Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feedburner's Manageability

Feedburner is Acquired by Google

Feedburner has been announced by Google last month that they were able to buy the prestigious feeds management portal and it is final, in fact they have already managed to make some improvements on the feeds managing of the portal for use in their blogger blogs gallery (blogspot).

I am one of those that felt happy about the acquisition of the site because it made me able to make some necessary changes to my blogs that are now ranking for my keywords SEM outsourcing Philippines and SEO outsourcing Philippines respectively.

Being on top of the results means that I would have to implement social bookmarkings for the benefit of those who are looking for a way to syndicate some of my contents.

Well, I'm glad i don't have to go over the painstaking process of trying to look for he best social bookmarking sites for syndication anymore.
Feedburner - Manageability and User-Friendly

Blog Post Tagging - A Circus of Blog Noise

Blog Post Tagging For SEO

SEO in the Philippines and SEO in any other parts of the world are the same. As we all know, blogs play a big role when it comes to improving campaigns and ranking in the search engine of any site or any other web page.

Since this is the case, I would like to assume that blog post tagging also plays a major role for SEO and syndication of contents by search engines. Such a good example is the famous Technorati blog post tagging.

Blog post tagging is a very prominent way of letting readers know how you want your pages to be seen both by the search engine bots and crawlers and the humans alike.

But the thing is, many unprofessional SEO in the world today, especially those spammers have found their way to get the attention of the search engines and have manipulated the results by way of blog post tagging.

How Spammers Use Blog Post Tagging

Since blog post tagging is a very nice and optimized way of making the syndication of contents a powerful tool for SEO, spammers have found a way to generate the traffic and attention of not only the competing page's owners but also the search engines themselves.

I don't know how or in what other advantages they may be of use to these spammers but all i know is that they use it to spam the blog search engines and the search engines to manipulate the results in a way of making these search engines see that their contents are legitimately falling under the keywords they desire them to see.

I found out about this while i was searching for post related to my blogs about a certain keyword in Technorati. I was surprised today that the keywords that i am targeting to be indexed by the search engines have many other pages competing for the tags.

The worse part of it is that these tags are in no other ways or means related to their contents. Mostly as I would assume, these other irrelevantly competing pages and blogs have no content/s related to their tags. The best part of it is that these spammer blogs are mostly either a gambling site/blog or an illegal drugs site/blog.

Malicious Blog Tagging - A Perfect SEO Noise for Spammers

Although this has been a pronounced way for many spammers to go around legally, malicious blog post tagging is a way they found most comfortable to use as their SEO campaign for years now.

Since it would be an almost impossible feat these days to do SEO for illegal gambling sites, pornos and illegal drugs, spammers have found other ways in blog post tagging to use for their quest for attention and rankings in the search results. I would like to call this type of technique as "NOISE".

A very simple way of letting others know that they indeed exist, the owners of this types of websites today resort to syndicate their contents by making noise through blog post tagging. They seem to have found comfort in doing this specific black hat SEO technique.

I called this a black hat technique because of the intentions of this sort of procedure to gain traffic and attention from both the humans and the search engines alike. After all, they are both the same in terms of intentions as other black hat tactics but would only differ in the degree of SEO effect and impact.

SEO in the Philippines - Only Few Join In Spamming Search Engines

With the present SEO condition here in the Philippines, spamming for the benefit of porno, illegal gambling and illegal drugs sites is only a few handfuls as i would estimate. Many of the SEO members of the SEO Philippines umbrella have managed to make it to the top by simply giving attention to regular SEO blogs or their half personal half SEO blogs and writing contents for it.

These noises are very rare as the quality of SEO or even SEM in the Philippines is still in its developing stage. I hope this matter never develops here even if we are behind the scarcity of SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing jobs today compared to India in the Asian regions. I am still proud to say that noise is still at a comfortable level because many of the SEO and SEM professionals only prefer doing straight campaigns and no extras just for the benefit of earning a large amount of income through illegal websites.

In relations to this claim, I would to emphasize that the Philippines and its present condition in terms of SEO and SEM is in its young stage but still a few Filipinos managed to serve a large population of SEO outsourced and SEM outsourced jobs alike in a comfortable level and professional approach. Maybe this is our ticket to improving our quality of works for SEO and SEM in the world market.

