Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last 2 Days for Cebu SEO Contest

It is now the last 2 days of the Cebu SEO contest and today I decided to make the change, a last resort to see if there really is something to this blog. This is more of an SEO test to see the contest effect for the Cebu SEO contest but this SEO blog will be back as soon as I see something happen that I wanted to see.

Let's see how this transformation will bring about to the SEO contest experiment.

2 Great Places to Get Good Niches

Where Did you Get that Niche?

Most of us because we feel our SEO talent is already enough and we can do what we want with respect to ranking up high or coming up with an interesting niche to top over in the serps, we forget a basic thing. We usually close our eyes to more simple matters when it comes to getting references for our niches, the good ones to promote our webpage with. Where do we really get the best niches in the internet and do we always have to use tools to see if they really work? What about you as an SEO, do you think you really have what it takes to be on top whichever niche you choose?

Common Niche Hunting Tendencies

I came up with this sort of weird post because today, I saw something that most of us would not bend our heads to. This is an area that most SEOs refuse to take a look at and give a little analysis for picking up something that you cannot just pick up out there when you search for a niche to target or to enter in to. Because we feel we are already good at it, we neglect about it. Some SEOs out there, they get their niche with which they will target to rank a webpage for from other SEOs. This is one of the common tendencies and we call this piracy. We pirate other people's niche or our fellow SEOs and use it to make a webpage of our own and possibly take out some juice. Of course, there will always be a need to take down and use some tools to be able to believe that there is something in the niche of a fellow SEO.

Places to go Hunt for Amazing Niches

So this post is all about places that we don't dare to notice or either refuse to notice because we thought that we know things like where to get a niche to enter a campaign from. So let me name a few situations or let's just say, a few clues that led me to concluding this can be a good way to get a niche from and at the same time those proxy IP users and spammers get a competition on their dogs. So where is this, let me name them below for a clearer view.

spam trackback comments - Now why in the world did I ever arrive at this assumption that there is indeed gold in this part of our blogs that we always seem to refuse looking at. Moderating comment spams are always a zing. Could it be because we have done the same thing and so we thought we already know what this is all about so it should be neglected? I tell you, this is where I sometimes get a good niche to target. Although most of the time, these niches are really very competitive. These guys who spend a lot of time trying to look for sites to spam with their trackbacks are really and mostly worth it for them. Who would spend time trying to utilize trackback comments if the niche they are promoting there are not worth a try. There could be a pot of gold behind these bars and we never even notice or we intentionally neglect it because of that feeling as an SEO that there is only junk in those trackback comment spams. Think again.

blog review sites - Now since I would want to assume that all of us SEOs have our own blogs or at least have tried blogging, I assumed in the first part that we all know where to look for trackback comment spams. This time we are up to the blog review or the paid for blogging sites. Why in the hell would I assume that there are a lot of good niches out there inside the paid for blogging sites that offer blog review services?

This is simple, if you have at least tried to sign up with these get paid for blogging schemes you would surely know about it and I wouldn't even have to explain it here. I saw most of my niches so many times and got them from in there and I can tell you that this is it. This is also a perfect place to go looking for amazing high earners out there for you if you are an SEO who earns through affiliate marketing or if you are planning to add up to a client's target niche.

Why? simply because most of the time or let me rephrase it, all the time I've been there looking for some blog review offers and it came to my mind to try and look for click estimates to a keyword that advertisers are targeting. I was surprised to have seen a lot of advertisers that have amazing high end niches that you can really enter in to and I had them all listed in an excel spreadsheet just to be sure that I have a list. I was really surprised when I did try to use the Google Keyword estimator in those niches. Those certain niches that advertisers there entered in their request forms for the anchor text to use in the blog review really pays big time bonanza in terms of AdSense and other affiliate marketing skips.

Feeling Good Knowing Where to Get a Great Niche

I felt good that I now have a resource to go looking at every time I try to look for a topic to get in or a niche to enter in a competition against those who already are in for quite some time. I've figured it out and it worked well for me as well as for some of my research for clients in my SEO job. Sometimes it just takes a situation or two to realize that there is something there. Try to look closely and look for a longer period of time next time and you might find gold in the thrash.

Cebu SEO Contest Ends in 2 Days

The Cebu SEO contest is about to end in 2 days more but the contest got hit it seems with a wild card revolution of the contest entries. A major algorithm happened just in time for the contest end in 2 days. If this is not a major algorithm, then fine with me and the other contest participants.

Watch out for the undisputed ending of the Cebu SEO contest on September 2, 2008. I bet there will be another important change that will happen for the results.

DP Forum Threads Hacked!

I never thought that forums can be hacked,much more, Digital Point Forums, the most visited forum in the SEO community and webmaster industry all over the world. This is where the best and the new ones sometimes meet and match.

