eZine articles author. I just want to share what I found out today regarding this matter. I earned my expert eZine articles author award from the management of eZine and I am really glad about that. This means that my articles will be featured in their article directory. This also includes other special priviledges for me as an expert author and I believe I will be writing more articles in my life as a Search Engine Marketer of this lifetime.

I would just like to share it here in my blog because it makes me feel proud to be a member of the most prestigious and with strong search engine authority article center in the internet today. I am happy because this will be part of my profile promotion once again and I just put the badge that eZine just gave me for my becoming an eZine article publisher author. I would like to thank the people behind my promotion and I promise to release more useful articles in the coming writings that I will be doing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YouTube Goes Wide Screen Today

Did you notice that YouTube is already making their videos available in wide screen? Yes , they are in wide screen and I just noticed that today while browsing over for some great videos to put on some of the blog posts that I made today in my other blogs about SEO and internet review in the Philippines.

This could be another sign that YouTube is phasing out their old videos from the past and making all their videos available for wide screen viewing. This is simply great for me and my daughter who really likes to watch all the time in her own computer a lot of YouTube videos almost everyday.

See my sample SEO Song video below rendered perfectly by Benj Arriola of SEOPh or view at least any video using YouTube to see for yourself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Content Equals Traffic Increase

Sometimes you do not really have to do so much SEO with a website you are promoting today. All it took me is to make really good compelling content and the traffic is steady in this SEO blog of mine. Different countries try to visit each day and I am glad that way because I know the based on what I learned from the latest search engine news just the other week, soon, ranking will be dead and what will take over is the new marketing ear where SEO will just become part of it. After all, it's always been that way, it's just that some haven't realized it yet. The need to market your website or business has leveled up to interpreting analytics data and metrics beyond what SEO is all about. It's time for search engine marketing to take over and soon there will be no room for slow phase old fashioned SEO, just SEM.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ranking is Dead Says Bruce Clay, Matt Cutts Comments

In an interview with Matt Cutts at the Las Vegas Pubcon by Mike Mac of WPN, he commented on Bruce Clay saying in his session at the Pubcon that "ranking is dead". Matt commented that it's not really that ranking is dead but more of SEOs today treat rankings not as important as it used to be. SEOs become smarter in the process all these years that they have learned to realize "they are also marketers". That to be able to optimize for ROI of clients and self owned websites, everything is no longer search-centered but instead the integration of videos and e-books as well as flash and images have become a perfect way to do marketing and SEO in the process and has become part of the job of a SEO. Today, that process is continuing to evolve as the years pass because people have learned to do personalized searches for whatever they want. See the Bruce Clay Interview Here video below.

Search has become a left over not just for smart SEOs who realize they are marketing client websites too but also for black hats who have become a little bit more daring in their campaign to do their stuff. They've been doing things contributing to becoming "more malicious", committing this and that against people's machines. Matt also gave an emphasis on SEOs of today learning to market using not just rankings and search but they make videos and books and those kind of stuff that contribute to the overall marketing experience and in the process become more of promoting search that is based on personalization and localization. See the Video at the Pubcon Here video below.

This is an important event and opinion in the search engine history and SEOs have to know about this as well as act according to what the trends tell. This trend of course should also be embraced with the direction of use of all white hat strategies as Matt Cutts tips out in the interview with WebPro News. SEO today is based more of conversions rates and bounce rates and what the overall analytics metrics and data tell as well as analyzing how you did with your campaign. This is all because search has indeed become personalized and intent-based and is making traffic everything.

Experienced Web Designer and SEO - Who Dares Claim

When we talk of the search engines and people like us, I bet you there can and should never be anyone who dare say that he or she is an experienced web designer nor an experienced SEO. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, simply because if you claim that you are an experienced web designer, you have to be some kind of an authority with the word experienced under your name as a web designer. The same thing goes for an experienced SEO.

Experience just to make some people think is a word that can be defined but the content of which is immeasurable. Experience is here because we have to continually learn from everyday life as a person, a SEO or a web designer or even as a whole group. Since I brought out the meaning of "experienced" here, I would like to imply that anyone who claims his name under the description of experienced is all a false claimant because we all know that you can never gain all the experience that you need in this world to claim that you are experienced and it applies both to a web designer and a SEO.

If we cannot measure our experience ourselves, then how come there are a few people in the internet industry who claim that they are experienced? Can they really say that they have everything in their profile with respect to experience to claim that they are experienced? The guts! Even Matt Cutts or Sergei Brin didn't claim themselves as Experienced (with "d") Google engineer and Google founder respectively because they know that they cannot have the word "experienced" before their name in any circumstance.

I myself is saying that this blog is an intelligent blog where an intelligent SEO blogging is but never did I claim that I am an intelligent SEO or an intelligent SEO blogger. There is a big difference between being the experienced person yourself with being in places and groups and websites that have people who have the experience in dealing with their specialties but never in a million years time would they dare to claim they are experienced web designer or experienced SEO and so on. This is what we call as either a false claim or a wrong tagging of oneself. It can never be called as an achievement to call yourself as someone experienced when you do not even have all the experience in the world to claim yourself being experienced. If you get my point, then that's it.

I do not mean to offend anyone here but instead, would just like to clarify a few things in my mind and prove to myself that I am still lucky and humble enough to claim that this blog is an intelligent blog where intelligent SEO blogging and news is. I didn't claim in any way that I am an intelligent SEO myself because I know that there are a lot of intelligent SEOs out there than I am much like if you are claiming to be an experienced web designer or experienced SEO that I happen to read in so manny places in the internet today. You can claim that your company has the best and experienced web designers and best and experienced SEOs but please do not in any other way claim that you are an experienced authority in this and that because experience is something that cannot be measured nor appended under a person's name.

AOL Journal is Buried - Blogger Provides Migration Tool

AOL Journal has finally decided to close out and the biggest question remained unanswered until Blogger, the Google- bought blogging platform where blogs are called blogspot has released a migration tool to help AOL Journalists to continue their old ways to share blogging ideas and personal rants.

The Blogger added feature, according to Blogger Buzz was the product of months of hard work aimed at helping Journals users to have a place to continue sharing their ideas and thought together without losing what contents they already have. This is good news for those Journals users geeks out there.

Blogger now welcomes AOL Journals users in their camp for the new feature and I personally want to call on the Journals users out there for this chance to be able to get their ideas out with just a few moves from the feature offered by Blogger platform.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Changes their Analytics Interface

Google, a few days ago or weeks maybe just changed their interface in the Google Analytics. I am glad and I personally think that it's about time to make that change and I'm glad they did it for the better.

I simply like their look and usability status today on their analytics home page and this could be because of the sheer need to make the change. Go ahead and visit your analytics account if you still haven't and you will see how good that changes are today.

