Friday, May 30, 2008

The Arlo Gilbert Scientist

So here comes the "Arlo gilbert Scientist" alone as they thought but with an army that's powerful than all combined. This army is also a scientist who has all sorts of resources they never thought would give all the best advantages.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing Around with Misspellings in a SEO Contest

I have an experiment just the other day in a SEO contest and I would like to share this odd result although I wouldn't want to capitalize much on it because of variation of results in the SERPs. This has something to do with misspellings. I found out that in a contest even if the competition is very rigid and there is no room for mistakes, you can still rank for a keyword with misspellings.

Yes! that is true but I would not want to finalize on this one yet because I had to see something else so I would like to leave this one hanging for this reason. to enlighten you up a little bit on it, I used one misspelling and one right spelling and presto! It emerged in a higher ranking than my original entry (kuno) to the SEO contest. But of course I would like to see into some other factors like links and so on so It has to be just this short. Next time...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fergie Got Into My SEO Nerve

Well, today this SEO is a little bit different wanting to give a link love to my new blog on Fergie. Wow! She is indeed hot and this is the first time that I saw her in so many faces that the internet has hidden her true beauty.

Today that post about Fergie performing in the middle of the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, something that is really rare for a celebrity and an artist of utmost demand from the public. She really looks so very beautiful there as she performs Clumsy Song live. I had it captured via YouTube and I am lucky to have it posted in my Fergie Li-Cio-Us blog.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leverage in Contests

The Arlo Gilbert pro has been gaining some leverage and attention as I have heard that there are a few people in the industry are tuning in to the results and there are a few new ones in the limelight.

There is even a rumor on someone big helping an entry to the Arlo Gilbert profile run. I would like to see effects of something I am doing right now and this is the reason for this post.

Where Metal Head SEOs Meet and Match

So where is this place? This is the place where metal head SEOs meet and match. Where else but this place called as the battlefield of the best in SEO - the contest arena?

Is it really enough to be winning SEO contests just to let others see that you have what it takes? NO! nothing is enough with it, not even those who know everything from 301's 302's and so on and so forth.

All I know is that the only arena where metal head SEOs meet and match is the search engine results pages and SEO contests is not part of that although there are a lot of points there that we can all learn from.

SEO contests are also where we test the effectivity of a tactic for others to learn too. I have tried so many times to be in but I cannot because of so many work to do so I let it be. I just barge in and join for a while to see my own techniques if they will work and after a few days or so upon learning that they will give me even more edge over the others, I quit.

YouTomb - Where Dead YouTube Videos Come to Life

There is this new place for dead YouTube videos out there. Those dead videos that I am talking about are the videos that are charged with copyright infringement or is that so.

Well, this place is hell for those videos but so far, at least they have a place to stay and live where they all belong.

That place that I am talking about is the YouTomb! Yes! You know it you dumb F***, it's in the title. OOOoooppps sorry for being a little bit of a mess these past few posts.

Read more of the posts

disclaimer: "This post is not intended for children"

Lick A** SEO Trivia - The B*** Truth

So today, let me have you all play a guessing game. Now, we all know who the hell is that good woman/man in the SEO industry in the Philippines and I admit I've been one of those who put comments on her/his not so popular blog pretending to know him personally.

We all want to be in sometimes and forgive me if I am one of them once in ever comment that I leave in blogs ( BTW, I always leave a comment in about 20 blogs a day). This gal/guy is really hot all the time and he has been all around us trying to lure us to something for a prize money.

Boost your PPC ROI. Get your ads
listed for the Right keywords

I am not making anything out of this at all. It's just that I am sick an tired of people trying to be nice to big shot no no's out there. We're all the same and we all eat at Jollibee, my god!

So this gal/guy is out for a recent something and she/he got even more popular with that link bait doing some bad to fellow SEO here in the Philippines by bulk. I mean I have spammed so many time so what! But this person has has people in the SEO arena wait for nothing while enjoying the bar out there in somewhere I don't know of....(this came from an unknown source)

Anyway, I don't care at all who this person is. I'm sick and tired of paying good for people who are good ( indeed) but have done the biggest mistake in his life. I mean, we all deserve some negative points in our card sometimes and we cannot escape from that. A sorry is enough and what's done is done but just to put up on it, I didn't like what that person said to me in the forum at all.