I guess, very few knows about this yet and I don't know when this happened. I saw it while browsing over at Digital Point Forums in the Google section. At first I thought that it was just someone who is having problems with their site getting hacked but to my surprise, I saw that only a few were able to visit the thread, one of them was me.

I tried to open the said thread not knowing what it might do to my PC. Anyway, I have a strong sense of urgency in the next move so I pushed the button and chala! DP WAS HACKED! I thought when hackers hack a site, they literally hack the site as a whole and this is the first time that I was able to see a site that got hacked in sections. This time it was just a few of DP's Google thread sections. Please view the image below and CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Contest But an Avenue to Learn - Cebu SEO Contest

The Cebu SEO contest is just a small SEO contest but still you cannot count it off. It is an avenue where you can learn a lot from. I've learned a lot from it. This is just the perfect teacher for me and for all of us, the same reason why I did not neglect it. I took my chance to use the opportunity that it poses for me because win or loose, I want to learn from this SEO contest.

For those who thought that the Cebu SEO contest is just about a contest they are wrong. It is more than just the contest that it is, a source of knowledge. Small source but worth it for sure I have seen a little light joining here and I don't regret a single day I spent doing things that I haven't done like when I was working as a regular employee. This contest has taught me more than just work but humility and friendship. A contest that no one thought would be of.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Back with a New Rank in the Cebu SEO Contest

I am finally back and that fast as I made few effort to see where I did wrong for the Cebu SEO Contest. Now I know the secret to falling down and getting back! I'd love to learn more about how the search engines behave and how they see SEO and link building in their own eyes, especially Google.

I don't intend to win this SEO contest, just to see what works and what doesn't. If this is the Intelligent SEO Blog, then I should be in no doubt, the intelligent SEO blogger. I learned another thing or two and each day I want to add more knowledge to my experience. Winning an SEO contest such as the Cebu SEO Contest is not everything, it is just the stepping stone to more winnings and along those winnings, learning is the most important part.

UBD is Now a 1-Year Old Baby

First, what is UBD? I've been out there in the web stalking great blogs to feature here at the Intelligent SEO Blog, a SEO blog in the Philippines that's been topping all over the charts and has had thousands of visitors each month from clients to stumble overs. Back to UBD. UBD is Unique Blog Designs and they have worked for some of the best and most prestigious clients in the industry. You can read more >---> about their clients.

What is is about UBD getting here at the Intelligent SEO Blog. UBD is celebrating their turning into a 1 year old baby and they are giving away lumberjack prizes to their friends all over the world in line with their 1 year anniversary celebration. The prizes appear as below in the image.

I want to win that iPod as well as if any of my readers find this post, I bet they will come rushing to UBD to play around with the contest and greet UBD. Well, this is your chance, what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and join for you might win this one. Who knows/

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Saw all My Cebu SEO Contest Posts

Google indeed saw all my posts and eventually removed me from their index on the Cebu SEO Contest results. I never expected it to come today and I never thought Google will see my effort. It did destroy my experiment but I still have one more entry that I can use for the seo experiment using a seo contest such as the Cebu SEO Contest.

I know that it will come but I didn't expect it to be today. I expected it earlier because what I have is only an inner page and I haven't even optimized my home page. I haven't also looked in the deeper view of the results with the keyword Cebu SEO Contest yet but I will after this post just to see if Google had me indexed in my home page instead of the inner page which is my entry to the contest.

There's one more entry to use in the SEO experiment and I will be more careful with my cross linking effort to see this entry last a little longer in the top 10 of the results and to be able to use it further in my experiment. I want to learn more about cross linking and linking structure that gave way for Google to see my effort and to remove me from the index on the SEO contest keyphrase - Cebu SEO Contest. More to come...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Won't Change the Plan - I'd Still Go for Inner Page SEO

Masterofthe here, I am still not changing my plans to optimize purely for the inner page of my blog although I have seen some strong entries with optimized domains and optimized contents and title tags. This is really getting very challenging. I expected that by Monday my entry will disappear from the results but with a little effort to do offpage SEO on it, me and my blog is lucky to be still in here.

I saw the algorithm just now, exactly 5:27 PM and i saw one blog made it to the second slot all of a sudden. This is a strong indication that this blog is optimized very well on the onpage. Even though this is the case, I will not change my original plan unless the search engines do. There is a big possibility that Google might see my optimized posts and lead it to the home page. I will not allow Google to take control over my efforts.

I will not stay loose but intact and still going to optimize for the inner page. Guys, this is your edge over me, I am a stubborn little masterofthe who would stick to his plans just to learn more. This is a great SEO contest and this is a great challenge as well for me. I have never enjoyed seeing Google's algorithm like this using an SEO experiment with the Cebu SEO Challenge Contest.

I am surely gonna love it as more and more it gets harder to rank on top with domains optimized and posts optimized as well as the title tags of my competing entries are also optimized. This is really going very good as expected. The harder it is for me, the better the results and more learning I am in to.

