Friday, June 29, 2007

When RSS Doesn't Matter for SEO

RSS Frustrations of an SEO (search engine optimization newbie)

As an SEO, I have seen how useless RSS can be to many search engine optimization efforts with respect to ranking high in the SERPs. Although i am not really an exact authority for this matter, i decided to make a short post about RSS and how confusing and frustrating it could be at times. RSS or really simple syndication is never simple to me at this stage of my SEO life. I don't know how to push my site feeds and have them syndicated through RSS up to this point in time and i am really starting to be frustrated because i can't find enough time to make my sites available through many feeds sites through RSS. But of course I'm sure that i will learn about it soon to add up to my little knowledge in terms of search engine optimization.

SEO and RSS for Static Websites

Search engine optimization and link building when added with RSS is a very powerful effort in SEOing a website and i have seen it work for some static websites in its early life. But how can RSS really be effective to a point where it could eventually help your sites rank higher in the SERPs? Most blogs today have incorporated RSS in them and while mine is being left out, i still am struggling to rank in my target keywords with my blog related to search engine optimization outsourcing in the Philippines.

I once heard a friend who happens to be a veteran in the SEM and SEO arena here in the Philippines saying that his RSS has virtually no effect to make his sites rank higher in the SERPs and i asked him if it could be because he is literally doing nothing with respect to link building except for optimizing his contents. He said yes. Well, could it really be because RSS without link building is useless?

RSS and Link Building for Better SEO Results

If SEO efforts like link building could make any syndication useless in relation to having RSS on any website, could it be that search engines are giving no importance to this day on RSS feeds anymore? Could be yes or could be no. the important thing is that RSS will do nothing to add up to your SEO efforts if you do not pack it up with link building and optimizing your content. This could really be one of the best SEO tactic that you can to use in order to rank in the 3 major search engines today. You may see things differently but it is for sure that when this three SEO ways go together, you have something that you can achieve in a shorter period of time compared to doing just one.

The Two Faces of RSS

There are actually two ways that you can be able to have or push RSS using your website. The first is, you can make your contents become available through RSS syndication and the second is you can have RSS feeds coming in from other websites. I have seen RSS contents being syndicated from news websites and they have little effect when it comes to search engine optimization efforts. I don't know how the search engines see it but i would rather prefer feeding my contents through RSS than having RSS feeds syndicated to your website. This way, you can surely maximize your search engine optimization efforts to the fullest.


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