The person deserves what I said about the truth and that is the truth so no one can change what the truth says. Guess who?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Domains And SEO

Domains have always played a big role with SEO terms especially if you are to maintain a very good niche. This has been proven to work so well against a few competitors but if you implement a strongly optimized content in domains that are not well optimized to your niche, it would still have some chance to get on top over the others because time is with you.

Yes! The only factor that could work for you is the time factor. If you are not in hurry to make it to the top, all it takes is just a few time to get there and a few more of doing SEO in offpage implementation of link building. This is especially complementary to pages out there who rank so well with a competent niche keyword even if they do not have optimized domain. The technique here is to buy yourself some time doing SEO in the inner pages that would eventually take you to where you belong.

Feeds Submission and Content Syndication for SEO Advantage

Learning a lot from the trends of SEO and the people who are the major players in the arena here in the Philippine SEO environment I decided this time to give credit to a friend who once raised some issues of syndication. This has something to do with him doing feeds submission and RSS submission.

I told my friend that I cannot comment on what he is raising with me on the issue of content duplication. I remember I only told him that "if there's a link going to the original source, (in this case his own website) it means it cannot be dupe content.

Dupe content issues are pretty easy to see and know. The basic to content duplication is if you have a copy of strings of words in exact same order where the second hand poster did not put any link to your original content if you are indeed the original source.

So does that cut the issue of dupe content, if not, you can do more research for dupe content issues by Googling it in your browser.

With issues of RSS submission and Feeds submission, it is always good to you because it is not actually dupe content that you are trying to provide for the whole world to enjoy, it is also for you to enjoy the positive effects of it.

The only downside however to this attitude is that you can sometimes view it as dupe content and you start to feel envy with those who publish what is originally yours. Aside from that, as of today, I cannot see anything wrong with it unless of course if the search engines start to see it as something else.

Don't the search engines get tired of seeing things again and again with RSS and content syndication via feeds submission? Well, I guess not!

As an additional to this doing, RSS and feeds submission seem to have interesting effects of sticking your site to your current position in the SERPs.

Invalid AdSense Clicks Can Be Detected by Google Now

Personally experiencing invalid clicks, here is my share. I got this inkling twist in my stomach that day that I got 50 big clicks in my AdSense Ads displayed in my blog. Immediately I rushed into the account details and saw that Google didn't give me any earnings on those 50 clicks.

I am not really surprised because those clicks from what you can guess are all invalid clicks. I don't get that much clicks from my sites because It is not really my account's natural numbers. Of course I have always dreamed of this but I know that it cannot be as instant as I can write here in this blog.

So what's in it for me? Simple, Google knows and they know how to recognize invalid clicks today. They can sense it with their system either if its also a click fraud. This time I didn't get penalized so they know those clicks are not just invalid clicks but also that those clicks are part of people trying to ruin my Google account.

For those who think that they can get away with these kinds of things..I am telling you it could be your last. Google has this system that recognizes and takes a record of all the activity that is going on with their publishers and advertisers alike.

Are SEO and Blogging Contests Becoming a Trend?

Riveted to this question, I tried to see what's in it and I did not fail for what I wanted which is to learn so much about what I have been doing for at least 2 years now. I have lied and I have spammed and I have blogged a lot but most of them were just for the sake of gaining the interest of the search engines.

Today and the past few days are different for me taking time to write something different in an attempt to make things a little bit more than what others did not do - to blog about what it is to blog about - SEO in different perspective.

So what are those perspectives anyway? they could be something techie for some but a little bit conservative for me. Some would even think this guy doesn't blog about anything at all. I don't care really, as long as I know I am blogging for my thoughts and for others.

Most importantly, I am blogging to topple them all without even the need to give any link at all - Yeah! I am now the "no link giver blogger". Try it you guys out there,,, it's good to feel to be doing something different.

Back to the main topic now. Blogging and launching contests here and there it seem like fun for me to see through the people who are joining. I wanted to see what's in it that they always and never fail to attract audience and contestants. Frankly, I don't really care as long as we all enjoy what we are doing for the benefit of learning and earning.

It seems blogging contests are in these days especially with SEOs here in the Philippines. Contests here and there seem to gain support especially if the price is right. From what I see, a hundred $ price is usually worth a domain to buy or two just to have a n optimized content to put there. This is where I have learned so many things in the engine world so I am thankful for all those who were responsible.

The latest is on the Arlo Gilbert. It will end soon and a few friends are there. I even joined in without having the liberty to promote my entry because all I want is to see through to the effects of the new SEO trends in social bookmarkings and social media hype. I also found them effective and so everybody is using them now.