Now, this may be a little bit late but at least I gave it a go for a post today and let my readers know about the small big change that brought my smile out again when I visited my Google Analytics account.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niche Blogging Earning Tips

A Niche Blogging Experiment

I never thought that niche blogging can really be a beneficial to some and so what I did was to get in to a small experiment that will tell me and confirm a few small details and answer the question, are niche blogs an effective way to earn from AdSense? I've been handling a few niche blogs for over 2 months now and been trying to see if there is something I can put up to add to the experiments that I've been to.

Advantage of Niche Blogging

Ok. we all know that niche blogs are not just pretty easy to handle because you can only be limited to the posts that you have to make to few categories and titles that you put in it. Aside from this fact compared to a general interest blog, a niche blog can be quite rewarding in terms of revenue. But this is of course if you can find a way to promote it and give it some time to be able to see if there is something here.

Now, for sure if you are going to use your niche blog in paid for blogging make money online schemes, you will find that there are a lot of businesses that would want a review from you. This is because of the fact that niche blogging and the blogs therein are all authority sites and businesses would hurry it up just to be part of your review if you offer one.

2 Best Ways to Earn in Just 3-Months or Less

In terms of AdSense, we all know that especially if you know stuff about SEO that niche blogging really has a lot of potential to earn. But the question is what is the definite time frame that can be a good basis with which your niche blog may be able to earn from affiliate markeing?

This is really simple and also easy to understand. I have experienced on my 3 month of experiment that within those 3 long months, if you really put some time in your niche blog, you can put up some good PR and we all know that in paid for blogging schemes, the higher the PR, the higher the pay and also the higher the chances that you can get an enormous amount of blog reviews from all sorts of businesses hurrying to be on top of your list.

This is not including those who vye to be on your sidebar where your advertisers want to be in. Give it some time, 3 months is enought for a niche blog to be able to become an income generating niche blogging scheme for you.

Find Time to Promote Your Blog

Now for those who would like to question this post, of course, you all have your own point to argue with me but the fact is, which ever niche blog or general blog you have, you have all the potentials you can get in the world to earn from that only if you give it some time.

Most of us find it hard to realize this and tend to become impatient after a few days or weeks of promoting and links building our blogs. After that, we mostly tend to loose interest in it.

This proves that there really is no need for any experiment because I also found out that the same procedure if effective for a free for all topical blogs or general discussion blogs. FIND TIME TO SEO AND LINK BUILD WHATEVER BLOG YOU HAVE AND YOU'LL SEE THE RESULTS.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Firefox at 4:Expect More Bests Including their Web Browser 1.0

I didn't realize until I came across with the latest blog posts at Mozilla today on their anniversary celebration. I couldn't remember and I thought it could've been because of old age and clients that we dropped because we have too much to catch up with the work we have for ourselves and for long time ones. It was just the other day, November 9. Happy Birthday Firefox with the release of the Firefox web browser 1.0 and we hope there will be more bests to come to us and to keep you going stronger.

You can read Meliss'a post here about the celebration and there's even more in there so I guess I have to end this short post now.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Digg Graveyard - See if You're Listed and Damned to be Dead Forever on Halloween

Today, while looking our for some fresh information that I can use to post here at the intelligent blog, I came across with something interesting and I thought why not post it here so I can share it with others who don't know about it yet. It's about the Digg Graveyard which was posted at Sphinn. It is a place that never came to my mind ever existed after all the use and abuse I have made myself using Digg just to arrive at a dependable and reliable result to my numerous little experiments. (sorry for that)

It was actually an accidental find while I was looking at my profile, a long lost one trying to seek some old forums and digging up old manuscripts in the web that I used to use when I was literally new to link building. I wanted to use them all again so I went with my quest until I found the Digg Graveyard and the links at social blade, one by one led me to Sphinn, where some of the best posts I got here at the intelligent blog came from. I also took the liberty to post here the picture which I personally cropped just to fit in my blog and for others to see the look of the graveyard firsthand (maybe) here in my SEO blog. See picture above taken from Social Blade.

The graveyard actually featured top users, that is, the banned ones and they lie there dammed forever getting banned from Digg index. At first I thought it was some kind of joke until I was lead to the post about it on Sphinn which we all know is one of the most reliable resource for any SEO out there looking for some fresh and not so fresh information that really rocks and best of all, helps us go over day after day.

Anyway, just enjoy taking a look at the listing that I provided at the links within this post. If you feel that I did well (not in any chance great) with this post and find and you might want to subscribe to my feeds, please feel free. You can also show me some love by linking to this post and writing your own as I did in my links to the original source where I got this exciting article from. BTW, this is a "dofollow blog" so feel free to make your comment now but just please, I urge you to read first my comment policy below. You can also Digg this post.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Up to the Linux Usermod Delete Command

I have a friend who is in to and Linux Usermod Delete Command and I wanted to help him with it but the problem is that I really don't know so much about those as I am more of a content architect than programs. They don't attract me at all plus the fact that I feel it is going to take so much of my time if I try to study this Linux Usermod Delete Command thing today.

Well, although this is how I personally feel about programming and such jobs and techie stuff, I must admit those guys who are in to this kind of industry are truly one of the best there is because they make and give life to the party. They are not clowns nor are they the comedians who make us laugh all the time but instead they are one of the guys that we all ought to respect.

This is because to be in this industry, particularly if you are also up to Linux Usermod Delete Command thingy, you really have to be good at it and today, very few people take time to learn about these kinds of techie stuff.

So I salute you my friend for being in here and I hope when the time comes that I will have problems about such to deal with that you would be available and not so busy with your work. Goodluck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Timing is Everything in SEO - I Won 2nd Prize in the Captivating Capiz Contest

I just wanted to share a small yet not so secret secret about my winning in the Captivating Capiz contest that ended last Oct. 26. Everybody who is in the top 10 position that day knows that the last 2 hours, my entry is in the # 5 slot where nobody thought that I can make it to the 2 spot on the last few minutes of the contest.

Actually, there really is no secret at all in getting on the # 2 spot all of a sudden. Every SEO contest does not really win an SEO (the person). Every contest wins a link builder and the perfect timing of doing link building for an entry. I knew the moment I saw the results of the contest when Google moved and showed an algorithm every 15 minutes and that indicated that whatever I am working on with my entry, it is somehow making Google respond in the last few breath-taking minutes of the contest. It was just plain old link building till the last drop of sweat that won me and my entry that #2 spot so I know what works is just "perseverance".

This contest made me realize that there is nobody better than those who strive hard to get links for a contest entry even if it is the last few minutes of the contest. I know it because it has won me one that day and I am glad about it. A 5 minute interval is what I did with my entry until the last quarter of the contest and I am glad that I succeeded with it. Knowing how things work for you to let Google know is something irreplaceable as an SEO. Today, I would not want to call myself an SEO but rather a link builder. I have seen what works and I am glad about that especially when I did a perfect interval on link building in the last 2 days.

