Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sam Casuncad Profiles

I decided to take a step forward in giving links to my profile just to give a boost to them all and personally promote my profile in the internet and be able to battle it out with myself and see what I can do with this one. I want to see if I can really take care of unfinished business by boosting the Sam Casuncad profiles that I have with some social sites like VioVio, Mybloglog, Friendster, Blog Flux, Globe of Blogs, Wordpress Themes, Linked In, Real Estate, and Flicker.

I have more profiles out there hanging in the web and so I would like to get them all in the search front so I am featuring each of them here.

Life List
My Digg SEO Profiles
Friendster Profile
Sam Casuncad in Wiki Answers
Real Estate Agent
My Amazines Articles
Sam Casuncad Photostream
Sam's Blog at ActiveRain
Sam Casuncad on Netlog
Blog Catalog - Sam Casuncad
Sam Casuncad - Hub Pages

These are just some of the profiles that I have accumulated through time and I know this will do it for me this time. Will try and see if these profiles will give me something that I need.


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