Friday, December 28, 2007

The Marhgil Macuha Contest Nears End

January 4, 2008 is near and so is the Marhgil Macuha blog posting contest and this is the same reason why I am having problems right now because my official entry actually and virtually disappeared after being in the top 5 for almost a day in Google SERPs.

My Marhgil Macuha entry before it disappeared in the Google SERPs is on the 12th spot this morning of December 28, 4:00 AM. I was still in the same position early this morning at about 9:00 AM but it disappeared by 12:00 noon. This is something I can't accept Google to be doing with my entry. What could be behind this?

I gained links and checked the URL and it;s doing well and is still indexed. First thing that came to my mind is that Google is preparing my entry for something big. Maybe when it comes back, I am already in the FIRST place....

Yahoo gave me the advantage though this morning as i am from out of nowhere, now on the 6th position. Get ready for the big flood guys! I'm gonna win this Marhgil Macuha Contest by january 4!

Thanks to TiOheM for giving me a chance to know him personally.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boys Bedding Design Choices at Vision Bedding

Beddings are one of the most interesting ways to express and attain beauty in your room. Bedding accessories may include sheets, towels, pillows, throw blankets, photo and more. For Boys Bedding however, it may be a little bit different in terms of preferences from colors to designs.

This is because boys have a different taste compared to girls. This is also why there are exclusive boys bedding accessories to fit only for boys who dare to be different at Vision Bedding.

Vision Bedding provides a personal option of customizing your bedding designs based on your own preferences and choices. You can try and choose beddings with the right colors that you like or designs that you think would be cool to look at.

Even if the case is that boys and girls have different choices and preferences when we are talking about beddings, you can be sure to find just the right color and design that you would love to see in your sleeping room. Not only that, since throw pillows are also found in most sofa or living room, it would also be a unique way to give color and design to your throw pillows.

Boys can actually choose from the lined up designs and colors as their personal choice. Choose from the different designs like car bedding , camouflage bedding, military bed designs, extreme sports bedding and more. You can even get your own designs in the linen, sheets, pillow covers and give a little more excitement to your room by implementing your own favorite quotes.

Yes! with Vision Bedding custom and lined up design solution for boys bedding printing and preferences from various design options that you can get from, the beauty in your room is just a few printing schemes away in a flash.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Best Hotels and Travel Source

When traveling to Ireland, you have to know what the place has to offer. If you travel whether for business or pleasure, the first thing that you will need is to look for information regarding the place that you want to visit.

In order to do this, you have to know a great resource site since the best place where you can find relevant information about hotels and travel places and travel needs is via online inquiry. In this case, you can try and visit Dublin Hotels for your Ireland visit and interesting travels.

Another possibility that you will be looking for especially if you are in a vacation travel are some of the best attractions that are available in the place. Even if they are very easy to find, you will have a hard time finding what you need if there is no complete resource available for the specific place.

I would love to recommend finding what you are looking for especially attractions and destination hotels with Cardiff Hotels.

You may also be interested to visit some interesting places like museums and other historical places that you feel you have to see and there are a few sites that can actually offer you this specific information with complete info on Newcastle Hotels where you can stay for the night.

For your all in one travel guide, visit Cheaper Than Hotels, a complete resource
for your special business and personal travel to London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and more... Visit now and avail of the freebies for your advantage!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marhgil Macuha - ProBlogger and Internetpreneur

Marhgil Macuha Viral Marketing and SEO Contest

Who is Marhgil Macuha? Is he just the ordinary blogger trying to make a buzz out of his own mini SEO contest? I first saw this kind of viral marketing from Shoemoney and I was really amazed at how the man challenged the whole $EO poeple in the Search Engine Land.

He gave his big bucks out of a SEO mini contest where the contest keyword is his own name. On the part of Marhgil Macuha, he said that he is willing to give away his earnings from widgetbucks. Now it's time for the Filipino blogger and internetpreneur, Marhgil Macuha to do the same by having his own mini SEO keyword ranking contest using own a.k.a. or should I say, his own name, Marhgil Macuhaas the keyword itself.

I also remember Marhgil Macuha claimed somewhere along the contest entry comments that he is not joking with his name and that it is indeed his own name but I doubted it because I thought it has something to do with the popularity riding but he proved me wrong by making a name for himself as one of the top entries to appear in the SERPs later when the contest started.

Marhgil Macuha in the Ituloy AngSulong

The first time that I saw the name Marhgil Macuha, I was baffled and maybe a little confused about it because his name resembled the name of a well known SEO and problogger in the Philippines, Marc Gil Macalua. So the first thing that came to my mind was that this Marhgil Macuha is somewhat trying to impersonate Marc Gil Macalua founder of SEO Philippines.

I remember it was when I first took a glance at one comment saying he is joining the contest. The contest that I am talking about is the first SEO contest here in the Philippines which is about the "Ituloy AngSulong" SEO keyword ranking contest.

I saw Marhgil Macuha as a name where he belonged in one of the comments that are supposedly for confirming that he is joining the contest. Marhgil Macuha indeed made a name for himself that time by making it big by being in the first page in the rankings with the keyword which I didn’t much bother with because I am helping that time a friend on the contest.

Marhgil Macuha as the SEOPh Moderator

Marhgil Macuha is also one of the great moderators of the recently spearheaded SEOPh Forum where he can be found moderating the new members lane and category in the said forum. As the problogger internetpreneur, Marhgil Macuha has joined different money-making schemes in the internet today like Widgetbucks from which he is willingly giving away his first earnings from for this mini SEO keyword ranking contest featuring his own name "Marhgil Macuha".

HE also contributed so many countless forum posts that are all intelligently crafted for the benefit of the different member of the forum. Aside from that, I also saw some ramblings of Marhgil Macuha in SEOPh forum where he is a little bit getting offbeat maybe to give a little spice to some of the good time and funny threads in the forum. This further proves that he is one of the versatile forum members and SEO personalities in the Philippines today.

Marhgil Macuha - The Problogger and Internetpreneur of G2000

As a problogger and internetpreneur of the new generation 2000, Marhgil Macuha is a geek of the money-making schemes in the online world today as he is a person who shares his AdSense earnings by regularly featuring different AdSense ways and means to his readers.

Marhgil Macuha does this through his different AdSense tips and leads for those who are looking forward to making it bigger in the AdSense advertising and affiliate community.

Marhgil believes that the clan Macuha through his blog will be able to spread the news that people can actually earn a living by blogging about anything under the sun and he proved this right through this mini SEO contest on the keywords "Marhgil Macuha".

I can see that with this scheme under his name, he will be able to help spread the word about his adventures and fortunes a problogger and internetpreneur here in the Philippines.

Marhgil Macuha and his Geocities Comprehensive Resume

Marhgil Macuha also has an uploaded resume back at where he stated everything from his scholastic aptitude to his countless awards and numerous recognition. Marhgil macuha indeed is a very intelligent person, no wonder why he has a natural writing ability and a humor not common to jokes.

With a wit and intelligent humor combined in the internet business today, Marhgil Macuha will surely flood the airwaves of SEO and problogging with money making schemes far from what others would have thought the guy has.

Marhgil Macuha is indeed a problogger, SEO, an academic genius, a career professional and a one man money-making machine for other bloggers to follow footsteps with. Marhgil Macuha will make a difference in the SEO Philippines community and in the problogging career of fellow SEOs and bloggers.

Viva Marhgil Macuha, the problogger and internetpreneur professional of the century for this contest!!!

A Marhgil Macuha Review By: Sam Casuncad

Other Related articles on Marhgil Macuha:

Studying Marhgil Macuha and his Twitters

I carefully read some of the blog posts that Marhgil Macuha has been twittering about to learn more about the nature of his blog. Since it is generally about everything under the sun, I decided to just read something that would relate to his efforts in gaining the traffic that he needs for his blogs to earn him whatever figure he is in right now. to simplify terms regarding problogging matters, I would like to mention that we can all try something out to see if they will work for us in some way but the fact is even if we try our best some people are just too good to compete with. Marhgil Macuha is one of them.

Marhgil Macuha - A Born Problogger

Probably born as a blogger in his first life, Marhgil Macuha has that natural aura in his blogs that could have taken him to what ever he has achieved over the times with his unique techniques and wit in blogging. Take for example where upon a quick look at his blogs, you will notice that the appeal is different and the look is so simple yet very inviting for readers to go ahead and take a peek at the different labels that he has on the sides. I guess this is all the same thing anywhere in the world or wherever you are.

That as long as you have that special trait of a born blogger, then whatever you do there will always be a special aura in your blog that will make people stop and stare and maybe at time even take a deeper look at what you have to offer for them. This is what Marhgil Macuha is all about. Combination of wit, SEO, ingenuity and uniqueness is an all in one package for a problogger to take himself to the pedestal and become one of the best in the blogging arena.

