Saturday, August 16, 2008

Braggadoccio, Sphinn and How I Get Visits From Prominent SEO People

Early last year, this very same blog, then a blogspot and now still a blogspot had its value in the internet. It may be a small pact of posts with nonsense words and of no interest blog but come to think that it gets visited by some of the most prominent bloggers and SEO people known to the industry. The like of Rusty Brick, gold old Barry Schwarts, Boing Boing and now just today after an interesting post in Sphinn, SEO by The Sea's William Slawski, a.k.a. Braggadoccio. How I did it is another important learning both for me and for other SEOs out there. Sign up for an account at Sphinn and don't blow your account by just putting in there nonsense posts. Just the best posts that you think is enough for you to get in. Believe me, I've done the same mistake before and today, I enjoy lots of the latest and best content there is in the internet because of Sphinn.

First, allow me to boast who just visited me today, William Slawski, a.k.a. Braggadoccio. For those who don't know where Slawski writes, it's in SEO by the Sea. I'm glad, these people paid a visit in my humble blog every once in while and I owe it to Sphinn where these guys get together all the time. It's a good resource, the best of all in fact they manage the site very well taking out literally thousands even millions of junk bookmarkings. Who knows? I don't!

The important learning here is that if you have those kinds of people visiting your blog every once in while, that you must have what it takes to be visited. Ok, I'll tell you what I had at Sphinn just the other night that got these rare people rushing to my blog today. It's simple, a story I had encountered somewhere in my life as an SEO and relate it a previous life I had as an amusement technician. Yes, I am an amusement technician in my previous profession, about 5 months ago but now I am glad that I entered full time into SEO and link building arena.

I aim to be the best link builder equipped not with the millions of resources in link building but with just the perfect methods and a few resources. That which the search engines won't fail to give favor over competitors. I love the art of SEO and the art of link building because I believe that they go together.

Today I learned so much about doing your best and by doing just that, you get something in return, something that you will not forget. A visit from prestigious people like the people I have mentioned above is surely something rare and it helps boost my career as an SEO. I may not have conversed with these people today but at least, I know that it pays, it really pays to be an SEO who can give the world great compelling content. I know it but I didn't really realize until today.


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