Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Search Engine Optimization - Age of Site vs Age of Keywords in The Site

Search Engine Optimization and Age of The Site

Many SEO and webmasters believe that it is the age of the website that actually plays the big role for search engine optimization efforts to roll down the dice for their websites and get ranked for their target keywords out of their search engine marketing and link building efforts. Earlier today, i have always and never failed to look at how the Google algorithm works for many websites with respect to their keywords and i found out that age of the keywords is big deal when it comes to ranking high in the search engine results pages. Although it is not really sure if they were just because the website i am talking about is a "blog" and not some static website, i can assure you that in this case, i have seen how the age of the keywords work for it.

Gaining The Trust of The Search Engines

Search engine optimization will never be equaled bu any other effort. To gain the trust of the search engines, it is true that you have to have your site age to a considerable range but fact is that even if your websites has aged 5 years ahead of others, you will still find out that some would take over your ranking for the target keywords you also have. Why? Because you have been outrun by a blog that has optimized his pages to a target keyword that you are also targeting lately. Although your site ( a static one) has ranked and been on the top of the charts for some time, you still have to consider the keyword factor.

Keywords for SEO Considerations

The point of this discussion is actually make others see that it may be easy to change the target keywords that your websites have but it will be even harder for you to rank and furthermore you have to start over again and all search engine optimization efforts will be deemed useless.

That if you are planning on your websites keywords you have to be sure that it is your final and study the different angles and niche that you want to be in earlier so that if you put up your website, it would be the final point.


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