I used the internet cafe in the last day of my link building which is also the last day, the very day of the contest and I would like to thank James Baldonaza for a link love that he gave my entry using a short blog review in the last few weeks. I would also like to thank those who joined for making the constest really interesting until the last few minutes that I spent in the internet cafe away from home in the comfort of my own PC. Anyway, this is the nth time that I joined a contest but is the first ever one that I did not declare that I am on the process of experimenting anymore. I seriously treated this contest as an official contest where I am going to use all the I have learned from the previous ones including "s*******". Opps I did it just for additional knowledge and nothing else.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Capiz SEO Contest is Over Today

The "captivating Capiz" SEO contest is finally over today, there is only 1 hour and a half left to be exact and I know that my entry will make it to a notch higher if there is enough time. I've seen the algorithm twist and tweak a little bit bringing my captivating Capiz entry to the #2 slot of the results.

If only this last few ditch effort will help it become on its stable positions at the second half of the hour, then I will win the second place for this contest, leaving Eli a notch below. I know there is still something here in few minutes as the algorithm will finally subside with my entry on the 2nd spot or probably even the first spot if there is enough time. For now, only time will tell if my entry will still make it to the second slot of this contest. Let's just see.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Bought My New LCD Monitor

I do not have a picture of it yet in here but I will soon provide a picture of the new LCD monitor that me and my wife just bought with the help of the money earned via doing link building jobs for businesses from around the world. Right now we still have clients that made this possible plus a very helpful brother who we owe everything in this table where I sit in front of right now.

It's actually been a week since we bought this but a few things got messed up and so I have to leave my PC here for a while and take a short rest. Now that I am back, I was slapped with some post from another blogger who never runs out of untrue stuff to tell on his/her blog. Well, that's just about life. I decided to face it with the use of facts so there really is nothing to be afraid of after all. SEO really is something confusing and so is blogging...but just sometimes.

The Big Google PR Secret

So what really is the big secret when it comes to Google PR and getting a higher one on the next Google update?

Frankly, I don't know yet but there is something that I am doing that will lead me to more stuff that will help me see things through about this one. I hope to find that big secret of Google just before the next update comes in.

I actually have a few details that I am working on but since that is not yet confirmed, I will not wiggle it our here yet. I want to wait till it is finished and the final conclusion is out.

All I am counting on is the different SEO contests because they will lead me to the true hidden fountain which I am beginning to think is not really hidden at all. We just seem to not think about it seriously and it could be the reason why we all are wondering about it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Busby SEO Test - A New SEO Test Post

So what is the Busby SEO Test? Simple, this is a second run for Busby Web Solutions to sponsor again a new SEO test which they named as the Busby SEO Test. I don't know anything about the rules but for now I know that there are a lot of friends joining this one because they all want a piece of the pie, perhaps again one of the biggest contest to get launched this year after the failed kabonfootprint SEO contest.

Failed Kabonfootprint SEO Contest

The organizers of that failed contest will never get the respect and support of all SEOs whom they also failed to please with the cancellation of the said contest halfway. Well, going back to the 2nd Busby SEO challenge, I'd like to run some tests of my own regarding SEO techniques that could contribute to SEO rankings for Busby. This is more of an SEO test to see what works in the Busby SEO Test for a guaranteed search engine marketing and eventually arrive at a high search engine ranking for the keyword with SEO target. This is a method that will help me learn SEO and something more than just some search engine marketing training or search engine rank optimization. Search engine SEO is truly a wonder to many but this time I am out to see if this SEO blog for search engine SEO will make an SEO company wonder how to come up with an SEO content that will be on top for a long time.

Techniques in Busby SEO Test

I will also employ some SEO submission and techniques that I know work best in a contest like this one. I'd like to enumerate them all here even if they may really look some sort of rhetorics that does not fall under the table. SEO copywriting is more of a priority importance to this move, the same reason why I am testing this SEO guide post just like what I learned in my SEO internship back in the good old days working at home with my computer. SEO help comes in many diverse types like submitting in an SEO directory or leaving an optimized signature in an SEO forum called as SEO links. This is what Google tells me to do so this is what I am doing. It might just be some crazy thought but this have proven effective in so many SEO marketing ways. Other techniques will involve looking in SEO news and possibly some new SEO jobs for generating an SEO report to the search engines that they will see if it is indeed an optimized post for the test I am conducting here.

The SEO Program

The SEO program that I am about to follow here will hopefully gain placement that any SEO program will not help with. This is a test indeed and will not involve a pricing just like any other tests. Ths is free and this is a test with zero SEO report needed just like those SEO services out there that even charge higher than advertising in Google. SEO submission to as much and as many possible linking partners will help a lot but I wanted to see it plain and simple just like SEO sponsors for educational opportunity - free. Hopefully, the SEO search will yield something more than just what SEO placement is all about or SEO jobs give back to you. This is an SEO test and this includes SEO test that will prove that an optimized post still ranks well in the serps with the perfect SEO tips coming from Google itself.

A Final Move for the SEO Test

Again, this is an SEO test using an SEO website without a single link pointing inbound or outbound with all there is to use including a perfect SEO toolkit that will top search engine ranking in a few days with the keyword, Busby SEO Test.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why People Copy Content for SEO Purposes

I remember way back when I am literally new to blogging and I did not know anything about rules on content copying. I used to take some content here and some content there and presto, I already have a content of my own. This blog however is not part of that. Why I came on this topic is another issue and it is because, earlier this month, someone committed copying my content in another blog which happens to center on the captivating Capiz contest.

I didn't know at first that my content was copied until Wordpress sent me using my dashboard a very late notice on another webpage linking to my entry for the said captivating Capiz SEO contest. I wondered why it was late, maybe because I wasn't really able to update my installation from a 2.3 version of WP. Well, whatever it is it has nothing to do with the true issue which is why do people copy content from others?

There are a few I know of that makes a person or another party copy content from another webpage and let me show you how people find so many ways and reasons why the need to copy content from someone else and not provide any lead to the original writing.

First, a reason for this could be because they don't know or are not aware of the rules in content copying as well as content syndication. Another is because of competition which is aimed to topple the other in the results. An interesting reason however is because the original content is crafted to perfection that the copying party could not pass the temptation.

For whatever reason it is copying content is aimed only at one point which is to destroy the original content owner or the content itself. This may be regardless if the party copying the content knows or not about the rules or if the one who copied the content knows or not about SEO. Whatever the purpose is, SEO is the battlefield that it points to be the purpose.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Android Phone:Google's New Linux-Powered Baby

Today I saw the Google co-founder and president in technology Sergei Brin and this time Google is up to their newly developed Google Android Phone, a Linux-powered mobile phone and browser which people earlier called as the G-phone. This Google phone is in unison with a lot more features you could ever imagine in your mobile phone and browser. In fact, in order to come up with a concrete review of the said gadget, people from Google like Steve Horowitz had to literally experience the full functionality of the said gadget for six months. See the video below.

The only question however is if you are willing to buy a mobile phone that's attached to a less popular operating system which is Linux. Another important issue however is if Google could come up with the development of more applications that will fit with the Google Android because for now, there are only a few interesting and usability functions that I believe with the fast development of technology will easily and quickly be rendered obsolete in a month or a year's time.

