Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Spammer's Dedication and Deceiving Tactics

Today, i just created another blog titled D Sub 800. This blog site is of course very obvious to be discussing all about the three things i adore in my life - glass, kitchen and SEO in particular.

I have always loved glass art and never ceases to fascinate me whenever i see one of any kind of art expression involving stuffs related to glass, glass wares, glass museums, glass galleries, glass works, glass heritage, glass recycling, glass collector's item, glass houses, glass jewelries, crystal glass, glass figures, glass chandeliers, glass architecture, colored glass of different shapes and most anything anybody can think of about glass and glasses as applied to arts and artistry to attain any expression.

While i was searching for data and figures about glasses i came across with a site that has a high ranking in the Google SERP with just a few posts with lots of .net and .info linking sites through comments. The thing is all of the .net and .org links used odd strings of alphabets which at a glance of an expert SEO can be easily seen as a disguise of a spammer and black hatter.

After visiting the pages of the website itself, i found out that the site is really and confirmed to be black hatter and spammer owned and maintained. Adoring at how he build up links like those odd strings of alphabets which to an opinion of a newbie like me is something or some sort of a tactic that tricks the search engines to distinguish the site to be of importance because of the said .org and .info links. I later found out also that the sites linking to this spammers site leads to pages full of ads and is actually ads filled. This i believe is what they call as doorway pages. These doorway pages are the type of pages that earn these spammers a significant amount of income and money in terms of spamming and using black hat tactics.

I hope that there will come a day that webmasters would not need to use black hat techniques and spamming as a basis for earning a significant amount of income. This way, all is fair in the eyes of the search engines and their bot crawlers.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Search Engine Indexing and Crawl Variations Experiment

This is a repost from my previous blog that i find somehow relevant to the present tactics needed by different webmasters who joined the Ituloy Angsulong SEO keyword ranking contest. My purpose of reposting this important article is for those SEO who does not know yet or heard about specific datas in relation to the indexing limits of the big three search engines (MSN, Yahoo and Google).

Based on my personal experience in my blog site, i have noticed some variations with respect to the way that the Big Three Search Engines (MSN, Google and Yahoo) do away with their crawlers and bots own methods and standards of crawling the billions of pages and websites each day looking for changes and newly uploaded ones to index.

Sure thing, there has to be some sort of a pattern or a system that justifies my claim in this unexpected experiment.What could really be the true indexing basis of spiders and bots given the algorithms it implores on pages and websites aside from the fact that they all have a criteria and sets of standards in doing so.

I treated the changes made with respect to my blog site as an experiment. It is unintentionally undertaken and without specific considerations,tools and knowledge that after all of the major turnarounds that had happened to the site, the algorithms had unimaginably affected the site per se. This involves the PR, and appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages. Thank god it got me to a positive effect.

I began to notice the chronology of events only after the implementation of a new theme and giving a new title head after two months of getting indexed by search engine bots and spiders.

First Citation:

May 2, 2006 - Me and my brother had a conversation saved in a notepad with a size of 6.75 kb (all conversation). He was telling me that he now had the web site ( up. Without hesitation, i viewed it and was really excited about exploring the site's features. To my surprise, it was a log-in page that i saw. Don't know anything yet that time about any blog site nor any idea at all of how they serve the purpose.

May 5, 2006 - My website ( with a title head: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" was formally launched by my brother with drops of sweat just to jerk me out a little bit to pursue further my internet life where i am destined to belong.

This is not the exact date that the site had a post in it though because he wrote a "hello world!" post in it (May 2) just to start testing. The site was launched using the default wordpress theme at first. In a matter of about two weeks of regular writing, i began to see the fruits of my labor (appearing on SERP's). I first thought it was that easy and began psyching up myself making me write up to 3 posts/day sometimes.

First Appearance In MSN:

A little over a week more, my site began to appear #42 in the MSN SERP on the following keywords: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization" and #48 on the keyword: "Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing". Got me shouting. Yes! That time there were only about 7 posts caused by ISP problems and i erased a post or two.

After 15 More Posts:

From May 18-June 2 - Totalling of 22 posts by this time, i now can be viewed on the first page of the SERP's based on the two keywords stated above in MSN search at #10 and #8 respective of the target keywords, starting to now dominate the Indian-filled domain page. I believe i am the first Filipino to come near the territory of the great outsourcing tycoons on this page without using any marketing tool. Take note, i rely plainly in the indexing capabilities of the search engines plus the natural organic characteristic of blogs when it comes to rankings.

After Putting Google AdSense:

This time my site appeared at #142 and #148 respectively in the same keyword target on Google, some days it's #168 and #162 . In Yahoo, there is still no sign as i hover down, page by page and started to strain my arms looking for a possibility of appearing in their SERP's. Take note, not even on other related keyword/s. In MSN search i started to appear #4 and #2. I must admit enjoying the site so much this time as i put the specific search IP address in my favorites/bookmark list of sites. The happiness took some time until another major change was bound to be undertaken by changing the title head this time along with obtaining a new theme said to have a better marketing value.

My Last Post on Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing:

June 29, 2006 - The last post made on my site titled "10's of Tons of SEO Bloggers" before my brother decided to shift from the original title head "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" to simply "Outsourcing". By this time, my site's status is if i may say at it's peak. I am #2 (twice became first) and #3 on the same targeted keywords in MSN and #48 and #42 in Google and still nowhere to be found in Yahoo.

I guess i got tired of trying to see some changes in the SERP's of Yahoo that i almost decided not to look at it since. Until, two days after the main title was changed that my fingers got the hunch to clicking for the Yahoo search. At last, at page 17 #168th and #174 i found a relief and took a deep sigh to see my site. i shouted, Yahoo!

Here's a saying for this type of situation: "Better late than never" wheeeeew. It's as if i'm in cloud 9 this very moment. Yahoo over there! Better work it out!

My First Post in Outsourcing:

June 30, 2006 - To this date, my first post was made under the head title "Outosurcing" (Offshore Search Engine Marketing Quality in the Philippines) and still for about a week, the ranking of my site is still uncontested at #2 in the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" and #2 in the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing".

Claim my blog at technorati:

This same week, i had my blog articles and posts registered for claiming at technorati. This i believe helped the site a lot to maintain rankings in the SERP's and at the same time even without having the actual site IP address appearing in the searches, i still have it in SERP's with the help of technorati in relation to posts tagged with the specific title head.

A little over a week, i began to see the changes to my sites appearance in the virtual SERP's. In the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing" i dropped to # 4 from #2.

Having Quality Optimized Titles or Categories:

In the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" i still have it at #2. To explain this, i had to go back to the posts that i made regarding the titles. I thought it must have been because of the optimizes titles for the original site and the age of the site itself that caused it not to drop at once in the SERP's.

I found out that i have 18 posts in - SEO Philippines and 11 posts in the Search Engine Optimization News and Events. Now, where does that lead the experiment? Simple, provide your site with quality optimized pages and titles or categories. The picture below which i got from another quality experiment done by Serge Bondar proves another theory so relevant and important for the webmasters in any field.

Conclusion to the Experiment:

1. In any website, changing categorical titles have a devastating effect in search engine indexing and rankings.
2. One of the best qualities of any blog site is the implementation of changes at will and therefore, optimization of titles is the most important factor and major role player in it's organic rankings.
3. Themes, formats, arrangements, and the like in it's implementation should be done with care and sensitivity.
4. In any blog site, it helps to rank if you have the time to write as many posts as you can with consideration of the specific size as basis in the picture above.
5. Google AdSense helps you rank.
6. Consider site age in expecting any ranking.
7. Register your blog at technorati.
8. Stick to your target keyword specially in posting any article in your blog site.
9. At least a basic knowledge in html is needed to attain a better post quality of your blogsite.

Ituloy AngSulong: An Experiment in The Making

Manila, Philippines: After the launching of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest, the Philippine SEO will never be the same again.

Many Filipino webmasters have resorted to improving their link building techniques and professionalizing the ways and means of getting relevant links for their websites whom they prompted to enlist in the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest. For this purpose, they are hoping to win the contest and build prestige beside their names as a trophy in SEO.

Posting Relevant Information:

So many great ideas and tactics with respect to the link building process as the contest goes along had promising effects to webmasters all over the search engine world and world wide web, not just here in the Philippine SEO local scene. One good tactic i have learned from the contest participants is link building by using the most relevant information distribution as linkbait.