Marhgil Macuha and the Philippine Blogosphere

Now what has Marhgil Macuha really created for the Philippine and international blogosphere? In my own opinion, he has created a short lived era of integration for both SEO and natural problogger instincts in order to make it to the top pf the list of the most influential bloggers in the blogging industry not only in the Philippine but also in the whole SEO community.

Since blogs play a major role for SEO efforts, therefore it would also be proper that in order to achieve what you want as a blogger and SEO, you must learn to integrate both for the benefit of making a great optimization plan that will give way to more traffic which is eventually everything in the search engine land.

Marhgil Macuha and Why a Contest Using Blogs

When Marhgil Macuha explained why he was after a blog post in his contest, he clearly explained that because of a past experience, he was able to come up with a concrete basis that blogs do play a very important role in terms of traffic generation and return on investment (ROI) when it comes to making money online through blog advertising and get paid for blogging schemes.

Marhgil Macuha also said in his tip for blogging and generating traffic to earn with your blog that in order to do this, the blogger must learn how to optimize his/her blog post and at the same time, his/her permalink pages. The combination of these two very important factors will contribute to the success of your blogging for money schemes and get paid to blog schemes at the same time.

A Rule of Thumb for Marhgil Macuha

As a general rule of thumb for him, he stated in his own blog that "I focus more on optimizing the permalink pages, not my home page. I don’t even target a competitive keyword on this blog’s main page." This simply means that optimizing for both your permalink structure and content directed towards your individual posts has helped him do the trick neatly. He also said that he never targets optimizing for his blog's main page.

My Final Entry to the Marhgil Macuha Contest

So my final entry to the Marhgil Macuha blog posting contest is here and I would like to put special mention that I am giving it a little kick off the SERPS tonight and see what it can do to my entry.

Some bloggers even tried to change their own title tag just to get indexed as an original page of the Marhgil Macuha keyword but I am not doing it tonight, instead i am doing something unique for my entry just to see if it will work, If not, well I loose nothing, just a couple of hours of my precious time I could have spent writing in my blogs.

Well this is going to be fun anyway so I would like to make a try on it just for fun.....and the $150.00 prize.....

Launching a Blog Posting Contest

At first I never knew that Marhgil Macuha is serious about his blog posting contest but when I saw at once that there were already too many comments saying that they are joining his contest, I immediately posted about him.

The man I rarely a part of my daily blogging lookouts and searches but since the excitement really raised my adrenaline, I decided to make this one a career to a point where I wanted to see for myself about this little contest.

It turned out to be more than just an ordinary contest for me. I saw that this Marhgil Macuha blog posting contest is one of the most important experiments in my SEO and blogging life. This is New Year but I decided to make this one a first post this year because I really learned a lot more than I didn't expect at all.

There is a big difference between links and gaining rankings in the SERPs and also that there is a very important factor in order to rank high and that is for the search engines to see if you indeed have an original and unique content.

If this is the case, then all you have to do is to build up links and for sure, before you even decide to approach the engines for the results, you are already on top over the others.

This Marhgil Macuha contest did teach me a lot and that there are ways and means that you can learn out of this contest so I would like to personally thank Marhgil Macuha for initiating this small blog posting contest. MARHGIL MACUHA, THANK YOU FOR THIS ONE. It doesn't have to reach him personally because I know that this will get to him eventually.

I didn't also want to make posts that would look like original content for the search engines but the most important thing is that I came to know about this person and this is just the start of a new way of approach for the Google and Yahoo and MSN to see how i will optimize to influence their index in rankings and gaining leverage to attain the top position.

Marhgil has taught not just me but also a lot of people here in the Philippines with this contest but the most important fact is that this learning will never be put to waste. This will be part of everyday life as a blogger or a future problogger and internetpreneur like Marhgil Macuha. I may not be necessarily like him but I would like to be sure that I can do more than what I acted upon when I decided to join this contest.

More than what I learned, I would like to prove to myself that there is actually more than having fun with blogging and doing things that you love but also that there are a lot of other benefits that you can use in your everyday life as an SEO and a webmaster in the future.

Whoever the winner will be in this Marhgil Macuha blog posting contest, I would like to congratulate him. Jezlau is on top over the others but I still see a lot of things to do while waiting for the results this January 4.

This is both going to be an interesting and learning event for me and the others who joined this contest but I would also like to make it a point that from this day on, there will be lots and lots and lots of fun blogging while enjoying all the benefits of learning and gaining friends, most importantly, earning.

This is the most treasured part and this will be on my books. What better way to enjoy life than blogging, learning, gaining friends and best of all earning.

New Widget for Blogspots

The newest widget release of is very cool. I am talking about the widget for their template which is the post archives widget. This enables the blogger admin to make some changes on how the archives will appear in the home page of the blog itself.

I enjoyed using it because of the simple reason that it really gave me the extra advantage of minimizing the space that my SEO post archives would take. Say if for example I have at least 80 blog archives and I would like to have them all available trough the widget, in the early style of blogger, the widget would only allow you to have your archives in the form of a list where it is annoying for most of your readers to navigate through the list just to see your previous posts and seek through the juice of your blog.

Now, it is never hard for me to give my readers a hard time digging deeper in my SEO post archives list because the widget has a special feature where I can make it all available in just a single space drop down box. What a convenience for me and my readers this will be.

Add to it the new cool template that I found today where I had a good time uploading and playing around with the different new widgets and navigation to make the look of my personal blog beautiful and user-friendly. The widget indeed made it even easier for me to finish playing around with my SEO blog and making it look more of a professional blog than before.

Also I would like to place a special mention about the user-friendliness of the new blogspot blogs in terms of navigation and maneuvering for a standard blogger like others are. If I enjoyed it, then what more for a standard blogger in the SEO community.

It really helped a lot making the blogspots earn even more than what they used to earn out of their blogs through AdSense and other money-making schemes because it now even easier for th regular bloggers to play around with the new widgets and use them for a maximum SEO advantage.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Get Paid for Blogging

Today, many online businesses are trying to make it to the top of the page ranking by having as many publicity as they can get and one way to achieve this goal is through blog advertising.

Through Smorty which acts as medium, advertisers can connect with bloggers by providing two- way traffic that generates extra income for bloggers and the much needed publicity for advertisers for a much lesser price.

If online businesses advertise on blogs they will have the opportunity to have original blog opinion articles written about their website and/or services including link code which will be placed by bloggers in one or more blogs in exchange for a small fee paid to Smorty by the advertiser and then a percentage of that will be paid to the blogger through get paid to blog scheme by Smorty.

For a blog advertisement to be effective for advertisers Smorty strictly tests all blog applications by considering many criteria to ensure that advertising on blogs will produce better results in search engine ranking.

On the part of the advertisers, a higher amount of bid for their products or services to be advertised on blogs will get higher page ranked blogs which in return will provide better rankings for their sites and a bigger income for bloggers for enjoying what they do best.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Need Quick Cash? Payday Loans is the Answer

Quick cash may come in so many forms these days but the most intriguing part about this is that it is always so very hard to get one especially if you are someone who does not have any knowledge about applying for a loan and you happen to need cash.

At Cash Advance 1500, there is no reason why you need a second thought in getting a cash advance. Please read more below to understand more about quick cash through the cash advance payday loans scheme of

10 Great Reasons to Get Payday Loans

Payday loans are actually a form of cash advance and even if most of us would prefer borrowing money from our nearest relatives, there is no reason why not get it from a reputable loan lending company through online transaction.

  • Privacy - Privacy is what most of us would value especially if we are talking about loans. This is the same reason why it is always an advantage to apply for a loan online through payday loans in the comfort of your own home.
  • Anonymity - You can do the loan process anonymously from the public.
  • No credit bureau reports required - There is totally no credit bureau report required, just consumer information services provided by Tele-Track. No checking of your credit history.
  • Processing of checks - The processing of the checks are faster because everything is done online.
  • No hassles - There is less hassle in waiting, standing in line for a slot.
  • Loan extension - this is also called as the "roll over" which means that you can pay the loan on the next payday.
  • Easy terms and conditions - There are no complications in the terms and conditions of the payday loan lenders.
  • Processing feesLenders do not charge any processing fee (0%) or additional charges to process the payday loans.
  • Security - Lenders will require the applicant a e-signature. This e-signature is completed totally in a secured webpage for maximum security reasons.
  • Loan amount - The loan amount is usually from $100-$1,500. Enough to make a payment for the house bills.

Quick cash needs must be met through quick payday loan approval. This where the search ends and good business relationship begins. Apply for payday loans at NOW!

Advantages of a Shopping Cart Software by Ashop

As we all know, having your goods or services sold over the internet is a very big advantage because it enables you to promote or sell your goods or services worldwide and to a much bigger market. But for a merchant to be able to do so, his network should be capable of handling business transactions and accepting credit card payments while the customer is still online.