I have no time for hacking issues anymore, just plain old serious work for an hour a day to this entry will probably help it up and help me learn more on SEO contests such as the Cebu SEO Contest.
Sabi nga ng isang KALBO... I LOVE IT!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who's Hacking Who's SEO Contest Entry?

Today, as part of my experiment and learning with SEO and joining a contest, the Cebu SEO Contest and trying to see if an inner page can take that long in such a very competitive keyword in a SEO contest, my curiosity led me to an entry that is also ranking on the top 10 of the first page. This entry, to avoid any misconceptions is owned by perhaps the only female in the top 10 slots which includes mine.

The owner of the entry is bragging in the comments section of the contest organizer that her entry was hacked. Well, I may not be the authority with hacking and such stuff but by common sense, if indeed an entry is hacked, do you think your content would have been still available in there and your rankings not hurt by dropping all of a sudden? And who would hack a domain of such that you don't even own. If you guys out there don't know what the targets of hackers are, here's a quick look...

If your site is hacked in the first place, hackers replace the content of a site with either his/her a.k.a. or alias or his very own name and when you load your page, you will see a message that most likely would say that you are hacked! if this is still not clear, here's another, how much money do you think can the hacker as you claim get from your blog (which by the way is not even your own domain) It does not even have anything of revenue interest for a hacker.

Mind you, hackers don't waste their time trying to take what is not even owned by you in the first place. Another thing is, do you think your blog is worth the hacking for a hacker who spend literally thousands of dollars with his resources just to win over you? Do you think you deserve the HACK?

In another case, if you were being sabotaged because of this contest by other contestants, then my question is, why are you still up there? Get that? We, the other contestants in the Cebu SEo contest deserves an explanation of why you came over with such a thought. Did it ever occur to you that we are all here because we are just looking for a little exposure and a little time for making friends. And did it not ever occur to you that we are all here not just for the contest prize which I think if it would be I or others here wouldn't have joined.

We can all actually just buy our own domains to get one but what we are all after here is the experience so who are you to tell us and brag about your contest entry being hacked? Be careful of your words or you might not find friends but instead enemies. PEACE!

Aiming for DMOZ - Can this SEO Directory be Bought?

So what's your best SEO directory? There is BOTW or Best of the Web, there is Joe Ant, the Google Directory, Yahoo Directory and more. But there is still one among those best SEO directories out there that everyone is aiming for - DMOZ or the Open Project Directory. Soaring high with PR 8 and perhaps the only link directory in the world with a high regard by Google.

DMOZ is what everybody is looking for to have a listing all the time. It is everybody's need or shall we say want to be included in in their (DMOZ) listings. It is what every webmaster is dreaming of for clients as well as for personal sites. Even in the SEO jobs being offered for freelancers, DMOZ is one of the most wanted and most targeted (that is if you'll see the ads posted by advertisers).

Actually while rushing to one of the most prestigious freelancing centers in the internet, I saw some SEO advertisements aiming and willing to pay for an assurance that they will get his site listed in the DMOZ directory. So what's this all about? And believe me, there must be almost a hundred advertisements there looking for a guarantee for a DMOZ listing of their sites. Now what do you think that this mean?

Can a DMOZ directory listing be bought? Is there really a way to get there paying for a listing? I don't know anything about that personally but since I brought this issue here, I would like to make some implications on the possibilities. We all know that DMOZ is an open project directory where in their camp, they have people called editors that do the editing of all the submission made all over the SEO and business world.

Knowing about this condition, I cannot help but assume that there may be a few guys out there in their camp (DMOZ) who can be bought just to have a listing inside. Would this sooner or later dillute the DMOZ elite listing somehow if found to be true?

The question is, with this situation on hand, people and insiders editing the listings being submitted, is it really possible to get a bought listing? If not, why do I see closed projects in the freelancing center that I used to go to? I just used to go there and see who's who and what the good old SEO guys are up to and I see a lot of posted advertiser requests for a DMOZ listing.

Almost everyday I see one or a couple more. Could this mean that a DMOZ listing be really bought? Knowing that DMOZ requests in the freelancing site get paid and projects closed could be just what the missing link is. Just asking so you know what's in and what's not, what's hip and what's hot.

The Culprit Came When I Conquered The SEO Experiment

You, the culprit to one of my SEO posts came. Just in time for me conquering the top spot. It really is fun to test my blog and myself. Not using so much bookmarkings like those of the others who bloated out their tummies with a huge downpour of social bookmarkings. Sorry if you are one of those who did it. I didn't mean any harm. We all learn from mistakes as well as I did in the past. I learned a lot from my past SEO experiences and I want to learn more as if I were a hungry little kid who just came from the playground.

For now I will stick just to me resources in doing away with my competition. I want to be there not because I submitted a lot of bookmarkings to my useless funny posts. One or two for me will do. I just love to see how it gets to be so effective not acting like that. I want to prove something not to others but to myself. Prove that I can learn because I do not understand up to now some things. I am just like anybody here doing all they can to see what works and what doesn't.

