Saturday, June 30, 2007

The World's Most Hated Blogger is No SEO

Casey Serin Is No SEO

Not an actual SEO, a native of Sacramento, Casey Serin, getting tagged as "the world's most hated blogger" gets link exchange offers for as much as he could get to scoop him up from the brink of starvation. This proves only that there really is no bad publicity to the online business today. Getting the traffic that he needed in his journey to bankruptcy as a blogger has really earned him a significant amount of income according to SEO prestigious blogger info vilesilencer.

His website is not actually that of an SEO expert yet is earning him the prestige of SEO principles. Generating buzz, truthful buzz from his failure in the real estate industry and virtually getting out of the brink of starvation through his website where most of his tagged law suits log on and throw him cases and claims from his failed real estate career. FAcing foreclosure with his business, he probably would no longer need to come back on his real estate ventures as he is now earning so much enough to take him out of the pits that brought him there.

His blog is actually for sale today at 100k+ to compensate for his efforts or no efforts as i may say so. This topic just is enough to bring to many search engine optimization experts that it is still the best way to generate traffic if you make a worthwhile or an not worthwhile one but makes it popular to the online community.

Friday, June 29, 2007

When RSS Doesn't Matter for SEO

RSS Frustrations of an SEO (search engine optimization newbie)

As an SEO, I have seen how useless RSS can be to many search engine optimization efforts with respect to ranking high in the SERPs. Although i am not really an exact authority for this matter, i decided to make a short post about RSS and how confusing and frustrating it could be at times. RSS or really simple syndication is never simple to me at this stage of my SEO life. I don't know how to push my site feeds and have them syndicated through RSS up to this point in time and i am really starting to be frustrated because i can't find enough time to make my sites available through many feeds sites through RSS. But of course I'm sure that i will learn about it soon to add up to my little knowledge in terms of search engine optimization.

SEO and RSS for Static Websites

Search engine optimization and link building when added with RSS is a very powerful effort in SEOing a website and i have seen it work for some static websites in its early life. But how can RSS really be effective to a point where it could eventually help your sites rank higher in the SERPs? Most blogs today have incorporated RSS in them and while mine is being left out, i still am struggling to rank in my target keywords with my blog related to search engine optimization outsourcing in the Philippines.

I once heard a friend who happens to be a veteran in the SEM and SEO arena here in the Philippines saying that his RSS has virtually no effect to make his sites rank higher in the SERPs and i asked him if it could be because he is literally doing nothing with respect to link building except for optimizing his contents. He said yes. Well, could it really be because RSS without link building is useless?

RSS and Link Building for Better SEO Results

If SEO efforts like link building could make any syndication useless in relation to having RSS on any website, could it be that search engines are giving no importance to this day on RSS feeds anymore? Could be yes or could be no. the important thing is that RSS will do nothing to add up to your SEO efforts if you do not pack it up with link building and optimizing your content. This could really be one of the best SEO tactic that you can to use in order to rank in the 3 major search engines today. You may see things differently but it is for sure that when this three SEO ways go together, you have something that you can achieve in a shorter period of time compared to doing just one.

The Two Faces of RSS

There are actually two ways that you can be able to have or push RSS using your website. The first is, you can make your contents become available through RSS syndication and the second is you can have RSS feeds coming in from other websites. I have seen RSS contents being syndicated from news websites and they have little effect when it comes to search engine optimization efforts. I don't know how the search engines see it but i would rather prefer feeding my contents through RSS than having RSS feeds syndicated to your website. This way, you can surely maximize your search engine optimization efforts to the fullest.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Search Engine Optimization - Age of Site vs Age of Keywords in The Site

Search Engine Optimization and Age of The Site

Many SEO and webmasters believe that it is the age of the website that actually plays the big role for search engine optimization efforts to roll down the dice for their websites and get ranked for their target keywords out of their search engine marketing and link building efforts. Earlier today, i have always and never failed to look at how the Google algorithm works for many websites with respect to their keywords and i found out that age of the keywords is big deal when it comes to ranking high in the search engine results pages. Although it is not really sure if they were just because the website i am talking about is a "blog" and not some static website, i can assure you that in this case, i have seen how the age of the keywords work for it.

