Sunday, April 19, 2009

Link Structure Optimization SEO Experiment is a Success

The reason to gaining top rankings once again in the ongoing Tnomeralc Web Design Toys seo challenge is having 5 indexed pages in Yahoo. This means that getting that many pages indexed in Yahoo knowing that it is only a single post inner page is equivalent to strength in the position that I currently hold.

This is a very rare occasion and I know now that what I did in the past few days even without doing anything for 2 days did pay off. I was in to link structure experiment all the time because I have never stopped trying to decipher whatever advantage I can get from the search engines using only free available tools I have. I'm glad it paid off for me.

They may be just basic tools and basic knowledge used along but for one thing, they are all effective in my quest for more knowledge under a strict implementation of link building techniques that I know. I alone is doing link structure optimization for this challenge. I know for a fact that I cannot fail if only I give more effort for an entry but what I found out was even more convincing and more compelling with cutting edge precision. Proves that you don't have to starve and stress yourself out just to attain high rankings in the SERPs.

Timing is everything with link building and SEO. Establishing a good linking structure on the other hand will give you the advantage over your competition. In this experiment, I learned that you do not have to stress yourself out trying to build thousands of links after all. All you need is the perfect timing strong interlinking of your pages. Although I haven't perfected my process and my link structure optimization using offpage sources, I am looking in to getting to know how the search engines work for a webpage using links.

This challenge has brought me into new horizons and it has taught me that there is a lot of resource out there left unexplored and used in the wrong process of chronology. Timing and perfect structure of links will be my key to maintain this ranking right now while working for more knowledge.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will Google Buy Twitter?

The news is up today on Google taking up talks with buying Twitter. This is not confirmed but according WebPro News e-mail to me today, Google will no longer want to talk about buying the birdie social networking site.

So what's next? There unconfirmed allegations and rumors that Google is building its own Social Networking site now. Let us see what comes up next in beta for Google after they have implemented their new blogger through mobile and e-mail posting option which is already available today in your blogger dashboard.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Google Crawlers - Is it Random or Scheduled?

No one knows the exact split second that a Google crawler visits a webpage or website. While for some, they have the clue using analytics data and metrics, still no one can conclude if that visit occurred exactly the time they though it did.

The same data tells of other analytics metrics and for this reason we couldn't have the exact analysis of out site details with respect to optimization of campaign results. All we will ever have are rough estimates or at least the closest possible data with which we can base all out outputs and the result of our inputs as well.

I am taking today for example, the fact that I am under an experiment on analysis of data as to what time or when exactly Google crawlers visit a webpage. What factors will trigger these visits for Google to be able to make their updates on their index.

The experiment that I am talking about is the soon to end Tnomeralc Web Designt Toys keyword. I have a lot of weird assumptions as to how Google sees the links pointing to a website for the simple fact that when I changed my Title tag of the home page of a blog, Google immediately sees it upon an update post.

But what happens today as I take a look at the results of the updated index, I saw my page ranking higher thant it used to knowing that I did not do anything to promote that page targeted to the keyword Tnomeralc Web Design Toys.

I saw that when I ranked #2 today from more than a week at # 4, that my title tag was the old one that I used in the home page. How come that Google allowed me to be on top # 2 slot without doing much on link building and all the while ranking that page higher 2 slots than its 1 week original position? Does that mean that Google somehow sees the links even if they are not part of the home page where it can be found.

Does this mean that Google allows constantly updated pages to help push a webpage further up even when the link is already deep? What now? Old title tag back as indexed but higher rankings could only mean one thing - old links do matter a lot in ranking a webpage higher in the results pages.

This for me also means that the more a page is updated with new content, the higher chances that the links to which that page can be found may harness the effects of a delayed upsurge of link therefore making Google see the old version of the webpage while ranking it a little bit higher than it used to.

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