Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bayanihan SEO Contest - Sponsored by SEO Philippines

Bayanihan - The Third Philippine SEO Contest

Are you an SEO in the Philippines? Are you interested in making history and being part of history of SEO in the Philippines? Do you want to be known in the world and become a champion in SEO in the Philippines? If yes is the answer, then this is also the chance for you to unveil your best SEO techniques and strategies and become SEO champion in the third most prestigious and major contest in Philippine SEO dubbed as "bayanihan".

Launched by SEO Philippines, the Bayanihan Philippine SEO contest is said to be the most prestigious, most ambitious and most unique SEO contest ever launched in the SEO community in the Philippines and in the World. The initial price offer of PHP 600,000.00 alone makes it the largest of all launched in the Philippine SEO community today not including the fact that it is still open for sponsorship to other big time SEO and SEO outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Bayanihan Tradition is the Core of the SEO Contest

Bayanihan is a local Filipino tradition in the Philippines that is focused on helping neighbors who are relocating the family house which is a traditional hut called the "bahay-kubo". The neighbors who are willing to help will gather under the house, become a team and carry the hut to its new location. As we all know, transferring a whole house is a seemingly impossible feat to think of but this is made possible through the help of the team.

Isn't that a good spirit? To be able to carry out an almost impossible task by team work and be able to accomplish harder tasks through team effort. That is the core of this newest Philippine SEO contest. A derivative of the Bayanihan Spirit. The becoming of the champions in a team build-up SEO effort for the coming 3rd Philippine SEO contest.

SEO Philippines sponsors this third and most prestigious SEO contest in the Philippines that is the first team-based effort-building contest ever unleashed in the world SEO community. This is the first of its concept and many are looking forward to the making of the new Philippine SEO. This SEO contest will be the one to take the hope of the consciousness of the SEO in the world.

This Bayanihan contest will take the Philippines as the primary destination of SEO outsourcing in the world will become the pride of all SEO in the Philippines. The aim is not just to win but to promote the Philippines as the best source of SEO outsourcing jobs today.


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