Friday, January 18, 2008

Hiding E-Mail Links

I noticed today in my webmaster tools account that there are people looking for the e-mail links that I am putting up within my blog posts. There might be other reasons why people are trying to dig in to my e-mail links but as far as I know, there are just three reasons.

Either the person wants to get in touch with me and accidentally found the e-mail link that I posted long ago in a blog post that I wrote and tried to type in the e-mail in the Google search box and ended in my webmaster accounts as part of the top queries there.

The second is that this person is trying to dig in to my accounts and possibly trying to seek for the affiliate niche that I am in to for some reason. Maybe the person believes that I am earning a significant amount of income in the web today through affiliate advertising or AdSense. Well, I am telling you that you that you have the wrong guy.

The third reason could be what we call as PHISHING. Phishing is a way for some scammers to gain sensitive information needed to fool people in the web and take control over their accounts, possibly credit card accounts. In the web, there are lots of ways that these scammers find a way to get information.

TIP: Never give affiliate clues such as e-mail posting in your blogs. Better yet, just hide all your e-mail links to people as there are a variety of malicious eyes in the web today trying to find a way through you in varieties of reasons.


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