Friday, August 25, 2006

Google Video on Macs

Google Video Player for Macs allows Mac users to download content from Google Video and is designed to run on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Contents from Google video can now be downloaded in macs according to an article at Informaton Week. The new breakthrough allows Mac users to use this feature and is available in free and paid segments.

Shows in there comes from both amateurs and major networks and film companies. The feature is designed to run in both Intel and PowerPC Macs. the requirement is to have Mac OSx10.3.9 or higher. A 1 gig or faster processor and video card with a memory space of at least 16 MB (RAM).

Videos can be watched through the player in full screen and can also scan and select any scene from thumbnails. An option of skipping to scenes not yet downloaded can be done while this feature automates the download of the current skipped scene being previewed.

This big move by The Search Engine giant is in anticipation of the coming World Cup, one of the most-watched and exciting event in the world.

Any type of uploaded video is also accepted by Google Video provided the material has proper rights by the requesting owner of the video and a long as it meets the technical requirements. Of course, it must first be also free from illegal content, invasion of privacy, pornography, obscenity, hate or incitement of violence and copyright violations. There is also a Safe Search feature which is enabled for the purpose of limiting or restricting adult content.


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