Friday, August 19, 2011

Get a Link Wheel Made of 4 Tiers (40 Blogs) for $20

link wheel
How do you get a 4 tier link wheel? Simple, by my standards, I use 40 blogs, 1 tier consists of 10 blogs to be exact in simple terms. Now if if you want a link wheel with 4 tiers as you can see in the image for a 1 tier link wheel beside.

1 Tier Link Wheel

My 1 tier link wheel consists of (as stated above) 10 blogs linking to the next with a relevant target anchor text and another linkout that points to the money site or main site being promoted.


What makes my link wheel as I've proven effective is that I use all relevant targetted titles on each blog or article post I make. Aside from this, I make sure that the links were put on the first paragraph for the linkout to the main site or money site. The secondary link which is the linkout to the next article will be placed in the latter part of the article. This is because we all know that link prominence is very important in SEO. A prominent place of the link is very important. I also make sure that the last site/blog linking to the money site will have a "nofollow" attribute. The purpose of this is to break the linking footprint so Google won't find any intended linking structure. I also make sure the second link will be non-identical to the first link which is linking to the money site.

If you ever want this service from me, my rules and requirements are simple and you can see them below.

1. I don't accept po*n, no gam*ling, dru*s or other illegal promotions and sites too.
2. Provide me 1 anchor text and 1 article 250-500 words.
3. I use best article spinner for your article which pukes only 40%-60% uniqueness.
4. I use my own blogs PR0-PR4 but I allow client owned blogs as per request but client must give me access to log in of blogs or a username password.
5. Turnaround of this Link Wheel SEO service will be 10-15 days for gradual link buildup. (Can be made 1 month or longer as per client request for more natural linking footprint and to avoid Google Panda shut.
6. Accepting payments via Paypal only.
7. 100% satisfaction guaranteed service! Dissatisfied customers get full refund, no questions asked.
8. Report is issued after work is completed.

Bonus 1: Order this link wheel service and you get 10 extra spun articles that you can use for article submission which is a $20 $30 value.

Bonus 2: Order this link wheel service and you get free 1 blog review which is a $5-$10 value.

Bonus 3: Get 1 FREE link wheel of 4 tiers using 5 blogs if you order 5 link wheels which is a $20 value. (optional)

Bonus 4: Get 1 FREE link wheel of 4 tiers using 5 blogs for every succeeding 5 link wheel order. Good for bulk orders.

For orders, please send me a mail at casuncadster at gmail dot com


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