Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A 4-Day Agony on the SEO Challenge

I suffered a severe torture not having to do anything because of the typhoon that rushed here in the Philippines. I never had the chance to make any move for 4 consecutive days and our lone SEO Challenge Entry suffered a set back for the first time. It pays to not do anything for 4 days knowing that the SEO competition is getting clogged in the SERPs for the rush to the first page.

I haven't done anything yet but so far because we had nothing to do and there is nothing left for us to do right now. This is one of the rarest efforts to the rush and I hope that there will be a result to this one. Short but straight and short but powerful. I know this will have an effect to the entries we have.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking the Experiment Hub a Notch Higher

Today as I've announced a new experiment by me and my team on the Busby SEO Challenge race to the top position. I am not sure of the effects of this effort but what's important to me this time is to learn from experience. I have seen how links behave for quite a long time and I have personally seen some efforts that were proven to be effective in link building but this time it's my very own experiment using the contest to see how keyword behave with such a stiff competition.

Busby SEO Challenge is a keyword in a stiff competition and is just the perfect venue and instrument to learning today. I want to achieve what others have using this experiment and I want to achieve it with the help of self aid and self learning. Whatever I will get from this will all depend on if I am right about such theories in link building and arriving at a link hub. This will be a first in a contest where the battle is really just a point of the tip of the nose close. Let's see how this works for my new learning in offpage and onpage SEO.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge Traffic in Digg

The traffic in Digg is really enormous these days with respect to the Busby SEO Challenge contest. This traffic is not the number of visitors that I am talking about but the number of posts that the participants are sending in.

At first we were the only one who are using it to the max and we brought our 4 entries to the top of the charts of the challenge but after a week or so, we stopped and there were claims that Digg is getting spammed but today, it all seemed to start again. Entries getting dugg almost at will and they succeed at getting to the top of the charts.

I learned here because of this traffic that I am talking about and I feel I really have to step it up a little bit to push the entries that the team have after the disqualification issue with the domains containing SEO in it. This time we will make sure. Somebody put some malicious software in our entry and we are still not shaken. We will regain the glory and we promise to even make the campaign more precise than what our competitors thought.

Precision is the issue now and we will not fail ourselves this time.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Busby SEO Challenge Log

This is a post to the Tnomeralc Web Toys that I have made just today. As part of the SEO contest, I tried this effort to finish it tonight even if I am really very busy with a lot of work. To help this page go up the SERPs tomorrow, I tried to launch a few reviews pointed to the new entry I have for the SEO Worldcup.

I am sure that many of you guys our there will be amazed at how this will work its way to the top of the SERPs if my estimates are perfect. But the most important thing is for the link builders out there to learn about using this particular page to build quality links bound for a webpage. I have used this technique in an experiment before and found out that this can really be very effective in ranking to the top of the results in almost any keyword. Enjoy your stare at this page soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Influencing the Results in the Busby SEO Challenge

It is really very hard to influence the results of the Busby SEO Challenge especially if you want quick outcome of what you are doing. What helps in making a new post rank high in the results will always work when the competition is not that stiff but when we are talking about a contest where the addition of pages are almost too simultaneous, it is very hard to predict as a quicker effect of SEO efforts and link building.

This has been proven time and again but if you would like to get a faster linear lead to your efforts, there is one that works but it needs to be in a timely manner. I believe that there are too many professionals out there compared to me but what I found out was really a priceless jewel in the timing of all efforts regarding the Busby SEO Challenge. I already knew first hand how it works but today, I found out that it really is an additional and reliable force to use.

There is no need to do things under the table to implement this step but everything else will lie with the perfect timing. I have done this before and I have done it today and have seen how it works. Nobody bothers about a timely picture perfect effort but our team does and so this time, with the Busby SEO Challenge we will emerge in the first page no matter how stiff the competition is. WE WILL!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Yahoo Denied Microsoft

Yahoo denied Microsoft on the proposal for acquisition but even if this is the case, Microsoft's battle to give internet people the best service there has to be continues.

