Saturday, June 30, 2007

The World's Most Hated Blogger is No SEO

Casey Serin Is No SEO

Not an actual SEO, a native of Sacramento, Casey Serin, getting tagged as "the world's most hated blogger" gets link exchange offers for as much as he could get to scoop him up from the brink of starvation. This proves only that there really is no bad publicity to the online business today. Getting the traffic that he needed in his journey to bankruptcy as a blogger has really earned him a significant amount of income according to SEO prestigious blogger info vilesilencer.

His website is not actually that of an SEO expert yet is earning him the prestige of SEO principles. Generating buzz, truthful buzz from his failure in the real estate industry and virtually getting out of the brink of starvation through his website where most of his tagged law suits log on and throw him cases and claims from his failed real estate career. FAcing foreclosure with his business, he probably would no longer need to come back on his real estate ventures as he is now earning so much enough to take him out of the pits that brought him there.

His blog is actually for sale today at 100k+ to compensate for his efforts or no efforts as i may say so. This topic just is enough to bring to many search engine optimization experts that it is still the best way to generate traffic if you make a worthwhile or an not worthwhile one but makes it popular to the online community.


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