But from all this I learned extra few that I would still want to confirm more before they were considered to be effective in things other than rankings. What I am talking about is their effects with optimizing for specific keywords for maximum SEO advantage.

Friday, May 09, 2008

When We Won't Need Link Building Anymore

Do we really have to wait until we won't need to do link building anymore before we realize that we are in the wrong direction. Well, pardon me but this is the reasonable blog and I intend to make it linkless in some of my posts (not all).

The reason is I want to use it just for my advantage and that is what it should always be in the first place. I am not jumpy nor greedy with my links knowing that this same blog can be found in the top of the search engine.

I am not even the best in the land and in fact I have spammed a lot in my early days and sometimes until now. I guess that's because I fail to understand the context of spamming and being a spammer. Each and everyone of us have our own definition of the word so there really is nothing to be afraid of if we commit spamming in our way to the top of the search engines.

We just have to apologize for people whom we have committed it with because that's the basic attitude of someone who had sinned. Spamming is a sin and so if we commit one, we should also ask for forgiveness. But remember that it is different if we commit spamming and commit it again as if we do not learn at all.

There has to be some learning process in all this so when we learn we speak of better us and let ourselves become better. Since link building has always been a twin of spamming, we sometimes get in the way of the standards of others so take care of what we you do all the time.


I'm not Using RSS and so What!

Yes, that's me and it is true that I am not even using RSS in many of my blogs but take a look at where some of them? They're simply lying in the midst of the first page. This is not something that I am boasting of and this is not even a pitch. It's more of what I call as "Natural".

Yes and I'm not afraid if they say that my blogs are all lame and useless without RSS. Who needs RSS anyway? I've been to where most couldn't even reach and my sites don't even know what RSS is and so do I.

I have multiple posts attempting to give light to this little darling of the blogging community but it seem I cannot get the point of it all so I just left it where it is.

My RSS simply s***. Who would subscribe in a blog that's made for paid posting anyway. It's all garbage n there but the thing is I still get what I want and that's $ and job or job and $. It's all the same except if you are too rich to just simply blog for nothing.

Even so, it's what you can see everywhere so who's the boss here? The blogs and the blogging industry got so polluted with useless garbage since the introduction of paid posting. But mind you, this very same blog has earned me a decent hosting cost by paid posting and it didn't hurt me at all, except that it lost a PR 4.

Yes!!! This blog used to be a PR 4 I lost it all because of so much garbage. Even if you write something that's really good for those who are looking to get a share of your PR it doesn't really change everything, in fact it only changed only one PR value..GREAT! GET MY POINT?

When SEO Matters Don't Matter Anymore

I think we have almost arrived to a point where SEO will not matter anymore because from the way the search engines have evolved to control spam and gray matter in SEO, there has been a very important change in the future of search.

SEO got along so well but the changes did make a lot of changes to everything in how the webmasters work for their efforts to payup in rankings. Everything in the game of SEO has always been about rankings and this has never changed since the invention of search engines.

In the biggest change started by the Google Slap late last year in 2007, there were buzz going around that there will be more. The Googleplex have been so very quiet and the Google engineer Matt Cutts, according to a source have been interviewed in the latest SES and told interviewers that the future of search is going to be better.

Is this it? the start of a new life and the start of the fall of spam? Will this be the start of "SEO doesn't matter anymore? And what about branding, is this something that Google is looking into or just some scare to ward off the fortunate ones, the other side of white hat SEO.

Well, if you are to react on this one, feel free to leave a comment here and I will take a look at it and see what and where we can agree or not. This post is just some premonition and not based on another fact.

Arlo Gilbert Profile Run

There's been a new ongoing profile run for the Arlo Gilbert race and this is just something that will add up to the fun in all angles involved. The run intends to generate a traffic of people who will donate for the Arlo Gilbert Syndrome cure.

The sure is said to be only that you have to get more addicted to whatever is going on in you while containing the disease.

Arlo Gilbert Syndrome, otherwise also called as AGS - SEO is a disease that literally has no cure so all you have to do is to go along with the tide. This is how it goes for now until there is no cure found yet. Play along and do as you are supposed to do everyday and you will not notice how you passed the time.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sam Casuncad Profiles

I decided to take a step forward in giving links to my profile just to give a boost to them all and personally promote my profile in the internet and be able to battle it out with myself and see what I can do with this one. I want to see if I can really take care of unfinished business by boosting the Sam Casuncad profiles that I have with some social sites like VioVio, Mybloglog, Friendster, Blog Flux, Globe of Blogs, Wordpress Themes, Linked In, Real Estate, and Flicker.