Microsoft will deliver the best with the use of Live and Microsoft AdCenter and other services and promises to give even more of its promised usability.

Learning from the Busby SEO Challenge

I learned another trick from the Busby SEO Challenge and that will remain in the books that I am keeping for the future writeups that I am planning to make for the sake of SEO. A friend knows about the secret but I am not sure if he kept good notice of it while we are doing the tricks to our entries for the world cup SEO challenge.

I just wish this still works for some time so that others may also benefit from it. I have personally seen how it works twice in a keyword that's so every minute competitive. At least, in a contest, that's how keywords are treated.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

SEO Sh** Trivia and Challenge to an Unprofessional and Moron Commenter from ...

Who doesn't know about the Mr. SEO Philippines? He's probably one of the guys that everyone want's to be with or at least pretend to know so much of. He is also responsible for all the biggest SEO contests in the Philippines and he is also a target of those other bad people in the internet business who would do things to ruin his reputation. I am very sorry revealing this in this blog but this has to stop here. I am not trying to go against those that come from the place which I will mention here for the purpose of information and to avoid misinformation. We only want to tell of what we found out, nothing more, nothing less.

The guy is a good man except for a few occasional faults in the previous social life we've been which we all have by the way. To start of with, I want to tell it straight, there is someone who is very naive to be a moron using an IP to comment in one of my friend's blogs commenting and telling words that are more unprofessional than what a webmaster should be doing, spamming Digg and other social bookmarking sites out there.

This guy/girl, I would like to tell in this blog based on the IP address tracking that we made came from Bacolod. Whoever you are, I am telling you that if you are out to find something, then you will find what you want and if you would like to ruin your company using their computer and making these rude comments, it's up to you. WE WILL PIN YOU DOWN AND WHEN WE DO IT WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL PAY! YOU AND WHOEVER IS WITH YOU BEHIND ALL THIS ! We tracked this from an IP address that fell on the place (SEE THE SCREENSHOT BELOW AND CLICK TO ENLARGE). Whoever you are, you are making a big mistake trying to use the name of SEO Philippines founder in making your rude comment." My friend e-mailed the SEOPH founder personally and he responded with the nicest words that it is not him and thanking my friend for informing him. I guess he is out of the country and very busy to try to comment on a not-so-well-known blog. "We believe he is not like that so stop using his name." Whoever you are, what you did is a serious PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL offense and it has to stop with the help of other people from SEO Philippines. May this serve as a call for others to BEWARE OF THIS FALSE BOGUS COMMENTS that could possibly hit you.

We have everything on record "Author : Su**er (IP: , E-mail : info@www.m******.com URI : http://www.m******.com Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput= Comment: Your website su***, YOU S*** Cheers Marc M******

What now???? YOU WAIT....

Sorry for those who might be hurt by this one, but you all can help us trace this so this stops right here and right now. Trying to ruin other people's reputation (moreso of the founder of SEOPh) which they have built for so many years is not worth it.

Here's the screenshot of the place where the comment came upon inquiry on IP source: "CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE" this is a call so help us stop this by spreading this and letting the culprits know that Marc is not alone.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The "Busby SEO Challenge" Arena Is Set

Setting Busby SEO Challenge Arena

Just as expected, the arena to the "Busby SEO Challenge" is set. Almost all the major players are there and there is nothing that anyone can do about it now. All teams have to work their way to the top of big G and one of them is out team - SEO TAE Team. We want to conquer the results as early as possible with efforts pointing to where the lead should be. We cannot afford to sleep on our entry and we cannot afford to loose grip with the endearing SEO we have done to get to where we are.

Learning from the Past SEO Challenge

In the Philippines, all the major players are out and hungry for the glory just like the past SEOContest2008 but it seems that this time there is no more room for yet another mistake and so we want to lessen that from what the Filipino champion told in his dealings. No one from the SEOs in the Philippines can afford that anymore and we all want history to not repeat itself. We all want to throw down that experience in the Busby SEO Challenge.