Friday, July 27, 2007

SEO is All About Wits and Guts

I read a very good SEM/SEO article today that came from a SEO Philippines forum member. It was tipped along the conversations and i decided to make a short post about it. Some sort of an inspirational thought that will make people of the Philippine SEO community of newbies and experts start to think that SEO is not all the time about being technical or better in back ends or any other technical matters involved but also of the virtue of knowing where you fall and by measuring your SEO efforts.

To become a recognized SEO here in the Philippines and in the world, you do not need to self-proclaim your SEO achievements, that you have great secrets that only you have and others don't as what others have been doing sometimes but instead you have to take notice of how the search engines work through constant monitoring of the results handed over in your naked eye.

Although technically speaking at some point in their SEM and SEO career they have been dubbed as one of the best and the most prestigious people, it doesn't equate for them to also be the best all the time. Some good SEO don't even have this in their lists because we know that we all are the busiest people in the online battle against the race to the top with our target keywords in the SEO and SEM arena. This makes us blind sometimes to the most important part of SEO - "observation". I believe that everything that revolves around the world of the search engines is about observations. We all have the knowledge and the materials in order to make it big and to make it to the top but do we know that the way to the top is not always to take the easy route.

Most of us would rely to the easiest way to get to the peak but I would say no. There are many ways to get to the top and we are all aware of it but we never notice at all. Maybe we are just too busy and afraid that it will take most of our time. Well, on the other hand, that makes us newbies even luckier because at least we have the time to make some observation and use what we see for our SEO ways.

I am not saying that I have a secret in my SEO because I have made it to the top with my ways sometimes but what i am saying is that we all can have a share of the pie, newbies and experts alike.

Newbies in SEO and veterans and some would say experts even fall in the ends of the results because SEO is not just everything about being technical but also about being witty and intelligent in ways that others would not be because they are too blind to the things that are happening around the results.

Everything in SEO revolves around the results and this is why I am saying that even newbies like me have the right to be on top of them. I can be a better one that most of the good ones and I can be somebody even better than the best because I believe that i have what it takes - wits and time to see what is going on in the SEO arena.

This is no secret but instead a reminder to many of us newbies or experts that we all have no way of telling what the search engines would love in the future, after all, SEO is a science and not a technology. With science you have to be precise and you have to use your observations in telling what is right and know ing what you are doing and where your efforts are falling in to.

So for the many newbies like me, don't loose that hope that we will make it over the experts and the best. We just have to be patient and take our time even if we are on a race to the top of the results. This is a call for all of us and i hope we all learn from this short SEO thought.

Let us all contribute to uplift the present condition of the SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing conditions of the Philippines and we all will benefit from it. Winning contests is one way like professor Benj Arriola did. If he has what it takes, then we all learn out of it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the Philippines

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Review

SEM or search engine marketing is still rare as a profession if i may consider calling it, here in the Philippines. Very few have the knowledge of the different required skills regarding search engine marketing services.

Although this is the case of Philippine search engine marketing, a few SEM professionals have managed to render services for many big companies around the world and bring to the Philippines, the venue of SEM outsourcing as an outsourced job. Since the SEM services are very much of a cost-effective rate, Philippine professionals have been continually receiving good reviews from the kind of services rendered to the many big online companies around the world.

SEM and SEO in the Philippines

SEM and SEO are still on their own turning points in history and making their own identity of recognition in the online business as a world class profitable industry for many SEM professionals here in the Philippines. SEO on its own is a notch higher now since the Global SEO Contest of "Global Warming Awareness" was won by a Filipino in Benj Arriola.

Another effort today has been launched in the Philippines (Bayanihan SEO Contest) as the SEO arrives at a more excellent stage for the major changes in SEO outsourcing arena. Since the events took place in time like a blessing in disguise, hopefully, the Philippines will soon be one of the best venues for SEM and SEO outsourcing jobs for many Filipinos.

SEM Professionals - Class A Services in the Philippines

SEM services in the Philippines indeed falls class A in terms of all the SEM related jobs being outsourced here in the Philippines. Since the global recognition of the great professionals in SEO and SEM here in the country is increasing support from growing online companies by outsourcing their SEM-related and SEO-related needs to the Philippine professionals, a great number of professionals in the field have increased to accommodate the needs. Some of them even made it to the United States and served bigger companies as a resident SEM consultant.

Prestigious SEM Firm in the Philippines

While here in the Philippines, SEM services are being outsourced, a prestigious SEM firm is offering cost effective professional services from PPC management, website optimization and design, SEO and link building, analytics and optimization, search engine re-inclusion, SEM consulting and many other major services, sem-pros.com tops it all in the SERPs for the results SEM outsourcing Philippines and SEO outsourcing Philippines.