What about you? Yes you!!! Did you make that same strategy to get to the top? So, let us assess. Did you get to the top at all doing that? If NO is your answer, then stop it. Do other things that proves to be pushing you up there....and the culprit came when I conquered the Cebu SEO contest while having fun. Fun fun fun.

Those who think this is easy and shows up comments as if they know everything in SEO, as if they are the authority. Nobody here can be an authority unless you are Google or MSN or Yahoo. Not me, not you nor anyone in here or in there. We all learn somewhere along the way because we don't know everything. This is not for the money or for the free domain. This is for me to learn more. I don't want to be like others who feel they have everything and so they don't want to learn more. If you have it, flaunt it!

All this is just about fun, trying hard to stay there on top with just an inner page and not the home page is nothing new but with this contest, it's probably the first one. Nobody ever tried to do it for some reason (it is hard to rank in a contest using only the inner page) and that is why I want to see if this will go straight till September.

Sorry for those who might be affected by this post, I'm just having a good time learning and testing. I do not want to be like those who think they have what it takes. I want to learn more each day on how it works for the search engines. I am no good until I prove it! I want to know more, otherwise, I wouldn't be here at all.

No one has any right to tell me this is easy because they haven't even tried. Now if you think this is easy as you talk, then try and take it. Take the challenge and see if you have what it takes to prove you are the best there is. Take the Cebu SEO Challenge! Go prove that in an SEO contest, you can rank an inner page until the end. THIS IS MY EXPERIMENT.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Raising Eyebrows Over the New Propeller Design

Everybody has talked about the new propeller design and what they had in mind is the same as what I have. The new design really sti**. It doesn't even have the user-friendly social media site design that it used to have.

Although this news is a bit late and the comments are too late, I'd like to be the first one to discuss about it here. Where no one dares, I discuss and maybe that is why I want this blog to be labeled as the Intelligent Blog in SEO Philippines block.

Say what you might but I know and have seen a lot of SEO blogs out there but nothing can compare to this blog of mine. I know what I do and I put my heart on it all the time. That's what makes it very interesting to read my posts. This is where you will find interesting discussion as well as first hand information about some of the latest in the world SEO community.

SMX China Happens, Philippines When?

While Browsing over at Sphinn, I got a peek at a small sort of an ad where I saw it contained the schedule of SMX - Search Engine Marketing Expo. The schedule is on China this time which will happen in September 23 - 24 i Nanjing China. I felt a little bit of jealousy here. A though came to my mind at once, a question, when will the Philippines ever be part of the SMX tour?

SMX China is on and the Philippines is still waiting. I guess it will take a very long time before that happens. But I don't loose hope that someday, the SEO world will notice the Philippines on this.

Other schedules run at SMX London on November 4 - 5.

SMX East will be in New York City on October 6 - 8.

Braggadoccio, Sphinn and How I Get Visits From Prominent SEO People

Early last year, this very same blog, then a blogspot and now still a blogspot had its value in the internet. It may be a small pact of posts with nonsense words and of no interest blog but come to think that it gets visited by some of the most prominent bloggers and SEO people known to the industry. The like of Rusty Brick, gold old Barry Schwarts, Boing Boing and now just today after an interesting post in Sphinn, SEO by The Sea's William Slawski, a.k.a. Braggadoccio. How I did it is another important learning both for me and for other SEOs out there. Sign up for an account at Sphinn and don't blow your account by just putting in there nonsense posts. Just the best posts that you think is enough for you to get in. Believe me, I've done the same mistake before and today, I enjoy lots of the latest and best content there is in the internet because of Sphinn.

First, allow me to boast who just visited me today, William Slawski, a.k.a. Braggadoccio. For those who don't know where Slawski writes, it's in SEO by the Sea. I'm glad, these people paid a visit in my humble blog every once in while and I owe it to Sphinn where these guys get together all the time. It's a good resource, the best of all in fact they manage the site very well taking out literally thousands even millions of junk bookmarkings. Who knows? I don't!

The important learning here is that if you have those kinds of people visiting your blog every once in while, that you must have what it takes to be visited. Ok, I'll tell you what I had at Sphinn just the other night that got these rare people rushing to my blog today. It's simple, a story I had encountered somewhere in my life as an SEO and relate it a previous life I had as an amusement technician. Yes, I am an amusement technician in my previous profession, about 5 months ago but now I am glad that I entered full time into SEO and link building arena.

I aim to be the best link builder equipped not with the millions of resources in link building but with just the perfect methods and a few resources. That which the search engines won't fail to give favor over competitors. I love the art of SEO and the art of link building because I believe that they go together.