Get the Glory Back for the "Busby SEO Challenge"

With Busby beside to give a big hit this year, everybody wants to rule the world. We have gotten up there as a team and so we will get back and claim what is our before. SEO TAE Team will get what we want and we plan to do it as early as possible. We cannot be toppled this time even if we experienced a slight throwdown. We promise to get back there for what the others have not gotten in to. Duane, James and Sam will be there...

Harnessing Natural Power of My Blog to Work Against Busby SEO Challenge Competitors

This is about the "Busby SEO Challenge" and a few questions in my mind as an SEO newbie. How do you really harness the natural power of your blog in terms of SEO? How do you utilize it to work for you or against your competition? May not be such a very big question for others but for me it is the most important thing for now.

The SEO_TAE team is on a brink of going all out from the start of the "Busby SEO Challenge" and we do not intend to give in to the last beat of our hearts. We are not just out to prove something here but also to learn as well. we believe that every blog update we give in our individual team entries, we will have to contribute to each other's strengths and take away our weaknesses as a team. We work individually to work for the team and utilize every little bit of loophole to create a bigger hole for the 3 of us.

We are a team here and even if we as SEOs work individually, in essence, we work for the team. There is no time to reveal the secret recipe yet. Not now that we are near the start and merely just creating a buzz for our newbie status in the SEO world that we live in.

We've had clients and we've had our best taking them to the top with a tough competition and this is what we intend here. Same as what we have achieved together, us three. Nobody knows us for now but they will see the might or at least let us show our boast even just for a while in the Busby SEO Challenge.

We are not out to show something here but instead we want to show ourselves and with this we are not hiding what we are and what we truly and really want, just a part of what others have been getting.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SEO Headhunters and Keyword Spying

While others live by the book, there are others who pry on other's efforts and this something that has been going on for such a long time. In fact, SEO Quake even developed the keyword spy where too many people in the affiliate marketing industry called as a tool for the invasion of privacy.

This is because the keyword tool tries to take the secret keywords of other people who have worked hard on and take it from them without them knowing about it. The tool even pries on the personal account of the person handling the affiliate account in AdSense...I am totally against this so this blog is my only way to let others know about it.

Blogging and Optimizing in the Medium of Other Languages

A platform that is so very different from the other methods of SEOs is the use of optimization in another language. This is something different and I believe that this something that most of us SEOs miss out.

We target the U.S market and the U.K market believing that the arena is where the $ is. Well, I have seen others getting traffic from Malaysia, India, Burma and other countries where the competition is very low while these SEOs that use Geo Targeting earn their bread butter from this technique.

True, there is very little chance to get as much as what you can get if you get in a niche that is not loaded with stuff already but this is something that is very strictly different and very rare. While it is hard to find what people are searching for, this friend of mine found his treasure in a niche far from the competition but many people are looking for in the search field. So I guess geo targeting worked for him this time.

The Software Industry is Growing as SEO Industry Does

In the Philippines, I observed that as the SEO industry meets its age old system, so does the software industry. This is because I have personally seen the growth of SEO people by the numbers because of the continued development of knowledge concerning SEOs in the Philippines.

This can be seen in the growth of professional SEOs as well as the increase in professional software engineers in the country. This linear development is what it has been in the past year and this is an implication that indeed SEO in the Philippines has literally grown and reached a point of maturity for the world to see.

Busby SEO Challenge?

So what is it about the "Busby SEO Challenge?" Another SEO contest? Yes it is and I bet there will be more participants here. The "Busby SEO Challenge" Contest is the newest world SEO contest challenge this year and I bet there will be more SEO to join in here.

Go SEO_TAE Team !!! "Busby SEO Challenge" is just a slot in the $ERPs away. Walang gagalaw sa yeye bonel!