This is achieved through posting the latest search results and data about the contest keyword, "Ituloy AngSulong" from the big three search engines Yahoo, MSN and Google and regularly updating it in a daily basis to the least. Like the search engines, human webmasters are always on the lookout for any relevant and useful information in the web with respect to their interests and likings, therefore if they find them relevant and important for their use, it becomes a source for them leading to accumulation of links and popularity for the other party.

Specifically, let me mention the site itself ( for purposes of reference to future readers of this blog. The site's author was able to archive and pool out data of sites ranking up to a 238 range as of today 11- 27 - 06.

The basis of the rankings i believe is by computing the accumulated rankings total from the search results in the big three search engines and adding them up to get the total score (rank) which will then serve as the actual rank of the participating site. Presto! in any contest, a source to look at in any time to be available is a good help and there goes the link and the popularity thing in relation to SEO and marketing.

News as Reference:

Another relevant tactic i find so effective at this point of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is using a site that provides news and relevant and latest happenings in the Philippine SEO community and the Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking contest in particular.

Proof that to this day, news posting is still one of the most effective marketing advertisements and strategy that any link builder has to be knowledgeable in to be able to make it big in the link building industry and in SEO in particular. This tactic also posts as a good and in fact one of the best ways of linkbait effectiveness.

Keyword Stuffing Technique:

But the most interesting of all the observations that i have seen through my regular and intermittent visits with the different Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest participants is the odd but effective way of the old times..."same old black hat keyword stuffing technique".

This technique is not actually a black hat's way but tracing from the older ways of how the search engines see the different pages in the web, i guess this tactic is still one of the most effective. It was used before as one of the primary ways to get search engine rankings in the search engine results pages of your target keyword.

These days, it was believed to be a long lost myth as the search engine bots,crawlers and spiders of the different search engines have been devised to be sensitive to spamming and on ways to control this attitude by the early webmasters therefore deeming this technique as obsolete and would more likely take you and your site/s that uses it to get banned, disregarded and blacklisted by search engines.

It seems that there is no proof to this theory about how the search engine bots, crawlers and spiders behave but it could be accounted for the importance of a site's page that these bots..etc. reads these keyword stuffing schemes somehow as a relevant information for the search engines, therefore seeing it as a relevant website instead of a spam source if the keywords are in its proper places or the keyword density is at a considerable rate for the bots and crawlers.

As an actual experience, i have seen keyword stuffing as an effective way to get the rankings that you need but only in short time or period because sooner or later, the search engines and their batch of crawlers will see your site as spam source leading to blacklisting and drawback the indexing of your sites pages.

MSN Loves Blogs:

This is just my own observation with respect to the on going Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest. As i have observed these past few weeks of regularly visiting the ranking sites in the Ituloy Angsulong contest, i believe and would assume that MSN as a prestigious search engine really loves blogs and its organic characteristics and is fast at indexing as an engine when it comes to blog sites.

On the other hand...

Google is Fond of Well Optimized Websites:

Yes, Google, unlike the other search engines is the more professional engine because i believe that all ranking websites in relation to the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is an engine characterized by professionalism and well rounded and SEOptimized pages with a balanced algo with respect to blogsites and their contents.

Furthermore, a sites age factor is very necessary not just for the other two engines (Yahoo and MSN) but would mean a significant algorhytm plus factor with Google making it easier for their Googlebot to se the importance and relevance of any website the more.

And on the other hand...

Yahoo Is The Fastest Link Indexing Engine:

Based on my personal experience, it is absolutely true that Yahoo indeed is the fastest among the big three search engines to find relevant links of all sorts because the engine itself in terms of indexing links has the most numbers therefore making it the fastest to crawl up the link building efforts of every webmaster in the SEO industry.

I have said this because not just based in the statistics of the contest itself but also on the websites that i handle as a link builder i have seen the great power of Yahoo in terms of indexing link building efforts, be it from forums, press releases, news releases, blog commenting, deep links indexing, directory submissions, feeds submissions and different link building tactics.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Altavista is Fast in Indexing

Altavista is the fastest to crawl up all of my links page. With a 134 numbered links in Yahoo, 11 links in MSN and not even one (when i have a PR 3 before 2 months ago)link page in Google, i'm surprised that Altavista had given me and was able to index 164 links attributed to my blog site right now (11 - 22 - 06 / 12:17 AM). This is quite fast for an unrated search engine such as Altavista. Most of the webmasters are content just by having the Altavista search engine name mentioned many times but never even giving importance to its ways and means. Furthermore, Altavista just gets to be always on the second rate compared to the big three search engines (Yahoo, Google and MSN).

Well for whatever reason there is, i salute Altavista for giving credits to my link building works at a faster time possible compared to the big three. It could be that the Altvista staff are all not as busy as the big three guys. It could also be possible that the search engine itself is using a much faster software or program for their indexing of newly found pages in the web. Another reason i could account for this act of indexing of Altavista is because they don't have much complications to handle as compared to the other big 3 search engines. It is also possible that Altavista has a crawler bot that's not as limited in staying at a longer time to index and see the importance of a site and it's new links.

I wonder if anybody from the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest participants here in the Philippines has to say about this? Has anybody actually done some efforts in seeing through this as a sort of link building process that also deserves a second look? I bet no one even bothered to at all because the contest only involves winning if you coould only rank in the big three and not in the second raters like Altavista, Inktomi and AllTheWeb. I also wonder if it will provide an effect to link building with respect to the big three search engines because in any such way, links are links are links and if you have links to smaller search engines like Altavista, Inktomi and AllTheWeb, chances are you are going to be a point ahead of the competition. If ever i am wrong about this point, then at least it can serve as a search engine marketing point up ahead compared to your competition. I believe that as of this date, Altavista is already owned and operated by yahoo including two other search engines like Inktomi and AlltheWeb.

Viva la Altavista!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest

I have learned lately that there is another on going SEO contest that aims to reveal the latest plot to destroy the usability of the internet and the web.
This contest is launched to draw attention to "a more than hard problem of people trying to use the Internet to make money. Now this is all fine and dandy except for the fact that when these people hurt others in their way to earn money from the Internet. The United State Congress is deciding as we speak whether to hand over control of the Internet to major ISPs(Internet Service Providers). This will allow them to choose which web sites you can view depending upon the ISP you use. And if this law is passed it could forever change the Internet and perhaps destroy the usefulness of the information on the internet. So this contest is to draw attention to this problem so we can fight it from it's roots" according to where you can read the full details about the ongoing SEO awareness keyword ranking contest.

They have a new set of rules for this SEO contest and to make it possible for such a rule to be limiting if not totally avoiding the use of spams by only allowing newly registered domains (August 19,2006 only) to be used in the contest and the members themselves will monitor any spamming activity by participants.

The first prize is $ 200,000.00 USD. and there will be up to a 6th place winner who will get prizes such as (2nd) - $500.00 USD, A vBulletin forum software, 1GB Creative Labs Nano from amazon neighbors, and 5 domains from Domain Site. (3rd) - $250.00, $75.00 maximum template worth from Template Monster and a $25.00 coupon for Amazon. (4th) - will get a cash also of $100.00. (5th) - gets $25.00 and the (6th) gets a cool $10.00. but all in all aside from these up to 6th prize, there will also be a monthly prize to be given away while contest is going on.

The contest period started last August 19,2006 and ends on December 19,2006.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google and Yahoo, now Joined for SEO Help

One of the world's leading online news distribution firm, WebPro News has just conducted an interview with Tim Mayer, Senior Director of Yahoo Global Websearch and Vanessa Fox, Product Manager of Google Webmaster Central announcing the joint support in launching a new site called the "".

This Google Yahoo will utilize the same sitemaps protocol in there providing services to webmasters regarding complexities and problems encountered by different online regulars with respect to technicalities and content management.

Vanessa Fox said: "We are really hoping that this will help webmasters to have an open standard and make it much easier so that they don’t have to worry about one type of feed for one engine and another type of feed for another engine." This will hopefully resolve problems with feeds and standards to become just an easy way of providing search engines the information that thay need in order to get indexed and more.

This hopes to be announced later tonight after the release of this video which you can watch at this link along with the whole news story about the newest happening... for a better understanding of how this new Google Yahoo thing.

