Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Social Bookmarkings, SERPs Domination and Content Issues

Social Bookmarkings and SEO in the Philippines

Social Bookmarking sites, who uses this for marketing efforts these days? Well, they're today's most popular way of getting to the top of the SERPs without even a link to your webpage. Webmasters resort to social bookmarkings and see this as some sort of addiction by virtue of self proclamation, integrity in the SERPs and egoistic preferences aside from the SEO advantages and effects of maximizing their use. Proof that indeed, webmasters from the Philippines and in many other parts of the world love seeing their websites on top even if it's not a direct link to theirs.

What could these social bookmarking sites really do? This post is a study of the common behavior of the paradise Philippines webmasters to open up an opinion on the trends with link building and search engine marketing (SEM) and (SEO) search engine optimization.

Some would even call it a marketing effort as the traffic will boost you up as you see your webpage appear at the top of the queries in the results pages of the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN like magic.

SEO Philippines Webmasters and Social Bookmarkings

To some here in SEO Philippines, social bookmarking sites are a kind of tool to employ in order to gain advantages over competing pages for the top of the search terms of a target niche. There were naturally organic effects of these social bookmarking sites to rank high in the SERPs even if it's not really the actual link to your webpage.

The most enjoyable part here is that these social bookmarking sites have a way to gain the top stop even in the most competitive keywords you can think of. There is My Bloglog, Bumpzee, Digg and the newest in the family of social bookmarking sites - StumbleUpon. They dominate the search results, displaying even the oddest results on top over the more optimized pages and even the original ones with optimized keywords.

So what's the catch here? Simple, the search engines see these social bookmarking sites as a top priority in ranking pages and therefore, you must be careful to use this as it will not help at all in your efforts to make it to the top of the SERPs for a time if you use this tactic.

Social Bookmarking Theories

There were actually many theories and experiences that lead to thinking that these social bookmarking sites indeed help in a webmaster's search for gaining the top spot of his keyphrases in no time at all. This is actually a wrong impression about these social bookmarking sites as all they can do for you is to introduce your webpage or website in the world of the search engines and the users who are searching for the terms that you are targeting.

Try clicking the links that the search engines are seeing everytime and indexing on the top pages for a search term and you will see that it is not actually your webpage that ranks high but instead it is the webpage where your webpage is in which is the page of the social bookmarking site itself.

So, overall assessment will tell that even if you are on top of the SERPs, you don't have any guarantee that your site will be visited by the people who are searching for the terms that you are targeting. Instead, it is actually the social bookmarking site itself that has all the advantages and the benefits in terms of SEO while you get the Illusion of being on top of the queries and the index results of the search engines.

Illusion over Reality in SEO Terms for Social Bookmarking Sites

In SEO terms, regarding the use of these social bookmarking sites, they really do not give so much advantage as what webmasters really see in many tips and suggestions in forums and SEO blogs and SEO tips. Instead, what they give us is the impression that we can only have what we want through make believe that we are on top over others while the truth is that we are nowhere and will always remain nowhere as long as we are under the umbrella of these social book marking sites.

Let us all realize the terms and then analyze the effects of giving social bookmarking sites the priority that they don't even deserve for what they offer.

Link building is not a circus of make believe, it is a concrete art of giving yourself a concrete link and end up in the end of real and organic advantage of getting on top of the search. More so, SEO nor SEM is no arena for temporary illusions but should always be based on an organized way of building up links and getting to the top in reality.

This is actually the very same reason why I don't go much for these social bookmarking sites. I don't see them helping me technically in the long run and i any other way I try to see it but I believe that they give us happiness in terms of blogging and wanting people to get a glimpse of our minds and our own unique interests in life.

I do not hate social bookmarking sites, I just don't prefer them being labeled as one of the tactics to use in gaining page importance or ranking in the SERPs or in any other way related to SEO or SEM. I see them as a simple way of getting your website introduced to the searching public by way of natural organic characteristics of these social bookmarking sites to rank with a term or keyword.

Technically, I would not give nor suggest the use of it in terms of gaining rankings with the use of SEO for a webpage.

Monday, October 15, 2007

IPs and Immunity Issue Affects SEO Efforts to Build Links

IP Addresses and SEO

From a forum at V7N today I read about a specific question in a thread relating to IPs and how they may affect the SEO efforts of SEO webmasters. Since SEO here in the Philippines is in its booming stage, I would like to personally, even if I am not the authority to discuss about IP and how they can affect the SEO efforts that webmasters use in link building, particularly.
IP Address and Forums

IPs as we all know are the first consideration in almost all forums since the issue of spamming had gone up from the brink of just a few guys who use it in the early days of SEO and gaining advantage over competing websites with respect to search engine results pages or the organic result of a search.

Forum Accounts and Getting your IP Banned

In forums alone, if you are using the same IP address even if you have registered different accounts and are actually two or more different persons, you will instantly get banned for some period on the first offense and totally on the second attempt. The reason for this implementation is because these forums are trying to avoid getting spammed again and again. Even if spamming is actually a minor case of black hat SEO, still, this will not help any efforts to make the forum threads as healthy as they should be for the benefit of the regular members, users and the visiting readers. This specific occurrence triggered the moderators and owners of forums to avoid multiple registration using the same IP address.