For a merchant to be able to achieve that, he should have a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway in any bank of his choice or he can hire the services of a third party payment processor who can facilitate credit card payments received by a merchant. One example of a payment processor is PayPal.

The Shopping Cart Software as an Alternative

A good alternative is the use of complete solution shopping cart software. Ashop Commerce, one of the leading providers of hosted shopping cart software offers this for merchants to be able to transact business online.

A shopping cart software or E-commerce software is a web based version of a grocery cart intended for sold goods or services so there’s no need to worry which means you can manage your shopping cart from any computer connected to the internet anytime and anywhere.

Shopping cart software will also provide the merchant the capability to accept credit card payments online and manage their business directly from their admin panel thereby eliminating the need for an account and gateway. That’s a lot of savings on the monthly fees you are going to pay for the use of a merchant account and gateway plus the added practicality and convenience.

Benefits of Shopping Cart Software

Another benefit of having an E-commerce shopping cart is that you will be able to operate your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having any additional manpower relying mainly on its manageability.

You can also monitor your business transactions online and you will have a faster and cheaper cost in processing orders and transactions. On top of it all, you can run your business in the comfort of your own home and save a lot of money on rentals and Ashop Commerce shopping carts are 100% search engine optimized which means your product will be sold because of convenience and manageability offered for customers through the major search engines.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Your Shopping Cart Software is Your Secret to Success

The Merchant’s Shopping Cart Software

Merchant selling online services or products using shopping cart is nothing new in the internet. This means a need for all merchants who want to make it big in the online selling arena to use e-commerce software like a shopping cart.

This enables the merchant to both monitor his/her sales, transactions, and everything related to his business. Based on this, shopping cart software plays a major role for an online business to push to success. Without it, there will never be another day for any selling business to survive.

To understand basically what shopping cart software can do for a merchant looking to sell services or products we will try and take a few steps back to it s use for a common online buyer or customer. The shopping cart is where products or services that a buyer intends to buy are put into. This is like an ordinary shopping cart in the grocery where you put all the goods that you have on your list and take it to the counter to pay for it.

Shopping Cart and Shopping Cart Software

The difference between shopping cart and shopping cart software is that you don’t have to exert extra effort in putting the goods / services that you want to buy in an online store but instead, you just have to pick the items you need and the whole system of the software will be the one to handle everything from automatically picking your items payment system, shipping, tax etc. using your credit card or Paypal account at the end of the shopping process.

Overall, it is the shopping cart software where the online store business is totally dependent on so this means that it has to be perfect for the business model that you are investing on. Without everything else taken cared of by your e-commerce software, a shopping cart is totally useless in terms of helping your online store business grow as a merchant and the consumers to visit you often for manageability.

It has to be both in the service of the consumers and the merchants alike in order to meet ends for a totally enjoyable shopping experience and business flow.

Shopping cart software has to be a complete package of service to the consumer and the merchant. This is where both ends meet and match for any online store to succeed.

Monday, November 26, 2007

When Buying Links Will Put Down your SEO Efforts

This is the time that buying links will surely have a devastating effect for your business. The last Google update is all about this specific topic and you can even read it all over the web in most SEO blogs you can find out there. The good thing is if you are going to buy a link from a trusted high PR site, you better work out an agreement of some sort to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Some of the available schemes to avoid getting penalized by Google through taking back your website PR are:

  • Removing the link to TLA and e-mail them that you will have another name for the affiliate link leading to their website.
  • Remove common affiliate link keywords like "advertise here", "buy a link here", "advertise on this site" and other related old affiliate linking keywords. Make something new out of your semantics as what you have learned in SEO and optimizing for the search engines.
  • Be extra careful in labeling your links like sponsored listings etc. etc.
  • Install the new plug-in that TLA has announced will be used to avoid getting penalized by Google.
  • Remove all websites linking to you that have TLA on them. Of course you can try and send them an honest e-mail and tell them about everything.

These are just a few of the measures that you may want to imply on your website in order to get back your PR or at least to maintain the importance of your website in the eyes of the search engines.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Staying with TLA and Maintaining your Google PR

Linking and Rule of Thumb

It has always been a rule of thumb that links should always be treated as one of the holy grails of SEO and yet many of us continue to disobey this very basic rule. I cannot remember anymore how many times have I been subjected to seeing links get traded or sold by owners of sites who don't seem to bother about the negative effects that it could put up and generate in terms of link building campaign and popularity.

The TLA Syndrome and SE Responsibility

Although at this point in time, the latest Google update made many internet business faces and SEOs frown to an extent that they look like someone you cannot approach with the face of a tiger ready to eat you in whole, still, the disobedience continues. Remember that there is no turning back when this kind of devastating effect happens to you and your website.

The point here is, even if you or me can still do something , about this latest pin down by Google on the PR of sites that sell links. Even if one of the most prominent among the most prestigious is TLA, there is no doubt that there are other ways of selling links and getting the advantage over the others with the use of PR. Pr by the way is the most highly regarded in the selling links business and this is the root of Google's newest algo regarding the latest update that happened.

Even if there were literally billions of money lost in this link selling industry, Google doesn't seem to care. They still managed to let the world see that selling links is not the way they want things to be in terms of SEO advantage. This means that this will be put in the history of both the internet marketing and the SEO arena as one of the major setbacks that rocked the whole internet industry this year.

This also further proves that Google has the power to do what it wants us to do and by this virtue, we all then should abide by the rules. I can really see nothing wrong with this but and I am actually looking forward to seeing things go back to its rightful stats when the smoke is out.

After all there is nothing wrong with making us realize that we cannot always do what we want to do and this is because the search engines are here to let us know about it and that Google is just the instrument on letting us know that we are not in the right tracks.

John Chow Sees it This Way

Retaining your green bar can now be done even if you sell links according to the great JohnChow. This is by virtue of understanding what Google wants us to understand "no-irrelevant linking" and "improper use of links" to gain advantage over others. (my own opinion)
Relevant Links and Maintaining PR

This is actually a tip coming from John Chow and allow me to give my point of view based on my own opinion about this important matter regarding link selling and maintaining PR. One thing you can do to maintain PR while selling links and not feeling the devastating effect of the Google PR update on the next season is to make your links as relevant as possible.

Removing your Link to TLA

Removing your link to TLA could work for you as many webmasters who are earning from selling links made this same important move after they felt the might of the latest Google update. By removing your link to TLA, you can be sure that Google will not see you as one of the culprits of propagating the wrong distribution of links through link selling.

The reason for this is because Google knows that TLA is the biggest common factor in the link selling industry and scheme, so chances are, if you remove your link to TLA ( which is what many webmasters did) . A good substitute could be the "redirect method" or the "nofollow attribute" use according to John Chow.

Labeling the Links that You Have

Search engines have a way of knowing that you have links that they see as part of selling links scheme when you label your links. By leaving your links unlabeled, you can avoid this particular disaster. What I am talking about is the common way of labeling links like sponsored listings etc.

The New TLA Plugin

In case you do not know it yet, TLA has a newly released plug-in that you can use to possibly help you or maybe at most avoid this same fate on the penalty imposed by Google on people who are up to selling links in exchange for money. This hopes to cure your worries and doubts regarding selling links.

So if you are still using the old TLA plug-in, you better go and get yourself the new upgrade of TLA. Tip: "If you want to see who among your partners and neighbors are running TLA, do a search for function TLA ads".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Social Bookmarkings, SERPs Domination and Content Issues

Social Bookmarkings and SEO in the Philippines

Social Bookmarking sites, who uses this for marketing efforts these days? Well, they're today's most popular way of getting to the top of the SERPs without even a link to your webpage. Webmasters resort to social bookmarkings and see this as some sort of addiction by virtue of self proclamation, integrity in the SERPs and egoistic preferences aside from the SEO advantages and effects of maximizing their use. Proof that indeed, webmasters from the Philippines and in many other parts of the world love seeing their websites on top even if it's not a direct link to theirs.

What could these social bookmarking sites really do? This post is a study of the common behavior of the paradise Philippines webmasters to open up an opinion on the trends with link building and search engine marketing (SEM) and (SEO) search engine optimization.

Some would even call it a marketing effort as the traffic will boost you up as you see your webpage appear at the top of the queries in the results pages of the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN like magic.

SEO Philippines Webmasters and Social Bookmarkings

To some here in SEO Philippines, social bookmarking sites are a kind of tool to employ in order to gain advantages over competing pages for the top of the search terms of a target niche. There were naturally organic effects of these social bookmarking sites to rank high in the SERPs even if it's not really the actual link to your webpage.