This makes them the best in the service as their services promises to not only bring traffic and rankings but also conversion in your business which is the most important of all. A return of investment that is most significant for any online business today.

Friday, July 20, 2007

SEO Algorithms and the SERPs

Search Algorithm

The search algorithms have different lessons to teach us in terms of SEO. You probably wondered at some point in time in your SEO career how they are being tabulated by the search engines and how they could work for your advantage in running that race with other pages that you are competing with in the same keyword or niche as you have. Search algorithms are very important not just because it is where you look at every time you open your pc to see where your SEO efforts are falling in.

It is your obsession as well as mine and a day never runs without taking a look at the results of the charts of the SERPs, especially in the three major search engines. I for one admit that a day never passes that i will never look at the SERP results because it is where my life now revolves as a link builder and SEO here in the Philippines. It is where i get my strength every time i face a day working on my SEO outsourced clients and build links f0r the websites that i have been doing promotions with.

How Algorithm Helped Me in All My SEO and Link Building Work

Since algorithms are the very first things that I look at before I work and run my other stuff on my pc, I make sure every time that I am in the right track for the keywords that I am aiming to top in the charts. I never fail to notice the important things that I could possibly learn out of looking at the results.

* First, I make sure that I take a deeper look at how the links get in the results because they are the ones that teach me what next steps to take to maximize my link building efforts.

* Second, I look at the search term or keyword that I am competing in and see how links are being archived along with other competing pages and how algorithm plays with the others. This way, I learn other necessary information about the latest ways and sites that I could possibly get a link from.

* Third, I try to visit other pages appearing in the results (below and on top) with my target keywords because they teach me how to get more of my links and where to best get them.

Signing Up Accounts Helps You Get Links

Accounts are very important in SEO and Link building. They add up some spice to your name and your link building art. Yes! link building for me is an art where there lies a never ending search for the end line. There always arises a new way and a new venture of getting and building up links for your pages. I have seen how signing up accounts can help your efforts in link building and how they can add up to your links.

For example, I have signed up with some blogger's center where i get many of my visitors and link exchange offers. Another is that since most sites, even a simple website have a blog, a forum, an RSS feed submission or any other stuff you can use for your link building jobs in SEO that offers giving you links but you don't realize it because you are too tired to look at their menus and maybe too tired at signing up with so many required details.

All I can say is that they may take some time for you to finish but it is worth the time because at the end of it, lies the treasure that has a never ending gold being produced. That gold that I am talking about are what we call as future "links". The ones produced here at most the kind of links that will take you to having more traffic and higher ranking at the end of the efforts.
Paying Attention at the SERP Results

Paying attention at the SERP results each time that you look at it may give you some clues to your link building jobs and also may make you a better SEO and a better link builder. If results are what you look at, I would suggest that you take a look at it deeper than you look in to a loved one because the deeper you look in to things like how results are produced, the better yo become as a link builder. A deep look at the results will teach you how to become more sensitive with your link building efforts and eventually make you a better link builder than the others are.

They may top the results but you have learned out of their efforts to top it and the most important of all is that those learning crafts will be your next art to achieve better and quality links that will soon take you to the top of the results and make you a better SEO. In the end, SEO outsourcing jobs that you handle will produce more clients and more return of investment which in this case, your investment is your skill.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paradise Philippines Keyword

SEOing The Paradise Philippines Keyword

The latest SEO contest launched here in the Philippines is based in the keyword "paradise Philippines". It is dubbed as the "Bayanihan SEO Contest" which is actually the third SEO contest launched here in the Philippines for the benefit of promoting SEO and SEM here in the Philippines.

This time, many of the SEO Philippines members and followers joined in the contest for the keyword paradise Philippines because first of all, everybody in the SEO Philippines community truly loves the Philippines and this is also the reason why most of them own a domain related to the Philippines and the beautiful paradise Philippines tourist spots that can be seen here in the Philippines.

Second, since everybody in the SEO and SEM arena here in the Philippines are very eager to promote and uplift the present state of the Philippine SEO and SEM. Another thing is that the prestige this time even grew bigger because the prize money alone rose to as high as 600,000 PHP which means that who ever will win the contest will get a bigger amount than the first two previous contests that are also both successfully launched through the spearheading of SEO Philippines organization with the support of almost all the SEO personalities here in the Philippines.