Deals and plans for the use of the said Google Android phone are for me cheaper than what most of us could ever imagine for the service that it can give to your usability needs and function as well. You can find other interesting feature review on the Google Android platform mobile phone also at ZDNet blogs and another feature article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at the Computerworld Blogs.

Android is a new open source operating system and software platform for mobile phones, the latest perhaps. I also read today that soon LG and Samsung will come up with their own toy Androids which hopes to compete in the market soon next year which is 2009. Could this be another era of battle for the best developers for this new Android platforms. Let's just see in 2009 who makes the best feature meanwhile, I would suggest that you play along and don't hurry it up as what Sergei Brin told in the video above that Google is still on the way and trying to develop more usability-based applications. If you wanna buy the Google Android, it's your call.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Google Co-Founder Sergei Brin Blogs Today

If you don't know yet, Sergey Brin is a co-founder of what we came to know today as Google the biggest revenue sharing and search engine of the modern internet technology today. It was a partnership with Larry Page and an intervention by Eric Schmidt in managing as chairman and executive officer in the year 2001. The availability of Google was made possible way back in September 1998 and Sergey Brin since didn't have anything heard on him for a long time.

Today, I just read from "Joe Duck's" blog about Brin claiming his own blog and writing about something different as the topic centered more on his post about Parkinson's Disease. Aside from Joe, a popular blog, TechCrunch also posted about Brin's new puppy personal blog which for me sounded somewhat different from what I expected him to be discussing. anyway, it's good to know he is still there somewhere where we don't mind him getting all privacy in the world after being able to give the world what Google is today.

After a $75 Million Buy: e-Bay Decides to Sell StumbleUpon

I read from the blog by Joe today that according to TechCruch, StumbleUpon is now for sale by e-Bay. Well what do you know? It really has been a very long time that I have been done and over with social media sites because I never even knew that StumbleUpon was bought by e-Bay a long time ago.

Now, after learning that it is for sale by e-Bay, I wonder how much will it be for the biggest e-commerce selling site today? I actually commented this on the Duck's Blog asking if maybe the big "G" has offered to take over it. I guess not after Digg which we all know is proven to have shared powers on Google indexing.

So that's why StumbleUpon since was gone in the results and I would not wonder about that because of the latter relationship that Google has been up to with StumbleUpon owner, e-Bay lately. This is really going to be yet another interesting drama on social media sale of SU. If it is bought at $75 M, then how much could it be for sale now?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Intelligent SEO Blog is Now a Dofollow Blog

Finally, after a few years of the Intelligent SEO Blog, we are turning into a dofollow and I have just removed my "nofollow" attribute with the help of Ronnie on his Tips 4 Blogspot. If you are also someone who is looking to turn your blogspot into a dofollow linking blog, I suggest that you visit Ronnie's blog straight because there is a comprehensive yet simple guide in turning your blogspot into dofollow linking blog.

Why Dofollow Blogs Get to Keep Link Juice and High PR - Dofollow and Nofollow Links Explained

An Issue of Dofollow and Nofollow Theories

This might not be as concrete as what others would assume for a dofollow blog theory knowing that this had never been proven at all. Just some claims, I have visited a lot of dofollow blogs today and I was really surprised to see why they all seem to get all the juice and getting high PR while those nofollow blogs don't. Is there really something that Google has been hiding from the SEO personalities out there who are looking to find the answers to their questions that happened to be the same as mine? Why do dofollow blogs have high PR and how do they really keep their blog's link juice that way?

What's the Secret with Dofollow and Nofollow Linking?

I have hears it about so many times that link juice can be passed if you have a dofollow on your links for a blog but what attracts me to question this is why would those dofollow blogs really get high PR while nofollow blogs don't? Could there be something we are mission here being applied by Google with respect to link rules and how they see dofollow links? I bet not. Then why would a dofollow blog really get to maintain its high PR when they all seem to pass their link juice like havoc on a train unlike those nofollow blogs who don't share link juice at all with their links.

What could really be the secret behind this unique treatment by Google with respect to links or is it really the links with such attribute that attracts the system of Google linking rule that allows dofollow blogs to get higher PR?

Following your Instincts in Using Dofollow in your Links

This is my conclusion on my part but I would suggest though that you follow your instincts where it leads you. I have observed that most of the people who employ or use dofollow with their blog links do regularly update their sites/blogs which we all know has been proven to take in a lot of favor with respect to Google system of updating PR and giving blogs a high PR on the next update.

This is one opinion that I cannot really let pass on this issue. I have also observed that since people who own blogs that have dofollow on their links do tend to manage their blogs well in order to fight spam which might be the sole reason why Google really loves blogs that go for dofollow and so goes with the owners of these blogs. Google also seem to like them and do not make any move at all to penalize them with PR downgrade as much as they do not like blogs that spam their index. This seems to be the relationship that binds Google and Dofollow blogs that are well managed by their owners and get updated on a regular basis.

Link Dillution and How Google Sees and Penalizes Link Spamming

Although dillution of links is another issue when we talk of linking and having dofollow attribute with our links, it is also on my own observation that when you make a linking spree that targets phrases on the long tail, Google seems to like those links and gives you more chances of gaining a higher PR on the next update by basis of knowing that your links are naturally generated and not some paid links that we all know are usually on keywords and keywohrases that are either short or have no backbone. This I think is how Google controls the spam linking and paid links which allows them to see if a single keyword linking frequency is on the move on your blog.

The Longtail Anchor Text Linking

This frequency then sets sail and sends Google some sort of a signal that triggers them to see if you are doing paid linking or link spamming and link dillution with the use of rhetoric keyword or keyphrase linking. This way, with the use of diverse long tail links or the use of long tail keywords and the "read more" system, Google can control spam linking. Although this is mostly based on my own observation only. Go ahead and start looking for that next dofollow blog and see if what I am talking about does not have a basis.

The Google Engineer's Blog is a Concrete Example

Look at what Matt Cutts' blog has on its anchor texts? They all had the same format and we don't notice that because they all look different. Did you get my point here. I mean, linking with the use of long tail keywords or keyphrases do really pay a lot of advantages and it's what the old engineer had been doing all along and also what we've been seeing all along in the Blogger Blog and the Google official blog. I mean, it's simply everywhere and we don't even notice it.

Why Philippines is Prime Source for SEO Paid Content

Now what do I really mean by paid content when I say that the Philippines is a prime source for paid content? Let me make things simpler so that even the new bloggers will understand about what I am talking about here. After all, this post is really targeted to let other aspiring bloggers know that our country is not just the prime provider of SEO outsourcing services for the world wide web market but also paid content to mention.

Note however that even if I am providing here my own opinion, that there is no reason at all to argue about things we all know is the truth. When I say that the Philippines is a primary source of paid content, I am referring simply to blogs and bloggers and get paid to blog schemes. I myself had done maybe hundreds of those paid links so there is no need to be afraid.