The most enjoyable part here is that these social bookmarking sites have a way to gain the top stop even in the most competitive keywords you can think of. There is My Bloglog, Bumpzee, Digg and the newest in the family of social bookmarking sites - StumbleUpon. They dominate the search results, displaying even the oddest results on top over the more optimized pages and even the original ones with optimized keywords.

So what's the catch here? Simple, the search engines see these social bookmarking sites as a top priority in ranking pages and therefore, you must be careful to use this as it will not help at all in your efforts to make it to the top of the SERPs for a time if you use this tactic.

Social Bookmarking Theories

There were actually many theories and experiences that lead to thinking that these social bookmarking sites indeed help in a webmaster's search for gaining the top spot of his keyphrases in no time at all. This is actually a wrong impression about these social bookmarking sites as all they can do for you is to introduce your webpage or website in the world of the search engines and the users who are searching for the terms that you are targeting.

Try clicking the links that the search engines are seeing everytime and indexing on the top pages for a search term and you will see that it is not actually your webpage that ranks high but instead it is the webpage where your webpage is in which is the page of the social bookmarking site itself.

So, overall assessment will tell that even if you are on top of the SERPs, you don't have any guarantee that your site will be visited by the people who are searching for the terms that you are targeting. Instead, it is actually the social bookmarking site itself that has all the advantages and the benefits in terms of SEO while you get the Illusion of being on top of the queries and the index results of the search engines.

Illusion over Reality in SEO Terms for Social Bookmarking Sites

In SEO terms, regarding the use of these social bookmarking sites, they really do not give so much advantage as what webmasters really see in many tips and suggestions in forums and SEO blogs and SEO tips. Instead, what they give us is the impression that we can only have what we want through make believe that we are on top over others while the truth is that we are nowhere and will always remain nowhere as long as we are under the umbrella of these social book marking sites.

Let us all realize the terms and then analyze the effects of giving social bookmarking sites the priority that they don't even deserve for what they offer.

Link building is not a circus of make believe, it is a concrete art of giving yourself a concrete link and end up in the end of real and organic advantage of getting on top of the search. More so, SEO nor SEM is no arena for temporary illusions but should always be based on an organized way of building up links and getting to the top in reality.

This is actually the very same reason why I don't go much for these social bookmarking sites. I don't see them helping me technically in the long run and i any other way I try to see it but I believe that they give us happiness in terms of blogging and wanting people to get a glimpse of our minds and our own unique interests in life.

I do not hate social bookmarking sites, I just don't prefer them being labeled as one of the tactics to use in gaining page importance or ranking in the SERPs or in any other way related to SEO or SEM. I see them as a simple way of getting your website introduced to the searching public by way of natural organic characteristics of these social bookmarking sites to rank with a term or keyword.

Technically, I would not give nor suggest the use of it in terms of gaining rankings with the use of SEO for a webpage.

Monday, October 15, 2007

IPs and Immunity Issue Affects SEO Efforts to Build Links

IP Addresses and SEO

From a forum at V7N today I read about a specific question in a thread relating to IPs and how they may affect the SEO efforts of SEO webmasters. Since SEO here in the Philippines is in its booming stage, I would like to personally, even if I am not the authority to discuss about IP and how they can affect the SEO efforts that webmasters use in link building, particularly.
IP Address and Forums

IPs as we all know are the first consideration in almost all forums since the issue of spamming had gone up from the brink of just a few guys who use it in the early days of SEO and gaining advantage over competing websites with respect to search engine results pages or the organic result of a search.

Forum Accounts and Getting your IP Banned

In forums alone, if you are using the same IP address even if you have registered different accounts and are actually two or more different persons, you will instantly get banned for some period on the first offense and totally on the second attempt. The reason for this implementation is because these forums are trying to avoid getting spammed again and again. Even if spamming is actually a minor case of black hat SEO, still, this will not help any efforts to make the forum threads as healthy as they should be for the benefit of the regular members, users and the visiting readers. This specific occurrence triggered the moderators and owners of forums to avoid multiple registration using the same IP address.

IP-Based Account Registration is Effective in Running out Spam

Also, to avoid decreasing the search engine trust, the forum moderators found their way to make some changes wherein they base the accounts of a person who registers therein using their IP address and if that same person or another person tries to use the same IP address to register another different account on the same forum, then he gets banned with the person who registered originally as first and prior to the second one and so on.

How Google Sees Your IP with Respect to Spamming

So far, this is how it works for the IP issue of getting banned in forums and as a minor basis for Google trying to limit building up links that come from the same IP Address. This also led Google to become immune from indexing the same IP site links and therefore, it will be most likely that even if you have a million links going to your website but came from the same IP address, it will only be deemed useless or at most trigger the immunity of Google for indexing your website's links and at maximum, could even get you banned in their results pages for spamming their index and manipulating the search results.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google Paying Tribute to the Great Tenor in Pavarotti

I saw yesterday how Google made tribute to the late Luciano Pavarotti by giving him a place in their Google search logo putting beside the popular icon the image of Luciano Pavarotti. This was yesterday while I was searching for my regular keywords when I found out that Google is putting some emphasis and respect to the late great tenor of the world of opera singing.

Pavarotti died at 71 with so many honors beside his name and Google does not want any larger than giving their logo a touch of the great tenor with his image beside the tycoon among the three search engines. This made them loose a little of their time using the short slot to put some nice recognition to the best in the tenor signing community in the world and the name is Luciano Pavarotti.

I admit that even in the world of SEO and SEM or search engine marketing, Luciano Pavarotti is a great icon as well as Google itself and they indeed succeeded in making themselves humble the achievements of the great tenor with a little image appearing in the Google search logo.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blog Tagging for Optimized Ranking in the SERP

Blogs and Optimizing for a Page

Blogs, as we all know is the most effective way of optimizing pages for a website as you can do most anything including changing the contents to favor any page you want to give importance to. This is of course by way of linking the page that you want to optimize for any keyword.

Blog tagging will do better for most but not at all times especially if you have stiff competition with your target keywords. None the less, you can still have the advantage that you want in terms or optimizing for a page or content.

Blog Tagging for SEO Advantage

Blog tagging is one of the best strategies that many bloggers do. This is done by giving your blog post a name to be distinguished by the search engines.

This way, if you have a tag that you have optimized for your page or dedicated for a certain page or content, you can always make sure that the search engines will see your blog post or content or even a single link as you want them to see it and this is called optimization.

By use of blog tagging, you make the search engines trust the page that you dedicate the blog tag or blog post to.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

SEO Blogs and the Changing SEM Algorithms

SEO is a Battle of Right Ways and Proper Tools

SEO is not just all about getting on top of the search engine results pages with your talent and knowledge about SEO. It also involves a constant monitoring of your business with the use of tools and people who know the right way to get to the top.

A business in the online world does not only include a battle of who is the better SEO and who has the most selling service or product in the internet, it is a battle of who does the methods best and he who has the right ways and in the right track in SEO will always win the battle. This is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing in today’s internet busy world and SEO driven tactics.

Blogs are One Great Tool to Use in Search Engine Marketing

One of the best tools today that any SEO can use are blogs. I have seen a single centered business once go up in sales up to 20 times and more because he deals with having the best Search Engine Marketing person and not just some content management team that some would think will bring any business up in no time.

The SEM person that he employed used everything like getting himself a good SEO from the United States but at first he failed. The reason is because the people whom he trusted his business with did not know how to use the right tools in order to give his websites a boost but instead the SEO used some dirty tactics that pulled his online business further down where improper use of tools and SEO tactics really belong.

Upon employing a new SEM person, a single one from the Philippines, the first step that the Search Engine Marketing person did was to change the contents and remove the dirty tactics that the latter employed in his business sites. After a few weeks more, the second thought came and there were numerous directory submissions in line to boost up the search engine popularity of his business sites.

Then came some article and forum posts and sooner than expected, all his earnings more than doubled up. Indeed the Filipino SEM expert had the best going for his business. And you know what, the best tool lately that they have been exploring is how to maximize the benefit of the most popular yet often missed up tool - BLOGS.

Using Blogs Will Always be the Best Way Up in the Search Engines

Blogs indeed could make or break any business especially if you know how to handle the best ways and means in using them. Although I have see so many times that a business grew with their own content a blog ranked and outranking a good business site with simple popularity with optimized contents, I concluded that this could be the reason why we have always misconceptualize the use of blogs in business.

Often we use it for letting the public know about our business and on what's the latest that we have to offer. Little did most know that blogs can be used to further go up with respect to popularity. And this is what happened to the business that I am talking about. There really is no reason enclosing the details about the business because I'm afraid it might ruin the element of surprise in them and the competition so I decided not to enclose any detail about them and the people working for the benefit of the business owner.

The point is just to make it clear that there are unmaximized and lesser explored ways to use a blog to make a business go up higher in popularity in the search engines and get higher revenues back on the track.