Paradise Philippines - A Paradise of Many Great SEO

The Philippines is indeed a paradise, a paradise of many great SEO and SEM people and if I may call them experts. Even if it has been proven many times that SEO is a bread and butter for many of us here in the Philippines we always treat SEO as not just our source of income but a career to develop and improve.

This is the reason why Philippines have produced some of the greatest professionals like the winner of the latest global SEO contest in the "global warming awareness" where the winner that belongs to the top is a Filipino. Once again, proving that the Philippines is home to champions and great professionals in the field of SEO and SEM.

Paradise Philippines SEO Lesson

While trying to see the results everyday in the keyword paradise Philippines, i have seen many lessons as an SEO. Not quite sure about the details yet, i decided to keep it until i can be sure. This is also the reason why i didn't join the contest. Because i want to learn the lessons and see what difference it could make for my very young career here in the Philippines.

I admit i have a lot more stuff to learn but at least i am sure that my time will come because I have treated myself as my own home. A paradise for the Philippine SEO like me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SEO Contest In the Philippines

The SEO Philippines Era

Since I do not personally know when and where SEO Philippines really started, let me just give a few backgrounds about the subject matter. While SEO in the Philippines is still in its very young stage, SEO in the world has developed so fast that almost every aspect of SEM has produced many SEOs that now belong to greatest contributors of ways in improving SEO quality as a whole.

Even if it is admirably blogging that plays a big role in SEO and SEM in the Philippines, i admit that I myself as a blogger cannot say that this status will remain as it is for the coming years.

Blogging for SEO Philippines

For many SEO Philippines members, mostly bloggers, programmers and web designers, blogging is a tool, in fact one of the best tools they use for SEO outsourcing jobs and SEM outsourcing jobs alike.

But even if this was the case, it is very rare here in the SEO Philippines arena that a techie-concentrated blog ever produces the best results for advantage and advancements in SEO in the Philippines because most of them (the bloggers) love to discuss just the bits and pieces of what they are in true personalities.

I would see this myself as a love for one's self and a justification of what else is there to prove for most of them and that i guess includes me as a blogging fanatic too.

How Much Blogs Can Do For SEO Efforts

It has always been discussed in so many blogs that SEO is really being played, revolved and has a big dependence in blogging. This is the reason for the emergence of paid blog reviews such as "Review Me" and other paid to blog sites where many bloggers such as some of the SEO Philippines members get a significant amount of their income from.

Of course, the very obvious reason is that blogs play the biggest role in improving any business and by any business i mean online business. Another thing for most bloggers here in the Philippines is that they use blogs to make available, SEO news and latest events in large and mass release.

A concrete example of this instance is done in the latest SEO contest here in the Philippines that many SEO Philippines members joined, the Bayanihan SEO contest with the keyword "paradise Philippines".

Importance of Blogs to SEO in the Philippines

Many times it has been told that blogs bring traffic, blogs bring search engine importance, blogs give relevant links, blogs improve the page importance, blogs takes a page high in the rankings and that blogs are almost everything from contents to organic ranking matters.

Blogs indeed have almost everything and puts every aspect to an advantage so imaginable yet today but i have seen them actually work for mine. I have seen what powers it has and what advantages it could bring your business. Even if many of us in the SEO field claims that this is true, we continue to ignore this more by making our blogs more of a personal thing where we can burst our egos and personal feelings and adventures.

Seeing that blogs are just a part of SEO and not the other way around. Yes! for me, blogs are everything both in SEO and SEM. I use them and have greatly influenced my every move and my every job from SEO outsourcing jobs to SEM outsourcing jobs that i handle as a future SEO Philippines member.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Bayanihan SEO Contest Algorithms

Algorithms of the Bayanihan SEO Contest

The Bayanihan SEO Contest is on its Nth day now and the leader is still not giving away the position. Who will be the better site this time? Is it the static website or the weblog? Well, which ever, i believe that it's still SEO and SEM efforts that is the major factor for this SEO contest to win the top rankings.

Amidst the Google Update-The SEO Works Continue

In the middle of the Google update, the SEO personalities here in the Philippines are still on the clinch for getting the top position for the Bayanihan SEO contest. One thing that i noticed is that many of the contest participants seem to be going solo even if the contest is promoting a team effort for many SEO here in the Philippines. What then could be the reason for this one? I'm pretty sure it's not the price nor the prestige that will be tagged to the winning team. Could it be because the nature of SEO is to maintain a secret of all the secret weapons of individual webmasters and to avoid spreading out these secret weapons like a virus in the web, they decided to make the supposedly collective effort look like a collective effort but is actually a one man gang doing all the necessary things in order to gain rankings or maintain one.