Best in this provided effort is that there is actually no monetization involved in the merging of the search engines and no Google AdSense at the site's pages as Vanessa Fox has mentioned. This will be just to help out the many webmasters on all issues covering SEO, backlinks, complex URLs, getting indexed by both search engine at the same time without the complexities and hassles of providing for a different content for each of the search engine as a requirement which as we know differ from one another.

All in all, there is great expectation for many webmasters both in the online business and freelancers regarding content management with respect to doing SEO and promotions and things and stuffs that go beyond the needs of webmasters.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Website Traffic Analysis

Using monitoring tools that enable you to determine and identify which page or pages of your website is most visited by potential customers and which are the entry and exit pages. This is very critical in web site optimization because if you know which page or pages are working well for your business, then you can optimize the site or page to provide more of it.

On the other way around, it is also very important to know the exit pages of your web site because it is a good indicator that you might be losing potential customers because of the content or aesthetic aspect of that page that is creating the problem.

This way, you can at an instant eliminate the cause of such problem and possibly make it more juicy, interesting, intriguing, or compelling to make visitors stay and possibly convert them into customers.

The “Versus Effect”:

I have mentioned earlier monitoring tools that help you see the entry and exit pages where visitors and potential customers come and go. Also tools that keep you informed on tracking who is sending you the actual traffic through categories by web page, domain, and domain types and how you can achieve optimized keywords to be used in your website through keyword selector tools.

This time, allow me to introduce what I can only describe as the “versus effect”. This effect enables you to know such defects in your site. How? Have you ever heard of a web monitoring tool that helps you see the operating systems and type of browsers that your visitors have? This will help you on your quest to professionally handle the business you have, small or big.

Again, FastCounter Pro helps the web masters a great deal when it comes to knowing which percentage of your visitors and customers have Mac systems versus Windows, and browsers like Internet Explorer versus Netscape. These discrepancies causes a bad image on your website if it hasn’t occurred to you.

What I’m talking about is the 404 error pages. These pages provide a negative image to your business site and worse, they become identical to your business as a bad reflection making potential customers and visitors draw conclusions related to the kind of customer service that you provide.

This tool enable’s you to see the details on customers who attempt to link or view 404 pages. Quite convincing, it is because if you loose customers this way, you can be sure they’ll never come back again for another visit or second thought and you very well know that “whatever works for customers works for your business as well”.

Understanding Customers:

I have finished discussing technical ways and means of tracking website traffic and provided some tips for you to observe in managing your small business (or big business). Assessing overall, the importance of this post, let me generalize it in terms of customers.

All this is actually about and how these customers that we call behave in the internet and gives life to the business as a whole process spoken of. It is of course up to you to make your own choices and considerations on how you could provide a better customer satisfaction, be it through the products that you sell or services you render. By reading this post I hope you have become smarter in terms of handling your business because there are lots of other possibilities and ways in the on-line world especially today.


Although I have discussed plainly what I know about web monitoring tools that you can use in improving the overall sales and revenue of your business, I cannot of course set aside the fact that not all available web monitoring tools are as effective as you believe.

This is just in attempt to make clear that there are of course some rare cases that some data are hard to analyze like the humongous amounts of numbers and coded words used to describe data in some web monitoring tools available for free in the web. Special thanks to Microsoft’s “Small Business Center” that I have explored in this post as basis.

Nevertheless, I believe in the saying that “it only takes the right tool for the right job and the right knowledge for the right information for webmasters to overwhelmingly soar sky high in the on-line business world

Firefox Digs Deeper Than Internet Explorer

When it comes to reliability, allow me to say that Firefox browser digs deeper as compared to Internet Explorer. Why? With Firefox, i was able to get indexed by Yahoo site Explorer with respect to links by as much as 71 links and counting using the Yahoo toolbar searchbox, whereas, with Internet explorer browser, i was only able to attain results numbering to only as much as 8 indexed results using the same search.

I was surprised that they didn't match at all except if you use the site explorer box itself and compare the two browsers. That way, you will have the same identical result as i have observed to amount up to 71.

Another comparison is that with Firefox browser, the indexed link pages were as i may say deeper because it attained results of links that i have built up way back when i used to write some posts in link building and seo blog and Amusements and Repairs and even way back when i have posts in my "expired domain" with a PR 2 where i took some posts and re-posted it in my new account in Blogger.

I hope to understand this occurrence sometime along my other experiences and hopping adventures in relation to SEO and link building when i have enough time to devote to completing up an experiment along with my other various ones earlier.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trading SEO Secrets for Link Building

SEO is fast booming here in the Philippine webmasters community these past few months. One factor that contributed to this rise of consciousness can be attributed to the launching of the latest and grandest Philippine SEO contest dubbed as Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking contest which is actually a follow up to the successful Isulong SEOPH that ended i think last September.

Contest participants have resorted to different styles and variations to use in ranking for the Ituloy AngSulong keyword phrase. Some used the traditional keyword stuffing in their blog posts (most blogs do).

Some resorted to and concentrated in different link building tactics such as directory submissions, forum posting, blog commenting, feed submissions, blog posting, article submissions, news feed submissions and other popular SEO link building strives.

Summing up all in all, it is as i would estimate that link building tactics is the key that plays the biggest part in achieving high rankings in the big 3 search engines (Yahoo, Google and MSN).

In my case and in relation to this new contest , i shifted my concentration of link building jobs for big companies or the clients i serve into studying the different variations and link building effects that i have noticed through my constant visits to the numerous participants that made an abundance in terms of pages pointing to the keyword Ituloy AngSulong.

This way, i guess i can learn much not just from the experience but also from the various experiments that i see but others don't bother taking notice along the way while i enjoy seeing and seeking for virtual and realistic data and proofs to my claims with respect to link building tactics that i learn from the contest.

Although most SEO won't actually trade secrets with others is no big deal but if i were to achieve a certain fact and come up with a revolutionary tactic that could help the webmasters, then by all means, i would most likely trade these secrets.

Using Firefox Plug in to Rank in the Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest

I am involved right now with directory submissions, link building and other marketing jobs and i find doing it to be helping me a lot in terms of the increase in knowledge and ROI.

Managing the promotions of a business website has never been the best feeling that i had since I got involved in the Search Engine Marketing and SEO gigs. The best feeling i get is when the business sites i promote gets to rank in the SERP's with the use of my link building tactics.

I would just like to suggest to the readers of this post that there is a helpful and good Firefox plug- in that you can use for submitting your website to directories if it comes with you as plan.

This Firefox plug-in is free and downloadable, just try and find or search for the Firefox plug-in options for your Firefox browser. Look for the SEO related plug ins and you choose from the wide range available there, and best thing is that they're totally "FREE".

Just recently, the prestigious Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest was launched and announced at The Fort - Jill's Resto Bar about the Ituloy AngSulong keyword promotion ranking and SEO contest. In this contest, the SEO's involved will have to do more than just the fanatical and traditional SEO tactics.

Everybody else has to use some other ways to win the "triple jackpot" prize. The game is actually about being good in your ways and link building tactics regardless if you would make use of the Philippine SEO standards or be on it's way below the foot and ground status or commonly known as black hat tactics. But using such tactic does not guarantee you won't get banned and eventually kicked off the contest. The only point in this Ituloy AngSulong contest for others is - "WINNING!"

If winning is everything, then as far as my opinion is concern, i wouldn't want to join the Ituloy AngSulong contest. In the first place if it would do no good for me in becoming the best SEO and marketing professional with the use of cheap tactics,i'd gladly decline joining.

I know that many will criticize this post of mine about the subject matter but my only purpose is to make SEO's in the Philippines realize that being great does not necessarily mean using or going for below the ground tactics just to satisfy our ego-centric desires of winning. After all winning the Ituloy AngSulong is not everything if you won't learn anything from it. No, no, no, said old joe.

Because if i were to join the Ituloy Angsulong contest, then i will make sure that i will win using my own conventional and modified tactics and sorting out for a prestigious technique of my own instead of just using those "degrading" and below the belt tactics like spamming, hidden links and cloaking. It would be very obvious to use in this contest.

Remember that in this Ituloy AngSulong contest, you have to be a little bit sensitive because you as a participant will carry the big workload and responsibility to give it your all without sacrificing the whole pizza where many others are hoping to get their bite and income out of. Just don't take other decent SEO's for granted in order to win the Ituloy AngSulong contest please...

