Saturday, August 16, 2008

SMX China Happens, Philippines When?

While Browsing over at Sphinn, I got a peek at a small sort of an ad where I saw it contained the schedule of SMX - Search Engine Marketing Expo. The schedule is on China this time which will happen in September 23 - 24 i Nanjing China. I felt a little bit of jealousy here. A though came to my mind at once, a question, when will the Philippines ever be part of the SMX tour?

SMX China is on and the Philippines is still waiting. I guess it will take a very long time before that happens. But I don't loose hope that someday, the SEO world will notice the Philippines on this.

Other schedules run at SMX London on November 4 - 5.

SMX East will be in New York City on October 6 - 8.


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