The Google Update For Me

Since the Google update for me is the most important other than joining the contest, i decided to just lay around and take a look at the algorithms while learning the things that will eventually come out. All i have to do is to play wait and see where the result will take me. Possibly to the best strategy that the top spot has. For sure i will notice it whatever cost and whatever happens and this will surely add up to my newest knowledge in the SEO arena and SEM umbrella.

SEO Philippines Contest Amidst The Google Update

The Google Update - SEO Results

The Google update most awaited by SEO Philippines personalities is now being cooked and soon enough, the results will come out and i am hoping that this update will be good for all the websites that i have been doing content writing and SEO here in the Philippines. I'd love to see them all soar up high in the SERPs and this must be the most happy moment for an SEO here in the Philippines like me.

The SEO Spammer

For almost four years now, this by far is the year that i can see myself doing lots of good things for myself including spamming the blogs in wordpress and teaching myself the biggest lesson in my life to take it easy on SEO because there are people who would love to see you go down even if they know they don't have the right to.

I understand people who get so driven by their desires and ego to be dubbed as a professional even if their treatment towards a newbie comrade is not the ideal. They don't put into consideration that once in their life they have been in the same position taking things up in their hands with as fast as a roadrunners run can in terms of SEO and SEM, promoting websites and services as much as they could without thinking it over if what they are making is a mistake. I have been in the position and i know it now.

The SEO Spammer Hunter is no Professional

That person who dubbed me as unprofessional SEO will see my like soon because i will still learn things that i need to this year and he will find me on top of his someday because i will be better the next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SEO Philippines and Paradise Philippines

SEO Philippines Keyword Ranking Contest

SEO Philippines
again launched another keyword ranking contest dubbed as "Bayanihan SEO Contest" using the keyword "paradise Philippines". The contest prize reached to a cool 600,000 PHP all in all which is the biggest of all three SEO keyword ranking contests launched. There is also a call for sponsorship going on at the SEO Philippines forum and you can see the threads.The first two area also successful but this time it will not only be a success but a stepping stone for the world to to know that Philippines is a paradise to be in not just for a stay but also for many SEO/SEM professionals and qualified services.

SEO Philippines Aims for the Contest

SEO Philippines is looking forward to introducing the existing professionals in the Philippines in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) who are fast contributing to the world economy in business marketing in the online world today. The contest aims also to develop a collective effort in doing tasks for the search engine marketing and search engine optimization of a website. How i wish i could join this contest launch by SEO Philippines but i don't have the time to do it today. I just wish good luck to my friends Benj arriola, ALfredo Palconit and Mito Pontillas. Guys, this is another chance!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Philippines is A Growing SEO and SEM Outsourcing Jobs Venue

SEO in the Philippines

SEO and SEM in the Philippines today is one of the best things that happened since many professionals developed the skill to produce quality services related to SEO and SEM arena in the world. Long before the SEO techniques developed here in the Philippines, the first SEO personalities are content at trying to rank in the search engines using over-optimized pages that worked before for the search engines.

Now That SEO has greatly revolutionized and improved to a great extent, many SEO professionals also developed the skills in order to cope up with the algorithms of the search engines for quality SEO/SEM services.

Today, Philippines produced many champions in the SEO and SEM battlefield. One of them is the winner in the biggest contest ever released in the world's most prestigious Global Warming SEO keyword ranking contest, Benj Arriola, which proved that the talent is indeed here and nowhere else can you find the best, the most qualified and the most competitive professionals in SEO and SEM outsourcing venues.

Once again, proving that the quality of Philippine SEO and Philippine SEM will never be outrun in the world market because we made history and we are still on the move to develop more great and young champions and professionals that other popular SEO/SEM outsourcing venues like India, Pakistan, China, Puerto Rico or Japan can not equate.

SEM in the Philippines

Although SEM or search engine marketing in the Philippines is very rare and young as a profession, as a special knowledge, a few elite and pure Filipino search engine marketing professionals manage to make it to the top when it comes to services.

A very popular SEM outsourcing firm in the Philippines today is currently doing services for many nationalities in the world from Germany, Russia and many parts in the U.S. They are currently top notch in the SEO and SEM outsourcing services in the Philippines and is continually getting outsourced services ranging from small to big online businesses.

