Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Search Engine Optimization - Over Optimizing Pages

Over Optimization - How Does Search Engines See It?

Search engine optimization is basically a marketing technique that uses link building and inpage and off page optimization to coincide together and make your website rank high in the search engine results pages. Although many webmasters mostly overlook optimization of content as an important part of search engine optimization, it is still a standard procedure to follow that if you over-optimize your web pages, your overall website's chances of getting higher rankings and trust of the search engines might drop you below or even out of the SERPs (sandbox effect)because your site has been designed for search engines and not for web surfers (user-friendly). What i am talking about is keyword spamming or excessive keyword stuffing that is predominant in the early days of SEO in the Philippines.

SEO Question: How can Google see if a web site is over-optimized?

This could be the answer to some of a webmaster's question that has long played into the minds of many search engine optimization efforts. If by chance that you experience some algorithm where by constant monitoring of your link building efforts and while in the middle of hectic schedules of SEM and search engine optimization, your website still looses the ranking and suddenly drops off the cliff of the search engine results pages. Although this theory has never really been proven as in SEO, nothing will ever be a sure thing unless you have experienced it personally.

"That Google has an algorithm through the use of an over-optimization filter that detects over-optimized websites." The websites that are detected are then downranked in the Google search results and therefore produces an algorithm that results to loosing rankings in the search engine results pages. This over-optimization filter in Google's ranking algorithm is also called the "-950 penalty". It is believed that a webpage or a website looses rankings because that is what usually happens to over-optimized web pages. This result then will make you fall 950 positions below your previous rankings.

Getting out of the - "950 Penalty"

HTML plays a big role for search engine optimization efforts to be able to avoid or at most get out of the penalty. I have read some forums where SEO experts believe and recommend that to get out of the Google - 950 penalty, you should have H1 tags on your web sites in any case. Also some necessary elements have to be applied along with the contents of your pages to avoid the -950 penalty. Although this is part of HTML, it is believed that the H1 tag will give importance to your pages and your keywords by implementing the H1 tagging, mostly to title tags.

Although the -950 penalty is not generally sitewide, still, being affected through some of your keywords is not a good implication and necessarily not a good result to look at whenever you check that keyword for the rankings that you have achieved through search engine optimization efforts that you have worked hard for.


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