Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging Apps and Plug Ins

I have never imagined I would indulge in using blogging applications and plug-ins on some blogs I write into. First it is simply because I am not sure how they work and second is that I do not have the time to play around with these usability applications. Third is simply because I do not know the possible effects that these applications could get my blogs in to.

Now that I know, I'd like to put special mention of one of the best Wordpress plug in that I believe has the best use for blogs and bloggers. That is none other than related posts plug in. I love the use of this special app as it leads the visitors to some of the best places where they can find good information without having to leave your blog at all.

Another is that because it minimizes the need to link within some other related posts we have and saves you time to go looking for them. The plug in automatically looks for he related posts and embeds them right below your post which is just the ideal place to find for your readers.


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