Friday, October 11, 2013

New Google Terms of Service - Shared Endorsement Settings and Your Name and Photo in Ads and Google Products

Who would like to share their personal profile in the internet these days? I bet many of us do but what if issues of privacy and publicity of confidential information is involved? Well, just giving you something spicy this morning about what the new Google terms of service had to say about these issues which happen to be included in their new terms plus advertising and other commercial contexts.

Back a couple of weeks ago, I can remember Google has shut down access to their most used and abused free web tool, the Google Keyword tool and now, there are rumors of only allowing access to the tool if you are an advertiser or those who are willing to opt in for the paid account. Today, I just learned from my Firefox browser that Google has just implemented a few changes in their Terms of Service with respect to how you would like to share and your profile and information appears with other products.

I would just like to ask what the SEO community thinks about this. If you are one of those who happen to find this post, don't forget to leave your comments, insights, opinion and your own experience. Who knows, our other comrades in the industry might learn a thing or two from it. Go ahead and share and let us all develop a positive thinking on these changes. After all, Google is a SEO's best friend when we are talking about return on investment and service to market anything we want and need to in the search engine.


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