Gaining The Trust of The Search Engines

Search engine optimization will never be equaled bu any other effort. To gain the trust of the search engines, it is true that you have to have your site age to a considerable range but fact is that even if your websites has aged 5 years ahead of others, you will still find out that some would take over your ranking for the target keywords you also have. Why? Because you have been outrun by a blog that has optimized his pages to a target keyword that you are also targeting lately. Although your site ( a static one) has ranked and been on the top of the charts for some time, you still have to consider the keyword factor.

Keywords for SEO Considerations

The point of this discussion is actually make others see that it may be easy to change the target keywords that your websites have but it will be even harder for you to rank and furthermore you have to start over again and all search engine optimization efforts will be deemed useless.

That if you are planning on your websites keywords you have to be sure that it is your final and study the different angles and niche that you want to be in earlier so that if you put up your website, it would be the final point.

Search Engine Optimization - Over Optimizing Pages

Over Optimization - How Does Search Engines See It?

Search engine optimization is basically a marketing technique that uses link building and inpage and off page optimization to coincide together and make your website rank high in the search engine results pages. Although many webmasters mostly overlook optimization of content as an important part of search engine optimization, it is still a standard procedure to follow that if you over-optimize your web pages, your overall website's chances of getting higher rankings and trust of the search engines might drop you below or even out of the SERPs (sandbox effect)because your site has been designed for search engines and not for web surfers (user-friendly). What i am talking about is keyword spamming or excessive keyword stuffing that is predominant in the early days of SEO in the Philippines.

SEO Question: How can Google see if a web site is over-optimized?

This could be the answer to some of a webmaster's question that has long played into the minds of many search engine optimization efforts. If by chance that you experience some algorithm where by constant monitoring of your link building efforts and while in the middle of hectic schedules of SEM and search engine optimization, your website still looses the ranking and suddenly drops off the cliff of the search engine results pages. Although this theory has never really been proven as in SEO, nothing will ever be a sure thing unless you have experienced it personally.

"That Google has an algorithm through the use of an over-optimization filter that detects over-optimized websites." The websites that are detected are then downranked in the Google search results and therefore produces an algorithm that results to loosing rankings in the search engine results pages. This over-optimization filter in Google's ranking algorithm is also called the "-950 penalty". It is believed that a webpage or a website looses rankings because that is what usually happens to over-optimized web pages. This result then will make you fall 950 positions below your previous rankings.

Getting out of the - "950 Penalty"

HTML plays a big role for search engine optimization efforts to be able to avoid or at most get out of the penalty. I have read some forums where SEO experts believe and recommend that to get out of the Google - 950 penalty, you should have H1 tags on your web sites in any case. Also some necessary elements have to be applied along with the contents of your pages to avoid the -950 penalty. Although this is part of HTML, it is believed that the H1 tag will give importance to your pages and your keywords by implementing the H1 tagging, mostly to title tags.

Although the -950 penalty is not generally sitewide, still, being affected through some of your keywords is not a good implication and necessarily not a good result to look at whenever you check that keyword for the rankings that you have achieved through search engine optimization efforts that you have worked hard for.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Philippine SEO

SEO Philippines member yet? NO! not still because i feel i don't deserve to be in the group this stage of my SEO knowledge about Philippine SEO and the SEO Philippines blogging community. No RSS yet in my SEO blogs, still learning them though. Not much networks with other SEO Philippines members and no one knows about me nor my SEO site hopping activities.

A few had me known because of my brother who is also a webmaster and one of the pioneer SEM experts that existed in the early days of SEO and SEM in the Philippines which i can remember to that time still points out to excessive keyword stuffing to rank in the search engines. Thank god it's bye bye to keyword spam these days but i must admit that they still work for Google.

If i feel that the right time has come for me to join the SEO Philippines community of SEO buffs, i will at will. But so far, for this day and ahead, i will be on the looking side on some of the best in the Philippine SEO community and hopefully get their ways and means of getting to the top of the search engine results pages. I will work my way to get to the top and share the glory of being one of the best someday.

My target before I join SEO Philippines may be a few tweaks and research away but i can assure others that they have someone to watch out for in the coming days ahead. I will get to the top in a legal way and i will be one of the best. It may not be with regards to the SEM search engine marketing but for sure, in the field of SEO in the Philippines.

