Friday, July 31, 2009

Liposuction Philippines Niche

In Philippines, cosmetic surgery for which liposuction is very much an integral part of is booming due to cheaper costs. It occupies a big percentage of the Philippines liposuction services market as offered by licensed liposuction and surgery professionals. The competition has tightened!

As a search engine optimizer (SEO) I have looked into the Philippines liposuction niche as part of a research due to SEO outsourced jobs pointed to my service from this field for a client. The study led me to conclude that it would be just perfect to get into the search results -
the very intentional target of this post.

This is to encourage professional cosmetic surgeons in the country to compete using online marketing methods and resources where my services are concentrated. Forgive me for I have ventured in this niche only to let you see (if you are a professional doctor in the cosmetic field) what we can do for your business.

We have 5 years resource in my job and the experience to lead your business on top of your competition today.

"If this blog of mine can rank in the results with liposuction Philippines keyphrase, so can your business"

Imagine entrusting your business with somebody who knows how to do the job well and see your business website challenging those who have dominated in the results for a long period. While you think all you can do is dream being there I am offering you a one time chance...

Think of the partnership am offering you - your business up there using my team's skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...

Think of the possibilities of getting the most out of the boom in clients using online marketing...

"You can have most of them when you get found on top of the results and me and my team can do that for you"

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 NLE Results Released - Nursing Board Exam News PRC

The 2009 nurse exam results or popularly know as the nursing board exam (NLE) has been released the other day by the (PRC) Professional Regulation Commission. The results were not as impressive as it should be based on the turnout of percentage of the nurses who passed the said board exam.

I have a cousin though who is part of the list of nurse board passers and I am glad she is now a professional nurse and registered as soon as she takes the oath-taking. Congratulations to all who passed and goodluck to your new life!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Philippines Link Builders and Philippines as Top Outsourcing Venue

There are so many great link builders in the Philippines as much as there are so many link builders in Asia which is a prime destination for Link Building Outsourcing jobs from the United States as well as from other European countries.

I work freelance as a professional link builder for a freelance SEO Outsourcing and search engine marketing firm. I've worked my way through the years and have committed mistakes somewhere along the way but it has made me a better link builder as with the series of self experimenting using all resources I have with my job as a freelance link builder here in the Philippines.

I have worked with different niche and different people and websites I cannot account all of because they are too many. Some I have been able to show what I can do for their sites but some never gave me the chance to continue for their own reasons.

While some online business owners understand that there is no magic in SEO as well as in link building for a business website, those who know are lucky to see it the other way around. I love the art of link building and sometimes it even drives to see results at the quickest time buy somewhere along the way, I have proven that there is no shortcut to this job.

Link building is an evolving process by which you need to understand what you have to present to the search engines when they try to look at what your efforts are all about. You do it fast and you loose everything. You take link building too slow and your competition will eat you up.

So what does it really take to see what works and what doesn't? Well, it only takes you and time to find out and I am glad that I have it all with me plus my perseverance in learning everyday while sitting in front of my computer almost 16 hours of my life. I love the art of link building and this is where I will excel from the others who are in the competition. At least here in the Philippines where I work.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Never Imagined Twitter Could Be A Road Full of Traffic

I've seen today a Twitter account from a friend that got snapped out. It was a PR 4 profile page and I bet that it took time to earn that trust from the search engines only to get the account snapped in the wink of an eye. I wonder what happened back there?

I never thought that Twitter could ban accounts just like that knowing that there are so many spammers out there trying to explore what they could out of the advantages that this social bookmarking site does.

First, it never came to me that there is indeed quality traffic that could come from this site so even if I have a very old account there, I never had the interest to follow on accounts and allow others to follow me.

I've always wanted to have a secret life using social bookmarking sites and Twitter is one of them. In fact, I really have used it just for a few tries. It was something like 5 or less than 10 tweets all in all and I never came back again to the site.

Not until I learned the plus factor that it could possibly bring to my fence. Now, I am still on a process of trying to see some different and posting one by one at a time and trying to make intervals to see what happens next.

I hope to find out more soon in a month or two and see if I could possibly post here my tweets. That is of course if I like it. Social media marketing is a great way to learn more about traffic generation. Twitter is not excempted.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free Bloggerized Wordpress Themes

I found out today that many blogspot blogs have been using bloggerized Wordpress Themes. I was surprised as I have never roamed around for so long to find out that there are so many theme addicts that already use these bloggerized themes which are originally WP themes.

It's a great move and a new amazing innovation although I am not so sure if others will agree. I just found out today also and I was surprised that some of our Wordpress themes although there are totally free to download were already available in bloggerized versions.

Well, I can't blame the person who bloggerized the Free Wordpress Themes we have because after all they are all for free to use and download. The good thing is that the one who took our templates still used the footer links that we used to have. Thanks for that.

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