Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YouTube Goes Wide Screen Today

Did you notice that YouTube is already making their videos available in wide screen? Yes , they are in wide screen and I just noticed that today while browsing over for some great videos to put on some of the blog posts that I made today in my other blogs about SEO and internet review in the Philippines.

This could be another sign that YouTube is phasing out their old videos from the past and making all their videos available for wide screen viewing. This is simply great for me and my daughter who really likes to watch all the time in her own computer a lot of YouTube videos almost everyday.

See my sample SEO Song video below rendered perfectly by Benj Arriola of SEOPh or view at least any video using YouTube to see for yourself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Content Equals Traffic Increase

Sometimes you do not really have to do so much SEO with a website you are promoting today. All it took me is to make really good compelling content and the traffic is steady in this SEO blog of mine. Different countries try to visit each day and I am glad that way because I know the based on what I learned from the latest search engine news just the other week, soon, ranking will be dead and what will take over is the new marketing ear where SEO will just become part of it. After all, it's always been that way, it's just that some haven't realized it yet. The need to market your website or business has leveled up to interpreting analytics data and metrics beyond what SEO is all about. It's time for search engine marketing to take over and soon there will be no room for slow phase old fashioned SEO, just SEM.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ranking is Dead Says Bruce Clay, Matt Cutts Comments

In an interview with Matt Cutts at the Las Vegas Pubcon by Mike Mac of WPN, he commented on Bruce Clay saying in his session at the Pubcon that "ranking is dead". Matt commented that it's not really that ranking is dead but more of SEOs today treat rankings not as important as it used to be. SEOs become smarter in the process all these years that they have learned to realize "they are also marketers". That to be able to optimize for ROI of clients and self owned websites, everything is no longer search-centered but instead the integration of videos and e-books as well as flash and images have become a perfect way to do marketing and SEO in the process and has become part of the job of a SEO. Today, that process is continuing to evolve as the years pass because people have learned to do personalized searches for whatever they want. See the Bruce Clay Interview Here video below.

Search has become a left over not just for smart SEOs who realize they are marketing client websites too but also for black hats who have become a little bit more daring in their campaign to do their stuff. They've been doing things contributing to becoming "more malicious", committing this and that against people's machines. Matt also gave an emphasis on SEOs of today learning to market using not just rankings and search but they make videos and books and those kind of stuff that contribute to the overall marketing experience and in the process become more of promoting search that is based on personalization and localization. See the Video at the Pubcon Here video below.

This is an important event and opinion in the search engine history and SEOs have to know about this as well as act according to what the trends tell. This trend of course should also be embraced with the direction of use of all white hat strategies as Matt Cutts tips out in the interview with WebPro News. SEO today is based more of conversions rates and bounce rates and what the overall analytics metrics and data tell as well as analyzing how you did with your campaign. This is all because search has indeed become personalized and intent-based and is making traffic everything.

Experienced Web Designer and SEO - Who Dares Claim

When we talk of the search engines and people like us, I bet you there can and should never be anyone who dare say that he or she is an experienced web designer nor an experienced SEO. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, simply because if you claim that you are an experienced web designer, you have to be some kind of an authority with the word experienced under your name as a web designer. The same thing goes for an experienced SEO.

Experience just to make some people think is a word that can be defined but the content of which is immeasurable. Experience is here because we have to continually learn from everyday life as a person, a SEO or a web designer or even as a whole group. Since I brought out the meaning of "experienced" here, I would like to imply that anyone who claims his name under the description of experienced is all a false claimant because we all know that you can never gain all the experience that you need in this world to claim that you are experienced and it applies both to a web designer and a SEO.

If we cannot measure our experience ourselves, then how come there are a few people in the internet industry who claim that they are experienced? Can they really say that they have everything in their profile with respect to experience to claim that they are experienced? The guts! Even Matt Cutts or Sergei Brin didn't claim themselves as Experienced (with "d") Google engineer and Google founder respectively because they know that they cannot have the word "experienced" before their name in any circumstance.

