Thursday, June 05, 2008

Harnessing Natural Power of My Blog to Work Against Busby SEO Challenge Competitors

This is about the "Busby SEO Challenge" and a few questions in my mind as an SEO newbie. How do you really harness the natural power of your blog in terms of SEO? How do you utilize it to work for you or against your competition? May not be such a very big question for others but for me it is the most important thing for now.

The SEO_TAE team is on a brink of going all out from the start of the "Busby SEO Challenge" and we do not intend to give in to the last beat of our hearts. We are not just out to prove something here but also to learn as well. we believe that every blog update we give in our individual team entries, we will have to contribute to each other's strengths and take away our weaknesses as a team. We work individually to work for the team and utilize every little bit of loophole to create a bigger hole for the 3 of us.

We are a team here and even if we as SEOs work individually, in essence, we work for the team. There is no time to reveal the secret recipe yet. Not now that we are near the start and merely just creating a buzz for our newbie status in the SEO world that we live in.

We've had clients and we've had our best taking them to the top with a tough competition and this is what we intend here. Same as what we have achieved together, us three. Nobody knows us for now but they will see the might or at least let us show our boast even just for a while in the Busby SEO Challenge.

We are not out to show something here but instead we want to show ourselves and with this we are not hiding what we are and what we truly and really want, just a part of what others have been getting.


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