Today I learned so much about doing your best and by doing just that, you get something in return, something that you will not forget. A visit from prestigious people like the people I have mentioned above is surely something rare and it helps boost my career as an SEO. I may not have conversed with these people today but at least, I know that it pays, it really pays to be an SEO who can give the world great compelling content. I know it but I didn't really realize until today.

Sphinn Junks Cebu SEO Contest Bookmarkings

This is a call for those who are a little bit on the early stage of their SEO and Sphinning and in using the bookmark submission tool called as the Social Bookmarker. Please, refrain from submitting all your bookmarks about the Cebu SEO Contest in their site.

You'll surely be booted out unless you can make something really worth of the time of those who are regular members of the popular search engine bookmarking site. I am not saying you have useless content but it's just the way it works there for some of the big time SEOs in the industry.
Click the image below to enlarge:

Sphinn, is a social sharing and also the search engine industry's very own social news & networking site launched by none other than the good old reliable and ever dependable Danny Sullivan. It is where some of the best stay and mingle and they all know what makes a very useful content to get bookmarked in their fences. All the people there knows what gets in and what doesn't.

There must be at least
2 Cebu SEO Contest bookmark submissions that got booted out of their engine. You must realize that you cannot afford to loose your membership only by careless submission of content. I say careless because of the obvious point that those two I can see from the Cebu SEO contest results got badly booted out. That means your content did not pass the quality that they have there which is strict as a hole of the needle, please don't.
Click the image below to enlarge:

There must be something that the users and members there can get out from your posts in Sphinn before the administrators will allow your submissions. This is again a call to some of you who manage to make submissions because this way, you might compromise us being labeled as spammers and we all do not want that.

I get most of my valuable content from Sphinn and if you are not aware of it and that there is a pot of gold in there and I don't want you guys to have your accounts banned, so I decided to make this post even though it is very hard for me to make my point.

In a Matter of SEO Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Not even a day. Why in a matter of hours, minutes and seconds? This must have something to do with the Cebu SEO Contest that I just saw today. It took my curiosity and I felt urged to try if this blog still has its charisma with Google. Indeed, Google gave me the top position all in a day's work. I didn't intend to but I mean it.

I really want to get to the top but not today. It was supposed to be by Monday. Now I will face the problem of having that post maintained without considering my time frame. Anyway, it will do for now. I am still waiting for the home page to come out and while waiting for that occurrence which I doubt will come, I have to update this blog and let you all see my posts for the SEO contest.

A friend, James "B" (not the rapper) was supposed to be here but a sad ending to his entry and his chance to learn more that ended in the thrash because of....never mind. Sorry for those who are already there, I am just having a good time testing my new blog's onpage. This is the first time so I guess I am on track learning more. I enjoyed studying the new SEO Book (not Aaron Wall's) this one's better at least a 100 times more. This is the latest that I have and I really learned a lot from this SEO book for just 2 sleepless nights of reading and true friend's guidance.

Thanks to a friend in the U.S. (a real friend) and now a very good friend. Testing those learnings in my blogs is another issue. I won't fail my clients from the Middle East and I will lots of link love this year. We are also going to win a contest, but not the Cebu SEO Contest but against our competitors.

There is no Blissful Blogging for an SEO

There is no blissful blogging for an SEO, just techie blogging. But because we are all SEOs, we don't make it hard for us in the first place to understand what we do. We do it because we want to do it for the sake of taking things in our own hands.

We SEOs have the habit taking things not just in our own hands but in the name of Google Keyword Tool and the Google Analytics as well as the Google Traffic estimator. Why? It's so simple, we want to make sure we end up on top over what we know we want to achieve.

We are all addicted not to love but with Google. Here we pronounce it Gugel. Not Gu-gel, as in the gel we put in our hair but Gu-gel as in the gel of my life or gels just wanna have fun. Have fun in the Cebu SEO contest ya'll.

You can imitate it but never duplicate it!

When SEOs Fall, They Fall Hard - An SEO Worker's Story

It has been a rule of thumb for many webmasters and SEO people to be careful of what they get in to. While I've had my mistakes, trying to give and ask for nothing but partnership the kind of partnership that was supposed to last a lifetime, I fell hard. I fell hard because I didn't see it coming. I though somewhere along the way, once, that my principle that business is business is always good and I proved myself right after all.

Friends are friends and we can always be friends with our friends, but when business come, friendship breaks. Why? I really couldn't answer myself until it came a point where I am the one. Business partnership proved that when business is at stake, we should first forget that our partners are our friends. WE don't have to compromise our friendship and we must be clear from the start.

I have always valued friendship until a friend, a co-worker in the amusement stole my ideas, my project, me and my future to be given the recognition on that project. I was no SEO that time, I am just me, the amusement worker who taught a friend I thought was all the way a friend but a fox. I didn't pity myself, I stood up! I know where I stand and I know my place. I didn't argue, I took the slap but he is still my friend because we are friends.

