Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Discovering How to Make More Money Online

Secrets to Making Money Online

In this very important post that I have, I will tackle all the best possibilities that will never fail to lead you to make money online in a different point of view. This may not necessarily be like those blogs that say this and that in order to make money online but I assure you that whatever you will find in this post will act as a guide in your everyday living as computer savvy, blogger, webmaster and internetpreneur - a successful one.

I hope to also be able to make it clear that I am not in any way trying to falsify any claims that making money online is easy as long as you have the resources. This will prove none the less that all you need to make money online is yourself and nothing more.

Those opportunities are all out there and all you have to do is measure yourself on how much you would like to allot in giving time for yourself to think it over and see the biggest possibilities right in front of your computer.

Making money online is nothing new especially for people who are fond of computers and an internet savvy. These are a few qualities that you will need as a starter in making money online. If you have these two, then I believe that you are good to go and may continue to read the rest of this post.

Being so used to using a computer is not just in the level that you use it with pleasure although for a start, it may be able to help you out with what you want which is to make money online. It is important that you know all the basic in using your computer and this will give you an edge over the others who are still looking for ways to use a PC fast and swift.

Let us take for granted that you now so very well how to use your computer, the next step is to know what is the right thing to do. In this matter, I strongly suggest that you should learn how to make a search the way you want to see good results in front of you when you type in a search term or key phrase.

The technique to this is to find out from the results that will appear in your desktop when you try and search for a term. Remember that searching in the internet using vague terms will lead you to confusion. To simplify, in order to make money online, you must learn how to play around with the key phrases that you will use in searching.

In this case, we are going to search for the terms make money online. When these terms, and hit the enter tab of your keyboard, you must expect that the results that will appear will not always be the result that you need. In trying to understand the results, you must go over each webpage and see if you can get something out of the results.

In the case of make money online keywords, I assure you that whatever is in top over the others with respect to the results, will always be the best source of information that you need.

Gaining Friends as a Webmaster

The first paragraphs above are totally devoted to friends who have been asking me for more than a week now on how to make money online. This next step will be a general rule of thumb for those professionals in the field of making money online and doesn't know which steps to take to start earning more than what they have been getting now.

There are actually many ways with which a webmaster is and can earn in the internet today and those are not far from our understanding as pros and as newbies. The best part in making money online is that there is actually no limit whatsoever in your earnings in the internet and being an internetpreneur. It will always all depend upon your allotted time and the devotion to the work that you are going to perform while you are in front of your computer.

Most webmasters fell that it hurts their ego especially if they would ask for little favors from others like a distant friend or he not so close friends that they have.

This is very wrong as these people are actually the very same people who will give you the edge over making money online better than those who take a step backward because they feel the gaining friends in the internet is not so much use in relation to what they are doing to make money online.

I have this student once in my informal tutorials in directory submission who seems to ask so many questions that sometimes I feel that she doesn't understand anything at all that I have been discussing.

She began to annoy me while teaching basics in directory submission but when the short informal briefing ended, I was surprised that she did the best work for the company with which we are working for. It means that she learned everything that I told them while others are creeping in the dark and still don't know what to do with this and that.

In short, I liked her so much that she became a personal friend of mine. You know what, after a year or so, she surprised me with outsourcing a very big workload amounting to about 21,000 Php with just a mere 6 hours of work. Ain't that amazing? People who become your friends are doing you good with what you are good at doing because they know that you can do it.

This is just an example of how gaining friends in the internet will give you an advantage over the others when terms of making money online are at stake. Win more friends and you win all the good works and all the good terms. That's one secret that you cannot just pick up in the middle of the street and put in your pocket.

Some Great Make Money Online Websites

Literally, there are a lot and I'm pretty sure that you will never run out of slot for those big bucks make money online websites out there. Search for the key phrase and you'll be amazed at how many of those websites out there can give you money for your time and intellectual property.

You don't even have to move you legs to earn money these days. You can just sit in your computer that whole day and be able to earn more than what you need and what you can imagine if you would just put your heart on it. Make friends and make money online more and more each day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Launching a PPC Campaign and Optimizing for Traffic and Ads Appearance

Keyword Research and Launching a PPC Campaign

The usual PPC campaign (AdWords) starts with choosing the niche that you would like to base your campaign. The first step is to actually make a broad keyword research where the aim is to get clicks for a cheaper cost while earning bigger than what you spend with launching the campaign.

