Friday, November 21, 2008

Experienced Web Designer and SEO - Who Dares Claim

When we talk of the search engines and people like us, I bet you there can and should never be anyone who dare say that he or she is an experienced web designer nor an experienced SEO. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, simply because if you claim that you are an experienced web designer, you have to be some kind of an authority with the word experienced under your name as a web designer. The same thing goes for an experienced SEO.

Experience just to make some people think is a word that can be defined but the content of which is immeasurable. Experience is here because we have to continually learn from everyday life as a person, a SEO or a web designer or even as a whole group. Since I brought out the meaning of "experienced" here, I would like to imply that anyone who claims his name under the description of experienced is all a false claimant because we all know that you can never gain all the experience that you need in this world to claim that you are experienced and it applies both to a web designer and a SEO.

If we cannot measure our experience ourselves, then how come there are a few people in the internet industry who claim that they are experienced? Can they really say that they have everything in their profile with respect to experience to claim that they are experienced? The guts! Even Matt Cutts or Sergei Brin didn't claim themselves as Experienced (with "d") Google engineer and Google founder respectively because they know that they cannot have the word "experienced" before their name in any circumstance.

I myself is saying that this blog is an intelligent blog where an intelligent SEO blogging is but never did I claim that I am an intelligent SEO or an intelligent SEO blogger. There is a big difference between being the experienced person yourself with being in places and groups and websites that have people who have the experience in dealing with their specialties but never in a million years time would they dare to claim they are experienced web designer or experienced SEO and so on. This is what we call as either a false claim or a wrong tagging of oneself. It can never be called as an achievement to call yourself as someone experienced when you do not even have all the experience in the world to claim yourself being experienced. If you get my point, then that's it.

I do not mean to offend anyone here but instead, would just like to clarify a few things in my mind and prove to myself that I am still lucky and humble enough to claim that this blog is an intelligent blog where intelligent SEO blogging and news is. I didn't claim in any way that I am an intelligent SEO myself because I know that there are a lot of intelligent SEOs out there than I am much like if you are claiming to be an experienced web designer or experienced SEO that I happen to read in so manny places in the internet today. You can claim that your company has the best and experienced web designers and best and experienced SEOs but please do not in any other way claim that you are an experienced authority in this and that because experience is something that cannot be measured nor appended under a person's name.


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