Everybody does and not just once in their life as bloggers but also as good and quality content creators. The reason for the Philippines being the number one provider for paid content is because there is no doubt that there are a lot of bloggers here earn from their blogs.

Of course there are other reasons for this situation but the main thing here is that we all know about the paid blogging or the get paid to blog and get paid while doing what you like best. Filipinos really like to write and there area lot of great content writers out there that weren't even given a slim chance to be part of groups of web copywriting professional simply because we have so many of these good copy writers.

There is actually an overflow of these writers in almost any field as WE are also good researchers and we take time to study our works before we even have them handed over to the proper owners who are persistent on buying our content in our blogs.

I admit it that I must be maintaining about 80 or a 100 blogs right now but most of them are either orphaned or let alone to rot in the web because I really have no time to write due to overload of work here at home. If my plans to take in a student or two materializes by next year, it will be a very big convenience for me to study and handle business at home while earning a significant amount of income.

This is rare and unlike what most would say that paid content is dead, I believe that it will never die in 10 or 20 years from now. It works and it will always work unless Google finds a restrictive way to limit and not totally control paid content creation through paid for blogging schemes, it will not die.

Friday, September 19, 2008

"Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb" and SEO

"Promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" is the new keyword for the SEO contest that was just launched by one of the senior web design and SEO professionals in SEOPh forum, Alfredo Palconit. Al has been doing business since I don't know because I was not yet in to internet marketing then but he is a good friend of mine, in fact he is one my friends among friends that this Intelligent SEO Blog is linking to. I am not really knowledgeable much with all of the contest rules because I am sleeping that time but I would like to announce it here just to see what happens next.

I believe that what the participants are doing right now is optimizing their static sites which is a primary rule in joining this PhP 275,000.00 SEO contest in the Philippines. This is the second highest buck SEO contest in the Philippines since the failed "Alibata" SEO contest organized by the SEOPh founder Marc Macalua (I read in his blog that he is getting married soon). There's are a lot of requirements for the said "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest. Srednarb I know stands for the word branders which is actually the brand of the main sponsor of the said SEO contest.

I am sure I will not be able to join this one unless someone teams up with me and would be willing to lend a domain and design and optimize it for the keyword on the contest as I will be the offpage SEO worker. Mind you all SEOs from the Philippines that this is only a short contest which is targeted to finish by December of the same year so there is really very little time. I also see that there is no ranking page yet on the keyword "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" for the said SEO contest so I would be looking to draw first blood here since Al announced the source where we can find the contest keyword.

This is so long a keywords so whoever has the perfect match will mostly get the top spot early today. I hope the guys out there who haven't had any sleep trying to take in and wait for Al's announcement already knows about the keyword unless they are sleeping right now. Here goes...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PPC Campaign Management for Philippine Business

The Philippine Business Market Condition

The Philippine business is a very sensitive arena today especially in terms of developing an internet based campaign for a certain niche or business target. With SEO for Philippines-based business on the way to develop interest in entering the battle for internet supremacy and in appearing in the search results, many owners have seen and felt the benefits of getting an online campaign up for higher return on investment.

This particular possibility has never been opened up for many businesses in the Philippines but it is a major point to consider today because of the awakening of the Philippine business sector to search engine optimization and search engine marketing and the pouring of outside business and investment from outside of the Philippine business responsibility.

Also since online marketing is where any type of business proved to be benefiting from, therefore, launching an online campaign can greatly influence the business revenue as well as widen the market and customer targeting.

Search Engine Marketing Industry in the Philippines

With this as the current situation of the marketing and business arena here in the country, there is a big chance that in a year or two more of perseverance of the Philippines best SEOs and SEMs people, hopefully we can bring about the interest of different business to search for a stream to enter into the battle for getting on top of the search results just like what India is up to all the time.

Although Philippines has been left in terms of technology by the latter, the best people in the internet business is hoping that next year will witness the downpour of jobs within the country not just from outsiders investing in different fields of business here but also from the local businesses as well and we hope that these companies will take the services of a fellow Filipino in developing business marketing strategies as well as giving higher return on investment for their respective businesses.

Local Businesses to Tap into PPC Marketing

Aside from the continued struggle of Philippine local search engine marketing and search engine optimization people in the limelight of the local and imported businesses, webmasters are looking to tap in to the implementation of the PPC marketing design for the different local business here in the Philippines to gain the necessary exposure to the world.

A good example for this is like in the globe spanning of market availability and targeting using the PPC management system introduced by Google. There is also the Yahoo search marketing as well as the MSN AdCenter system respectively.

The 3 Major Marketing Venues to Look in by Local Philippine Businesses

Hopefully with the help of these three marketing schemes (YSN, MSN AdCenter and PPC Management by Google) especially the PPC management system by Google, businesses will have a larget market of global resource instead of just simply just being reliant to local availability.

PPC or Pay Per Click campaign management hopes to widen the audience targetting and widening also the market scope of the different Philippine competing businesses and therefore, this helps to promot a wider market as well as giving larger perspective in improving income over the use of internet resources and internet marketing methods that really proved to be working at all times for almost any sort of business today. PPC management and marketing campaigns are not just to promote business.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Captivating Capiz SEO Contest

Today there is another SEO contest dubbed as the "Captivating Capiz" SEO contest and it opened just yesterday when the Cebu SEO contest ended. This race hopes to capture all the beauty of Capiz as a treasured land as well as an eco-tourism center in the Philippines. The organizer is good enough to have thought of hitting 2 birds in one stone because of he is not just promoting his native land to all tourists and travel enthusiasts but also about consciousness on blood donation which is one of the major request of the major sponsor to the said Captivating Capiz challenge.

So far, I have seen only a few participants who were able to think it out to join the contest and come up with the requirements which is over all not really that hard to produce to get in. I believe that there is more to this challenge than the Cebu SEO contest that has just concluded the other day where the organizing person himself in the Captivating Capiz contest won over competitors.

I am announcing it here in hopes to wish good luck to all the contest participants.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Watch Out for Firefox's TraceMonkey Beat Google Chrome

We all know how Java Script speeds up things and stuff in the web today. While millions grace, cheer and hail Google Chrome, the new revolutionary Google browser, Firefox is on its way developing it's own, the great Spider Monkey, the JavaScript runtime engine in the Firefox browser. Where does this amazing java script engine outperform Google's chrome. Take a look and read along this post that will eventually change your mind over Google Chrome.

I read this interesting post of the development of the java script engine by Firefox

While car fanatics are comparing cars with their today and although it is late for my finding out about the Spider Monkey I want to have this great news featured here at the Intelligent SEO blog in SEO Philippines block.
high performance engine, we in the search engine world are on the lookout for the engine that will break the ice in outperforming other search engines with the technology that will rise above all. I am talking about Google Chrome, the new revolutionary Google Browser developed by a team of specialists in Denmark. While everybody is eager at announcing about the latest innovation by Google, somewhere in the web, there is a very interesting pointblank history in the making to break this new technology to topple big B and LOOK WHO'S BEHIND IT! None other than Firefox itself, the best web browser there is for me and for most of us here in the search engine and SEO world.