If you are to come up with outsourcing your business needs in Search Engine Marketing in the Philippines. The best way is to take a look and see for yourself who is the best in the business first as there were truly many great SEM professionals here in the Philippines and one proof of that is the many growing business that use these people to take them high up in the search engine results pages.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Content Management and On Page Optimization

Content Management for SEO and On-Page Optimization

Part of on-page optimization is to make the content of your webpage, search engine friendly and this is called specifically as content management. If you have properly optimized pages with the proper keyword density in every content of your every webpage, chances are, you will get the attention of your visitors and the search engines, especially the big 3 in no time at all. This is what we call as on-page optimization.

Although specifically, content management is just a part of on-page SEO, I do not personally rely on just this portion of SEO or search engine optimization and SEM or search engine marketing for higher expectations regarding SERP rankings, but if you are in the right track, this is easy to see and will surely help a great deal for your target keyword rankings to be on top.

Managing the contents of your pages could be the most critical part of your quest for optimizing your them at a maximum point where your visitors will be transformed into potential clients at a glance of your content. This is where SEO and content management meet at one end. First let me discuss some tips that are not really that much of a secret to many but a relevant find for some newbies out there where I have once been.

Making the Content an Information-Rich Summary

In the online world and the marketing arena, time is of an essence. If you will only realize that people will not bother looking at your pages even deeper if your top page will not catch their attention and make them pause for a while and read some more. This is where interesting contents come in and this is where the virtue of making the content information-rich and relevant as possible.

Reaping contents from other relevant sites will not make sense this time because the search engines see what you do and will only penalize you for doing so and worst is , your visitors will see at once that you have nothing to offer them. Remember that internet surfers are very intelligent users of the search engines these days compared to the early days where SEO relies on some spammy contents to rank in the SEs and visitors won't even know it.

Summarizing the Content for On-Page SEO Advantage

As I have mentioned earlier, time is of an essence, not just to SEO people but also to others. It should therefore be clear that one of the best ways of making your visitors stay longer and be able to convert them into clients and revenues is to make the contents of your pages not just relevant but short.

A good summary will always be best if it has organic and magnetic appeal and if you could put it into your contents. It will not only help make your point of discussion easy to understand but more so, make it easy for both the search engines and humans to get the juice of your thoughts and ideas.

Content Must Be Direct-To-The-Point

One of the best qualities of an appealing content is to make it short and direct to the point. By direct to the point, I mean is that you should make your contents be a clear manifestation of what you want the readers to understand regarding the subject matter that you are discussing.

They should always be relevant with the niche that you are in or the keywords you are targeting to be on top with but should focus on your main objective which is to market your business. This is by far the best way to a good search engine marketing and search engine optimization of the website as a whole.

Put simply, time, relevance, direction, focus and simplicity are the major points to consider in writing and molding content to perfection that is made for both humans and search engines alike. If you could follow these few tips for on-page optimization and content management, then this could be a good start.

Keyword Research and SEO

Keyword research is always the best step before any on-page or off-page optimization begins. If you have no keyword, then you have no page to write about and no keyword to optimize a page for and vise versa. If the SEO saying goes that "content is king" then, keyword is the kingdom where the king will serve his purpose. This is the best analogy that I can see out of the relation of content to keyword and keyword to content. Keyword research may be characterized by traffic, search, density and competition.

keyword traffic

- keyword traffic is the number of expectancy in terms of search engine visitors pertaining to the keyword or keyphrase in relation to a PPC (pay-per-click) or (SEM) search engine marketing point of view.

keyword search

- this pertains to the existing number of searches made pointing to the specific keyword itself. Remember that there is a big difference between expectancy (keyword traffic) and existing data (keyword search).

keyword density

- This pertains to the number of times that a certain keyword or keyphrase appears in an article or paragraph or content as a whole. This is very important in SEO.

keyword competition

- If it is a must to understand everything that tells about your keyword target in terms of SEO, then it is also a must, in fact a priority to understand that you will surely be challenged by other SEO in the keyword that you are aiming to get on top with.

This is called keyword competition. In a challenging SEO arena, you must know your competition in order to see where your efforts will be going or to have an estimate of the efforts that you have to resort to when the time to do SEM (search engine marketing) comes.

Last but not the least of all the things that you need to apply in managing your content or on-page SEO is to see where possible to put them or the proper placement of your contents and the formats you will use to be able to achieve maximum positive results for your on-page optimization project. Sometimes this simple yet effective technique is called or part of aesthetics.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Flash Ads Will Kill AdSense

Flash Ads Not Better Than AdSense

Are you an SEO, an AdSense affiliate marketer or a webmaster who uses AdSense to earn a significant amount of income? This is a must read, then, for you. This specific post is not about what is the better and more effective revenue earning of the two types of ads, this is about what "flash ads" is doing with AdSense ads today.

Even if flash ads are a way to attract the eyes of a visitor, they also have a different effect to the AdSense ads that we are allowing to be displayed in our sites through having a Google AdSense account. The big question is, HOW do flash ads effect AdSense Ads?

To those who don't know it yet and for the benefit of those who knows about flash ads but doesn't know what declining effects they do to AdSense Ads, this is just a short discussion to allow easy understanding. The point here is to avoid companies that support flash ads because they will sooner or later kill AdSense.

Do you want this to happen? Of course not, because I believe that there are many webmasters who have and live by the rules of having AdSense accounts and eventually, AdSense sites where they get extra revenue for supporting other activities as a webmaster.

Stop Supporting Companies That Offer Flash Ads

Most, if not all flash ads would encourage and incorporate the installation of a Firefox plug-in called as the Ad Blocker Plus or the ABP. This Ad Blocker Plus is used to limit or block the appearance of other ads like AdSense Ads and other relevant site ads.

This way, the AdSense ads does not get the slot for appearing in a search result which we all know could result to the death of AdSense in the latter as a result. This could be a slow but sure killing of our revenues and would later on be equivalent to AdSense ads revenue failure.

This could not be as serious but is surely worth a second look for many web masters today that depend on their AdSense earnings to support other web activities.

This is a call for many of us SEO and AdSense affiliate marketers who still want to earn from AdSense. Stop supporting companies and websites that support flash ads !

Monday, August 13, 2007

JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the Loose

JNB Web Promotions - Last year, the SEO company based here in the Philippines who pledged a clear, measly $100 sponsorship to the first SEO Philippines contest dubbed as Ituloy AngSulong. Knowing that the said SEO contest sponsors will get backlinks from the contestants, JNB Web Promotions then gave it a go and had their name in the list.

Imagine what kind of SEO company would chicken out of just a measly $100 amount which is only 5k PHP? Cheap !!! My god, they should fry in their own cooking oil !!! To chicken out of the sponsorship after getting all the backlinks they needed to further push them up in rankings with their competition in just a few days remaining would mean that the worst people are managing the company and deserve the second thought before hiring them. Read the rest of the conversations here.

I hope this never happens again in the second SEO Philippines contest (paradise Philippines keyword) that is now on the way and going strong in terms of sponsorship. I also hope that Marc and the rest of the SEO people not just in the Philippines but also in other countries will learn on this one and prevent it from happening again. Chickens should fry in the pan and that includes JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the loose.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Free Webhosting For SEO and Non-SEO

Web Hosting and SEO

For many of us SEO buffs, web hosting is a necessity because we all need a place to host our websites and eventually end up spending a little money to have our ideas available in the internet for our target visitors and viewers. But let me make some clarifications that although there are many who of us who can afford for professional web hosting services, there are some of us who are also looking for the same service quality but for cheaper price and if possible, for free.

For this specific reason, I would like to emphasize that a legitimately high bandwidth web hosting would help to make your site available 27/7 to both human visitors and search engine bots and crawlers. If this does not happen, chances are you would eventually under the shadows of your competition and your pages unvisited and orphaned in the SERPs. If this thing happens, then all your SEO efforts will all be a useless venture, especially here in the Philippines.

Outsourcing Your Web Hosting Needs?

Since here in the Philippines, many SEO would rely on free web hosting services due to excessive financial burnout on having their websites up in the internet all the time, I thought why not go look for some good offers in SEO forums about free web hosting services I would see would fit my likes and preferences as I put myself in their shoes and at the same time would serve my purpose.

I did my own research and found some of them are not as enticing and quality service as many webmasters would seek for. I tried visiting many webmaster and SEO forums but i failed to get what i need for the information about a considerably more professional web hosting service that I am expecting. Tried to go further but almost all attempts were futile and so I had to make a second thought about the particular idea of having some package free and professional web hosting service host some of my websites for free.

There are many of us SEO and website owners that I am sure would also be willing to have their own domain hosted for free and so let me discuss the climax of it all - a professional caliber "FREE Web Hosting Service" where all the amenities are put in one package that's very generous to consider signing up an account with.

