Friday, August 19, 2011

My Rules in Approving Comments

This is to all who have tried and failed to get a link from this SEO blog. First, in order to get your comment approved, you have to read my articles and then afterwards, convince me with your comment that you indeed read my article. Once you fail here, your comment will either be placed in my spam folder or will be deleted.

Now, I have seen so many generic comments and I must say I have them very much. Look at this wrong SEO comments that led me to write an article criticizing the website, the service and the link builders behind the annoying comment left on my blog.

If you want to ruin your company profile, follow this link builder and on the other hand, if you want a comment approved, then make a relevant useful comment. To the least is, I need a relevant comment. By relevant what I mean is that I need a relevant comment to my article with which you want a comment approved.


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