Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's The Future of Torrent?

So what could really be the future of torrent in your own opinion? With today's user's requirement for a bigger disc space and today's generation liking so much to keep those big video and image files and websites and Google in to flash what could be the next topic about the internet.

Well, we all know how much torrent freaks have eaten with respect to the world' bandwidth. We also know that there is no way we can stop torrent from coming in to the next generation. I remember reading an article about torrent eating up all the speed of the internet and eating up all the bandwidth there is... little by little, we cannot seem to avoid the inevitable - bandwidth allocation loss.

I am not really so sure about this idea, I am not even the torrent geek that others are and in fact I do not fully understand all about it so what now? What could really be the future of the internet users with torrent unstoppably getting on the way?


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