Friday, October 11, 2013

New Google Terms of Service - Shared Endorsement Settings and Your Name and Photo in Ads and Google Products

Who would like to share their personal profile in the internet these days? I bet many of us do but what if issues of privacy and publicity of confidential information is involved? Well, just giving you something spicy this morning about what the new Google terms of service had to say about these issues which happen to be included in their new terms plus advertising and other commercial contexts.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Fixing My Blog's Link Profile

Little by little, in my own small ways, I will be taking out all the unnecessary links to and from this blog. My purpose? To get the old identity that was taken away by carelessness and countless experiments to mastering how to rank in the search engines.

Today, the first move however, is to take out the links from my comments section. I am now welcoming new and beneficial comments to this very old SEO blog of mine while fixing my link profile and trying to see if it gets back the old rankings by doing small good deeds for it. Related or not, I have just removed all comment links.

This is a day to remember for me. As for now - all comment links out!

MORCON 2013 - Mastering Online Ranking Conference in the Philippines, A Gathering with a Cause for Pinoy SEOs

I have come across an important event that is to happen before the year ends - MORCON 2013 or Mastering Online Ranking Conference which is a yearly event launched by SEO Philippines Organization, a pool of Pinoy SEO in the country and for those who are interested to learn more of the updates to the event, you can visit the official Facebook page.

Zaldy Dalisay , CEO and director of SEO Wall created the event for local search engine optimizers in the country to meet up in a yearly event where discussions that focus on improving site ranking and learning how to use online free and paid tools to your advantage to rank a website or webpage using quality system-proven SEO tactics. This is in full support of the organization members and officers with which Ricky Refuerzo is current president.

Making SEO Life Simple by Writing with your Heart and Acquiring Good Authority Links Naturally

It is never too late to acquire great compelling and authority links if you are a SEO by heart like me. I have done so many wrongs and goods in my online life that I can't afford to do more of them. I would rather make SEO life simple by writing with my heart and with what I find easy to comprehend especially by newbies out there.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's In It for Google's Hummingbird Update and Adwords had to do with It?

True, all that businesses want it to be able to survive and go along with whatever search engine algorithm changes it will implement as a penalty to those they do not want to appear on top of their search results. But what really is it for Google?

Basically, with the way that the big G has implemented the recent changes, I would like to say that it is a shortcoming for many of the big businesses like what USA Today has just revealed hit by Hummingbird.

According to data, the merged attack affected 90% of the world search results. Just imagine these biggies to get hit by the latest update - Demand Media, TripAdvisor,, Yelp and WebMD.

What can you expect? Big G wants all of these sites to opt in and pay for their Adwords advertising cost instead of getting the biggest share of traffic from their search results. After all, remember that the search is a multi billion dollar industry that Google has just dominated for years now.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Deleting Profile or Website in Google Analytics

Today, I was able to put back access to this very old blogger account and found out that there were some websites that are no longer part of my set of blogspot blog accounts. I must've deleted them somewhere along the way but what I want is to delete this profile because I can still find this blog on the set of sites I own and manage on my Google Analytics. I wanted it to be removed to avoid confusion that I still manage it and to ward off trash on my account.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SEO Has Not Changed, Search Engines Did - It Still Works!

It has been buzz all over the SEO community all over the world that a new fight will soon be out against Google's mighty algorithm changes. The fact is, each and every day, we all don't know whether changes will occur or not. Another fact is that Google's Penguin has devastated multiple businesses, some of them are legit and some are not. But what remains is the question whether to continue doing SEO or not.

Well for me and my sites, all I really need is someone to write content for me and someone to build links for my sites. SEO will never die, contrary to what link bait-minded people had been bragging all over the internet. The algorithm will always continue to get implementations that are based in numbers, period!

There will never be a search engine that is too intelligent to know which works and which doesn't when it comes to numbers. Yes, there were times when quality may be at stake and the search engines might know about them the factors that determine them will always and forever be based in numbers or quantity. It's another issue thinking about the quality of those like for example, the links pointing to a page and outbound links that it throws away to relevant quality pages.

In the end, Jonathan Leger is right, SEO still works just like it does back in 2004.

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