  • Duane Cartujano - (T)
  • Sam Casuncad - (A)
  • James Baldonaza - (E)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Regional SEO Development in the Philippines - An SEO Review

With respect to the continued development of regional SEO where some of the top notchers in the booming SEO community in the Philippines are coming from other provinces, no one can speculate that next year will be better. One thing is for sure, the SEO industry in the Philippines is experiencing great changes and algorithms enough for the Philippines government to take notice. We are starting to witness the emergence of new SEOs from other regions in the Philippines contributing to the popularity of this field in search engine marketing (SEM). This can also be attributed to the growing support from blogger all over the country.

Blogs and blogging indeed helped the Philippines to improve more on the race to being the best destination of the SEO outsourcing jobs from all over the world. This is for the reason that many bloggers in the country engage in SEOing their blogs for better traffic and income. While it is unknown to many, SEOs have been struggling since maybe way back in 19997 where the only way to gain rankings in the search results is to implement what is now called as spamming the contents and the search engines as well. But that was before.

Early last year, a champion of the world SEO emerged to be from the Philippines in the Global Warming SEO contest where Benj Arriola won overall gaining the top spot at the end of the time limit of the said contest. Other little contests have been engaged for SEOs both newbies and veterans have been launched since to accommodate so many purposes. Some for traffic, some for subscription and some for peer and ego. Whatever the reasons are, it still is contributing tot he development of the SEO industry in the country and I am proud to be part of that pie.

All these are proof that regional development is beginning to take its toll to push further the quality of service that the world online business can get when they outsource their SEO and SEM needs here in the Philippines.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Going 360 Over Social Media Hype

Yes, social media seems to be fast becoming a hype for many people who use the internet. They contain almost 75 % of the users who are well aware of this but does not necessarily know what powers they are good for in terms of SEO and advantage over competition in the arena of the search engine results page race.

People all over the world seem to be going in a 360 degree turn over the use of social media for many purposes. There are many who use it for friends and chat and so on but the most important part seem being missed out probably because the hype that was what we have learned to be accustomed to (the majority of people using social media).

SEO Tools

There are many popular SEO tools out there that may act as great helpers for people like webmasters and SEOs. One of these best tools that I am talking about is the competitor keyword discovery tool where the SEO may be able to discover what keywords does his competition have that he can use for gaining edge over the race.

This is nothing new but I would just love to feature here this special SEO tool to inform others who are not yet aware of this tool and hos to use it for their client's and personal advantage.

SEOs are Increasing in Visayan Regions

The recently concluded Arlo Gilbert blogging c****** is already finished and from my own observation, a new SEO from Capiz to enter the arena has emerged the champ with outstanding 2 entries to it finding the top spot. This is an indication that there are more and more webmasters out there in the Visayas who are not yet discovered from the center of the SEO business which is in Metro Manila. Capiz may be a small place but today it became a big place because of this event.

The emerged champ is Duane Cartujano from Capiz. Duane is a good friend of mine and I am glad that he is developing some good social relationships with other SEOs in the Philippines with his trial. There are a few buzz about the "C" but it seem legit enough to declare him the big champ because otherwise, he wouldn't have had 2 entries on top over the veterans and expected rankers at the end of the last minute. Those who have tried to topple the 2 entries by the SEO from Capiz failed because of the simple reason that he (Duane Cartujano) planned it to be that way.

Congratulations and a job well done!!! Duane for coming up a better SEO this year. I hope this continues as we enter the new era of internet marketing boom in the Philippines.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Google Street View 360 Degree Invasion of Privacy

Yes its the Google Streetview that has been roaming around London and the United States. Invading our privacy as some would say as rumored viewing of a woman who is out for an HIV test in a clinic.

This must be something really going on that people don't know. well to have a glimpse of that Google car that has been doing the work for Google, allow me to give a little source of the pics on the right of this post for your concerns.

More of the story and the same picture taken here. Here's a glimpse of the 360 degree view of the cameras used.

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