Sunday, July 01, 2007

SEO Philippines Members Visiting My Blog

SEO Philippines Organization

I have changed my title anchor from search engine optimization, page rank and link building to search engine optimization outsourcing and my website started to rank on that keyword. The keyword that i am targeting right now which is SEO outsourcing Philippines.

Since that day, i ranked high in the Google SERPs, people started to visit my blog, at least according to the Google Analytics data. Most of my visitors are coming from Asia and guess where are they mostly from? Of course, the Philippines and probably most of them also are from SEO Philippines organization. As data from mybloglog gives me when i visit my profile.

SEO in the Philippines - A Trackback in the Early Days

SEOPH or SEO Philippines is the only umbrella organization here in the Philippines that pools together almost all of the best in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing arena. Most of the said members are expecting that they could get a share at the piece of the pie and taste the goodness of SEO money in the making. This gave rise to the boost and boom of SEO in the Philippines today.

Although long before when SEO is best achieved as a person who uses keywords to rank in the SERPs , there were already existing buffs who are in to SEO. It was a destiny in the making for most of the pioneer SEO and SEM professionals here in the Philippines and i was hoping to be one of them someday.

When Spamming is a Way to Gain Rankings In SEO

Although most would not admit this fact, i heard some of the older guys in the Philippine SEO community had talks about getting higher rankings in the early days using spamming or the most commonly known keyword over optimization.

This is done by excessive implementation of keyword repetition. Believe me they word then and maybe, just maybe they still work today, as judging from the last SEO contest dubbed Ituloy Angsulong which was co-sponsored by SEO Philippines organization and Lakeside Technologies, many websites that joined the contest made some spammy contents and over optimized pages with respect top keyword density.

In my own experience, i have seen how Google indexes contents and pages and the trick, i believe still works for some but with addtional techniques, they could surely work for you and your webpages.

The secret is time table. If you are able to distinguish or determine that Google is showing some signs of implementing the (-30 index) then that is the time that you should stop what you are doing or else, you could go way below up to the (-950 index) fault line.

Search engine optimization really is not that bad nor good for many webmasters, it's just that for me, joy is when i see the fruits of my labor and seeing how the algorithms affect SEO efforts is enough to make me smile each day on my life in the search engine optimization outsourcing keyword that i am ranking bit by bit high.


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