IP-Based Account Registration is Effective in Running out Spam

Also, to avoid decreasing the search engine trust, the forum moderators found their way to make some changes wherein they base the accounts of a person who registers therein using their IP address and if that same person or another person tries to use the same IP address to register another different account on the same forum, then he gets banned with the person who registered originally as first and prior to the second one and so on.

How Google Sees Your IP with Respect to Spamming

So far, this is how it works for the IP issue of getting banned in forums and as a minor basis for Google trying to limit building up links that come from the same IP Address. This also led Google to become immune from indexing the same IP site links and therefore, it will be most likely that even if you have a million links going to your website but came from the same IP address, it will only be deemed useless or at most trigger the immunity of Google for indexing your website's links and at maximum, could even get you banned in their results pages for spamming their index and manipulating the search results.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google Paying Tribute to the Great Tenor in Pavarotti

I saw yesterday how Google made tribute to the late Luciano Pavarotti by giving him a place in their Google search logo putting beside the popular icon the image of Luciano Pavarotti. This was yesterday while I was searching for my regular keywords when I found out that Google is putting some emphasis and respect to the late great tenor of the world of opera singing.

Pavarotti died at 71 with so many honors beside his name and Google does not want any larger than giving their logo a touch of the great tenor with his image beside the tycoon among the three search engines. This made them loose a little of their time using the short slot to put some nice recognition to the best in the tenor signing community in the world and the name is Luciano Pavarotti.

I admit that even in the world of SEO and SEM or search engine marketing, Luciano Pavarotti is a great icon as well as Google itself and they indeed succeeded in making themselves humble the achievements of the great tenor with a little image appearing in the Google search logo.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blog Tagging for Optimized Ranking in the SERP

Blogs and Optimizing for a Page

Blogs, as we all know is the most effective way of optimizing pages for a website as you can do most anything including changing the contents to favor any page you want to give importance to. This is of course by way of linking the page that you want to optimize for any keyword.

Blog tagging will do better for most but not at all times especially if you have stiff competition with your target keywords. None the less, you can still have the advantage that you want in terms or optimizing for a page or content.

Blog Tagging for SEO Advantage

Blog tagging is one of the best strategies that many bloggers do. This is done by giving your blog post a name to be distinguished by the search engines.

This way, if you have a tag that you have optimized for your page or dedicated for a certain page or content, you can always make sure that the search engines will see your blog post or content or even a single link as you want them to see it and this is called optimization.

By use of blog tagging, you make the search engines trust the page that you dedicate the blog tag or blog post to.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

SEO Blogs and the Changing SEM Algorithms

SEO is a Battle of Right Ways and Proper Tools

SEO is not just all about getting on top of the search engine results pages with your talent and knowledge about SEO. It also involves a constant monitoring of your business with the use of tools and people who know the right way to get to the top.

A business in the online world does not only include a battle of who is the better SEO and who has the most selling service or product in the internet, it is a battle of who does the methods best and he who has the right ways and in the right track in SEO will always win the battle. This is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing in today’s internet busy world and SEO driven tactics.

Blogs are One Great Tool to Use in Search Engine Marketing

One of the best tools today that any SEO can use are blogs. I have seen a single centered business once go up in sales up to 20 times and more because he deals with having the best Search Engine Marketing person and not just some content management team that some would think will bring any business up in no time.

The SEM person that he employed used everything like getting himself a good SEO from the United States but at first he failed. The reason is because the people whom he trusted his business with did not know how to use the right tools in order to give his websites a boost but instead the SEO used some dirty tactics that pulled his online business further down where improper use of tools and SEO tactics really belong.

Upon employing a new SEM person, a single one from the Philippines, the first step that the Search Engine Marketing person did was to change the contents and remove the dirty tactics that the latter employed in his business sites. After a few weeks more, the second thought came and there were numerous directory submissions in line to boost up the search engine popularity of his business sites.

Then came some article and forum posts and sooner than expected, all his earnings more than doubled up. Indeed the Filipino SEM expert had the best going for his business. And you know what, the best tool lately that they have been exploring is how to maximize the benefit of the most popular yet often missed up tool - BLOGS.

Using Blogs Will Always be the Best Way Up in the Search Engines

Blogs indeed could make or break any business especially if you know how to handle the best ways and means in using them. Although I have see so many times that a business grew with their own content a blog ranked and outranking a good business site with simple popularity with optimized contents, I concluded that this could be the reason why we have always misconceptualize the use of blogs in business.

Often we use it for letting the public know about our business and on what's the latest that we have to offer. Little did most know that blogs can be used to further go up with respect to popularity. And this is what happened to the business that I am talking about. There really is no reason enclosing the details about the business because I'm afraid it might ruin the element of surprise in them and the competition so I decided not to enclose any detail about them and the people working for the benefit of the business owner.

The point is just to make it clear that there are unmaximized and lesser explored ways to use a blog to make a business go up higher in popularity in the search engines and get higher revenues back on the track.

If you are to come up with outsourcing your business needs in Search Engine Marketing in the Philippines. The best way is to take a look and see for yourself who is the best in the business first as there were truly many great SEM professionals here in the Philippines and one proof of that is the many growing business that use these people to take them high up in the search engine results pages.

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