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building

Link Building and SEO

Link Building is actually not a search engine optimization process but instead is a form or method of advertising which involves techniques, tactics and ways to get other websites to link to yours. It is a method wherein you use search engine optimization in order to achieve high rankings in the search engines in a shorter time frame. Link building also helps your websites to get the search engine trust which is responsible for giving importance to your webpages and therefore achieve positive results through SEO of your advertising method called link building.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process by which a webmaster applies SEO techniques dedicated to improving the rankings, quality of a website and the volume of traffic to any website that comes with the resulting efforts of optimization. These traffic comes from search engines through their organic search results which is the primary target in using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and methods.Traffic from search engines through search engine optimization will increase in basis of a simple fact, "the earlier a site is presented to the search engines by making them available in the search results, the higher it will rank and the more searchers will visit the site". Although SEO is often believed to target the the top of the search engine results, webmasters can also target other kinds of search such as image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines through search engine optimization.

SEO as A Marketing Strategy

If search engine optimization has a true purpose which is for increasing a site's relevancy, SEO also has a main point of consideration which is how search engine and search engine result algorithms work for a website or a webpage and what sort of major keywords or key phrases do most people search for. This way, the optimization of a webpage in terms of content should be based on the mentioned factors which is done through careful observation of the applied search engine optimization efforts. On the other hand, SEO efforts may involve a site's coding, content, presentation, structure, aesthetics, as well as fixing problems that could prevent search engine indexing programs and software from completely crawling a website or webpage in any circumstance. Other preferred important efforts may comprise having juicy and unique content to a website page and making sure that the content is easily indexed by search engines with the use of containing optimized keywords that most humans would take his browser to by interest and search for information.

The SEO Acronym

SEO as an acronym refers to search engine optimizers, which is of course the person counterpart who gets the search engine optimization job done. SEO is actually a term that was developed through time and became adopted by an industry, composed of consultants who carries out optimization projects for clients who want to get his share of the top of the search engine results pages (SERP). Although there are existing in-house SEO employees today, most would prefer to go freelance and take care of their own websites and just take out any job available through outsourcing for some extra bucks to be used in maintaining their own websites. These types of search engine optimizers are the ones who offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. Since the nature of an effective SEO is to know the ways to manipulate content and SEO also require making some necessary changes to the HTML source code of a site, it is therefore a big advantage for search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to use and incorporate into web site development and design. A term that best describe's the resultant product which is an optimized webpage after applying search engine optimization is dubbed as search engine-friendly.

5 Important Steps for SEO and Link Building

1. Set Your Link Building Goal- Link building will surely take a lot of your precious time if you don't learn to manage your goals first. On the other hand, it would be very effective and easy to accomplish a goal if you have plans already set up for it and the will to want to keep on track at all times. Set first a goal by the number. This means that you determine the number of links you want to achieve at a certain time frame. This will serve as a way to stay motivated and strive harder to meet your own demands through the process of link building for your websites.

Remember that all link building efforts will always depend on the sites you are asking to get links from and the approach that you offer the webmaster of the site. This will be the major factor for getting the needed results. As a general rule of thumb, "try to set your link building goal at a maximum of four-to-six times higher than the target links that you want to receive". This means that if you want to get 100 links, then you need to set your goal at about 400 to 600 links. The reason for this big adjustment is the fact that based on actual experience, chances are, most sites will not want to trade links with yours for various reasons.

2. Make Sure Your Site Is Worth a Link - This specific goal actually plays a very big part in search engine optimization, particularly, content management. This means that "your site must offer something of value in return for their link and also to encourage other webmasters of a website to give you a link because they see your content as a relevant factor for their own purpose in the future". That their trust in your site would also give them an advantage in the point of view of the search engines".

If your site is in to selling products instead of services and information, then you might just need to get busy creating some juicy content as a linkbait. Some good examples of contents that are viable for linkbaiting include tutorials, guides, historical descriptions, how-to articles, product reviews, tools, tips or even software and so on. On product selling sites, creating content can be a tough job, but it is sure ball if you just follow the tips i gave above to encourage others to link to your site.

If you are not comfortable with research, then just try to make your workload easy on yourself by providing content or topics that you know have interesting relevance to your site. If you see yourself not having the qualities of a writer, remember that you can always add some freebies like tools, software and other free downloads to entice your target link partners. The best part of creating linkable content is that if you do it well enough, you will find that people will link to your site without you even asking, and as far as i know, that's the easiest way to build links. Lastly, have a links page and be sure to make them really presentable where your target link partners can see their websites listed at, just in case. Many directories have actually followed this strategy today and found it very effective.