I understand that there are a few people, when you start to feed them up not with food but knowledge and power only you once had, they change. They change from becoming a friend into competition. Still I did not regret sharing what I had... Until the slap came. A partnership, a business partnership with business we mean 50/50 right? And it was the agreement until the agreement sounded different. You become the employee that partner dictates what to do or work out today and the next day.

Indeed I am not an SEO yet that day but I understood and still gave but when I felt this partner want's top eat me alive, that's when I started shouting...ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH!!! I am a human with dignity not just in friendship but also in partnership and with my words. I value what I say. I make mistakes but I will make it up because I know.

No I am not an SEO I am just your worker and you can dictate me anything you want even if costs me deprivation to have that chance to learn, to interact as a person or an SEO. I will not be denied this time. I am an SEO and you are my friend and my partner but you can't make me do what you want with me I still have my own life don't I? Well, there are a few people who feel they have the world in their hands but no. you might feel that way but you won't have me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Google Now Allows Google AdSense for Feeds in Beta

I was surprised today to see that my Google AdSense accounts displayed below a link to the Google AdSense for Feeds link. This is something new for Google and it is still in beta testing.

This is new to Google and they might have given a second thought an original scheme by some pay for blogging platform I can't remember anymore. Yes, it was this paid per posting for bloggers service that I have seen it first. Learn more on the new Google AdSense for Feeds.

Just for your information, Google Advertising for Feeds has two pricing models, the pay per click and the pay per impression. This is a very demanding platform for many webmasters as well as web advertising site owners so I guess as an initial analysis that this will make it to the public. I also heard Yahoo is looking on this so you guys out there, the great advertising experts, this can be another venue to look at. Read more about the buzz here..

After learning just last month that Google intends to abolish their Google for Search publishing program ,now here comes a new one. I hope this gives publishers more opportunity to be able to make more income in the internet. Google AdSense for YouTube called as the Google AdSense Video Units seem to not give so much even if did attract a lot of spectators.

I do not know where Google got this business model and frankly, I have no idea at all but the fact that they launched a new product is something really good. This will be an additional earning venue for those who are in to AdSense publishing.

Go check your Google Accounts now and see if you can try this one out, the Google AdSense for feeds. They have a link there and I'm sure you won't miss this if you are an avid looker in your AdSense earnings.

Cebu SEO Contest - A Local SEO Challenge

A new SEO contest has been launched, the Cebu SEO contest. I didn't have the chance to look for more information because I do not really intend to join it. I just want to have fun having it announced here at SEO Outsourcing Philippines and Link Building Services as a form of support for such a good initiative for local SEO in the Philippine SEO community.

Cebu is a great place indeed and also fast becoming an ideal competitive venue for great SEOs. There are also a lot of other SEOs these days in the Visayas region and I am glad that this is fast becoming a very good motivation for webmasters as well as a good start to awaken the IT population in the Philippines.

Congratulations to the organizers of the Cebu SEO Contest for getting this initiative up and I am very sorry that I didn't take time to research more about the contest because time is not with me tonight. Sorry, no links at all for any information. I am trying to see how having literally no link at all will do in the SERPs and this post about the Cebu Contest is part of that experiment, so as my other posts here. Chiao!

Web Design and Web Development in Egypt

I was asked today to make a short case study in a middle east country. This study is directed particularly in relation to Web Design in Egypt as well as the current Web Development industry in Egypt. Although I really have no knowledge at all about Egypt being a mecca or some sort of a good destination for Web Design projects as well as an industry that intends to grow on a particular aspect in Web Development, I decided to agree to make one for a friend.

This is nothing new to me as I have been asked before the same review about the current web development in another country and I gladly obliged not just because I got paid quite a big deal from it but because I am interested to do the job and learn about their current case status with respect to web development and web design. This is only the second time that I've been asked and I agreed even if it is indeed a free review because I offered it here to those who are willing to sponsor a link back to one of the web development solutions provider website that I have been building links toward right now.

I came across some requests based on 5 major keywords but I decided to make just 2 because it will take the whole day to do those 5 keywords.

Most countries in the Middle East, Egypt is one, are can be rarely seen in the results of the web development industry. The only reason that this is the case just like in Egypt may be attributed to their lands rich in oil and the fact that it is their major concern as well as the people there know that oil runs not just a country but the whole world. The other reason that I see why Egypt for one wouldn't divulge and engage in web development business issues is because they don't have the right people who can do the job and their skills cannot afford to compete for the web development market as well as in web design.

I have talked to a few people who have managed to get in business in Egypt and they said that their manpower resource which they use mostly come from other neighboring Asian countries for the reason that people and businesses in Egypt are not interested to develop high competency rate against the meccas like U.K or United States. They don't want to pay high costs of overhead maintenance for people doing web design. Although there are a few Asian countries that managed to compete over this 2 meccas in the web development and web design industry like India, Egypt wouldn't dare to. They are busy running the oil fields and so they concentrate on that asset which they all know will never run out of demand.

