Saturday, August 16, 2008

Raising Eyebrows Over the New Propeller Design

Everybody has talked about the new propeller design and what they had in mind is the same as what I have. The new design really sti**. It doesn't even have the user-friendly social media site design that it used to have.

Although this news is a bit late and the comments are too late, I'd like to be the first one to discuss about it here. Where no one dares, I discuss and maybe that is why I want this blog to be labeled as the Intelligent Blog in SEO Philippines block.

Say what you might but I know and have seen a lot of SEO blogs out there but nothing can compare to this blog of mine. I know what I do and I put my heart on it all the time. That's what makes it very interesting to read my posts. This is where you will find interesting discussion as well as first hand information about some of the latest in the world SEO community.


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