Friday, August 19, 2011

Get a Link Wheel Made of 4 Tiers (40 Blogs) for $20

link wheel
How do you get a 4 tier link wheel? Simple, by my standards, I use 40 blogs, 1 tier consists of 10 blogs to be exact in simple terms. Now if if you want a link wheel with 4 tiers as you can see in the image for a 1 tier link wheel beside.

1 Tier Link Wheel

My 1 tier link wheel consists of (as stated above) 10 blogs linking to the next with a relevant target anchor text and another linkout that points to the money site or main site being promoted.


What makes my link wheel as I've proven effective is that I use all relevant targetted titles on each blog or article post I make. Aside from this, I make sure that the links were put on the first paragraph for the linkout to the main site or money site. The secondary link which is the linkout to the next article will be placed in the latter part of the article. This is because we all know that link prominence is very important in SEO. A prominent place of the link is very important. I also make sure that the last site/blog linking to the money site will have a "nofollow" attribute. The purpose of this is to break the linking footprint so Google won't find any intended linking structure. I also make sure the second link will be non-identical to the first link which is linking to the money site.

If you ever want this service from me, my rules and requirements are simple and you can see them below.

1. I don't accept po*n, no gam*ling, dru*s or other illegal promotions and sites too.
2. Provide me 1 anchor text and 1 article 250-500 words.
3. I use best article spinner for your article which pukes only 40%-60% uniqueness.
4. I use my own blogs PR0-PR4 but I allow client owned blogs as per request but client must give me access to log in of blogs or a username password.
5. Turnaround of this Link Wheel SEO service will be 10-15 days for gradual link buildup. (Can be made 1 month or longer as per client request for more natural linking footprint and to avoid Google Panda shut.
6. Accepting payments via Paypal only.
7. 100% satisfaction guaranteed service! Dissatisfied customers get full refund, no questions asked.
8. Report is issued after work is completed.

Bonus 1: Order this link wheel service and you get 10 extra spun articles that you can use for article submission which is a $20 $30 value.

Bonus 2: Order this link wheel service and you get free 1 blog review which is a $5-$10 value.

Bonus 3: Get 1 FREE link wheel of 4 tiers using 5 blogs if you order 5 link wheels which is a $20 value. (optional)

Bonus 4: Get 1 FREE link wheel of 4 tiers using 5 blogs for every succeeding 5 link wheel order. Good for bulk orders.

For orders, please send me a mail at casuncadster at gmail dot com

My Rules in Approving Comments

This is to all who have tried and failed to get a link from this SEO blog. First, in order to get your comment approved, you have to read my articles and then afterwards, convince me with your comment that you indeed read my article. Once you fail here, your comment will either be placed in my spam folder or will be deleted.

Now, I have seen so many generic comments and I must say I have them very much. Look at this wrong SEO comments that led me to write an article criticizing the website, the service and the link builders behind the annoying comment left on my blog.

If you want to ruin your company profile, follow this link builder and on the other hand, if you want a comment approved, then make a relevant useful comment. To the least is, I need a relevant comment. By relevant what I mean is that I need a relevant comment to my article with which you want a comment approved.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google Search with Instant Pages becomes faster, Firefox gets slower with the beta 4.0 release

I recently downloaded the Firefox 4 beta version but it failed my expectations. I didn't know where or what went wrong but for one thing, my experience with Firefox has never been so disappointing after the download. It destroyed one of my PCs for loading so slow and eventually, me trying to execute more commands trying to see what is wrong with the slow loading of pages.

Well, anyway, I still feel good that I was able to find out a way how to to revert my PC to the old version of 3.6. It even helped me get back to my work later on. By the way, I just had new video watched today regarding Google Search and how fast their index gives results to loading pages and if you want to find out what I just watched from YouTube Google channel, watch it below and see for yourself.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Local SEO outsourcing companies and ruining company profile

I don't know if I want to call it good SEO practice for local SEO companies offering their services and promoting it by hiring a link building team to make spammy comments or to the least build backlinks using link builders that do not know the value of the comment itself leaving unnatural generic words behind their company's name. For me it's not a good practice. This might add more damage than of use in the long run.

Take for example this SEO services company url - People behind this company (might just be) have been boggling my SEO blog for quite some time now trying to get relevant links from my blog via spammy and robot-sounding generic comments of praise. I'm not sure if the people behind the comments are actually from the company itself but I were the owner I'd go check what my link builders are doing. It's really easy to find out if they are doing it by searching for their links, Where they come from, there must be more useless comments hanging under their company's name.

