Sunday, April 19, 2009

Link Structure Optimization SEO Experiment is a Success

The reason to gaining top rankings once again in the ongoing Tnomeralc Web Design Toys seo challenge is having 5 indexed pages in Yahoo. This means that getting that many pages indexed in Yahoo knowing that it is only a single post inner page is equivalent to strength in the position that I currently hold.

This is a very rare occasion and I know now that what I did in the past few days even without doing anything for 2 days did pay off. I was in to link structure experiment all the time because I have never stopped trying to decipher whatever advantage I can get from the search engines using only free available tools I have. I'm glad it paid off for me.

They may be just basic tools and basic knowledge used along but for one thing, they are all effective in my quest for more knowledge under a strict implementation of link building techniques that I know. I alone is doing link structure optimization for this challenge. I know for a fact that I cannot fail if only I give more effort for an entry but what I found out was even more convincing and more compelling with cutting edge precision. Proves that you don't have to starve and stress yourself out just to attain high rankings in the SERPs.

Timing is everything with link building and SEO. Establishing a good linking structure on the other hand will give you the advantage over your competition. In this experiment, I learned that you do not have to stress yourself out trying to build thousands of links after all. All you need is the perfect timing strong interlinking of your pages. Although I haven't perfected my process and my link structure optimization using offpage sources, I am looking in to getting to know how the search engines work for a webpage using links.

This challenge has brought me into new horizons and it has taught me that there is a lot of resource out there left unexplored and used in the wrong process of chronology. Timing and perfect structure of links will be my key to maintain this ranking right now while working for more knowledge.


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