Keyword research is the most crucial aspect of any PPC campaign therefore if this fails, all else fails for you and you may end up paying more than what you earn which results to bankruptcy in the latter part of the process so you better pay your attention and devote your 50% time to keyword research.

I'm not going to elaborate much on keyword research instead I would like to give a broader overview of what I understand in this specific topic which is PPC campaign steps in launching.

Creating the Ad and Making it Enticing to your Target Traffic

After you make a list of all the necessary keywords to use for the PPC campaign, you now have to do the Ads itself. Remember that the Ads is where you will be seen so this must be as enticing as a beautiful flower that anybody who looks in the corner of his eye will catch your Ad.

Mostly, you can start with a few words of encouragement as you will be asked to make a 2-line phrase that best describes your website where the Ads will lead when a visitor clicks your Ad.

You can also make sure that you have at least2 sets of Ads to see a split test result of the ROI if your campaign. Whichever is more effective will stay while the lower CTR (click through rate) Ad goes out of the list.

Optimizing for the Ad Keyword

Optimizing the keywords where you want your Ad to appear for search for an effective campaign can be a tricky way to increase your CTR for any Ad campaign. Some would resort and prefer their Ads to appear in high traffic keywords and sacrifice the relevance of their Ads over keyword related appearance of the Ad campaign.

Nevertheless, from my own vantage point, and from what others have given me as a significant tip in launching a PPC campaign, it is always best to give way to keyword relevance when matters of Ads appearance is concerned.

Shop and Compare Prices Before Purchasing

Comparing Prices Before Purchase

To compare prices is the first step to do if you are looking to save on what you want to buy either in the internet or in stores and groceries. Most people looking to buy products and services are eager to go looking for discounts if not free attachments.

But if they find what they are looking for, the usual tendency is to stick with it. In this case, savings is a great way to know that you are in the right place if your intention is to buy something but you will only know about savings if you have price comparison.

Compare Prices and Make the Best Choice

To be able to arrive at the best choice from prices to products, all you have to do is to compare prices and brands. It's good to know that there are people who trade in this kind of business like SaveBuckets.com. This website is where you can find the most competitive prices in the internet for almost any product that you are looking for like audio and video, computer, entertainment, cool gadgets, and more. Helping people find great deals and shops and the best prices for saving extra bucks you can use for other purchases you want to make.

It has never been so convenient to shop for products when you want to compare prices and find the best deals. SaveBuckets makes it easier for you by giving this kind of service. What's best with them is that you can compare prices while searching for specific categories. This makes the search job even easier than before as it saves you time and effort.

Buying and Choosing Tips

Save Buckets also offer buying tips which is a very important part of shopping and comparing prices before you make any purchase. The buying and choosing tips they have helps you make the best choice and be able to accomplish your task easier and faster which is what any shopping spree should always look forward as a service to their consumers.

Visit their website now and find out about the most convenient way to shop and buy products in the internet today. SaveBuckets.com.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Google Slides Down with E-Bay's Pullout

According to the mindblog, one of the great blogs that I read from, there is a big slide as Google tries to communicate with e-Bay and take the competition further deeper when the big G decided to put up a party that coincided with e-Bay's annual conference in Boston.

This report was generated last June of 2007 and since this has been a big concern for many AdSense publishers, I thought to republish this same article but a with a little twist in my own opinion this year as a starter.

The prompt of removal of e-Bay advertisements actually started when the big daddy G tried to launch a big party (Google Checkout Freedom Party) that aims to promote their new pet project which is Google Checkout. This program is actually intended to pool out and give competition to e-Bay's PayPal. It is actually not the party that prompted e-Bay to act like this but it is the way Big G treated their publishers, said one e-Bay official.

Launching an introductory party with free food, drinks and massage is no normal in the point of view of e-Bay although this is not what it means according to them. Come to think of it, launching a party on the same night as you have and withdrawing a few days before is a very interesting deed for the day.

What could this mean for you if your were e-Bay? Was this really the cause of the e-Bay Ads withdrawal from AdSense as one of the biggest paying publishers in the tycoon SE? It's all up to you, anyway, this happened almost half a year ago and I do not personally know to this day if e-Bay indeed gave back Google their Ads and become the top advertiser again for the Big G.