Egypt web development and web design industry is like a young child while they are on the other end highly regarded as a historical emblem both in the past centuries as well as today in all matters related to the rich national heritage and culture. Let them be where they are now and let alone a few who are interested to get web development related and web design related services in Egypt somewhere else. There is nothing much to pay for that industry and don't expect Egypt to change accordingly with the development of the internet. Egypt has a very young web development and web design industry and so let them rest in that level. The place will have it's time when time is right.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About SEO Outsourcing Philippines

SEO Outsourcing Philippines blog started as a plain SEO ideas blog way back in 2006. It grew links the natural way through time and from those who liked some of my posts here. This blog proved to have a unique strength in all aspects of SEO and I have experimented with it in so many ways. In fact, we are # 1 with our 2 major keyphrases, SEO Outsourcing Philippines, SEM Outsourcing Philippines and currently on top 10 with Link Builders Philippines. I have seen how this blog can rank easily with relevant keyphrases that it targets even without any marketing or link building effort at all and I am glad about that.

I have more 200 indexed pages in Yahoo Site Explorer at such a young blog of only less than 200 posts since June 1, 2006. I treat this blog even more than my other personal blogs and it has given me business since the start of 2007 knowing that this is a blogspot and very rarely given the interest business blog.

Today, this blog
evolved from just being a simple SEO blog into an intelligent SEO blog that discuss some of the latest trends. tactics, moves, schemes and techniques in SEO. This of course includes world SEO news and other major concerns both in the Philippine SEO community and the world SEO events. I intend to make this blog even more important with a promise of non-stop write ups of good content and few occasional personal concerns.

I have made friends with this blog, a lot of friends as I once told a client, "
SEO for me is an art of how we build dignity in relationships both with search engines and people and I take it with me on every work I do."

Imagine the Traffic I Receive and Get a Link for Free

Can you imagine the traffic that this blog of mine receive after it has been over the SERPs for the major keywords and keywphrases. Just take a look at keyphrases like SEO Outsourcing Philippines, SEM Outsourcing Philippines and Link Builders Philippines for more than a year now? Well, if that is the case, I bet there are those who are looking for a slot to be part of this SEO blog. If you are one, please continue to read below.

Here's the good news!!! I am offering a slot for any SEO related business here in my blog with an image beside your business link provided that you can give me a 3-way link back to an SEO business that I am building quality links to. Hmmm....Tempted at the offer? Wait till you read this.

You also get 1 free blog review of your business as an additional part of the package that I am offering for a link exchange. If you are interested, you know how to contact me because I know you are good at finding me and those who are good will get the slot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calling Web Design Professionals and Experts in the Philippines

I do not have the time to post messages or ads or stuff like that in the classifieds because I am only after the best in the industry to partner with me in making perhaps the biggest web portal in the Philippines. This is more of a dare to those who are interested to to try and go big in the Philippines and battle out some of the best there already is both in the web design market, in the SEO market and in the search engine marketing arena. It has to be a team of at least 3 people who knows how it works with portals.

Yes, this is a call to those who would like to partner with me, if you are an expert web designer in the Philippines or a web design guru and you think that you have what it takes and the will to be on top, I am inviting you to join my team and let us be the best there is. This will be the biggest crazy dare that you will ever read about or see done in a crazy manner via posting in a blogspot blog but mind you I am serious and I know I loose nothing here.

Those of you, if you think you have what it takes, this will be a free invitation to try and speak your web design ideas with a team I am looking to organize. I am not the best myself but I am willing to try out my resources to achieve this dare. I need someone who knows so much about web design and can call himself as a web design genius. Talk to me, you know where to reach me.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blogger Problems, I Need Blogger Digg It Plug In

In SEO, it matters a lot to have plug ins or some sort of making your content and pages available for the world to abuse and take advantage of and make them available in the market and anywhere else they want it to be. Plug in have a great use for many bloggers and SEOs alike and It keeps me wondering why they exist in Wordpress and can't for blogger (as far as I know) or Blogsome or any other blogging platforms out there that stood the test of time.

Well, forgive me if I am wrong and for those who knows where I can get a decent plug in for the "Digg It" sort of usability blogging tool, then hell, please tell me because I need it in this blog. I know I am not alone in this call and I know that there are a lot of people out there who would die to have this sort of plug in and I am eager to see one for myself as I get a little crappy on my great and intelligent posts here at SEO Outsourcing Philippines and Link Building Services blog. Yes I know that some would contest but please allow me to this and even if this blog is a blogspot as what most would criticize, I am having a lot of good time giving it some time when I am free from all the workloads that come my way doing link building for clients and customers from some parts of the world.