I haven't downloaded and tried Google Chrome at all, maybe because I really don't believe so much in what Google has achieved here from the opening that gathered a lot of spectators only to end up BUGGED down. Today, that perception ends upon me finding out about the new Firefox Browser will soon be more than what Google can offer.

While Google Chrome has its best feature of the said browser which is the V8 feature, according to
ARS TECHNICA, high-performance JavaScript virtual machine, Firefox is on the way to its own high end technology that will match up more than what speed Google Chrome has in its V8 - TraceMonkey. Nobody must've heard about it yet for at least we all know that the interest for now is with Google but let the challenge begin as graphical data and analysis on proof shows.

I couldn't agree more that the new Firefox Browser drive is more superior than what Google Chrome can offer for its users now that I saw the actual data and analysis with concrete information.

2 Years Back I Crafted Myself and My Destiny

Secrets never get revealed so you have to follow where your instincts lead you. As a SEO, I never believed in so many things until I met my old blog that used to discuss all about myself and my destiny. Now the question is answered. I am here in the world of SEO. I entered and followed the white rabbit and now I am able to answer all neo questions. That is why finally and there is no secret because I now know. I now know that I can be what I want to be with no hesitation and no doubt and most of all no job.

No job because I don't work for the greedy people who masks the world with their pretencious masquerade of luring people into their chair of nothingness. I have escaped and I have more on my face right now. More on everything from time to family to money to work (not just a job) to people and chances and opportunities. They all seem to pour and rain like cats and dogs. One by one it all comes back to me now. There is now no secret for me, just things that I didn't get introduced to.

There really is a lot out there and there is an abundance of everything and I have proven it so just because I personally saw it all coming one by one. I do not know why or how but because I know that they all will come and so they all came to me. Everything is now falling into pieces for me and for everything I ever wanted. I know that it's not too late. I can still cherish all of it here in this lifetime because I know that there is an abundance of it all not just yet introduced to me but I know and I really know that there is more.

I am an SEO and a link builder who knows things now. 4 years, yes it took me that long but I am here and I want to thank my brother for introducing me to SEO and this life that I now have. He is my mentor. I have a lot to learn but what's important is that I am here and I know that I am growing each day and I owe it to him and to myself. I have struggled and urged myself because I know.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The New Google Indexing

An experiment using a SEO contest is what I conducted recently and I posted an initial opinion on the results that I got using the said experiment to know how link building and use of anchor texts in marketing a webpage effects the rankings of the site in terms of what Google like to put in their index.

Since the Cebu SEO contest is about to end this Monday which is a day away, I decided to finally end efforts to push an entry to the top 3 spots. I just want to prove something is there behind Google and the way big G wants to display its results to the people. This is some achievement on my part because I have seen how it affects everything else.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest

I just made a short title for this blog to see where this leads it. I want to know if there is more to this blog than just for SEO outsourcing keyword as it now transforms into the Cebu SEO contest Blog. This transformation can be a good breakthrough but let's just see. This is intended to make a few things clear as I have done this twice just to accommodate a new stats for the Cebu SEO contest

In the recently concluded SEO contest, Busby SEO Challenge, it is said that very little targeted text can help a site rank high for a keyword in the same contest. Also the diversity of the links help a lot but since it is really very hard to rank high now, this will serve as a last ditch effort to topple the top 10 pages and see how it will go this time. Cebu SEO contest has really taught me a lot more than what I expected.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sheilla May Baes - Scandalous and Judgemental Blogger - Wrong Blogging Choice

Just the other day, someone, some blogger blogged about me. I took a look at the profile of the that blogger and Googled for the blog until I arrived at the picture below which says that Pwengbee, Piyoz and Shiela Mae Baes is where the scandalous, pretentious, judgmental blog post and wrong choice of blogging came. The three names are one and the same... Well, at least it seems but only because the image below tells and I do not want to make any conclusions and make the wrong impression. I want transparency here and I also want to be clear that I will not be entertaining any comments here so just to avoid making the issue bigger, no more no less.

I do not know how to describe this person, this blogger who seemingly claims to know so much ethics in blogging after this incident that she initiated. Just let me lead you to the blog, this scandalous, pretentious and judgmental blogger who picks on people and blogs about them of wrong impressions and claims. I want this blog post to be clear about some things so as to not read or sound bias to anyone, not even myself unlike the post that I read from this blogger.

Judging people is not a good choice for a blog post and answering questions using
maybees just to hide the truth is not a crime but a self-centered effort to deny justice. Not helping the aggravated using those denials and maybees is just as worse as committing the crime itself. The rule of law as well as the rule of the above says it...and we all know it. This is fact and not some assumption.

  • How would you call a person who breaks a rule? Here are the exact words of that blogger: "Rules can be broken but I broke it in a good way". Since when can rules be broken and people can still be on the right side?
  • How would you call a blogger who denies facts at first using "maybe" as a word and then admits it later on?
  • How would you call a blogger who talks of being humble when in a post that this blogger makes, he/she mentions about people and judging them with words like "Yeah, I admit I have done such a crime but not that worse as you did (I hope)".
  • How would you call a blogger who makes his/her own images using people's names as if concluding or trying to make people believe on something that is not?
  • humility? Does this blogger really know the meaning of the word humility and being humble when he/she says that "Ever since, I blog about any issue that is bothering in my mind. I mention names, etc, whatever that’s in my mind"? Poor ethics...It all falls unto you.

So, tell me, are the words, judgmental, scandalous and pretentious not the perfect words for Sheilla May Baes blogger? Just asking and it's really up to you to judge the content, the blog and the comments of this person. You will find in the URL below

All these started in the captivating Capiz SEO contest and you can follow the conversation in order to understand about the scandalous blogger. You will learn that this is no accusation but more of a wrong blogging choice. The blogger helped amplify an issue that has been long settled (it seems). And it seems the blog post that talked about me and others by this character is picking on people. Is it a normal thing to pick on people and teach them about humility....humility? Just learn by reading. You judge and you make the conclusion, not me. My words are just mine and not for any of you to believe in.

here's the conversation:




The letters were made bold, underlined and with color just for the sole purpose of letting my readers have an easy way of reading my post. I want them to understand all about this so they can make the best and unbiased judgment and conclusion. The same reason why I am providing the whole source of the 2 blogs (resource) where they can read about the whole story and again, for transparency. I did not make my own images to justify my claims nor my theories here, just plain old image as they are from the web, edited by cropping no pretentious images connecting people with each other when in fact they are not...

This blog post was made as a sole independent opinion of the blog owner himself and not in any way for any purpose but rather for revealing the truth regarding an issue of wrong blogging choice. Names have to be provided so readers will understand who this post is talking about.

