Thursday, January 01, 2009

Major Security Problem in Internet Explorer

There has been a reported major security problem in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. This major breach is said to be a major problem because it could lead to an attempt to steal your personal identity as well as passwords which we all know could mean big problem both financially and web-based.

This is a major problem to consider and because of this, experts say that people using IE is strongly advised to take actions to transfer using another browser in the meantime until the problem is closed and cured totally.

For those who are still interested to go on using Internet Explorer, "it is also strongly advised by Microsoft to make some changes to the browser settings by looking into the Tools - Internet Options tab and then switching your browser settings security settings to a windows user account with limited rights to change a PC's settings".

With IE 7 or 8 on Vista, turn the protected mode and also take actions to make sure that your computer is fully loaded with protection using the latest and updated anti-virus and spyware software.


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