Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SEO Philippines Forum Will Soon Transfer to a New Backyard

It is officially confirmed that SEO Philippines Forum is transferring to a new backyard. The announcement was made by the SEOPh founder himself, Marc Macalua in one of the threads within the SEO Link building categories in a sticky post.

According to the founder of SEOPh, there will be other guys who have the caliber to help him manage the new arena for SEOs in the Philippines to thrive on. I wonder how the process is going to be and I am not even sure if there is anything going on like if the said domain is for sale at$000,000000 or not.

Earlier, there were rumors that the official website of SEOPh was for sale but the founder did confirm in another thread slapping the rumor with, SEOPh domain is not for sale. Well, people believed him but for me, I cannot see any reason why the said forum has to be transferred to a new one except for a fact that according to the founder, the aim is to make a better forum for SEOs here in the Philippines.

I am not really sure about that reason or if it is enough for all the members to accept but if indeed there is any other doubt, no one is sure about it or about what's going to happen soon. I just hope this move is for the better of all or at least of the majority.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Social Bookmarkings Exploitation is Dead

A lot of speculations have been roaming around in the SEO and link building industry about the big advantage in the use of social bookmarking websites. This is in helping sites rank higher in the SERPs faster and accurately.

True, I have even experienced it myself but everything has changed because Google finally found out how to filter sites that exploit the use of these social bookmarking sites to their own advantage. This is something new from my personal experience and I admit this is a great new learning from me.

Although I cannot enclose more details to confirm this claim, I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of you out there who have experienced it also. If you are wondering why, then, this post is just the answer to your questions.

If you are still willing to try it out yourself, I guess you'll have to find out about it the hard way but I would not encourage, nor advice you to do it if you want to retain the importance and trust the Google is giving your site. This is finally the end to social bookmarking exploits of spammers out there. Social bookmarking exploitation is dead just like how Sphinn junks spammers.

The Microsites Linking Explained by SEOmoz

As we all know, microsites have always played a very important role for search engine marketers as well as SEOs out there who are up to promoting client and personal sites for ranking them. Although there are other ways possible in passing our link juice to a webpage or website, somehow, when I watched that video that Rand Fishkin showed in his Friday Whiteboards, I immediately rushed to a few sites and thought it would be worth taking a look at.

From the very simple explanation, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz is right. It really is very easy to understand and it never came to my mind that this can be something interesting to discuss myself because I have always believed that using microsites to link build and promote a business site or a major website is the right thing to do.

It is really very simple, because since when have microsite been better than actually getting linked in diverse anchor texts and structure from different domains? In the example in the video, he mentioned specifically those who are taking time to develop somewhat a sub blog to a major business website.

There what the SEO or the search engine marketer does is to put hos/her articles or those contents that are a little more unneeded in a blog (ex. [major site] and[subdomain site]) and then what you do is you try to pass out the link juice from that blog which we all know usually get linked to from other sites and usually used for link bait and then give a link to the major site we have using the anchor text that we want to promote our major site.

According to Rand Fishkin, it is actually wrong to perceive that you are passing the same link juice and trust that your sub domain/blog to your major business site that way but instead, you are passing a link that is not in any way part of the sites that are linking to your blog and making it strongly trusted by the search engines.

What's best to do to counter this misbelief is to build direct links to your major website business instead of trying to channel those links using a sub domain like a blog or something from a single domain. Remember that links coming from different domains would rather be better than link from the same domain which in this case happens to be your subdomain blog.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Busby SEO Test l Unfinished Business

The opening of New Year gave the "Busby SEO Test" participants a new vision, more or less to make a few more tweaks to the link building and SEO of their respective entries. I have joined myself the first Busby SEO Challenge but failed to come up with the perfect plan to retain a ranking that reached up to 4th place. We were, as a team all reallt just playing let everybody know that we can compete when the sponsors decided to take our entry out for some rules that were changed later.

Now a fellow Filipino, is leading the race to the Busby SEO Test challenge I would like to wish him the best of all the best to be able to retain his entry to the said challenge. I want to help in my own way but I am afraid that I will just ruin the more, the effort that I am to make at this point of the said SEO test. Instead, this is just a post that hopes to lift the spirits of other participants from the Philippines. Eli, Whin, Bleuken, Gary and others. Go for the top spot guys!!!

We are hoping that this Busby SEO Test SEO contest will bring more opportunities to Filipinos who are in the service in SEO industry and we hope you all take the top 10 spots and if there is anything I can do to help you guys, just PM me a specific step to do so no strings left hanging if ever I will do anything for your entries. GOOD LUCK TO ALL BUSBY SEO TEST PARTICIPANTS.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Major Security Problem in Internet Explorer

There has been a reported major security problem in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. This major breach is said to be a major problem because it could lead to an attempt to steal your personal identity as well as passwords which we all know could mean big problem both financially and web-based.

This is a major problem to consider and because of this, experts say that people using IE is strongly advised to take actions to transfer using another browser in the meantime until the problem is closed and cured totally.

For those who are still interested to go on using Internet Explorer, "it is also strongly advised by Microsoft to make some changes to the browser settings by looking into the Tools - Internet Options tab and then switching your browser settings security settings to a windows user account with limited rights to change a PC's settings".

With IE 7 or 8 on Vista, turn the protected mode and also take actions to make sure that your computer is fully loaded with protection using the latest and updated anti-virus and spyware software.

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