3. Know the Types of Sites You Want to Link With - This time, take a little of your time to think about some thoughts and gather your detailed research assuming that you already have one because you will need to figure out and sort out all of the types of sites that you see could potentially trade links with you and give you that page importance marked by search engines. You must make sure that you are focusing on sites that are related to your target market. Unrelated websites will only make your traded links look bogus in the point of view of the search engines and their army of crawlers, spiders and bots.

4. Gather Tools and Evaluate Link Partners - To maximize every effort that you exert for link building on your site, be sure to not spend so much time trying to have links from sites that the search engines don't think are valuable nor has any common relation to your pages, content or site category. A good tool to use in knowing the importance of a website is by the use of the Google Toolbar or its Page Rank Bar (PR Bar). This PR bar integrates with your Web browser to provide you the "page rank" of each site you visit. Although it is just a simple estimate by Google of a website's relevance in the search engine results pages (SERP), nevertheless, it could be the best guide for you to start evaluating your link partners. The higher a page rank given to a website by Google, the more you can be sure that it is a good site to link with. "The higher the page rank of a website, the better it is to link with it". A good observable strategy in link building is to try to link up with sites that have high PR than yours in order to gain advantage in the results as fast as you expect.

5. Setting Your Link Building Schedules - In every target project, there must be a schedule of things to do as well as things to expect afterwards. It will be a sure thing that you'll find it easy building links for your website if you get yourself in a situation where all your link-building efforts are put in an excel sheet or anywhere you feel comfortable in the form of a chronologically-arranged schedule. Consider at first doing a 45 to 60-minute of link building through directory submission each day as based on my own experience to avoid the repetitive task boredom and then get to evaluate your efforts . This step will surely prevent burnout, which is inevitable if you try to do your entire campaign in a couple of days for 8 long hours or more of your daily time.

Remember that it is not always true that subjecting yourself to too much of a repetitive task will produce good results. It will sometimes stress you out and later on change your moods and lead to a mismanaged schedule failing to do things at the right time and not coming up with the desired markup target to meet your demands and get on top of the search engines at the shortest time possible.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Duplicate Content And SEO

SEO and Content Management

SEO is search engine optimization and this word means simply that the SEO (person) should optimize his web page's content. He has to make sure that he gives it a fresh look and fresh content at the same time. Basically, this is a simple argument that most of us miss with our optimization tactics regarding a web page. We sometimes fail to give it a distinct and original content to be able to make it to the top of the search engines without stealing the contents of others or without copying.

Duplicate Content Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

Although some of us resort to getting contents from other's, we usually manage to make little changes and have the feel that somehow, the content we now have sort of have that fresh look on the point of view of the search engines and to avoid plagiarizing. On my own experience, I have seen how the search engines work with the use of my own websites and a little experiment regarding content writing and content duplication. A duplicate content can actually make your website rank for about 2 to 3 days and then you suddenly disappear from the SERPs when the search engines start to see your contents are just a copy of the actual more important page than what you have. Generally, a duplicate content would not do you or your website any good in any way i look at it.

Fresh Contents for Better SEO Results

Giving your website that fresh look and fresh content can really pave the way for your SEO efforts to boost up your rankings in the SERPs in no time. I also have my own personal experience where i wrote my own original content that tool me about a week to finish but the results really gave me and my websites the boost and out of 1.5 million competing pages, i become on top over everybody else in just a week or two. This means that there really is nothing compared to making original content and giving that really fresh look on a web page than having duplicate content put up in a minutes work. "Truly, hard work paves the way for glory at the end of the struggle." Search engine optimization is is any way simply seeing things go your way without compromising the work of others, instead relying on your own research and ability as a good search engine optimization personality.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Search Engine Optimization Tool

Search engine optimization efforts can be measured in so many ways today. One of the best things that you could use is an SEO effort measuring tool regarding backlinks, specifically, inbound links. They are called the backlink checker tool and it is a very helpful tool for most SEO webmasters of today.

SEO outsourcing is another field that i am looking forward to seeing to boom in the Philippine SEO outsourcing industry today. Hope fully , with the use of this backlink checker tool, you nay be able to measure your efforts and see if you can still make some thing out of building links for your websites and your clients alike for that SEO outsourcing job here in the Philippines.