I have more profiles out there hanging in the web and so I would like to get them all in the search front so I am featuring each of them here.

Life List
My Digg SEO Profiles
Friendster Profile
Sam Casuncad in Wiki Answers
Real Estate Agent
My Amazines Articles
Sam Casuncad Photostream
Sam's Blog at ActiveRain
Sam Casuncad on Netlog
Blog Catalog - Sam Casuncad
Sam Casuncad - Hub Pages

These are just some of the profiles that I have accumulated through time and I know this will do it for me this time. Will try and see if these profiles will give me something that I need.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Optimizing the Server and Database

Your remote database is where you keep all the information that you need. This is the heart and soul of your business if you are in to online business and therefore it should be well taken cared of all the time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by remote DBA experts.

The server that handles the database needs the same and if for an SEO, there is always a need to optimize for the keywords and terms that you are targeting, in the server world, you also need to optimize but only for a smooth and no downtime running.

Remember that this time it is not with the keywords but the server itself so that it will function smoothly and properly for a smooth run of the business in terms of availability to consumers and customers. This is called as SQL server tuning or sometimes SQL tuning.

To do this server tuning and optimization, you must first understand that the people that handle this job should be well aware, qualified and certified for the nature of their profession as remote DBA personnel.

The people behind this are the DBAs and there are a few more functions that they are to do including SQl server monitoring with the use of certain SQL server tools. Without those tools, there is no way that any professional can handle so much or so little of the work that needs to be done as mentioned above.

These tools are all used to monitor and arrange everything in your server. It is also these same tools that are used to cure problem areas that professional DBAs in the field call as bottlenecks and deadlocks and to implement procedures in SQL monitoring.

Friday, May 02, 2008

In the Name of Linking - The Art of Link Building Part I

I am planning to make this post a more of a novel type but I doubt it that it will make it there but I will try my best to give it a more exciting pack like the pack of wolves that I saw just the other night at national Geographic who used to row the lands with their clan hovering for food. So let's get to the point.

In the search engines, however food is not as scarce as the wetlands of snow for wolves. All you need to know is what are edible links and what are not. Since the big change that Google has implanted in the minds of webmasters, SEOs (search engine optimizers) and even those who are in the marketing side of the web, the SEM (search engine marketing buffs) the battlefield of link building arena has never been the same again.

Look for Useful Links

So let us define edible links. Edible links by simple layman's terms is just those links that are and can be accepted to digestion by the search engines. How do we know then if links are edible and are good food for the spiders? Simple, it has been told now and again that links ought to be relevant and related to the theme that a webpage or website is discussing.

Putting it simple by example, if you are discussing about boxing and you are trying to get a link from a high PR site that discusses about "sports", chances are, the search engines will like it because by nature of search results from search engines, boxing is a kind of sport. But there is another part in the big picture here.

While link directories are selling links to their patrons, the directory submitters and link builders, those link builders from the poorer army tend to just go for non paid link submission directories which by nature, they never thought would be the most effective way to get links that are what we call quality and relevant.

Of course this depends on the submitter himself is he knows how to choose the right category with which to submit to.

Links from Blogs and Related Websites

Aside from link directories, we can also get relevant links from blogs. If you have a friend for example how discusses about the same topic asy our website, say, in sports, you can try and ask for a link from him on either one of his posts about any sport or from his home page. Any of the two will do at any cost although for most friends, it would be free. you can also try taking a few links from another webpage which is what we all know can be done by commenting on a relevant blog post and leaving a signature.

Forum Links

Forum links are also a good source of which is what we call as edible links. But this is true only if you know how to do it right. In the early times that I know of, I used to build links for clients who are just after the numbers and so what I used to do is to give them what they want compromising the quality and relevance of those links that we got for him.

I would just sign up with any kind of forum who would allow me to post signature even if I only have a few posts. Now this is not what I would like to advice to you guys out there. What you need it so go looking for forums who discuss something relevant to your website.

If your site is about sports, then look for sports related forums. they are never that hard to find these days unlike in the early times where most of us link builders would rely on just about any forum we see as long as we can get a link or two from the signature that we leave on each of our posts and thread that we visit.

Today, there are more sources where we can get links from and this will be discussed in the other half parts of this post in the coming days.

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