I myself is saying that this blog is an intelligent blog where an intelligent SEO blogging is but never did I claim that I am an intelligent SEO or an intelligent SEO blogger. There is a big difference between being the experienced person yourself with being in places and groups and websites that have people who have the experience in dealing with their specialties but never in a million years time would they dare to claim they are experienced web designer or experienced SEO and so on. This is what we call as either a false claim or a wrong tagging of oneself. It can never be called as an achievement to call yourself as someone experienced when you do not even have all the experience in the world to claim yourself being experienced. If you get my point, then that's it.

I do not mean to offend anyone here but instead, would just like to clarify a few things in my mind and prove to myself that I am still lucky and humble enough to claim that this blog is an intelligent blog where intelligent SEO blogging and news is. I didn't claim in any way that I am an intelligent SEO myself because I know that there are a lot of intelligent SEOs out there than I am much like if you are claiming to be an experienced web designer or experienced SEO that I happen to read in so manny places in the internet today. You can claim that your company has the best and experienced web designers and best and experienced SEOs but please do not in any other way claim that you are an experienced authority in this and that because experience is something that cannot be measured nor appended under a person's name.

AOL Journal is Buried - Blogger Provides Migration Tool

AOL Journal has finally decided to close out and the biggest question remained unanswered until Blogger, the Google- bought blogging platform where blogs are called blogspot has released a migration tool to help AOL Journalists to continue their old ways to share blogging ideas and personal rants.

The Blogger added feature, according to Blogger Buzz was the product of months of hard work aimed at helping Journals users to have a place to continue sharing their ideas and thought together without losing what contents they already have. This is good news for those Journals users geeks out there.

Blogger now welcomes AOL Journals users in their camp for the new feature and I personally want to call on the Journals users out there for this chance to be able to get their ideas out with just a few moves from the feature offered by Blogger platform.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Changes their Analytics Interface

Google, a few days ago or weeks maybe just changed their interface in the Google Analytics. I am glad and I personally think that it's about time to make that change and I'm glad they did it for the better.

I simply like their look and usability status today on their analytics home page and this could be because of the sheer need to make the change. Go ahead and visit your analytics account if you still haven't and you will see how good that changes are today.

Now, this may be a little bit late but at least I gave it a go for a post today and let my readers know about the small big change that brought my smile out again when I visited my Google Analytics account.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niche Blogging Earning Tips

A Niche Blogging Experiment

I never thought that niche blogging can really be a beneficial to some and so what I did was to get in to a small experiment that will tell me and confirm a few small details and answer the question, are niche blogs an effective way to earn from AdSense? I've been handling a few niche blogs for over 2 months now and been trying to see if there is something I can put up to add to the experiments that I've been to.

Advantage of Niche Blogging

Ok. we all know that niche blogs are not just pretty easy to handle because you can only be limited to the posts that you have to make to few categories and titles that you put in it. Aside from this fact compared to a general interest blog, a niche blog can be quite rewarding in terms of revenue. But this is of course if you can find a way to promote it and give it some time to be able to see if there is something here.

Now, for sure if you are going to use your niche blog in paid for blogging make money online schemes, you will find that there are a lot of businesses that would want a review from you. This is because of the fact that niche blogging and the blogs therein are all authority sites and businesses would hurry it up just to be part of your review if you offer one.

2 Best Ways to Earn in Just 3-Months or Less

In terms of AdSense, we all know that especially if you know stuff about SEO that niche blogging really has a lot of potential to earn. But the question is what is the definite time frame that can be a good basis with which your niche blog may be able to earn from affiliate markeing?

This is really simple and also easy to understand. I have experienced on my 3 month of experiment that within those 3 long months, if you really put some time in your niche blog, you can put up some good PR and we all know that in paid for blogging schemes, the higher the PR, the higher the pay and also the higher the chances that you can get an enormous amount of blog reviews from all sorts of businesses hurrying to be on top of your list.