SEO Outsourcing Boom in the Philippines

If outsourcing SEO services in the Philippines is one of the best destinations for many website and online business owners today, is also a fact that SEO in the Philippines is no longer a second liner when it comes to finding clients and related jobs to the industry.

Since there are many businesses today that uses or relies in SEO outsourcing as one of the services to go for in promoting and marketing their business, many online entrepreneurs are finding ti even more favorable for them to launch their business using SEO outsourcing and one of the first destinations is the Philippines.

Although India is today's leading country offering the service in outsourcing SEO related jobs, The Philippines is still the number one on quality with respect to the specific types of SEO outsourcing related marketing needs.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Search Engine Optimization News

Google, The Biggest Search Engine Opts to Integrate Adsense to Google Maps

A big search engine optimization news bursts out last June, 2007 stating that Google indeed is planning to integrate Adsense Ads to its Google Maps service according to Infoworld Magazine.The authorities stated that ads will be embedded into the push-pin pop-up graphics that are used to mark locations.

This means that whenever a web searcher uses the Google Maps and tries to view a location source, the push-pin pop-up will be displaying the AdSense Ads. There are no plans yet as to the exact date that these AdSense Ads will go live.

Google also added that the specific ads could also be integrated as part of the plan with their new "Mapplets" map mash-up making service on a revenue sharing basis. As to how they will manage the set-up is still under their due authority but they also said that users of this venture method would be paid by the click which was more likely similar to the current Adsense revenue set-up between Google and affiliate marketers.

Only the affiliate marketers have the right to limit the number of sponsor ads that would appear in the said "Mapplets" along with the decision to turn them off completely. This was said in detailed words by the Google engineer, Andrew Eland last Google's Developer Day in London (May 31, 2007) "This is something you will completely control,"

Adsense on Google Maps, Another Earning Opportunity for SEO Masters (Affiliates)

These AdSense Ads that will be integrated with Google Maps will be another income generating scheme for Google and most of the SEO affiliate marketing specialists as this will surely become another big bang for them and a boost for their earnings if this pushes through.

There were buzzes that rang the other day on forums that most SEO efforts will go and dig deep into this new venture for an early anticipation of the new pet project by Google.

I am sure this will have it's place among the trophy that Google had in their cabinet. In relation to this new announcement, many webmasters and search engine optimization experts commented that if this one pushes through, there will be many great changes implied and applied to the way that the number one search engine is making it hard for many SEOs in the search engine optimization community almost in every country and in many different languages.

The New Google Maps in Terms Of Search Engine Optimization

I'm pretty sure and confident that this new plan by Google will be another thing to consider in terms of search engine optimization and in traffic generation through AdSense Advertising Schemes like PPC campaign and CTR increase through search engine optimization.

If by this time many webmasters have been looking into this new income generating scheme by Google, they will also looking for possible ways to explore this for the benefit of SEO.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Search Engine Optimization and Use of Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Keyword density in terms of search engine optimization is actually the percentage of words on a web page that is based in the keyword phrase being targeted by the author. In another definition based on the specific context of SEO or search engine optimization, keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

Due to the ease of managing keyword density, search engines usually implement other measures based plainly in relevancy to prevent webmasters from intentionally creating search spam through practices such as keyword stuffing. In a webmaster's point of view, keyword density refers to the ratio (percentage) of keywords contained within the total number of indexable words within a web page.

How to Use Keyword Density For SEO

Keyword density is a very sensitive part in Search Engine Optimization. In fact, this is probably the most important part of SEO in terms of content management and relevance. Since most would consider that "content is actually king", then this fact makes keyword density as an integral part of SEO and therefore should be made as the main point of concentration in every content making of any web page. Also, there are actually lots of tools that any webmaster can use for determining the keyword density of a web page there are free and premium, paid keyword tools that you can use for all your keyword density determination needs.

The preferred keyword density ratio varies from search engine to search engine. Generally speaking, I would like to recommend using a keyword density ratio (standard) in the range of 2-8%.

Another thing to consider in determining the actual keyword density that you would like your web page to fall in is to know whether what number of target keywords you have in your content in terms of the overall words contained that are indexable by the search engines.

Keyword Frequency

There is an ongoing theoretical explanation by webmasters today that the more times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a web page, the more relevance a search engine is likely to give the page for a search with those keywords.

But this seem to be not true at all in terms of search engine rules. Google seem to like a little bit higher in terms of keyword frequency or the number of times that a certain target keyword appears in a web page.

