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Bayanihan SEO Contest Mechanics

(Bayanihan SEO Contest Mechanics below is derived From Mr. SEO website -

How To Join

  1. To get the official contest code, go to the Contest Code generator page on You will be asked to enter your full contact information. All winners will be required to present valid IDs when claiming their prize.
  2. For the BPS software to recognize your contest entry, the official, unaltered contest codes need to be present on the specific page that is ranking. If the BPS software cannot find the official contest code on the specific page, no points will be credited to you. Random checks of websites in the top 100 will be conducted throughout the duration of the contest. Any attempt to modify the contest code will be grounds for disqualification.

The Bayanihan Point System

Rank Points
1 to 4 25 points
5 to 8 24 points
9 to 12 23 points
13 to 16 22 points
17 to 20 21 points
21 to 24 20 points
25 to 28 19 points
29 to 32 18 points
33 to 36 17 points
37 to 40 16 points
41 to 44 15 points
45 to 48 14 points
49 to 52 13 points
53 to 56 12 points
57 to 60 11 points
61 to 64 10 points
65 to 68 9 points
69 to 72 8 points
73 to 76 7 points
77 to 80 6 points
81 to 84 5 points
85 to 88 4 points
89 to 92 3 points
93 to 96 2 points
97 to 100 1 point

Contest Prizes

We will have two contest checkpoints (September 14 and November 23, 2007) before the final awarding ceremonies on January 25, 2008. The top 10 overall winners at these checkpoint dates will win the following prizes:
For Contest Checkpoint 1 (September 14, 2007), we’re giving away the following:
  1. Top 1 Overall – P30,000.00 cash
  2. Top 2 Overall – P20,000.00 cash
  3. Top 3 to Top 5 Overall – Three (3) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
For Contest Checkpoint 2 (November 23, 2007), we’re giving away the following:
  1. Top 1 Overall – Brand New Canon EOS 400D™ / Digital Rebel XTi™ worth P50,000
  2. Top 2 Overall – P20,000.00 cash
  3. Top 3 Overall – P10,000.00 cash
  4. Top 4 to Top 5 Overall – Two (2) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
For the Final Checkpoint (January 25, 2008), we are giving away the following prizes to the best of the best:
  1. Top 1 Overall – Brand New Samsung LA-32R81B™ with Samsung HT-Q20™ Home Theater System worth P70,000
  2. Top 2 Overall – Brand New Asus A8FM Core™2 Duo Notebook worth P54,000
  3. Top 3 Overall – Brand New Sony PlayStation 3™ Console (60GB Version) worth P25,000
  4. Top 4 to Top 5 Overall – Two (2) Brand New Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle™ worth P5,000 each
That’s not all! SEO Philippines is always keen to recognize individual ranking achievements. Hence, all the top 5 sites on Google, Yahoo! and MSN get instant cash prizes during the final checkpoint!
  1. Rank 1 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P23,000 each
  2. Rank 2 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P17,000 each
  3. Rank 3 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P12,000 each
  4. Rank 4 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P8,000 each
  5. Rank 5 in Google, Yahoo! or MSN: P5,000 each
For each checkpoint, SEO Philippines will also be raffling off prizes like geek gadgets, computer peripherals and other items.

Additional Contest Mechanics

  1. Contest starts July 1, 2007 and ends January 25, 2008 at 8:00 PM.
  2. Checkpoint dates are as follows: September 14 and November 23, 2007 at 8:00 PM.
  3. The contest is open to all Filipinos. It’s also open to non-Filipinos who can be present at the awarding ceremonies. If a non-Filipino should win and he’s not physically present at the event, he is disqualified from the contest.
  4. There is no domain age requirement. All domains are in.
  5. The contestant that has the highest combined points (as computed by the BPS software) will be declared the overall champion. The contest entries that have the second and third highest combined points will receive the second and third overall prizes, respectively.
  6. The decision of the contest organizers is final.

Contest Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for the Bayanihan SEO contest, namely:
  1. SQL Solutions (Platinum Sponsor) develops SQL Server tools that simplify the task of diagnosing and resolving Microsoft SQL Server performance problems. SQL Solutions also offers Remote DBA, SQL performance tuning, and SQL performance monitoring services to help companies manage their Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  2. Digital Filipino Digital Filipino (Gold Sponsor): is the country’s premiere e-commerce resource site. It sells e-commerce books, Philippine Internet history documentary, and various research reports. The site is also known for its two premium communities: the Club and DigitalFilipino - Philippine Software Process Improvement Network (for more details please see E-commerce Community, Software Process Improvement, E-Commerce, Filipina, Write at Home and Advertising Income)
  3. Philippine Photography Gallery
  4. GoIndustry

Contest Keyword

The contest keyword for the Bayanihan SEO keyword ranking contest is "paradise philippines".
All information of the contest mechanics above are taken and is originally posted in


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