This has been one of the most common problems for Blogger Platform and yet I wasn't able to see today when I searched for some plug in that would have my and my content syndicated all over the web for my visitors. I guess I can see right now that this would help me and other Blogger fanatics out there if we discover that there is a "Digg It" plug in like in Wordpress. Now why does Wordpress really get all the luck? Hey, I am not even monetizing this blog even if it receives quite a number of traffic from all over the SEO archipelago.

THIS IS A CALL, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE USINGMY COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAPPEN TO STUMBLE UPON THAT "DIGG IT" plug in for Blogger Blogs. Hey! yo, Blogger, I am looking into this and I hope you can hear or will hear this call.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who is this Not Stupid SEO?

Google has been a little bit more controversial again with the latest PR update. Up to this day, it is really hard to learn how to manipulate Google PR because every now and then, there seem to be a different pattern for implementing the PR update. I've been trying to look at certain metrics and data to analyze on how semantics affect a website in terms of indexing for its target keyword or keyphrase but so far, none.

Over time, there has been so many stories told about semantics but like the wonderful world of SEO, there is still no definite answer to questions, just presumptions and estimates. I remember this guy, an SEO expert, self declared of course telling people and bragging about a link builder who made a mistake on her grammar. This guy, the self declared not stupid SEO???, had a title on his blog that says, "Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can't write". (Sorry for copy pasting this title from the Google results...I just can't help it.)

Now if I were to analyze the title of this
cool dude, it was he who seem not so good in his letters and feeling like an authority SEO who wrote his TITLE wrong. Does this guy know that "filipino" just like the rest of his starting letters in the title should be capitalized....STUPID should also be,,, right? Who's stupid here...does this guy even know when to write a title in CAPITAL first letter? THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Whos's is this guy to say who is stupid in SEO and who is not? Now who could this guy be? Can you make a guess? A stupid guess?

Well, I just got semantics out of my words here and I'll leave it all up to you to see through that. Anyway, this guy did an apology post (thank you for that, you glorified out justice). Now, everybody will read about it when they search for the keyphrase "
link builders Philippines". Congratulations!!!!, you beat a lot of us here in the Philippines on that keyphrase.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Google Knol, Prone to Spam Attacks

I do not really understand why webmasters love seeing through sites that give links differently. I have talked to a few friends all I hear from them is how to build links this way and that way. Today it's different. The newly launched Google Knol is some service yet again by Google in their attempt to give a little bit more than just a social bookmarking site can give - a source of concentrated professional knowledge about a certain topics.

Today, I tried to visit the service and I was surprised to my own opinion and judgement that there are quite a few webmasters who are really obvious in their posts there using the service to sort of spam and propagate nonsense while there are already a lot of great information in there from truly concerned citizens who still believe that good content deserves a place inside Google.

I do not really intend to make my own pre-judging about this new service but the point is why the need to spam it with useless content while you have your chance to better service and access to some of the greatest contents in the world. Why the need to ruin your chance on it.

I do not want to play it clean because I have committed the same mistake early in my SEO career and even up to now without me knowing. We all have different baselines with distinguishing spam and there really are no boundaries set to judge one content and attach it with spam. Who are we really to know spam and judge content to be spam when there are no exact rules. It is our own prejudice that tells us so.

I dont want to pre judge but sometimes we really have to make a point so as to be understood and this is the same reason why I don't put more emphasis on spam except in a few cases only I know based on my own standards.

Kabonfootprint V2.0 Contest

The Busby SEO Challenge is not yet through but here comes another SEO contest, the kabonfootprint seo contest. Another race while a previous race is not yet won. I bet this kabonfootprint will be another digg spamming social bookmarking flooding posts. It always has been.

For those who are interested to join, see first the kabonfootprint contest rules.

The New Delicious, Looping with PR 9

From del-icio-us to delicious, did they really turn it good this time?

Delicious had just turned a new look on their social bookmarking platform and the redirection seemed to have, not a devastating effect on them but one of the bewildering results ever in the history of PR upgrade by Google . THEY JUST TURNED RP 9. You can take a look at their new look and be one of the first ones to see how they turned great with user-friendliness in their new backyard.

Delicious was up since 1995 of November and was bound to expire November 18 2008 but announcing their new look with a redirection to the new domain and 5 colorful links from wikipedia had them leading in the social bookmarking arena today.

Does re-spelling of the now leading social bookmarking site had them turn into PR 9 all of a sudden? Do misspellings really play big deal in SEO? It is considered a misspelling was it? (with dashes on a not so syllable-looking series of letters) Well, I have a few experiments on my own which I am not so lucky continuing because of so much work to do. Now I had the inkling urge to continue that along with other outdated experiments I had in the past. MAYBE.

People in the search engine battle have been wondering if it could really be such a possible theory of another series of new search engine optimization greatness. Or maybe it just has something to do with their being there since 1995 and having those few relevant links from authority site, Wikipedia? Any other way this happening wants to show signs of things like this and things like that, we all learn from it,,,,at least to me.

I'm happy the change did not make me loose all my bookmarks.

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