Ituloy AngSulong and The Density Experiment

Everybody has been busy with the different types of promotions involved in the Ituloy AngSulong SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )contest these past few days since it was announced last October in the Blogcon at Jill's Resto Bar in The Fort.

While the participants are all doing whatever it would take and is there to achieve the highest ranking in the virtual SERP's, i am doing my own little experiment i can only name as "The Density Experiment" .

This Density Experiment is actually an experiment that i intend to keep until i come up with a concrete basis to the theory i have in mind developed just this past few days while doing promotions involving the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest.

This experiment is about SEO and i cannot name the prime factor and major role player to fulfill the needed results because it might just ruin the experiment itself and kill the excitement that had developed in my playful mind.

I came up with the idea while i was looking for links to a certain participant of the Ituloy Angsulong contest. i started to ask a question to myself, how come the enormous amount of links and backlinks and not even given the importance in terms of PR?

If what the readers of this blog had in mind is the keyword density, you are damn wrong about it. It has nothing to do with keywords at all but i must admit that it does have something to do with link building which is my primary job right now.

To those who might just be interested in the results of this experiment which i intend to burst out and boast of sometime in the future which to now i don't really know of yet, just play wait and see.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong and SEO

I'm surprised just this morning when i opened my firefox browser and started searching for the indexed sites on the keyword Ituloy AngSulong for the Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking SEO contest because the website that i'm currently doing promotions with is in the top #1 slot of the first page in ituloy angsulong keyword when just last night we were in #85. Although Yahoo is not that hard to rank in comparison to Google, at least we are one point above other Ituloy AngSulong participants to the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest.

My oh my, this is going to be great i guess because i am not on the full throttle mode yet in promoting the website. I am currently just doing directory submissions. Me and my client, the owner of the website himself, Alfredo Palconit is on Web Design Outsourcing Business and is currently planning on doing SEO Outsourcing and right now he has different clients all over the different fields of businesses.

I just hope we stay #1, all the way, come February next year because it will serve as one of my tokens as a link-building strategist in the Philippine SEO community. right now i am doing other link-building promotions for big companies based here in the Philippines varying from call centers, call center outsourcing firms, telemarketing outsourcing companies, BPO outsourcing companies, microscope distributors, antiques dealers, food and beverage exporters, adsense affiliate marketers as outsourced projects and i hope to increase them more this coming year with two other partners doing the job.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong Year Ender SEO Contest

Before my past few posts, all i was thinking of is spending my time doing forum posts that i have been fond of lately as part of promotions on my outsourced jobs related to Search Engine Marketing. After i learned that the professional SEO's here in the Philippines is busy doing marketing and thinking and brainstorming about strategies on how to improve rankings with the keyword "Ituloy AngSulong" which is about the newly launched Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword promotion contest, i started to shift my gears and take it to the quinta mode.

It was actually a first hand information that i was able to gossip from the previously held SEO congress last October 28 at The Fort's Jill's resto bar where the actual announcement of the Ituloy AngSulong contest was finally announced by Marc Macalua of SEO Philipines who personally got the priviledge to be the one to tell the crowd that night that the actual keyword target for promotion is Ituloy AngSulong and also about the contest prizes and rules.

Even if one of the most important announcement that night is about the Google campus opening here in the Philippines, the SEO buffs present in the occasion are more eager at hearing the details of the contest, than the first, specially the prize and the actual keyword (Ituloy AngSulong) which is the most sought after by everyone. A text or two might have mattered that night but i still believe in virtue of being smart. And like me, i don't really intend to bite on the contest prize and prestige because right now i am involved with so many SEM projects and my intention is to get involved indirectly in a way but get some of the credits as part of the winning domain owner.

Frankly, i am offering my personal promotion techniques as an outsourced venue to those who are registered in the contest and hopefully make it big in the SEO community and be recognized to be part of the Search Engine Marketing process involved in winning the contest. A rough ten percent (10%) of all your winning takes i would estimate is fair enough. The promotion would include all sorts of Search Engine Marketing techniques that i know and have discovered lately. The period of promotion of course will last up to the last second of the contest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong, The 300,000.00 PHP SEO Contest

This by far is the biggest SEO dilemma and at the same time the best contest ever launched at the expense of the Philippine web master's Ituloy AngSulong link-bulding strategies and tactics. May the best of the best of the greatest prevail in this Ituloy AngSulong keyword promotion and marketing contest. The final and first announcement of the contest happened at The Fort's Jill's resto bar last Ocotber 29, 2006. I was present in the occasion.

The highlight of the contest came up with a wayside discussion on the newest Google update of opening a campus here in the Philippines. Guess who the consultant of Google in the Philipines will be? It's actually a Filipino of course and her name is Aileen Apolo.

Also happened at the bar is the post draw on the previous contest tagged as Isulong SEOPH held last June and ended last September. I'm not much on to providing about the details on who the winner was on the first contest sponsored by Lakeside Technologies but this time, as the second contest begins,i will be on the lookout for the developments that will soon happen in the www arena of the keyword Ituloy AngSulong contest.

At last, all SEO gathered at a one time organized contest again in the webmastere's best of the best contest in the marketing strategies to attain the prestige and honor of being the "one" - Ituloy AngSulong keyword link building contest.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The SEO Effect - SEO Philippines Congress 2006

Last night was really one of the best SEO party i have attended so far. Aside from getting to know the big shots in the blogcon playfield and the marketing buffs involved in Adsense and AdWords of Google here in the Philippines, i am glad i was one of those who took a first glance of the Filipino Google consultant Miss Aileen Apolo to preside when Google starts to break the glass of the slow moving SEO and Search Engine Marketing arena here in the Philippines.

Many of those who were able to attend were SEO buffs that had signed up by posting a comment in Marc Macalua's blog. I'm proud to be one of them. The main sponsor that night was Lakeside Technologies represented by a certain Christine (as far as i can remember) who was earlier introduced to me by my brother.

She is also the presiding host that night and is so very busy ramping up and down the stage and the whole place Jill's) at The Fort. My first time in that kind of place and it had made me wanna go for more beer which is by the way all expenses paid by the kind sponsor.

I asked too many questions to my brother who is a veteran in the SEO and SEM arena here in the Philippines. I could remember a few of those questions but the most important thing that night is i guess the party (actually some sort of a congress) made come up with a more stiff decision to make sooner my exit in the link building outsource work that i am in right now and go full time with SEO and Search Engine Marketing major in AdSense and Adwords.

The actual congress which is about the plans of Google here in the Philippines and the new major Philippine SEO contest that will soon be launched with a pot money of 300,000.00 PHP. Before the contest announcement and the actual discussion about Google's setting up a campus here in the Philippines, me, my brother and his colleagues were already a bit high in spirits with the beer we have been able to consume before the slides came up in the walls.

There were lots of gossips filtering out in every corner of the bar that night but the least that me and my bro expected is the way that the contest details had turned up, which for us is a bit out of line with regards to the allotted amounts of prices for the firsts to rank high in the Big 3 search engines. Guess what the keyword target is? It's ituloy angsulong.

Imagine having a price of 60,000.00 PHP by ranking first in Google with the keyword that i have mentioned above? I believe anybody could earn that amount in say 3 to 4 months in AdSense alone which makes the offer unacceptable by the best SEO, SEM's here in the Philippines.

They should have made a bigger, one way offer to give to the best and the first to rank in the that keyword in the 3 biggest search engines namely Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When Getting Forum Link is One of The Best Link Building Strategy

Has anyone really realized that having forum accounts and posting in those forum sites is the best backlink building strategy that any SEO or SEM professional can apply in link building strategies.

This has always been the best way to promote and build massive links to your business websites and it has been proven by most experts in link-building and traffic generating tactics in the internet.

Of course, the first step in doing this is to have accounts in different forum sites related to your business website and at the same time having the time to develop great ideas for posting in your accounts.

Aside from the fact that forums have always been the fastest to be crawled by the search engine bots and spiders, they provide your business site the backlinks that you will need to drive more traffic to your site. After all, isn't link building the primary target of any website owner?

Furthermore, increasing traffic and visits to your site means a bigger and better ROI or return of investment which is the primary reason why website owners are putting much efforts and finances in link-building and traffic generating schemes.

Another characteristic of forum links is that to get one you only have to write a short, interesting and informative post or replies to existing threads and other posts. This way, you get more extra time for other link-building strategies to allot to.

