Sunday, August 31, 2008

DP Forum Threads Hacked!

I never thought that forums can be hacked,much more, Digital Point Forums, the most visited forum in the SEO community and webmaster industry all over the world. This is where the best and the new ones sometimes meet and match.

I guess, very few knows about this yet and I don't know when this happened. I saw it while browsing over at Digital Point Forums in the Google section. At first I thought that it was just someone who is having problems with their site getting hacked but to my surprise, I saw that only a few were able to visit the thread, one of them was me.

I tried to open the said thread not knowing what it might do to my PC. Anyway, I have a strong sense of urgency in the next move so I pushed the button and chala! DP WAS HACKED! I thought when hackers hack a site, they literally hack the site as a whole and this is the first time that I was able to see a site that got hacked in sections. This time it was just a few of DP's Google thread sections. Please view the image below and CLICK TO ENLARGE.


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