Monday, June 25, 2007

Philippine SEO

SEO Philippines member yet? NO! not still because i feel i don't deserve to be in the group this stage of my SEO knowledge about Philippine SEO and the SEO Philippines blogging community. No RSS yet in my SEO blogs, still learning them though. Not much networks with other SEO Philippines members and no one knows about me nor my SEO site hopping activities.

A few had me known because of my brother who is also a webmaster and one of the pioneer SEM experts that existed in the early days of SEO and SEM in the Philippines which i can remember to that time still points out to excessive keyword stuffing to rank in the search engines. Thank god it's bye bye to keyword spam these days but i must admit that they still work for Google.

If i feel that the right time has come for me to join the SEO Philippines community of SEO buffs, i will at will. But so far, for this day and ahead, i will be on the looking side on some of the best in the Philippine SEO community and hopefully get their ways and means of getting to the top of the search engine results pages. I will work my way to get to the top and share the glory of being one of the best someday.

My target before I join SEO Philippines may be a few tweaks and research away but i can assure others that they have someone to watch out for in the coming days ahead. I will get to the top in a legal way and i will be one of the best. It may not be with regards to the SEM search engine marketing but for sure, in the field of SEO in the Philippines.


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