As we all know, time is the most essential factor of improving and being successful in any business. This way any website owner has to incorporate this strategy in his/her link-building and traffic generating schemes.

Great and intuitive Search Engine Marketing specialists have always been on the lookout for other strategies and i have found some other ways myself other than those generic and ordinary ways to build links the proper and let's just say, the SEO way.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shoemoney On Top of My List Again

Today i read Shoemoney's site again and i found his article so very useful this time. Sad to say for him because he is right now pending on his posts because of a case he got involved in though not personally on his dues.

I really liked his posts today although it has been months now since i never get to visit his blog because of the "unintentional spamming of my blog site from his". I just hope this time he gets out of this controversy that he is involved in right now.

I also like the photo he provided from his page today where he is showing his paycheck received from Google Adsense. Gets me going again to do some more researches and videos about Google AdSense.

In one of his posts, he talked about a certain latest happening about the Search Engine World on Danny Sullivan of SEW (SearchEngineWatch)and what he personally feels about one of the foundations of the search engine world and community today. For me its all the same, i don't feel sorry about Danny leaving SEW because i also happen to personally believe that Danny is not leaving at all, instead, he is given more time to concentrate on some of the more important things he wanted to do.

Not that i think he does not like SEW at all but instead, i believe that he deserves an applause and a recognition for his job well done while putting his heart in his forte.

I also loved the post he conversed about a certain Jennifer who had a case on Google adsense clicking in her own Ads.I personally believe that her intentions are clean because i myself has been tempted to do it before because i am virtually new to AdSense myself and i'm lucky enough that i didn't do it because my brother told me about the certain policies about Google on getting banned and suspended on your account if your are found to be clicking on your own ads.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool

In case you don't know yet, the Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool is one of the most handy easy to use tool in doing SEO for your own ads in campaigns like the pay per clicks. Most managers do employ using this tool with ease because they have found that it could be used in many ways to increase the chances of your ad getting clicked by visitors who browse for relative information about such keyword or keyphrases.

In your web copywriting, be sure to use the said tool and see the great benefits that it could offer for your revenue-generating ads site and campaigns. AdWords are technically for the purpose of earning income through driving an enormous amount of traffic to your site and this means that you ought to employ techniques which might either be as complicated or as simple depending on your campaign's need.

If your site has the traffic that it needs but as uninteresting as the other sites that people and visitors visit, then chances are that your site will be left of than those that uses techniques to convert visitors into customers and virtually earning a significant figure for you to enjoy.

In order to get the clicks that your pay per click ad needs, you must first be seen as something of a different other than those regular sites that visitors see along the sides. In achieving this particular uniqueness, your campaign ad must therefore be different than those conventionally seen ones. One way of achieving this is through the use of the dynamic keyword insertion tool.

Surveys had it that visitors and surfers have that F-formation attitude of looking at a web page. Meaning, they scan any web onpage they visit in a way that at first, they do it vertically down the left side and next is vertically down the right side.

You know for a fact that your ads are virtually located in either side, so chances are, all you have to do is to use a technique where you can be sure that your ad gets to be more likely clicked due to its uniqueness which makes the visitors catch their attention.

One way of achieving or getting the needed attention to drive to your ads, you can use "bold letters" which practically invite visitors better than those conventionally typed ads. You can prove this true by looking at examples that have the same headlines and providing one that is typed in a way using bold letters. Try surfing for some sites and look for the ads that appear in the sides and try comparing them, this will help you a lot in determining the effectiveness of your ads and maybe you could use the same technique in doing your own campaign. this is of course one of the simple practical ways you could follow in your campaign.

Another way to achieve more clicks in your ads is by using "descriptive words" along with your keyphrase. This way, you can be able to make it more attractive to the eye of visitors. Some sample descriptive words related to a campaign ad are "free", "discount", "cheap", "review" etc. Another way is to "make a headline that features the interest of the visitor".

It would be so awkward and corny to use headlines that doesn't pertain to or describe the kind of product or service that your ads are trying to sell so therefore you ought to provide a relation to it. Another way is to provide yourself with another ad campaign and be able to test which could be more effective and could provide you a margin on your earnings.

If one of the ad campaign is more effective by way of being able to get more clicks, then by all means, let go of the other. Of course let alone some time frame for your two ads campaign first, like, say some two weeks time or so depending on your budget.

Friday, August 25, 2006

India’s Pot of Gold In Outsourcing Suffers and So Does U.S.

India, the first and the leading forerunner in the big time Outsourcing Industry among the Asian countries is expected to suffer it’s biggest market decline the years to come. This is due to the refusal of the country to open it’s market to foreign competition.

With the particular sanction initialized, it is expected to also affect the interests of U.S. companies to be able to explore the IT Indian workforce talents that they need.

Another country to suffer along with the U. S. is U.K. where some of the major companies there is currently tapping the advantages of outsourcing services in the Indian coasts.

In order for India to open up a fair consideration for access to their market the western countries including the U.S., it says should first cut off the big subsidies they offer to their farmers in exchange for perceived trade concessions.

This sanction is to avoid the upsurge of a possible trade war over manufactured and agricultural products which they fear could overtake the availability and competitiveness of their local products and affect the market saturation which could lead to a possible local outburst.

India’s NASSCOM, the U.S. Coalition of Services Industries with which EDS, IBM, and Microsoft are members, plus other concerned global services organizations have converged in expressing intentions and frustrations over the Doha process.

In their statement, they expressed regret for the WTO member’s lack of political will to form and formulate an agreement in agriculture and goods through the Doha process. They also expressed their opinion that if such agreement will not be forged as soon as possible, the countries involved might suffer a decline in service progress where the greatest share of economic outputs are derived for both the developed and the developing countries alike.

On the other hand pressures are growing each day because the Congress continues to resist and decline requests by both U.S. insourcing companies, unions and media critics to impose limits on offshore outsourcing. Many of the professionals are greatly affected along the way through this new trend in business outsourcing and many are legitimately loosing jobs and the IT industry is declining in terms of availability of local jobs in their own country.

The Indian fair trade is really the biggest issue here because it is the U.S. companies who benefit in the availability of cheap manpower resources through offshore outsourcing while the many professionals in the IT industry is suffering from inhouse deprivation and worst, it happens within their own country and there seem to be nothing they can do with the Congress out of their side. The big reserves of IT professionals are booming in terms of numbers while the available jobs are declining and this in the long run might lead to an increase in unemployment status for the local talents.

Syntax Modification and its Effects on SEO

Often either ignored or overlooked and sometimes not even bothered by most webmasters is the use of syntax. According to my researches, and the many forums i’ve read, the regular use of valid html texts itself provides a more relevant and faster crawl for search engine bots and spiders. Although no actual proof as to their effects has been documented or accounted by direct experiences of different webmasters, most of them believe that since valid and standard html is a worldwide phenomenon and recognized for use in creating web pages, the created pages would therefore be easily and smoothly crawled by search engine bots and spiders at a time quicker than the regular.

If my estimates are right in cases those black hat SEO use regular and valid html texts and tags in producing their specially optimized pages through a procedure called “CLOAKING”, to be able to obtain organic rankings by search engine bots and spiders, we have a point added to it.
Another example attested by some webmasters is when you create a new web page and the new URL is not found yet by search engines. All of a sudden the need arises to change your URL due to circumstances, the way search engines behave today with the use of Google Sitemaps and RSS, making it faster for the bots to crawl your pages you arrive to a point where your new URL address is at the mercy of the search engines.

Now, where does the old URL go? the question asked by search engines. What it does is to compare it’s database information on the old URL and then re-evaluates the new information available for your new site obliging you to use the “301 redirect method”. when this happens, the old site URL will be floating in the web and links to the existing page will be deemed lost although 301 redirect will solve the link problem still won’t change your status having a floating web address.

Have you ever wondered why old and outdated pages traced back from 1996 sometimes appear as first page search results? To some extent, this may be explained by the importance of Yahoo and Google’s algorithms that over a long term, how long a web address has been active will factor amongst other basis for appearing first page.
Although mostly employed by commercial sites for products including revisions to brand names, marketing objectives, technology changes, aesthetics, etc., these factors still has to be taken into consideration when the need for changing syntax arises to avoid short-term disruptions.
The bottom line here is that, changing any URL simply for the kicks of going along with the trends in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), business or any other minor reasons can have negative impacts on organic search rankings and on appearing first in SERP’s.