This is not including those who vye to be on your sidebar where your advertisers want to be in. Give it some time, 3 months is enought for a niche blog to be able to become an income generating niche blogging scheme for you.

Find Time to Promote Your Blog

Now for those who would like to question this post, of course, you all have your own point to argue with me but the fact is, which ever niche blog or general blog you have, you have all the potentials you can get in the world to earn from that only if you give it some time.

Most of us find it hard to realize this and tend to become impatient after a few days or weeks of promoting and links building our blogs. After that, we mostly tend to loose interest in it.

This proves that there really is no need for any experiment because I also found out that the same procedure if effective for a free for all topical blogs or general discussion blogs. FIND TIME TO SEO AND LINK BUILD WHATEVER BLOG YOU HAVE AND YOU'LL SEE THE RESULTS.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Firefox at 4:Expect More Bests Including their Web Browser 1.0

I didn't realize until I came across with the latest blog posts at Mozilla today on their anniversary celebration. I couldn't remember and I thought it could've been because of old age and clients that we dropped because we have too much to catch up with the work we have for ourselves and for long time ones. It was just the other day, November 9. Happy Birthday Firefox with the release of the Firefox web browser 1.0 and we hope there will be more bests to come to us and to keep you going stronger.

You can read Meliss'a post here about the celebration and there's even more in there so I guess I have to end this short post now.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Digg Graveyard - See if You're Listed and Damned to be Dead Forever on Halloween

Today, while looking our for some fresh information that I can use to post here at the intelligent blog, I came across with something interesting and I thought why not post it here so I can share it with others who don't know about it yet. It's about the Digg Graveyard which was posted at Sphinn. It is a place that never came to my mind ever existed after all the use and abuse I have made myself using Digg just to arrive at a dependable and reliable result to my numerous little experiments. (sorry for that)

It was actually an accidental find while I was looking at my profile, a long lost one trying to seek some old forums and digging up old manuscripts in the web that I used to use when I was literally new to link building. I wanted to use them all again so I went with my quest until I found the Digg Graveyard and the links at social blade, one by one led me to Sphinn, where some of the best posts I got here at the intelligent blog came from. I also took the liberty to post here the picture which I personally cropped just to fit in my blog and for others to see the look of the graveyard firsthand (maybe) here in my SEO blog. See picture above taken from Social Blade.

The graveyard actually featured top users, that is, the banned ones and they lie there dammed forever getting banned from Digg index. At first I thought it was some kind of joke until I was lead to the post about it on Sphinn which we all know is one of the most reliable resource for any SEO out there looking for some fresh and not so fresh information that really rocks and best of all, helps us go over day after day.

Anyway, just enjoy taking a look at the listing that I provided at the links within this post. If you feel that I did well (not in any chance great) with this post and find and you might want to subscribe to my feeds, please feel free. You can also show me some love by linking to this post and writing your own as I did in my links to the original source where I got this exciting article from. BTW, this is a "dofollow blog" so feel free to make your comment now but just please, I urge you to read first my comment policy below. You can also Digg this post.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Up to the Linux Usermod Delete Command

I have a friend who is in to and Linux Usermod Delete Command and I wanted to help him with it but the problem is that I really don't know so much about those as I am more of a content architect than programs. They don't attract me at all plus the fact that I feel it is going to take so much of my time if I try to study this Linux Usermod Delete Command thing today.

Well, although this is how I personally feel about programming and such jobs and techie stuff, I must admit those guys who are in to this kind of industry are truly one of the best there is because they make and give life to the party. They are not clowns nor are they the comedians who make us laugh all the time but instead they are one of the guys that we all ought to respect.

This is because to be in this industry, particularly if you are also up to Linux Usermod Delete Command thingy, you really have to be good at it and today, very few people take time to learn about these kinds of techie stuff.

So I salute you my friend for being in here and I hope when the time comes that I will have problems about such to deal with that you would be available and not so busy with your work. Goodluck!

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