Images were provided as necessary only to support facts and not claims nor theories for bad sense bragging. No offense to those involved because this is only for the purpose of clearing the mind of people who knows the owner of this blog.

I will not be entertaining any comments here so just to avoid making the issue bigger, no more no less.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Leeching Enormous Bandwidth - "The Google Killer" Cuil is Funded at $ 33 Million Bucks

The words "Google Killer" I got from the ever popular techcrunch blog today and Don wrote on his article just the other day. I bet my fellow webmasters and SEOs here in the Philippines don't know anything yet about the said story of killing a site rendering you hopeless with an enormous upsurge of bandwidth eating by an indexing bot from the so-called Cuil.

Where this Cuil came from is still on an issue of debate by some of those who got hit by the said indexing bot that attempts to kill your site with the use of an enormous power of bringing in bot traffic that will eat your bandwidth and literally kill your site rendering like what those 404 can do or the "bandwidth exceeded" messages. Hence, this Cuil is called now as the "
Google Killer". Restricting its index in your site might help a bit but does not assure you that you will get saved from its killing claws. For those of my fellow SEOs here in the Philippines, I would like to have something really early for you guys to do when this happens to your site. Don't just hypothesize, this is the answer and you should know what to do.

In case you don't know what best to do, there is a Forum Thread on The Admin Zone showcasing a tutorial on this issue of the
"Killing Bandwidth" by Cuil. If you haven't met the killing bandwidth by Cuil, I bet it will just take a few more days to get there. The world has seen its power. Cuil's method of indexing according to some people who have experienced it were said to be of an amateur profile. Only random slaps were recorded by the site owners who got hit to arrive at this estimate of amateurish tendencies by the punisher, Cuil bot.

The only glory that we, the site owners however still got a hold on to is that the said killer bots still obey robots.txt.
Cuil's operating manager, James Akers had an explanation to all that is happening and his reply can be found here. He said that the Twiceler bot, the bot that crawls sites is actually in a state of something still experimental and that they are willing to exclude any site an owner wishes to be excluded upon request to them.

There were also claims about Cuil bots by Akers that there are some bots pretending to be Cuil's but were not actually it and so to make sure about this issue, he told in his reply and explanation that consulting the IP address could resolve doubts if you have the killer bot or the impostor.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last 2 Days for Cebu SEO Contest

It is now the last 2 days of the Cebu SEO contest and today I decided to make the change, a last resort to see if there really is something to this blog. This is more of an SEO test to see the contest effect for the Cebu SEO contest but this SEO blog will be back as soon as I see something happen that I wanted to see.

Let's see how this transformation will bring about to the SEO contest experiment.

2 Great Places to Get Good Niches

Where Did you Get that Niche?

Most of us because we feel our SEO talent is already enough and we can do what we want with respect to ranking up high or coming up with an interesting niche to top over in the serps, we forget a basic thing. We usually close our eyes to more simple matters when it comes to getting references for our niches, the good ones to promote our webpage with. Where do we really get the best niches in the internet and do we always have to use tools to see if they really work? What about you as an SEO, do you think you really have what it takes to be on top whichever niche you choose?

Common Niche Hunting Tendencies

I came up with this sort of weird post because today, I saw something that most of us would not bend our heads to. This is an area that most SEOs refuse to take a look at and give a little analysis for picking up something that you cannot just pick up out there when you search for a niche to target or to enter in to. Because we feel we are already good at it, we neglect about it. Some SEOs out there, they get their niche with which they will target to rank a webpage for from other SEOs. This is one of the common tendencies and we call this piracy. We pirate other people's niche or our fellow SEOs and use it to make a webpage of our own and possibly take out some juice. Of course, there will always be a need to take down and use some tools to be able to believe that there is something in the niche of a fellow SEO.

Places to go Hunt for Amazing Niches

So this post is all about places that we don't dare to notice or either refuse to notice because we thought that we know things like where to get a niche to enter a campaign from. So let me name a few situations or let's just say, a few clues that led me to concluding this can be a good way to get a niche from and at the same time those proxy IP users and spammers get a competition on their dogs. So where is this, let me name them below for a clearer view.

spam trackback comments - Now why in the world did I ever arrive at this assumption that there is indeed gold in this part of our blogs that we always seem to refuse looking at. Moderating comment spams are always a zing. Could it be because we have done the same thing and so we thought we already know what this is all about so it should be neglected? I tell you, this is where I sometimes get a good niche to target. Although most of the time, these niches are really very competitive. These guys who spend a lot of time trying to look for sites to spam with their trackbacks are really and mostly worth it for them. Who would spend time trying to utilize trackback comments if the niche they are promoting there are not worth a try. There could be a pot of gold behind these bars and we never even notice or we intentionally neglect it because of that feeling as an SEO that there is only junk in those trackback comment spams. Think again.

blog review sites - Now since I would want to assume that all of us SEOs have our own blogs or at least have tried blogging, I assumed in the first part that we all know where to look for trackback comment spams. This time we are up to the blog review or the paid for blogging sites. Why in the hell would I assume that there are a lot of good niches out there inside the paid for blogging sites that offer blog review services?

This is simple, if you have at least tried to sign up with these get paid for blogging schemes you would surely know about it and I wouldn't even have to explain it here. I saw most of my niches so many times and got them from in there and I can tell you that this is it. This is also a perfect place to go looking for amazing high earners out there for you if you are an SEO who earns through affiliate marketing or if you are planning to add up to a client's target niche.

Why? simply because most of the time or let me rephrase it, all the time I've been there looking for some blog review offers and it came to my mind to try and look for click estimates to a keyword that advertisers are targeting. I was surprised to have seen a lot of advertisers that have amazing high end niches that you can really enter in to and I had them all listed in an excel spreadsheet just to be sure that I have a list. I was really surprised when I did try to use the Google Keyword estimator in those niches. Those certain niches that advertisers there entered in their request forms for the anchor text to use in the blog review really pays big time bonanza in terms of AdSense and other affiliate marketing skips.

Feeling Good Knowing Where to Get a Great Niche

I felt good that I now have a resource to go looking at every time I try to look for a topic to get in or a niche to enter in a competition against those who already are in for quite some time. I've figured it out and it worked well for me as well as for some of my research for clients in my SEO job. Sometimes it just takes a situation or two to realize that there is something there. Try to look closely and look for a longer period of time next time and you might find gold in the thrash.

Cebu SEO Contest Ends in 2 Days

The Cebu SEO contest is about to end in 2 days more but the contest got hit it seems with a wild card revolution of the contest entries. A major algorithm happened just in time for the contest end in 2 days. If this is not a major algorithm, then fine with me and the other contest participants.

Watch out for the undisputed ending of the Cebu SEO contest on September 2, 2008. I bet there will be another important change that will happen for the results.

DP Forum Threads Hacked!

I never thought that forums can be hacked,much more, Digital Point Forums, the most visited forum in the SEO community and webmaster industry all over the world. This is where the best and the new ones sometimes meet and match.

