Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Does Google Read Blog Comments?

I have been playing around with some of the best ways to exploit what Google allows based only on my experience. This is because we all know that it would take all the best resources and SEOs to know which is truly acceptable by Google. This time, I am asking myself through a series of experiments how Google reads blog comments and can a blog owner really exploit these comments to his blog's advantage?

I actually came up with this question a long time ago and this time, I have the time to make an experiment, I will make sure that I learn something else other than what others fail to learn or at least observe how blog comments can be an effective way to gain further search engine importance for that page you are trying to manipulate.

I am sure that Google won't allow the blog author to use these comments to his advantage, this is the reason why Wordpress today have the "nofollow" attribute in their comments. But I am also sure that there are certain small ways we can take advantage of our own resources. In this case, I am after learning about blog comments and how I can make them useful to my own advantage in a SEO field or point of view.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wikipedia is Now a 5,000-Page Book

I'm not so sure about this news (heven't seen it) as it is the first time that I heard about it. Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia is now turned into a 5,000-page book.

According to a resource that I just read today, the Wikipedia, a voluntarily written online book by all the registered users all over the world has been turned into perhaps the most numbered page book with 5,000 pages and sized at 1 foot and 7 inches thick.

What's The Future of Torrent?

So what could really be the future of torrent in your own opinion? With today's user's requirement for a bigger disc space and today's generation liking so much to keep those big video and image files and websites and Google in to flash what could be the next topic about the internet.

Well, we all know how much torrent freaks have eaten with respect to the world' bandwidth. We also know that there is no way we can stop torrent from coming in to the next generation. I remember reading an article about torrent eating up all the speed of the internet and eating up all the bandwidth there is... little by little, we cannot seem to avoid the inevitable - bandwidth allocation loss.

I am not really so sure about this idea, I am not even the torrent geek that others are and in fact I do not fully understand all about it so what now? What could really be the future of the internet users with torrent unstoppably getting on the way?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Complete List of Free Blogger Templates

Have you ever thought that there could be one great resource for you where you can find a really (well at least with that many) complete list of free Blogger Templates out there? It was one of the best post I have ever read from the Blogger Buzz and I know that many of you out there might just be as interested as I am with this large list of free Blogspot Themes and templates.

First of all I would like to thank the Blogger Buzz Team for allowing us to take a peek at this really large list of Blogger templates. - Free Blogger Templates . I hope you guys enjoy choosing the best that fits your preference back there.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Exploring Free Classifieds and Ranking Your Ads in the SERPs

We all know that the biggest factor that propels any webpage to appear on the top of the SERPs is link building and the quality of links pointing to the same webpage you are trying to rank a keyword for. With this in mind, the first step we usually do is to do the basic - get a few links from social bookmarking sites, directory submissions, blog business reviews, blog comments and forum links.

But what most of us have come disregard is the fact that free classifieds were one of today's most loved pages by the searh engines, We've seen how Craigslist, Kiiji, olx and more come to life in almost any long tail keywords as well as major keywords today. For sure they can't be just some coincidence.

Here in the Philippines, for example, what webmasters have observed is the use of free classifieds in trying to rank a webpage to the top of the SERPs success however is measured in terms of promotions that you will do with the Ad page that you made.

Imagine having a link in there and getting on top of the search for multiple keywords including the long tail ones that never even know you can rank for? I have done it myself and I know that this one works. This is actually not just a form of SEO but more on search engine marketing or SEM.

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