Better consider these few factors the next time you intend changing or modifying your web address.

Trademark Infringement for Skype

For the 100 million users of Skype software, allowing computer users to call each other anywhere in the world free of charge, There is an on going case filed by Net2Phone regarding the infringement of the software used by Skype to provide its users with the feature similarly provided by Yahoo—” The pc-to-pc call (unlimited) free of charge”.

“ The suit filed in the District Court of New Jersey, takes on one of the industry’s giants. Skype was founded in 2003, yet was sold to eBay last year for $26bn. It has 100 million users all ove rthe world. Dell recently announced that Skype software would come automatically loaded to many of its laptop computers “.
Read more of the news here.

Google Video on Macs

Google Video Player for Macs allows Mac users to download content from Google Video and is designed to run on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Contents from Google video can now be downloaded in macs according to an article at Informaton Week. The new breakthrough allows Mac users to use this feature and is available in free and paid segments.

Shows in there comes from both amateurs and major networks and film companies. The feature is designed to run in both Intel and PowerPC Macs. the requirement is to have Mac OSx10.3.9 or higher. A 1 gig or faster processor and video card with a memory space of at least 16 MB (RAM).

Videos can be watched through the player in full screen and can also scan and select any scene from thumbnails. An option of skipping to scenes not yet downloaded can be done while this feature automates the download of the current skipped scene being previewed.

This big move by The Search Engine giant is in anticipation of the coming World Cup, one of the most-watched and exciting event in the world.

Any type of uploaded video is also accepted by Google Video provided the material has proper rights by the requesting owner of the video and a long as it meets the technical requirements. Of course, it must first be also free from illegal content, invasion of privacy, pornography, obscenity, hate or incitement of violence and copyright violations. There is also a Safe Search feature which is enabled for the purpose of limiting or restricting adult content.

China's Firewall on Google blocked as vice tightens on Chinese Internet users according to a news released last June 6, by Reporters Without Borders.

This censorship measure was implemented in preparation for the coming “Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4. Receiving so many condemnation press releases, one of which came from RWB, the said internet filtering in China was able to paralyze most of their provinces but luckily, the censored Chinese version, can still be accessed. Also most press people are recommending people to download Dynapass, a program that has just been updated.

The on-line censorship in China came one step closer to victory because of the complying of Google along with other western companies. This significant historical event led to the wage of technological war against censorship in order to access banned content causing most major city internet users to have difficulty accessing the uncensored international version of Google for the past week. Following this, Google Mail and Google News also had been no sooner inaccessible making the locals go for the censored Chinese version

Due to the difficulties encountered, different software programs were developed to cope up with the undying need to access the news and information blocked by the firewall that is isolating China from the rest of the world wide web. Some reported 100,000 people relies greatly for the hope to managing sight of the information again through software like Dynapass, Ultrasurf, Freegate and Garden Networks…

An exile in the U.S.–Bill Xia, creator of the Dynapass, was convinced that the failure of his masterpiece is due to the deployment of considerable amounts of software and hardware resources to achieve such jamming and cause for the software to fail. Different geniuses and software engineers collaborated to the update of the tool, basing their research and works on data received from internet users in China. Few days after, a new and refined software was released but the effectiveness is still extremely limited.

[ Meeting with reporters near Capitol Hill, Brin said Google had agreed to the censorship demands only after Chinese authorities blocked its service in that country. Google’s rivals accommodated the same demands - which Brin described as “a set of rules that we weren’t comfortable with” - without international criticism, he said.]

Microsoft on New Algorithm

Could the tycoon of Microsoft’s Bill Gates passion for MSN have finally died? Many different hypos have taken over the minds of both new, upcoming and veterans in the world of computing upon the announcement of semi-retirement of Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates.
It’s been years now since the world of computing has revolutionized through the introduction of the Windows operating system. Now, the same man who changed our world and brought us power within our hands through his world-famous innovation has finally turned the presence of a new algorithm again by announcing his new found passion-charity work. He announced just the other day about plans of doing transitions out of a day-to-day role in the company so he could more intensely focus on charity work through the non-profit Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Although Bill Gates will continue to serve as the company’s chairman and adviser on key development projects, but the majority of his time he said will be devoted to global health and education. I guess it really is about time for him so because at a certain point and time in our lives there comes a time we feel somehow something is missing. Maybe this is it for Bill Gates to take time out of the many mind-boggling ,finger-tapping world of his and find another happiness in other venues aside from his all-time love Microsoft.

Two men will be taking time to cope up with the responsibility of the behemoth software company chairman. By July 2008, Ray Ozzie will assume the title of chief software architect and Craig Mundie will be the newly created chief research and strategy officer while partnering with general counsel Brad Smith to guide Microsoft’s property and technology policy efforts.

This is his personal announcement:

“This was a hard decision for me, and I’m very lucky to have two passions that I feel are so important and so challenging. As I prepare for this change, I firmly believe the road ahead for Microsoft is as bright as ever. I remain fully committed and full time with Microsoft through June 2008 and will be working side by side with Ray and Craig to ensure that a smooth transition occurs.

At 50, Gates might have finally caught up with his own dire need to fill up and feed his soul aside from his natural intellect which is unquestionably superior to have done so much for the web masters until now. He took Microsoft public in 1986 and was the company’s chairman and CEO until 2000, when Balmer took over as CEO. For the past 6 years of his life,he focused on Microsoft’s software development as the company’s chairman and chief software architect.
I personally feel two years is enough time for the staffs to make the necessary changes and fill up for the holes he will leave behind in two years time.

Google on Radio AdWords

Last January of this year, Google purchased the dMark Broadcasting. When it bought the company, dMark is currently building an automated platform which allows the advertisers to easily create and individually target radio ads.

In significance to this, Google, after buying the said broadcasting company, indicated an interest to merge with dMark into promoting an AdWord promotion with the use of GPS tracking chips which they predicted that within two years span, car radios equipped with such could be used in user-specific advertising.

“Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media,” said Tim Armstrong, vice president of Advertising Sales, Google. “We anticipate that this acquisition will bring new ad dollars and accountability to radio by combining Google’s expansive network of advertisers with dMarc’s talented team and innovative radio advertising technology. We look forward to working together to continue to grow and improve the ecosystem of the radio industry.” (from Search Engine Watch)

Since the acquisition is expected to be closing in this first quarter of the 2006, which would be any sooner now, expect also for Google to be the pioneer in this arena of new venture when it comes to advertising.

Hail to the new possibilities of another income generation tactics for those hardcore SEO/SEM guys out there. This only pertains to the ever increasing but unchanging need of Google to uphold its mission——”To organize the world’s information and make it universally accesible and useful.”

Since dMark has more than 4600 radio stations using it’s “digital trafficking” (ad scheduling) and “studio automation” software, it would surely be a great deal of amount in terms of ads for Google this coming months. Originally, dMark does not own any radio station but instead, they supply the advertising and programming software initially needed for the ads to work out in terms of radio advertising networks.

This only shows the commitment of Google to initialize and anticipate the growing need for advertising in all aspect and forms of media available through measurable amounts and considerable engagements. This new innovation hopefully will surface as a powerful ad campaign for the waiting population of SEO personalities.

For now let us just be on a wait and see mood condition and expect a major turnaround on our daily search engine marketing lives. Changes are inevitable, therefore, all we can do is to go where the tide leads us so as not to drown in our own choice of field instead prosper and go for the better worth

Ajax on Web Applications

No! It’s not the long extinct soap previously available in the Philippines. I can remember from my childhood as my mom insists on me to buy Ajax for laundry washing.
Ajax is the short name for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML and it represents a fundamental shift on possibilities of cutting up on reloading any querry or search at a shorter and more quicker time span on the web browser.

A combination of several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, Ajax comes together in powerful new ways. Web-based applications are definitely everywhere and whenever there is work needed to be done, Ajax can be found as the culprit.

These strings of programs as used is actually derived from the early days of the World Wide Web system particularly to the simultaneous exchange of hypertexts in a searchers browser page and the HTTP server side. These programs are meant to increase speed of any web page’s interactivity, speed and usability.

The Ajax I’m talking about is the web applications tool causing an instantaneous and swift appearance of intended results about any querry without actually reloading the whole page on its one aspect (not to mention many others).