Free Web Hosting Offers

In my research I found out that some will offer free web hosting but would only allow domains hosted under the site offering the free web hosting and not allow you to have your own domain name hosted therein. Some would allow your websites get hosted but only with conditions to be under their domain and with too many ads and pop-ups. But at last, here comes a totally free web hosting service that allows you to enjoy all the liberties of other professional web hosting and much better, they are totally free.

Free Web Hosting Amenities

This free web hosting service that I would like to completely promote in this blog is a free web hosting that I can say to be absolutely free for all the individuals, organizations, professionals, companies, businesses and webmasters. Their amenities include, free: your own Cpanel and Fantastico suite, unlimited e-mail addresses, MySQL database and I also got some more from their site below.

Other Offers From the Free Web Hosting Service Site

We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;

* 50MB Disk space
* 1GB Monthly bandwidth
* Free CPanel with Fantastico
* Unlimited email addresses (
* Unlimited subdomains
* Popular scripts included in Fantastico
o WordPress 2.2.1
o phpBB2
o Coppermine Photo Gallery
* Many more!

When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.

With these types of amenities and offers for free web hosting service, who would resist such a generous offer. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your account for a free web hosting service at Web Free Hosting.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Settings For Number of Visible Posts Per Page In a Blog

Setting Up Number of Posts Per Page for Better SEO

Maintaining a setting with low number of posts in your blog page can lower the risks of giving away too much outbound links to other unknown sites or pages that have comments approved in your blog post.

This is a warning to many bloggers that i have actually experienced as a blogger and a SEO Philippines future member. Yes! I am looking forward to become a member of the SEO Philippines umbrella. To be one of them I would like to first accomplish a few achievements for myself and my young SEO knowledge here in the Philippines.

Blog Post Setting is a Loophole to Look For in SEO Blogs

I bet nobody in SEO Philippines had ever seen this as a major loophole for their blog rankings in the future, well it's actually up to them but I am telling this in my post since we all know that outbound links do hurt a page's organic ranking in the future because they tend to distribute the power of natural organic ranking capabilities of your blog.

To those who are still in doubt, i would like to make it clear that the settings for your blog post number in a page can be set in the options-reading and finally on the most recent box which by default says "10" for wordpress blogs. For the blogger blogs or blogspot, this can be set in the settings tab and then selecting the formatting options link.

Setting Blog Post Number For Maximum SEO Effect

Remember that if you are allowing as much as 10 posts for that page, it also means that your 10 posts will have each of their own individual page characteristic that you will be giving away to your commenting visitors should you decide to approve their comment. I noticed this behavior through constant observation the inbound links that i was able to get out of blog networking or blog commenting as one of my SEO experiments.

And this theory came to my mind because as i have seen in my inbound links through blog networking, I noticed that blogs that had my comments approved and had possibly set their blog post number to 10 in a page will most likely give me a clear 10 inbound links also.

This can be seen through a short lived experiment and you will be surprised to see to it that you will most likely have as much links as if you are part of the blogroll of that blog with which you have commented and got approved.

Disadvantage of Lower Blog Post Setting In Terms of SEO

The only disadvantage anyway is that if you have this particular setting that I am talking about to a lower number, chances are, you are only giving a smaller chance of that page to rank better and quicker with your target keywords because they only have a smaller amount in terms of content.

You can see this part when you go over your internal link page/s and see the 16K, 12K, 42K differences in size of the page/content of your blog.

Remember that a page will be counted as a page regardless of your content and that the more content there is that is well optimized will have better chances of ranking in the SEO terms of the search engine results pages.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feedburner's Manageability

Feedburner is Acquired by Google

Feedburner has been announced by Google last month that they were able to buy the prestigious feeds management portal and it is final, in fact they have already managed to make some improvements on the feeds managing of the portal for use in their blogger blogs gallery (blogspot).

I am one of those that felt happy about the acquisition of the site because it made me able to make some necessary changes to my blogs that are now ranking for my keywords SEM outsourcing Philippines and SEO outsourcing Philippines respectively.

Being on top of the results means that I would have to implement social bookmarkings for the benefit of those who are looking for a way to syndicate some of my contents.

Well, I'm glad i don't have to go over the painstaking process of trying to look for he best social bookmarking sites for syndication anymore.
Feedburner - Manageability and User-Friendly

Blog Post Tagging - A Circus of Blog Noise

Blog Post Tagging For SEO

SEO in the Philippines and SEO in any other parts of the world are the same. As we all know, blogs play a big role when it comes to improving campaigns and ranking in the search engine of any site or any other web page.

Since this is the case, I would like to assume that blog post tagging also plays a major role for SEO and syndication of contents by search engines. Such a good example is the famous Technorati blog post tagging.

Blog post tagging is a very prominent way of letting readers know how you want your pages to be seen both by the search engine bots and crawlers and the humans alike.

But the thing is, many unprofessional SEO in the world today, especially those spammers have found their way to get the attention of the search engines and have manipulated the results by way of blog post tagging.

How Spammers Use Blog Post Tagging

Since blog post tagging is a very nice and optimized way of making the syndication of contents a powerful tool for SEO, spammers have found a way to generate the traffic and attention of not only the competing page's owners but also the search engines themselves.

I don't know how or in what other advantages they may be of use to these spammers but all i know is that they use it to spam the blog search engines and the search engines to manipulate the results in a way of making these search engines see that their contents are legitimately falling under the keywords they desire them to see.

I found out about this while i was searching for post related to my blogs about a certain keyword in Technorati. I was surprised today that the keywords that i am targeting to be indexed by the search engines have many other pages competing for the tags.

The worse part of it is that these tags are in no other ways or means related to their contents. Mostly as I would assume, these other irrelevantly competing pages and blogs have no content/s related to their tags. The best part of it is that these spammer blogs are mostly either a gambling site/blog or an illegal drugs site/blog.

Malicious Blog Tagging - A Perfect SEO Noise for Spammers

Although this has been a pronounced way for many spammers to go around legally, malicious blog post tagging is a way they found most comfortable to use as their SEO campaign for years now.

Since it would be an almost impossible feat these days to do SEO for illegal gambling sites, pornos and illegal drugs, spammers have found other ways in blog post tagging to use for their quest for attention and rankings in the search results. I would like to call this type of technique as "NOISE".

A very simple way of letting others know that they indeed exist, the owners of this types of websites today resort to syndicate their contents by making noise through blog post tagging. They seem to have found comfort in doing this specific black hat SEO technique.

I called this a black hat technique because of the intentions of this sort of procedure to gain traffic and attention from both the humans and the search engines alike. After all, they are both the same in terms of intentions as other black hat tactics but would only differ in the degree of SEO effect and impact.

SEO in the Philippines - Only Few Join In Spamming Search Engines

With the present SEO condition here in the Philippines, spamming for the benefit of porno, illegal gambling and illegal drugs sites is only a few handfuls as i would estimate. Many of the SEO members of the SEO Philippines umbrella have managed to make it to the top by simply giving attention to regular SEO blogs or their half personal half SEO blogs and writing contents for it.

These noises are very rare as the quality of SEO or even SEM in the Philippines is still in its developing stage. I hope this matter never develops here even if we are behind the scarcity of SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing jobs today compared to India in the Asian regions. I am still proud to say that noise is still at a comfortable level because many of the SEO and SEM professionals only prefer doing straight campaigns and no extras just for the benefit of earning a large amount of income through illegal websites.

In relations to this claim, I would to emphasize that the Philippines and its present condition in terms of SEO and SEM is in its young stage but still a few Filipinos managed to serve a large population of SEO outsourced and SEM outsourced jobs alike in a comfortable level and professional approach. Maybe this is our ticket to improving our quality of works for SEO and SEM in the world market.

Friday, July 27, 2007

SEO is All About Wits and Guts

I read a very good SEM/SEO article today that came from a SEO Philippines forum member. It was tipped along the conversations and i decided to make a short post about it. Some sort of an inspirational thought that will make people of the Philippine SEO community of newbies and experts start to think that SEO is not all the time about being technical or better in back ends or any other technical matters involved but also of the virtue of knowing where you fall and by measuring your SEO efforts.

To become a recognized SEO here in the Philippines and in the world, you do not need to self-proclaim your SEO achievements, that you have great secrets that only you have and others don't as what others have been doing sometimes but instead you have to take notice of how the search engines work through constant monitoring of the results handed over in your naked eye.

Although technically speaking at some point in their SEM and SEO career they have been dubbed as one of the best and the most prestigious people, it doesn't equate for them to also be the best all the time. Some good SEO don't even have this in their lists because we know that we all are the busiest people in the online battle against the race to the top with our target keywords in the SEO and SEM arena. This makes us blind sometimes to the most important part of SEO - "observation". I believe that everything that revolves around the world of the search engines is about observations. We all have the knowledge and the materials in order to make it big and to make it to the top but do we know that the way to the top is not always to take the easy route.

