Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging Apps and Plug Ins

I have never imagined I would indulge in using blogging applications and plug-ins on some blogs I write into. First it is simply because I am not sure how they work and second is that I do not have the time to play around with these usability applications. Third is simply because I do not know the possible effects that these applications could get my blogs in to.

Now that I know, I'd like to put special mention of one of the best Wordpress plug in that I believe has the best use for blogs and bloggers. That is none other than related posts plug in. I love the use of this special app as it leads the visitors to some of the best places where they can find good information without having to leave your blog at all.

Another is that because it minimizes the need to link within some other related posts we have and saves you time to go looking for them. The plug in automatically looks for he related posts and embeds them right below your post which is just the ideal place to find for your readers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet In the Philippines and Online Business

I have been on the constant watch about the latest development of the internet here in the Philippines where reside and work as a freelance SEO and link builder. I also own a few online business but what strikes me the last few months of this year.

I was on the constant watch on my Google Analytics account with many of the sites as well as client sites that I work on and I must admit that there have been so many big changes that happened with respect to the Philippine internet. Users have grown so significantly that you will surely notice that if you have a local site, that the local visitors have greatly increased with local keywords.

I would like to anticipate on this and start of with a few smaller experiments of my own with different niches that I am looking to enter in the future. This is to come up with a business model that will do the trick for me and my websites as well as clients in the local online market. With this growth, Philippines SEO will surely be a bigger venue for many local businesses as well.

Google Caffeine New Algorithm I Love It

It's been such a very long time since I haven't written in this blog of mine but so far, a lot of my time has been focused on trying to learn more about how Google pushes the websites in their results pages. A couple of months ago, I learned that Google Caffeine was introduced but Many local SEO in the Philippines would not go for it. For whatever reason, I don't know.

All I know is that because the new Google algorithm doesn't seem to favor their websites of business they own. Well, so far, for me it's been so much beneficial as 1 business website alone has given me 20 times more than what it used to earn and I am glad that if you just persevere to understand what Google has been trying to give you, you won't really have a problem at all.

After all, there is nothing we or any of us can do about it. Google plays God once again and it wants us to bear in mind that if we don't update ourselves with whatever it has for the sake of the users, there is no way we will succeed in any business model online that we engage in.

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