Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet In the Philippines and Online Business

I have been on the constant watch about the latest development of the internet here in the Philippines where reside and work as a freelance SEO and link builder. I also own a few online business but what strikes me the last few months of this year.

I was on the constant watch on my Google Analytics account with many of the sites as well as client sites that I work on and I must admit that there have been so many big changes that happened with respect to the Philippine internet. Users have grown so significantly that you will surely notice that if you have a local site, that the local visitors have greatly increased with local keywords.

I would like to anticipate on this and start of with a few smaller experiments of my own with different niches that I am looking to enter in the future. This is to come up with a business model that will do the trick for me and my websites as well as clients in the local online market. With this growth, Philippines SEO will surely be a bigger venue for many local businesses as well.


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