I guess, very few knows about this yet and I don't know when this happened. I saw it while browsing over at Digital Point Forums in the Google section. At first I thought that it was just someone who is having problems with their site getting hacked but to my surprise, I saw that only a few were able to visit the thread, one of them was me.

I tried to open the said thread not knowing what it might do to my PC. Anyway, I have a strong sense of urgency in the next move so I pushed the button and chala! DP WAS HACKED! I thought when hackers hack a site, they literally hack the site as a whole and this is the first time that I was able to see a site that got hacked in sections. This time it was just a few of DP's Google thread sections. Please view the image below and CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Contest But an Avenue to Learn - Cebu SEO Contest

The Cebu SEO contest is just a small SEO contest but still you cannot count it off. It is an avenue where you can learn a lot from. I've learned a lot from it. This is just the perfect teacher for me and for all of us, the same reason why I did not neglect it. I took my chance to use the opportunity that it poses for me because win or loose, I want to learn from this SEO contest.

For those who thought that the Cebu SEO contest is just about a contest they are wrong. It is more than just the contest that it is, a source of knowledge. Small source but worth it for sure I have seen a little light joining here and I don't regret a single day I spent doing things that I haven't done like when I was working as a regular employee. This contest has taught me more than just work but humility and friendship. A contest that no one thought would be of.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Back with a New Rank in the Cebu SEO Contest

I am finally back and that fast as I made few effort to see where I did wrong for the Cebu SEO Contest. Now I know the secret to falling down and getting back! I'd love to learn more about how the search engines behave and how they see SEO and link building in their own eyes, especially Google.

I don't intend to win this SEO contest, just to see what works and what doesn't. If this is the Intelligent SEO Blog, then I should be in no doubt, the intelligent SEO blogger. I learned another thing or two and each day I want to add more knowledge to my experience. Winning an SEO contest such as the Cebu SEO Contest is not everything, it is just the stepping stone to more winnings and along those winnings, learning is the most important part.

UBD is Now a 1-Year Old Baby

First, what is UBD? I've been out there in the web stalking great blogs to feature here at the Intelligent SEO Blog, a SEO blog in the Philippines that's been topping all over the charts and has had thousands of visitors each month from clients to stumble overs. Back to UBD. UBD is Unique Blog Designs and they have worked for some of the best and most prestigious clients in the industry. You can read more >---> about their clients.

What is is about UBD getting here at the Intelligent SEO Blog. UBD is celebrating their turning into a 1 year old baby and they are giving away lumberjack prizes to their friends all over the world in line with their 1 year anniversary celebration. The prizes appear as below in the image.

I want to win that iPod as well as if any of my readers find this post, I bet they will come rushing to UBD to play around with the contest and greet UBD. Well, this is your chance, what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and join for you might win this one. Who knows/

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Saw all My Cebu SEO Contest Posts

Google indeed saw all my posts and eventually removed me from their index on the Cebu SEO Contest results. I never expected it to come today and I never thought Google will see my effort. It did destroy my experiment but I still have one more entry that I can use for the seo experiment using a seo contest such as the Cebu SEO Contest.

I know that it will come but I didn't expect it to be today. I expected it earlier because what I have is only an inner page and I haven't even optimized my home page. I haven't also looked in the deeper view of the results with the keyword Cebu SEO Contest yet but I will after this post just to see if Google had me indexed in my home page instead of the inner page which is my entry to the contest.

There's one more entry to use in the SEO experiment and I will be more careful with my cross linking effort to see this entry last a little longer in the top 10 of the results and to be able to use it further in my experiment. I want to learn more about cross linking and linking structure that gave way for Google to see my effort and to remove me from the index on the SEO contest keyphrase - Cebu SEO Contest. More to come...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Won't Change the Plan - I'd Still Go for Inner Page SEO

Masterofthe here, I am still not changing my plans to optimize purely for the inner page of my blog although I have seen some strong entries with optimized domains and optimized contents and title tags. This is really getting very challenging. I expected that by Monday my entry will disappear from the results but with a little effort to do offpage SEO on it, me and my blog is lucky to be still in here.

I saw the algorithm just now, exactly 5:27 PM and i saw one blog made it to the second slot all of a sudden. This is a strong indication that this blog is optimized very well on the onpage. Even though this is the case, I will not change my original plan unless the search engines do. There is a big possibility that Google might see my optimized posts and lead it to the home page. I will not allow Google to take control over my efforts.

I will not stay loose but intact and still going to optimize for the inner page. Guys, this is your edge over me, I am a stubborn little masterofthe who would stick to his plans just to learn more. This is a great SEO contest and this is a great challenge as well for me. I have never enjoyed seeing Google's algorithm like this using an SEO experiment with the Cebu SEO Challenge Contest.

I am surely gonna love it as more and more it gets harder to rank on top with domains optimized and posts optimized as well as the title tags of my competing entries are also optimized. This is really going very good as expected. The harder it is for me, the better the results and more learning I am in to.

I have no time for hacking issues anymore, just plain old serious work for an hour a day to this entry will probably help it up and help me learn more on SEO contests such as the Cebu SEO Contest.
Sabi nga ng isang KALBO... I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who's Hacking Who's SEO Contest Entry?

Today, as part of my experiment and learning with SEO and joining a contest, the Cebu SEO Contest and trying to see if an inner page can take that long in such a very competitive keyword in a SEO contest, my curiosity led me to an entry that is also ranking on the top 10 of the first page. This entry, to avoid any misconceptions is owned by perhaps the only female in the top 10 slots which includes mine.

The owner of the entry is bragging in the comments section of the contest organizer that her entry was hacked. Well, I may not be the authority with hacking and such stuff but by common sense, if indeed an entry is hacked, do you think your content would have been still available in there and your rankings not hurt by dropping all of a sudden? And who would hack a domain of such that you don't even own. If you guys out there don't know what the targets of hackers are, here's a quick look...

If your site is hacked in the first place, hackers replace the content of a site with either his/her a.k.a. or alias or his very own name and when you load your page, you will see a message that most likely would say that you are hacked! if this is still not clear, here's another, how much money do you think can the hacker as you claim get from your blog (which by the way is not even your own domain) It does not even have anything of revenue interest for a hacker.

Mind you, hackers don't waste their time trying to take what is not even owned by you in the first place. Another thing is, do you think your blog is worth the hacking for a hacker who spend literally thousands of dollars with his resources just to win over you? Do you think you deserve the HACK?

In another case, if you were being sabotaged because of this contest by other contestants, then my question is, why are you still up there? Get that? We, the other contestants in the Cebu SEo contest deserves an explanation of why you came over with such a thought. Did it ever occur to you that we are all here because we are just looking for a little exposure and a little time for making friends. And did it not ever occur to you that we are all here not just for the contest prize which I think if it would be I or others here wouldn't have joined.

We can all actually just buy our own domains to get one but what we are all after here is the experience so who are you to tell us and brag about your contest entry being hacked? Be careful of your words or you might not find friends but instead enemies. PEACE!

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