Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog Post Tagging - A Circus of Blog Noise

Blog Post Tagging For SEO

SEO in the Philippines and SEO in any other parts of the world are the same. As we all know, blogs play a big role when it comes to improving campaigns and ranking in the search engine of any site or any other web page.

Since this is the case, I would like to assume that blog post tagging also plays a major role for SEO and syndication of contents by search engines. Such a good example is the famous Technorati blog post tagging.

Blog post tagging is a very prominent way of letting readers know how you want your pages to be seen both by the search engine bots and crawlers and the humans alike.

But the thing is, many unprofessional SEO in the world today, especially those spammers have found their way to get the attention of the search engines and have manipulated the results by way of blog post tagging.

How Spammers Use Blog Post Tagging

Since blog post tagging is a very nice and optimized way of making the syndication of contents a powerful tool for SEO, spammers have found a way to generate the traffic and attention of not only the competing page's owners but also the search engines themselves.

I don't know how or in what other advantages they may be of use to these spammers but all i know is that they use it to spam the blog search engines and the search engines to manipulate the results in a way of making these search engines see that their contents are legitimately falling under the keywords they desire them to see.

I found out about this while i was searching for post related to my blogs about a certain keyword in Technorati. I was surprised today that the keywords that i am targeting to be indexed by the search engines have many other pages competing for the tags.

The worse part of it is that these tags are in no other ways or means related to their contents. Mostly as I would assume, these other irrelevantly competing pages and blogs have no content/s related to their tags. The best part of it is that these spammer blogs are mostly either a gambling site/blog or an illegal drugs site/blog.

Malicious Blog Tagging - A Perfect SEO Noise for Spammers

Although this has been a pronounced way for many spammers to go around legally, malicious blog post tagging is a way they found most comfortable to use as their SEO campaign for years now.

Since it would be an almost impossible feat these days to do SEO for illegal gambling sites, pornos and illegal drugs, spammers have found other ways in blog post tagging to use for their quest for attention and rankings in the search results. I would like to call this type of technique as "NOISE".

A very simple way of letting others know that they indeed exist, the owners of this types of websites today resort to syndicate their contents by making noise through blog post tagging. They seem to have found comfort in doing this specific black hat SEO technique.

I called this a black hat technique because of the intentions of this sort of procedure to gain traffic and attention from both the humans and the search engines alike. After all, they are both the same in terms of intentions as other black hat tactics but would only differ in the degree of SEO effect and impact.

SEO in the Philippines - Only Few Join In Spamming Search Engines

With the present SEO condition here in the Philippines, spamming for the benefit of porno, illegal gambling and illegal drugs sites is only a few handfuls as i would estimate. Many of the SEO members of the SEO Philippines umbrella have managed to make it to the top by simply giving attention to regular SEO blogs or their half personal half SEO blogs and writing contents for it.

These noises are very rare as the quality of SEO or even SEM in the Philippines is still in its developing stage. I hope this matter never develops here even if we are behind the scarcity of SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing jobs today compared to India in the Asian regions. I am still proud to say that noise is still at a comfortable level because many of the SEO and SEM professionals only prefer doing straight campaigns and no extras just for the benefit of earning a large amount of income through illegal websites.

In relations to this claim, I would to emphasize that the Philippines and its present condition in terms of SEO and SEM is in its young stage but still a few Filipinos managed to serve a large population of SEO outsourced and SEM outsourced jobs alike in a comfortable level and professional approach. Maybe this is our ticket to improving our quality of works for SEO and SEM in the world market.


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