Most of us would rely to the easiest way to get to the peak but I would say no. There are many ways to get to the top and we are all aware of it but we never notice at all. Maybe we are just too busy and afraid that it will take most of our time. Well, on the other hand, that makes us newbies even luckier because at least we have the time to make some observation and use what we see for our SEO ways.

I am not saying that I have a secret in my SEO because I have made it to the top with my ways sometimes but what i am saying is that we all can have a share of the pie, newbies and experts alike.

Newbies in SEO and veterans and some would say experts even fall in the ends of the results because SEO is not just everything about being technical but also about being witty and intelligent in ways that others would not be because they are too blind to the things that are happening around the results.

Everything in SEO revolves around the results and this is why I am saying that even newbies like me have the right to be on top of them. I can be a better one that most of the good ones and I can be somebody even better than the best because I believe that i have what it takes - wits and time to see what is going on in the SEO arena.

This is no secret but instead a reminder to many of us newbies or experts that we all have no way of telling what the search engines would love in the future, after all, SEO is a science and not a technology. With science you have to be precise and you have to use your observations in telling what is right and know ing what you are doing and where your efforts are falling in to.

So for the many newbies like me, don't loose that hope that we will make it over the experts and the best. We just have to be patient and take our time even if we are on a race to the top of the results. This is a call for all of us and i hope we all learn from this short SEO thought.

Let us all contribute to uplift the present condition of the SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing conditions of the Philippines and we all will benefit from it. Winning contests is one way like professor Benj Arriola did. If he has what it takes, then we all learn out of it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the Philippines

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Review

SEM or search engine marketing is still rare as a profession if i may consider calling it, here in the Philippines. Very few have the knowledge of the different required skills regarding search engine marketing services.

Although this is the case of Philippine search engine marketing, a few SEM professionals have managed to render services for many big companies around the world and bring to the Philippines, the venue of SEM outsourcing as an outsourced job. Since the SEM services are very much of a cost-effective rate, Philippine professionals have been continually receiving good reviews from the kind of services rendered to the many big online companies around the world.

SEM and SEO in the Philippines

SEM and SEO are still on their own turning points in history and making their own identity of recognition in the online business as a world class profitable industry for many SEM professionals here in the Philippines. SEO on its own is a notch higher now since the Global SEO Contest of "Global Warming Awareness" was won by a Filipino in Benj Arriola.

Another effort today has been launched in the Philippines (Bayanihan SEO Contest) as the SEO arrives at a more excellent stage for the major changes in SEO outsourcing arena. Since the events took place in time like a blessing in disguise, hopefully, the Philippines will soon be one of the best venues for SEM and SEO outsourcing jobs for many Filipinos.

SEM Professionals - Class A Services in the Philippines

SEM services in the Philippines indeed falls class A in terms of all the SEM related jobs being outsourced here in the Philippines. Since the global recognition of the great professionals in SEO and SEM here in the country is increasing support from growing online companies by outsourcing their SEM-related and SEO-related needs to the Philippine professionals, a great number of professionals in the field have increased to accommodate the needs. Some of them even made it to the United States and served bigger companies as a resident SEM consultant.

Prestigious SEM Firm in the Philippines

While here in the Philippines, SEM services are being outsourced, a prestigious SEM firm is offering cost effective professional services from PPC management, website optimization and design, SEO and link building, analytics and optimization, search engine re-inclusion, SEM consulting and many other major services, tops it all in the SERPs for the results SEM outsourcing Philippines and SEO outsourcing Philippines.

This makes them the best in the service as their services promises to not only bring traffic and rankings but also conversion in your business which is the most important of all. A return of investment that is most significant for any online business today.

Friday, July 20, 2007

SEO Algorithms and the SERPs

Search Algorithm

The search algorithms have different lessons to teach us in terms of SEO. You probably wondered at some point in time in your SEO career how they are being tabulated by the search engines and how they could work for your advantage in running that race with other pages that you are competing with in the same keyword or niche as you have. Search algorithms are very important not just because it is where you look at every time you open your pc to see where your SEO efforts are falling in.

It is your obsession as well as mine and a day never runs without taking a look at the results of the charts of the SERPs, especially in the three major search engines. I for one admit that a day never passes that i will never look at the SERP results because it is where my life now revolves as a link builder and SEO here in the Philippines. It is where i get my strength every time i face a day working on my SEO outsourced clients and build links f0r the websites that i have been doing promotions with.

How Algorithm Helped Me in All My SEO and Link Building Work

Since algorithms are the very first things that I look at before I work and run my other stuff on my pc, I make sure every time that I am in the right track for the keywords that I am aiming to top in the charts. I never fail to notice the important things that I could possibly learn out of looking at the results.

* First, I make sure that I take a deeper look at how the links get in the results because they are the ones that teach me what next steps to take to maximize my link building efforts.

* Second, I look at the search term or keyword that I am competing in and see how links are being archived along with other competing pages and how algorithm plays with the others. This way, I learn other necessary information about the latest ways and sites that I could possibly get a link from.

* Third, I try to visit other pages appearing in the results (below and on top) with my target keywords because they teach me how to get more of my links and where to best get them.

Signing Up Accounts Helps You Get Links

Accounts are very important in SEO and Link building. They add up some spice to your name and your link building art. Yes! link building for me is an art where there lies a never ending search for the end line. There always arises a new way and a new venture of getting and building up links for your pages. I have seen how signing up accounts can help your efforts in link building and how they can add up to your links.

For example, I have signed up with some blogger's center where i get many of my visitors and link exchange offers. Another is that since most sites, even a simple website have a blog, a forum, an RSS feed submission or any other stuff you can use for your link building jobs in SEO that offers giving you links but you don't realize it because you are too tired to look at their menus and maybe too tired at signing up with so many required details.

All I can say is that they may take some time for you to finish but it is worth the time because at the end of it, lies the treasure that has a never ending gold being produced. That gold that I am talking about are what we call as future "links". The ones produced here at most the kind of links that will take you to having more traffic and higher ranking at the end of the efforts.
Paying Attention at the SERP Results

Paying attention at the SERP results each time that you look at it may give you some clues to your link building jobs and also may make you a better SEO and a better link builder. If results are what you look at, I would suggest that you take a look at it deeper than you look in to a loved one because the deeper you look in to things like how results are produced, the better yo become as a link builder. A deep look at the results will teach you how to become more sensitive with your link building efforts and eventually make you a better link builder than the others are.

They may top the results but you have learned out of their efforts to top it and the most important of all is that those learning crafts will be your next art to achieve better and quality links that will soon take you to the top of the results and make you a better SEO. In the end, SEO outsourcing jobs that you handle will produce more clients and more return of investment which in this case, your investment is your skill.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paradise Philippines Keyword

SEOing The Paradise Philippines Keyword

The latest SEO contest launched here in the Philippines is based in the keyword "paradise Philippines". It is dubbed as the "Bayanihan SEO Contest" which is actually the third SEO contest launched here in the Philippines for the benefit of promoting SEO and SEM here in the Philippines.

This time, many of the SEO Philippines members and followers joined in the contest for the keyword paradise Philippines because first of all, everybody in the SEO Philippines community truly loves the Philippines and this is also the reason why most of them own a domain related to the Philippines and the beautiful paradise Philippines tourist spots that can be seen here in the Philippines.

Second, since everybody in the SEO and SEM arena here in the Philippines are very eager to promote and uplift the present state of the Philippine SEO and SEM. Another thing is that the prestige this time even grew bigger because the prize money alone rose to as high as 600,000 PHP which means that who ever will win the contest will get a bigger amount than the first two previous contests that are also both successfully launched through the spearheading of SEO Philippines organization with the support of almost all the SEO personalities here in the Philippines.

Paradise Philippines - A Paradise of Many Great SEO

The Philippines is indeed a paradise, a paradise of many great SEO and SEM people and if I may call them experts. Even if it has been proven many times that SEO is a bread and butter for many of us here in the Philippines we always treat SEO as not just our source of income but a career to develop and improve.

This is the reason why Philippines have produced some of the greatest professionals like the winner of the latest global SEO contest in the "global warming awareness" where the winner that belongs to the top is a Filipino. Once again, proving that the Philippines is home to champions and great professionals in the field of SEO and SEM.

Paradise Philippines SEO Lesson

While trying to see the results everyday in the keyword paradise Philippines, i have seen many lessons as an SEO. Not quite sure about the details yet, i decided to keep it until i can be sure. This is also the reason why i didn't join the contest. Because i want to learn the lessons and see what difference it could make for my very young career here in the Philippines.