Honestly, if you offer services related to SEO, you don't send just someone without the right knowlege to make comments and get links for your company website without checking or at least giving a guide on how to do it for you.

Remember that possible clients will always go check your company profile and if in case they see what you do to get links to your website, they might just see the type of blog commenting your link building team is doing and might decide not to take your services instead. In the long run, you are actually building a profile where you are trying to dig your own company's death in the industry of SEO.

I have done the same mistake before and I must admit back then, I am not yet knowlegeable at how to make a good link without repeating your comment on and on and on. I made the mistake that I cannot take back so I just wish you guys who want to leave a comment to my blog, be careful. Make a good comment, a relevant one as much as possible and not just some fake praises. Believe me, it's not worth it. I hope the owner of this local SEO company wakes up and try to teach their link builders to do things right. There is no turning back once a comment is posted under a company's name so make sure it is your best.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Firefox 4 Download: What happened to my addons?

Yesterday was a great day for me as Firefox has finally asked me once again if I wanted to download Firefox 4 which according to the people behind would be at least 6 times faster? Well I am not questioning the speed today after using the medium / browser since last night. What happened was a big mistake it seems as although I found out later on that I can still control my plugins and addons in the addon manager, I was not able to use the informenter addon for quite a while since yesterday.

The big deal today is that we all know SEOs out there need that addon for SEO and link building purposes. Well at lest here in my case so I was not able to make links come to sites of my clients as well as to the sites that I own simply because I had Firefox 4 downloaded as my new browser. I gave my e-mail to Firefox and it was listed that I am the 18th dude to have his plugins/addons lost and useless.

If you wanted to risk anyway, here is the Firefox 4 free download. Good luck!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

Although I am not so sure what this is all about, I'd like to try to see where this page lands with the keyword Gogo2011 Kobamusaji. This is actually some SEO contest launched in Indonesia as the guys back there are looking to send some links to their entries and landed on another blog I write in to and so I got curious as to posting this short note as part of my SEO experiments just like in the old days. Well, let's see now.

Google will relase their new Chromebook in June 15

June 15, 2011 will mark another day in history as the biggest and fastest search engine in the land opens up to the public their orders of the Google Chromebook. You can see their official site giving instructions on buy your in June 15 via a link in the site itself. Visit here.

Adobe Releases 3 new photoshop apps for ipad

Yes, its new and still going hot as a headline that Adobe has finally release 3 new photoshop apps for the users of iPad to use in their iOS gadgets. If you are one of the owners of such tech splits, better be one of the first to find out what these new apps can do for your iPad to boost it up with Photoshop.

Microsoft to buy Skype for $8.5 billion?

At first rumor has it that Microsoft or Google is battling it out with buying Skype, one of the leading free providers of VOIP. Today or say, just a few days ago, Skype must've finalized a deal. It is confirmed that Microsoft already bought Skype but for how much?

It's a gleaming video that reveals it from CNet.Com. Watch it below!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dofollow Once Again for SEO

After changing my template to a default by blogger, this blog for a short while became "nofollow" which means that all my links will not be passed the link juice that this blog had which is coming from my PR 3 trust rank from Google. Now, I finally found time to put back this SEO Outsourcing blog into a "dofollow" state with respect to my links.

But warning to all those who will be making their comments that I will be a little bit harder in approving all your comments. This blog before it was orphaned receives more than 10 comments per day and I am having a hard time approving all my visitor's comments. Now that this blog had a PR 3, I will make it even harder for comments to pass through and get approved.

If you want link juice from this blog, then make a good comment first. It is important for me, the owner, Sam Casuncad to get comments that are not spammy but helpful in my content and would end up adding more relevance to my original topic of discussion. Sorry for those who will just leave their trash, you won't get what you want that way.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally Finding way to post more about Search Engine Optimization

It's been a very long time since I orphaned this SEO blog of mine and now that I found a way to post anew since Google tried to lock this blog up and delete it from the index. Now that it's back from the sandbox, I wanted to post more great articles that tell about SEO in the Pinoy point of view. I want to take pride at posting only relevant experience with respect to my being a SEO corporate blogger and I want it to be my topic of writeups from now on.

Another orphaned blog, a personal one is what I am looking to post more about soon. I wanted to take care of this account and blogs that has helped me become a better internet guy and not just the average one. I have turned into an SEO corporate blogger trying to fix things up for brands and blogging about business promotion and personal profile promotion as well. If by chance any of you comes to stumble upon this short update note and you are interested to get my services, you can try to contact me personally here - samcasuncadatsem-prosdotcom or seoptimizersatyahoodotcom. Have a nice day!

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