Almost all their professional search engine marketing consultations and services are guaranteed to produce outstanding results from PPC management, SEO, web copywriting, web analytics, link popularity improvement, optimized web design and development, SEM consulting, article and press release writing and distribution and SEM training. Although others claim to give outstanding services in the same field, this SEO/SEM firm in the Philippines do not promise anything but deliver results that matter to your business in converting customers into sales and not just traffic and rankings.

Cheap or Best and Cost-Effective SEO/SEM Services?

Why prefer cheap when you can go for the best and cost-effective search engine optimization and SEM services here in the Philippines? Since it is a fact that many SEO and SEM champions that come from the Philippines are equipped with the necessary capabilities of a professional SEO and SEM qualified service personnel, why not go for SEO outsourcing in the Philippines or SEM in the Philippines. If you have a choice you a future with Philippine SEM and Philippine SEO.

Philippines, A Growing SEO Outsourcing Venue

SEO Outsourcing - A Trend and a Business

SEO Outsourcing is a trend in most online business today, if you have a website online and would like to have it available in the market in no time, SEO outsourcing is one of the key marketing implementations that you should consider.

The reason for the popularity of SEO outsourcing especially here in the Philippines is because it is a cost-effective and less time consuming effort for a business to grow and develop in the stiff market competition today all over the world.

SEM Outsourcing - A better Way To Promote Business

Aside from SEO outsourcing, another popular marketing method is SEM outsourcing. SEM outsourcing is a more complicated method to implement than SEO outsourcing. SEM outsourcing jobs could include search engine re-inclusion, PPC marketing or PPC campaign management, web content optimization, web content copywriting, traffic conversion optimization, link popularity improvement, web design and development, search engine marketing consulting, press release distribution and SEO search engine optimization.

More of SEM than SEO Outsourcing

This determines that indeed, SEM outsourcing is today's latest and most effective trend in marketing any kind of online business. Furthermore, SEO which is an important part of the job in SEM is just a part of the processes to implement and use in order to make any business not just top it out in the SERPs but also to convert traffic and arrive at a significant result of measurable improvement benefits and seeing the results take your business to where it belongs - effective traffic conversion.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

SEO-Friendly-Free Directories Soon

SEO-Friendly and Free Directories

I will soon be launching a link gallery of SEO free directory for the many SEO masters and link builders here in the Philippines. This is for use in the SEO outsourcing jobs on directory submissions that you my fellow Filipinos are doing in your homes and from other outsourcing jobs venue.

This free directories list will help many other link builders to easily submit their websites and clients websites because I will personally choose them all before they get features in my directory gallery.

This new venture hopes to help other fellow link builders and SEO to fulfill a part of their link building job in a smooth manner.

SEO in the Philippines Being Left Out In Updates

SEO in the Philippines Left out by Firefox

SEO in the Philippines is being left out once again. Firefox has just released its new update today and the Philippines is again left out to be part of the update. Now why is this so? Simply because SEO in the Philippines is way too young and very few actually understand the subject matter at all.

Firefox Releases new Browser Update - Includes Africaans Beta

On the newest release of the new Firefox version of their browser, Philippines and SEO/SEM in the Philippines are both left without the single most important factor to be able to become a distinguished venue, the importance and legitimacy of SEO and SEM industry in the country.

Of course this is impossible to this point in time but i cannot blame myself for feeling this way for the simple fact that although there are many great professionals that are in to the Philippine SEO and SEM umbrella today, very little distinction or importance is being thrown at the current status of the industry.

The government has very little or no support at all to the industry of SEO and SEM in the Philippines. It seem to no avail that even if the have been many great champions in the specific field, like fro example Mr. Benj Arriola (congratulations!!!) who championed the latest World SEO keyword ranking contest in "Global Warming" which played one of the biggest role to propagate that SEO and SEM industry in the Philippines is truly an excellent venue in the country today.

Imagine, that of all the professional and the best SEO in the Universe competing, only one was announced to be the champion. "IT IS A FILIPINO" IN THE PERSONA OF BENJ ARRIOLA.

SEO/SEM Chances

In my intention to someday be recognized and included in the latest updates like in the beta versions of many important happenings in the web, I made this post and I am hoping that there will come a time as what like Google has earlier made, put up a Google Philippines Office, the others would follow and see the efforts that many great Filipino webmasters in the Philippine SEO and SEM industry is making way of.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bayanihan SEO Contest Mechanics

(Bayanihan SEO Contest Mechanics below is derived From Mr. SEO website - Macalua.com)

How To Join

  1. To get the official contest code, go to the Contest Code generator page on BayanihanSEO.com. You will be asked to enter your full contact information. All winners will be required to present valid IDs when claiming their prize.
  2. For the BPS software to recognize your contest entry, the official, unaltered contest codes need to be present on the specific page that is ranking. If the BPS software cannot find the official contest code on the specific page, no points will be credited to you. Random checks of websites in the top 100 will be conducted throughout the duration of the contest. Any attempt to modify the contest code will be grounds for disqualification.