This special event actually made many eyes roll last year and this could be one of the most interesting battles , a classic one for so long a time since. Webmasters and SEO people have seen something in this event but kept it secret even if it hurt them badly with publishing schemes of their own.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hiding E-Mail Links

I noticed today in my webmaster tools account that there are people looking for the e-mail links that I am putting up within my blog posts. There might be other reasons why people are trying to dig in to my e-mail links but as far as I know, there are just three reasons.

Either the person wants to get in touch with me and accidentally found the e-mail link that I posted long ago in a blog post that I wrote and tried to type in the e-mail in the Google search box and ended in my webmaster accounts as part of the top queries there.

The second is that this person is trying to dig in to my accounts and possibly trying to seek for the affiliate niche that I am in to for some reason. Maybe the person believes that I am earning a significant amount of income in the web today through affiliate advertising or AdSense. Well, I am telling you that you that you have the wrong guy.

The third reason could be what we call as PHISHING. Phishing is a way for some scammers to gain sensitive information needed to fool people in the web and take control over their accounts, possibly credit card accounts. In the web, there are lots of ways that these scammers find a way to get information.

TIP: Never give affiliate clues such as e-mail posting in your blogs. Better yet, just hide all your e-mail links to people as there are a variety of malicious eyes in the web today trying to find a way through you in varieties of reasons.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google PR Update - The Penalty Continues

The Google PR update

is out yesterday and I feel that I am blessed because most of my websites had PR increase even if I had some of them in Paid Blog Posting schemes just to try out if Google is indeed in to something and to earn a little out of doing things I love - blogging.

A forum in SEOPh I found and read all over the threads says that some blogs indeed got penalized again the second time and from their point of view, it was and could be that they have paid postings in their blog. In my case, I would like to share a very interesting experience, my blog, SEO Outsourcing Philippines where I had paid blog posts didn't at all loose PR but instead had an increase from PR 2 to PR 3.

Upon learning that some blogs lost their PR having paid posts I immediately removed my banner ads where I am encouraging paid blog posting for a prestigious paid posting site. Even if my blog didn't get penalized, I wanted to see if this will give me a boost instead or at least retain my PR. Let's see what happens after this, if Google will not discover my paid postings.

Another experience I want to share is on a blog where I haven't posted since December 24 and it got penalized loosing a PR 3. All of a sudden it turned PR 0 and I want to see if it has something to do with paid postings or if it's just that I wasn't able to update the blog for almost a month that got it penalized by Google.

I know that it is true that orphaned blogs and web pages are usually penalized especially if they are ranking well in the SERPs and in their focus niche and this could be it for my blog. Nevertheless, I still retained my SERPs ranking at #2 with my niche.

Let this new Google PR update be another lesson to learn from Google for others who might just read this post and for me. Google knows, to what extent, that's for us to find out.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Increase Page Rank and Search Engine Ranking by Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the best and most effective way to accumulate one way links. In SEO, it is one of the most important ways to gain search engine trust. If this is done right along with other methods of SEO like content management and on-page and off-page SEO, chances are, not only your PR will increase but also your sear engine ranking with your target keywords. Directory submission should be done manually in order to keep up with a slow phase while getting approved in link directories easier.

Link directory owners give extra consideration to people who do their directory submission manually because it is the most effective way to do it and more so, it give the submitter an edge over those who prefer automatic submission.

There are a lot of reasons why webmasters and link builders greatly rely on manual directory submission and some of them are because with manual submission you can actually choose to upload and submit in different titles, keywords and descriptions unlike the automatic submission which may take a little time to accomplish but do not give you so much options with regards to choices on the said factors above. These factors help you gain advantage over those who prefer automatic submission since the basic rule of thumb in link directory submission is to have your website found with as many keywords as you can in order to gain better trust from search engines and in the long run, rank higher without getting toppled by competing websites in the SERPs.

A service like this one will allow you to gain leverage against your competition and help you stick in the highest position for higher traffic and rankings. With this on hand, I would like to personally refer to you an established online business that deals with manual directory submission service for over nine (9) years now and this has earned them a stable outsourced projects on link director submission all over different states in the United States, specifically ranging over 45 states now and about 1200 satisfied customers now in the U.S.

This stable status has given them the privilege to get as many jobs related to link directory submission service as what they have now. So for your Manual Directory Submission Services, visit Dsub 800.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Marhgil Macuha Myspace Blog

Tonight I blogged about Marhgil Macuha on Myspace and I have the URL on the site here >>-----> Marhgil Macuha.

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