Delays on the uploads of the user on his browser can be eliminated using this new technology which is actually all possibilities of combining programs together to fit for a desired easy way of rendering any work. An article I was able to find from shmula (Pete Abilla) discussing about the Ajax factor in Yahoo! Mail and how ingeniously it is explored in its implementations is the first to have inspired me to search for the many wonders that it offers.

Another article I found written by Jessie James (not the gun acrobat legend) Garrett way back from Feb.18 2005 states that……..“Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways……….”
More of the article here.

The Ajax technique uses a combination of:(from Wikipedia) XHTML or HTML, CSS, for marking up and styling information.

The DOM accessed with a client-side scripting language, especially ECMAScript implementations such as JavaScript and JScript, to dynamically display and interact with the information presented.

The XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data asynchronously with the web server. In some Ajax frameworks and in certain situations, an IFrame object is used instead of the XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data with the web server.

XML is sometimes used as the format for transferring data between the server and client, although any format will work, including pre-formatted HTML, plain text, JSON and even EBML.

The interactivity of Ajax can be expanded in use for numerous tasks such as deleting records, returning simple search querries, expanding web forms or editing category trees and this can be done without viewing the whole page of html each time a change is made. Originally, small requests are required to be sent to the server, and just the relative short responses are sent back.

This method in turn enable the webmaster to develop more interactive applications responsive only to the aspirations of the user and at the same time creates a user-interface-friendly working environment due to the DHTML techniques.

SEO Blog Optimization

Data has it, over 75,000 new blogs are being released each day (from the Search Engine Journal). With competition like this, the question is, how can you make your blog stand out from all the millions there already is? One option any web master has is to optimize his blog. Now why is there a need to do so? A good reason is that although blogs have the software intended to be search engine-friendly, combining such plus factor and tons of hard work optimizing your pages and titles, makes it even better with respect to organic rankings and PR.

Opportunities to optimizing any blog site is the same as web sites, therefore, all it requires to generate the traffic you need is the use of different tools for doing such craft. Relying mainly in the special inherent aspect and natural ways a blog earns its organic rankings in the search engine results page is not enough especially when you use your blogs in SEO/SEM purposes.

Tools for consideration:

keywords- the best consideration should be put into this when writing your posts especially the titles. There are some blogs incorporating plug-ins that automatically suggests keywords that are optimized to obtain the necessary results in the process of search engine crawls. You can also use the Goolge selector tool which is free. there is the Digital Point, SEO Book, Goolge Adwords keyword tool.
“Remember this, keywords should not determine your content unless it is an Adsense blog.”

Make sure post titles appear on the title tag and append the title tag (hard code) with the most important phrase for your blog.


22 Laws of Marketing - Search Engine Watch

It will automatically be included on every blog post title tag that you write. Also, use the blog post title as the permalink. If you are using keywords in the blog post title, then they will occur as anchor text in the permanent post link. While your at it, just make the post title a permalink.

interface usability- Improve the usability of your page, in this case by including RSS Feeds subscription buttons, sometimes called as “chicklets” in a place where it is accessible to the eye at all times (if possible) or in the usual side bar. Use the RSS Feed Button creation tool.

categories - Do provide interesting categories as in when a visitor goes to your site, especially a blog site, first thing to consider is the presence of interesting categories which at a glance or hover of the mouse cursor, the visitor will gladly have the interest in.

Optimize your categories and be sure to consider key words in the titles. When you post, be sure to default to a general category that is relevant no matter what the post is all about. You can choose multiple categories on each post when appropriate.This helps you gain organic ranking in search engines.

spamming search engines - Do not do anything to trick the search engines into listing your site better, that is if what you are doing is not listed as one of the search engine tips, the search engine will likely view it as spam and penalize you.
These are just some of the few tips i was able to gather along the many researches that i conduct each night. some of you may have more valuable tips in your minds regarding this particular topic. Feel free to to make modifications through comments as i would like to hear and read as many point of view to add to the little knowledge that i already have.

SEO Podcasts

Some of the veterans in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing world have collaborated to incorporate such revolutionary technologies like podcasting into SEO use. Although podcasting itself is mainly for the use of audio technology, many SEO’s have been on the lookout for the great possibilities that the said technology can be used for SEO advancement and purposes.

Through podcasting, anyone can become the star of his own internet radio talk show as a DJ or host. This greatly presents a new field of interest to add to the many other ways contributing to a blog’s being search engine-friendly and popular in SEO and SEM. The unique opportunity that this new technology offers to the marketer and content producer of any blog is to be explored to its maximum for the use of generating more traffic to the destination sites both commercial and personal and at the same time while enjoying the privilege that no ordinary SEO normally enjoys.

From an SEO standpoint, it wouldn’t seem obvious seeing the benefits of podcasting through integration with SEO and SEM because it only involves audio content and not the usual textual-rich content that search engine spiders are after scooping up on their crawls. You also can not embed those clickable links that you can provide for your visitors or audience which abound by the numbers in any blog site. In here, you simply deal with MP3 files intended only for the hearing, so there is no room for any text or links to promote your site.

“Podcasting is an automatic mechanism by which multimedia computer files are transferred from a server to a client, which pulls down XML files containing the Internet addresses of the media files. In general, these files contain audio or video, but also could be images, text, PDF, or any file type.”

Come up with a name for your podcast show that is rich with relevant heavily searched-on keywords.

Make sure your MP3 files have really good ID3 tags — rich with relevant keywords. ID3V2 even supports comment and URL fields. The major search engines may not pick up the ID3 tags now, but they will! And besides, there are specialty engines and software tools that already do.

Summarize or shorten each podcast show in text and blog that. Put your most important keywords as high up in the blog post as possible but still keep it readable and interesting.

Encourage those who link directly to your MP3 file to also link to your blog post about the podcast.

Consider using a transcription service to transcribe your podcast or at least excerpts of it for use as search engine fodder. Break the transcript up into sections. Make sure each section is on a separate web page and each separate web page has a great keyword-rich title relating to that segment of the podcast. And, of course, link to the podcast MP3 from those web pages. There are many transcription services out there, where you can just email them the MP3 file or give them a URL and they send you back a Word document. Here’s a partial list of transcription services.

Submit your podcast site to podcast directories and search engines such as Let people in your industry, such as bloggers and the media, know that you have a podcast because podcasting is quite new and novel. It will be more newsworthy and linkworthy than just another blog in your industry.

Don’t just get up on your soapbox. Have conversations with others, in the form of recorded phone interviews, and podcast those as well. Pick people who have great reputations on the web and great PageRank scores, and ask that they link to your site and to your podcast summary page.

Lee Odden says:So you can use SEO for more traffic to your podcasts, you can use podcasts to enhance your online public relations and you can advertise on podcasts. What else can you do with podcasts related to SEO?

Ping,Pinging,Pingerati, How Does It Work?

Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network. Ping works by sending ICMP “echo request” packets to the target host and listening for ICMP “echo response” replies. Using interval timing and response rate, ping estimates the round trip time and packet loss rate between hosts. (data derived from wikipedia)

Pinging today is widely known for the use of assisting the diagnosis of any internet connectivity issues. I have personally done this with the help of my ISP when i encountered a problem regarding my connection.This process is commonly used by Internet Service Providers through filtering out ICMP Type 8 (echo request) messages at their network boundaries.

Although pinging is known because of its functionality to webloggers and the SEO/SEM community, there are also a number of disadvantages for the use of such tool, one is the flooding of the internet with ping requests by worms such as Welchia in order to locate new hosts to infect. At times they leak information intended only for secrecy and turns these information into vulnerable data for the use of illegal and malicious purposes.

Debates now has emerged from the different sides that arouse through time. One of which is that it should be largely disabled to enable nework ’stealth’ and another party says it should be enabled to allow proper internet diagnostics.

Pingerati is the new microformats sharing area evolving from the need to distribute and receive updates of pages with microformat data in it. Currently, Pingerati is involved in such process where they receive pages with microformat data and passes them on to services that are interested in indexing them.

Many services have grown supporting the publish and index of the said formats, Yahoo Local is one example. Regarding weblogs, the ‘ping to update’ has been proven to work so well and smoothly while it is not really ideal for other kinds of pages that may contain microformats.

Pinging generally known to be useful in making blogrolls work was one of the very effective ways to let the public know about the good news that is contained in your newly updated site. I remember an article saying that “sending out a ping is like raising the red flag on the mail box to tell the mailman you have new mail to be sent.” In the pinging case, you are telling the weblog tracking sites (such as Technorati) that your site has been updated. Bingo! in seconds, your site could be all over the place you most want.