In general, I recommend that you ensure that the most important keyword or keyword phrase is the most frequently use keywords in a web page. Although you must remember to be careful overdoing it and not to abuse the system by repeating the same keyword or keyword phrases over and over again.

This is called spammy content and would possibly cause you to loose instead of gaining rankings in the major search engines for your target keyword or keywords.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence is generally about knowing how prominent keywords are within a web page. The general recommendation is to place important keywords at, or near, the start of a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag. This would help you get higher rankings in terms of optimizing your content for the bots and spiders of the major search engines.

Heirarchy of key phrases are also part of the game as most webmasters today would actually make use of H-TAGS in posts and html to make the target keywords as prominent as possible than the other keywords present in your content.

This is done by giving an H1 tag for the target keyword you most would prefer the search engines to see as more of importance or prominent than the other target keywords. H2, H3, H4..... and so on will be the following tags for other keywords that you would like to give less importance to.

Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. In general, the closer the keywords are, the better. This is to be considered of key importance because if you poverdo this one, you might get tagged also as a spammer and chances are that your web page will look odd due to improper keyword proximity.
  1. How Keyword Density Affects Search Engine Page Rankings
  2. How Keyword Density Affects Page Rankings In Search Engine
In view of the example above, if by chance that a web surfer searched for "search engine rankings," the first example that used the keyword in the sentence has greater or a much higher chances to rank higher than the second example i gave above.
The reason for this is because the keywords are placed closer together and in proper order than the other. This is assuming that everything else aside from the keyword proximity is equal in all aspects and angles possible for considerations.
To this date, no ne actually knows where to start in terms of keyword density, keyword proximity, keyword frequency or even keyword prominence. Although many have actually experienced making and writing keyword optimized pages, no one can actually make any exact estimates how much of keyword density could actually work for any web page for any search engine today in order to rank higher for search terms.
Everything is an estimate and i guess everything will remain an estimate for most webmasters in optimizing their pages based in keyword density or else (SEO) search engine optimization will be dissolved in the online battle for search engine page rankings.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Google Dance and Its Relevance to Search Engine Optimization

The Google Dance

The SEO term called "Google Dance" is often used to describe the temporary index update of the Google search engine. Optimization is the biggest factor that plays the biggest role that is responsible for changing a webpage's ranking in the SERPs.

Google's index or search engine results page update occurs in an average of at least once every two months. Search engine optimization efforts are being measured this way through the results that come up in the SERPs. Another basis for this update is the bouncing changes in the PR or page rank bar of the Google toolbar.

Sometimes, these changes are very hard to catch by just looking at the results because they change at a much faster rate than the usual Google update and this is called the "Google Dance". The difference between the two is that the Google update is somewhat permanent or appears longer than the Google Dance.

During an index update there was significant movement in search results and Google shows relatively newly archived inbound links for pages of a website. However, in mid-2003 Google started to update it's index continuously at an indescribable and hard to catch rate making it even harder for most SEO efforts to be seen relevant and effective in terms of ranking for a search term or keyword.

How Google Gets Search Engine Results

The search engine of Google, for your information, is pooling their results from about 10,000 servers or even more using Linux PCs to lessen the costs. For this reason, it would of course be true that an index update cannot be reached on those servers at the same time. It has to be that updating the index has to follow the rule of one server after the other.

This is because of the fact i mentioned above which makes it hard for them doing it almost automatically. According to some sources, "the reason for the Google dance is Google's way of using the DNS or domain name system.

The Google Dance Tool

There is a Google dance tool i found which can be uploaded to your website for use and you can view it here... I do not really know about this tool but if you are interested to use it in your website, you can visit the link. You can be able to embed the Google dance tool in your website by copying and pasting the html code into your website.

Although i have only been able to give such a short data in this post, i would assume that it will at least be of help to some of the SEO people to see how the Google dance works for the efforts and search engine optimization techniques that you are planning to use for your websites.

Above all this, i would also like to share my personal experience and opinion to the Google dance today. As i have seen it actually change the SERP of Google, i have sometimes seen my websites improve rankings to almost three pages up and sometimes three pages down.

After seeing it work out and influence my efforts, i will assume to this point that whatever the dance is, whether it takes you up or down it is the most possible point that you might reach with the way that your search engine optimization efforts are going on. Link building efforts will of course still be the biggest factor of earning a good results in SEO.

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