The Bayanihan Point System

Rank Points
1 to 4 25 points
5 to 8 24 points
9 to 12 23 points
13 to 16 22 points
17 to 20 21 points
21 to 24 20 points
25 to 28 19 points
29 to 32 18 points
33 to 36 17 points
37 to 40 16 points
41 to 44 15 points
45 to 48 14 points
49 to 52 13 points
53 to 56 12 points
57 to 60 11 points
61 to 64 10 points
65 to 68 9 points
69 to 72 8 points
73 to 76 7 points
77 to 80 6 points
81 to 84 5 points
85 to 88 4 points
89 to 92 3 points
93 to 96 2 points
97 to 100 1 point

Contest Prizes

We will have two contest checkpoints (September 14 and November 23, 2007) before the final awarding ceremonies on January 25, 2008. The top 10 overall winners at these checkpoint dates will win the following prizes:
For Contest Checkpoint 1 (September 14, 2007), we’re giving away the following:
  1. Top 1 Overall – P30,000.00 cash
  2. Top 2 Overall – P20,000.00 cash
  3. Top 3 to Top 5 Overall – Three (3) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
For Contest Checkpoint 2 (November 23, 2007), we’re giving away the following:
  1. Top 1 Overall – Brand New Canon EOS 400D™ / Digital Rebel XTi™ worth P50,000
  2. Top 2 Overall – P20,000.00 cash
  3. Top 3 Overall – P10,000.00 cash
  4. Top 4 to Top 5 Overall – Two (2) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
For the Final Checkpoint (January 25, 2008), we are giving away the following prizes to the best of the best:
  1. Top 1 Overall – Brand New Samsung LA-32R81B™ with Samsung HT-Q20™ Home Theater System worth P70,000
  2. Top 2 Overall – Brand New Asus A8FM Core™2 Duo Notebook worth P54,000
  3. Top 3 Overall – Brand New Sony PlayStation 3™ Console (60GB Version) worth P25,000
  4. Top 4 to Top 5 Overall – Two (2) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
That’s not all! SEO Philippines is always keen to recognize individual ranking achievements. Hence, all the top 5 sites on Google, Yahoo! and MSN get instant cash prizes during the final checkpoint!
  1. Rank 1 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P23,000 each
  2. Rank 2 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P17,000 each
  3. Rank 3 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P12,000 each
  4. Rank 4 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P8,000 each
  5. Rank 5 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P5,000 each
For each checkpoint, SEO Philippines will also be raffling off prizes like geek gadgets, computer peripherals and other items.

Additional Contest Mechanics

  1. Contest starts July 1, 2007 and ends January 25, 2008 at 8:00 PM.
  2. Checkpoint dates are as follows: September 14 and November 23, 2007 at 8:00 PM.
  3. The contest is open to all Filipinos. It’s also open to non-Filipinos who can be present at the awarding ceremonies. If a non-Filipino should win and he’s not physically present at the event, he is disqualified from the contest.
  4. There is no domain age requirement. All domains are in.
  5. The contestant that has the highest combined points (as computed by the BPS software) will be declared the overall champion. The contest entries that have the second and third highest combined points will receive the second and third overall prizes, respectively.
  6. The decision of the contest organizers is final.

Contest Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for the Bayanihan SEO contest, namely:
  1. SQL Solutions (Platinum Sponsor) develops SQL Server tools that simplify the task of diagnosing and resolving Microsoft SQL Server performance problems. SQL Solutions also offers Remote DBA, SQL performance tuning, and SQL performance monitoring services to help companies manage their Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  2. Digital Filipino Digital Filipino (Gold Sponsor): DigitalFilipino.com is the country’s premiere e-commerce resource site. It sells e-commerce books, Philippine Internet history documentary, and various research reports. The site is also known for its two premium communities: the DigitalFilipino.com Club and DigitalFilipino - Philippine Software Process Improvement Network (for more details please see E-commerce Community, Software Process Improvement, E-Commerce, Filipina, Write at Home and Advertising Income)
  3. Philippine Photography Gallery
  4. GoIndustry

Contest Keyword

The contest keyword for the Bayanihan SEO keyword ranking contest is "paradise philippines".
All information of the contest mechanics above are taken and is originally posted in macalua.com.