Pingerati recieves updates of pages with Microformat data.

The ping format is straight forward


The main Pingerati article is meant for pages that have a mixture of


So from the Trackback Ping page there is a link to the original post.

Lots of good stuff at the links that i provided, so be sure to check em out there. The next time you do pinging, be sure to hit the target on bulls eye.

Technorati and it’s kitchen. Try typing the word microformats which is what i’m talking about, cooking at teknorati in overture keyword selector tool. The result is, of course, lesser than i expected. There were only 161 counts done in May.

That’s just because by that time it is still in the process of tests and tryouts. Of the 46.2 million sites and 2.6 billion links that Technorati is currently tracking, nobody seems to notice and have time to visit the Kitchen where all the latest recipes are being cooked.

For those of you SEO buffs and timers, i would like to offer a short description about microformats. Essentially, microformats, is designed for humans first and machines second. They are sets of simple open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Microformats generally solve simple problems by adapting current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging).

I just happened to stumble upon this great topic somewhere along the way of my signing up for Technorati to claim my blog posts and register it officialy with them.
Read more of the details.

microformats are:

a way of thinking about data design principles for formats adapted to current behaviors and usage patterns “Pave the cow paths.”

highly correlated with semantic XHTML, AKA the real world semantics, AKA lowercase semantic web, AKA lossless XHTML a set of simple open data format standards that many are actively developing and implementing for more/better structured blogging and web microcontent publishing in general. “An evolutionary revolution” all the above.

microformats are not:

a new language infinitely extensible and open-ended an attempt to get everyone to change their behavior and rewrite their tools a whole new approach that throws away what already works today a panacea for all taxonomies, ontologies, and other such abstractions defining the whole world, or even just boiling the ocean any of the above the microformats principles solve a specific problem start as simple as possible design for humans first, machines second reuse building blocks from widely adopted standards modularity / embeddability enable and encourage decentralized development, content, services (details derived from

Last June 21, Yahoo Local has announced that they’re now publishing their data in microformats and this includes hCards, hCalendars, and hReviews. There was even a party launched where a t-shirt of microformats is available at cheap prices in San Francisco California. there were also lots,of giveaways fresh codes, drinks dancing and micro-deserts.

I am also able to get this important writings by Sean Mc Grath “History has shown that the only way to reduce information processing complexity to zero is for applications on the value to have build-it knowledge of the information formats they work with. XML, RDF, UML and so on are not fromats so much as meta formats.

Consequently, built in knowledge of any of these does not amount to zero complexity. XML is not a file format. It is a file format for file formats. This distinction is important when calculating complexities.”

I read from another article saying that at a ping system (although i do not know yet the system) for microformated pages has started and treats is as a sort of community project where people can receive the stream of pings for indexing.

This is yet one of the greatest days i had because i get to learn so many details and info about anything under the SEO blogging community specially in the Philippines. I want to target the next time about learning to do pings and the whole system since i am really new to the industry. I also hope to have contributed to the many other information there is already about microformats.

10’s of Tons of SEO Bloggers

Bloggers have always been the king of the game when it comes to marketing. Reasons? Well, they’ve got a lot of it. For one thing, bloggers have always enjoyed natural liberties through rankings and traffic and this is the main reason why many SEO bloggers are using their most creative ways to implement them in marketing. Blog Adsense Affiliates as an example is one field where you can find many successes attained by the best bloggers in the community.

An article i have read a few days ago caught up my attention. This is regarding the indexing limits of major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Contradictory to what most SEO bloggers have always been made to believe,”the more content a blog provides, the more chances of getting indexed as quickly with better chances of rankings and crawlablity by the said major search engines.”

The latest information i got is that the three major search engines have always had some limits in terms of content of pages in order for the whole page’s importance to be indexed and read as a whole article by search engine crawlers and bots. Now, why haven’t we thought about it after all?

Maybe because most of us are so busy promoting the sites that we have and we tend to really leave it all up to the search engine spiders and bots to crawl. All we do is just to be content in providing useful informations about our blog site in order to get indexed as easy and fast as possible never bothering about certain facts on chances that our sites get indexed through a basis only the search engines themselves know ( as to the exact figure in byte) to really get the most of the content that we write.

This factual information is done through a series of experiments using three different dummy sites for the purpose of the three major search engines to crawl and to determine who among the three has the fastest, most reliable, accurate, complete, and also to come up with such exact figures as to where the exact limits those search engines really stop indexing (in terms of content).

The three sites were put up to have each a different amount in terms of bytes in its contents to arrive at the most possible accurate details and data.This is done also to be able to make clear the hypothesis that search engines really do have limits in content indexing and therefore to inform the 10’s of tons of bloggers there is in SEO that the old fashioned way of over populating writing contents becomes obsolete with the belief that the more content we provide, the better.

In the experiment, it turned out that MSN truly is the most reliable with its 1kb limit when it comes to indexing pages. Google has the lowest limit in indexing contents with 500 bytes and Yahoo played it safe by turning itself at the middle.

So, as the old fashion way of thinking that too much relevant keyword stuffing has become obsolete, so does the common thinking that Google has the crown when it comes to being the biggest (in terms of crawling ability) and brightest star among the search engine titans.
For the benefit of the amused, baffled, wondering, questioning, truth-hungry, specific type technically inclined and nobody's out there, this information i may some other time provide to you through the article i was able to read it from originally. Thanks anyway for the extra knowledge i learned from him because saves me time to writing my contents. I believe he will soon be named for his accomplishment.

Offshore Search Engine Marketing Quality in the Philippines

Search Engine Marketing quality has never been outdated and overrun by rivals from other Asian countries like India. An article i read attests that the Philippines can actually become the next hub for offshore search engine marketing jobs.

Another Korean blogger who travels around the world and makes documentaries of his many visits through his blogs says that he is lucky that english proficiency in the Philippines did not bring him much trouble throughout his travels in the country asking for directions and conversing with people he met.

Search Engine Marketing, a steadfast booming industry in it’s own field converts web traffic into revenues for different companies both big and small. Knowledge-wise with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as said by a British Isle company outsourcing talents in the Philippines that it has the potentials of becoming a major revenue earning field by the many professionals in the said country as they have become more and more knowledgeable in the different techniques to increase web traffic and visibility in the most popular search engines like MSN, Google, and Yahoo.

“Hiring more than 30 Filipinos to develop a “holistic approach” to search engine marketing, Zulberti said that expects to double its headcount in the country with new deals coming in from Europe this year.”
“In the area of creativity, the Philippines is way ahead of other countries in the region,” he said, noting the reasons why has decided to put its back office operations in the country.”

Many large companies in the U.S. alone takes the advantage of the lower costs while increasing profit margins due to offshore locations. The best venue they say is the Philippines. America Online for example goes for offshore services and can afford employing 1,000 people or more because of the relative cost factor which in return gives them the market advantage in America where they can lower their prices as well as come up with a significant increase in their profit margins. In fact, outsourcing has become such an important part of their business that they cannot afford to be without it.

Outsourcing talents simply leaves the smaller companies that does not have the know-how or the resources to comfortably absorb the risk of such a venture. I would personally suggest companies therefore to come up as early as possible with their own outsourcing strategies and go for the Philippines because if they cannot take advantage of the availability and gap with their competing business with competitors, then they’d be left out without chances of ever growing and providing for themselves such significant profits needed to grow and prosper in their choice of field.

Outsourcing greatly embarks any business in a new revolutionary way of eliminating the risk of losing potential clients and profits and at the same time generating traffic with virtual conversions and not just clicks. To experience positive effects of outsourcing works, any company must really feel the need to venture into this new way of growing any business.

The greatest, most professional workforce i believe is available in the offshore venues like the Philippines. You can not just try out but find an elite set of firms all at the same time that offers the best quality outsourced jobs and professionally dedicated employees required by your type of business.

Highly qualified outsourcing jobs and personnel that identify with your needs not just because of costs which is the primary advantage but also of the qualifications where you can choose from the array of many professionals available. You are just a click away from your destiny through offshore solutions and therefore any waste of time should be out of the question.

Indulge now or never get the chance at all. Go for the offshore search engine marketing outsourcing needs of your business here in the Philippines.

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