I admit i have a lot more stuff to learn but at least i am sure that my time will come because I have treated myself as my own home. A paradise for the Philippine SEO like me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SEO Contest In the Philippines

The SEO Philippines Era

Since I do not personally know when and where SEO Philippines really started, let me just give a few backgrounds about the subject matter. While SEO in the Philippines is still in its very young stage, SEO in the world has developed so fast that almost every aspect of SEM has produced many SEOs that now belong to greatest contributors of ways in improving SEO quality as a whole.

Even if it is admirably blogging that plays a big role in SEO and SEM in the Philippines, i admit that I myself as a blogger cannot say that this status will remain as it is for the coming years.

Blogging for SEO Philippines

For many SEO Philippines members, mostly bloggers, programmers and web designers, blogging is a tool, in fact one of the best tools they use for SEO outsourcing jobs and SEM outsourcing jobs alike.

But even if this was the case, it is very rare here in the SEO Philippines arena that a techie-concentrated blog ever produces the best results for advantage and advancements in SEO in the Philippines because most of them (the bloggers) love to discuss just the bits and pieces of what they are in true personalities.

I would see this myself as a love for one's self and a justification of what else is there to prove for most of them and that i guess includes me as a blogging fanatic too.

How Much Blogs Can Do For SEO Efforts

It has always been discussed in so many blogs that SEO is really being played, revolved and has a big dependence in blogging. This is the reason for the emergence of paid blog reviews such as "Review Me" and other paid to blog sites where many bloggers such as some of the SEO Philippines members get a significant amount of their income from.

Of course, the very obvious reason is that blogs play the biggest role in improving any business and by any business i mean online business. Another thing for most bloggers here in the Philippines is that they use blogs to make available, SEO news and latest events in large and mass release.

A concrete example of this instance is done in the latest SEO contest here in the Philippines that many SEO Philippines members joined, the Bayanihan SEO contest with the keyword "paradise Philippines".

Importance of Blogs to SEO in the Philippines

Many times it has been told that blogs bring traffic, blogs bring search engine importance, blogs give relevant links, blogs improve the page importance, blogs takes a page high in the rankings and that blogs are almost everything from contents to organic ranking matters.

Blogs indeed have almost everything and puts every aspect to an advantage so imaginable yet today but i have seen them actually work for mine. I have seen what powers it has and what advantages it could bring your business. Even if many of us in the SEO field claims that this is true, we continue to ignore this more by making our blogs more of a personal thing where we can burst our egos and personal feelings and adventures.

Seeing that blogs are just a part of SEO and not the other way around. Yes! for me, blogs are everything both in SEO and SEM. I use them and have greatly influenced my every move and my every job from SEO outsourcing jobs to SEM outsourcing jobs that i handle as a future SEO Philippines member.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Bayanihan SEO Contest Algorithms

Algorithms of the Bayanihan SEO Contest

The Bayanihan SEO Contest is on its Nth day now and the leader is still not giving away the position. Who will be the better site this time? Is it the static website or the weblog? Well, which ever, i believe that it's still SEO and SEM efforts that is the major factor for this SEO contest to win the top rankings.

Amidst the Google Update-The SEO Works Continue

In the middle of the Google update, the SEO personalities here in the Philippines are still on the clinch for getting the top position for the Bayanihan SEO contest. One thing that i noticed is that many of the contest participants seem to be going solo even if the contest is promoting a team effort for many SEO here in the Philippines. What then could be the reason for this one? I'm pretty sure it's not the price nor the prestige that will be tagged to the winning team. Could it be because the nature of SEO is to maintain a secret of all the secret weapons of individual webmasters and to avoid spreading out these secret weapons like a virus in the web, they decided to make the supposedly collective effort look like a collective effort but is actually a one man gang doing all the necessary things in order to gain rankings or maintain one.

The Google Update For Me

Since the Google update for me is the most important other than joining the contest, i decided to just lay around and take a look at the algorithms while learning the things that will eventually come out. All i have to do is to play wait and see where the result will take me. Possibly to the best strategy that the top spot has. For sure i will notice it whatever cost and whatever happens and this will surely add up to my newest knowledge in the SEO arena and SEM umbrella.

SEO Philippines Contest Amidst The Google Update

The Google Update - SEO Results

The Google update most awaited by SEO Philippines personalities is now being cooked and soon enough, the results will come out and i am hoping that this update will be good for all the websites that i have been doing content writing and SEO here in the Philippines. I'd love to see them all soar up high in the SERPs and this must be the most happy moment for an SEO here in the Philippines like me.

The SEO Spammer

For almost four years now, this by far is the year that i can see myself doing lots of good things for myself including spamming the blogs in wordpress and teaching myself the biggest lesson in my life to take it easy on SEO because there are people who would love to see you go down even if they know they don't have the right to.

I understand people who get so driven by their desires and ego to be dubbed as a professional even if their treatment towards a newbie comrade is not the ideal. They don't put into consideration that once in their life they have been in the same position taking things up in their hands with as fast as a roadrunners run can in terms of SEO and SEM, promoting websites and services as much as they could without thinking it over if what they are making is a mistake. I have been in the position and i know it now.

The SEO Spammer Hunter is no Professional

That person who dubbed me as unprofessional SEO will see my like soon because i will still learn things that i need to this year and he will find me on top of his someday because i will be better the next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SEO Philippines and Paradise Philippines

SEO Philippines Keyword Ranking Contest

SEO Philippines
again launched another keyword ranking contest dubbed as "Bayanihan SEO Contest" using the keyword "paradise Philippines". The contest prize reached to a cool 600,000 PHP all in all which is the biggest of all three SEO keyword ranking contests launched. There is also a call for sponsorship going on at the SEO Philippines forum and you can see the threads.The first two area also successful but this time it will not only be a success but a stepping stone for the world to to know that Philippines is a paradise to be in not just for a stay but also for many SEO/SEM professionals and qualified services.

SEO Philippines Aims for the Contest

SEO Philippines is looking forward to introducing the existing professionals in the Philippines in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) who are fast contributing to the world economy in business marketing in the online world today. The contest aims also to develop a collective effort in doing tasks for the search engine marketing and search engine optimization of a website. How i wish i could join this contest launch by SEO Philippines but i don't have the time to do it today. I just wish good luck to my friends Benj arriola, ALfredo Palconit and Mito Pontillas. Guys, this is another chance!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Philippines is A Growing SEO and SEM Outsourcing Jobs Venue

SEO in the Philippines

SEO and SEM in the Philippines today is one of the best things that happened since many professionals developed the skill to produce quality services related to SEO and SEM arena in the world. Long before the SEO techniques developed here in the Philippines, the first SEO personalities are content at trying to rank in the search engines using over-optimized pages that worked before for the search engines.

Now That SEO has greatly revolutionized and improved to a great extent, many SEO professionals also developed the skills in order to cope up with the algorithms of the search engines for quality SEO/SEM services.

Today, Philippines produced many champions in the SEO and SEM battlefield. One of them is the winner in the biggest contest ever released in the world's most prestigious Global Warming SEO keyword ranking contest, Benj Arriola, which proved that the talent is indeed here and nowhere else can you find the best, the most qualified and the most competitive professionals in SEO and SEM outsourcing venues.

Once again, proving that the quality of Philippine SEO and Philippine SEM will never be outrun in the world market because we made history and we are still on the move to develop more great and young champions and professionals that other popular SEO/SEM outsourcing venues like India, Pakistan, China, Puerto Rico or Japan can not equate.

SEM in the Philippines

Although SEM or search engine marketing in the Philippines is very rare and young as a profession, as a special knowledge, a few elite and pure Filipino search engine marketing professionals manage to make it to the top when it comes to services.

A very popular SEM outsourcing firm in the Philippines today is currently doing services for many nationalities in the world from Germany, Russia and many parts in the U.S. They are currently top notch in the SEO and SEM outsourcing services in the Philippines and is continually getting outsourced services ranging from small to big online businesses.

Almost all their professional search engine marketing consultations and services are guaranteed to produce outstanding results from PPC management, SEO, web copywriting, web analytics, link popularity improvement, optimized web design and development, SEM consulting, article and press release writing and distribution and SEM training. Although others claim to give outstanding services in the same field, this SEO/SEM firm in the Philippines do not promise anything but deliver results that matter to your business in converting customers into sales and not just traffic and rankings.

Cheap or Best and Cost-Effective SEO/SEM Services?

Why prefer cheap when you can go for the best and cost-effective search engine optimization and SEM services here in the Philippines? Since it is a fact that many SEO and SEM champions that come from the Philippines are equipped with the necessary capabilities of a professional SEO and SEM qualified service personnel, why not go for SEO outsourcing in the Philippines or SEM in the Philippines. If you have a choice you a future with Philippine SEM and Philippine SEO.

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