Bayanihan SEO Contest - Sponsored by SEO Philippines

Bayanihan - The Third Philippine SEO Contest

Are you an SEO in the Philippines? Are you interested in making history and being part of history of SEO in the Philippines? Do you want to be known in the world and become a champion in SEO in the Philippines? If yes is the answer, then this is also the chance for you to unveil your best SEO techniques and strategies and become SEO champion in the third most prestigious and major contest in Philippine SEO dubbed as "bayanihan".

Launched by SEO Philippines, the Bayanihan Philippine SEO contest is said to be the most prestigious, most ambitious and most unique SEO contest ever launched in the SEO community in the Philippines and in the World. The initial price offer of PHP 600,000.00 alone makes it the largest of all launched in the Philippine SEO community today not including the fact that it is still open for sponsorship to other big time SEO and SEO outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Bayanihan Tradition is the Core of the SEO Contest

Bayanihan is a local Filipino tradition in the Philippines that is focused on helping neighbors who are relocating the family house which is a traditional hut called the "bahay-kubo". The neighbors who are willing to help will gather under the house, become a team and carry the hut to its new location. As we all know, transferring a whole house is a seemingly impossible feat to think of but this is made possible through the help of the team.

Isn't that a good spirit? To be able to carry out an almost impossible task by team work and be able to accomplish harder tasks through team effort. That is the core of this newest Philippine SEO contest. A derivative of the Bayanihan Spirit. The becoming of the champions in a team build-up SEO effort for the coming 3rd Philippine SEO contest.

SEO Philippines sponsors this third and most prestigious SEO contest in the Philippines that is the first team-based effort-building contest ever unleashed in the world SEO community. This is the first of its concept and many are looking forward to the making of the new Philippine SEO. This SEO contest will be the one to take the hope of the consciousness of the SEO in the world.

This Bayanihan contest will take the Philippines as the primary destination of SEO outsourcing in the world will become the pride of all SEO in the Philippines. The aim is not just to win but to promote the Philippines as the best source of SEO outsourcing jobs today.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

SEO Philippines Members Visiting My Blog

SEO Philippines Organization

I have changed my title anchor from search engine optimization, page rank and link building to search engine optimization outsourcing and my website started to rank on that keyword. The keyword that i am targeting right now which is SEO outsourcing Philippines.

Since that day, i ranked high in the Google SERPs, people started to visit my blog, at least according to the Google Analytics data. Most of my visitors are coming from Asia and guess where are they mostly from? Of course, the Philippines and probably most of them also are from SEO Philippines organization. As data from mybloglog gives me when i visit my profile.

SEO in the Philippines - A Trackback in the Early Days

SEOPH or SEO Philippines is the only umbrella organization here in the Philippines that pools together almost all of the best in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing arena. Most of the said members are expecting that they could get a share at the piece of the pie and taste the goodness of SEO money in the making. This gave rise to the boost and boom of SEO in the Philippines today.

Although long before when SEO is best achieved as a person who uses keywords to rank in the SERPs , there were already existing buffs who are in to SEO. It was a destiny in the making for most of the pioneer SEO and SEM professionals here in the Philippines and i was hoping to be one of them someday.

When Spamming is a Way to Gain Rankings In SEO

Although most would not admit this fact, i heard some of the older guys in the Philippine SEO community had talks about getting higher rankings in the early days using spamming or the most commonly known keyword over optimization.

This is done by excessive implementation of keyword repetition. Believe me they word then and maybe, just maybe they still work today, as judging from the last SEO contest dubbed Ituloy Angsulong which was co-sponsored by SEO Philippines organization and Lakeside Technologies, many websites that joined the contest made some spammy contents and over optimized pages with respect top keyword density.

In my own experience, i have seen how Google indexes contents and pages and the trick, i believe still works for some but with addtional techniques, they could surely work for you and your webpages.

The secret is time table. If you are able to distinguish or determine that Google is showing some signs of implementing the (-30 index) then that is the time that you should stop what you are doing or else, you could go way below up to the (-950 index) fault line.

Search engine optimization really is not that bad nor good for many webmasters, it's just that for me, joy is when i see the fruits of my labor and seeing how the algorithms affect SEO efforts is enough to make me smile each day on my life in the search engine optimization outsourcing keyword that i am ranking bit by bit high.

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