Saturday, August 18, 2007

Content Management and On Page Optimization

Content Management for SEO and On-Page Optimization

Part of on-page optimization is to make the content of your webpage, search engine friendly and this is called specifically as content management. If you have properly optimized pages with the proper keyword density in every content of your every webpage, chances are, you will get the attention of your visitors and the search engines, especially the big 3 in no time at all. This is what we call as on-page optimization.

Although specifically, content management is just a part of on-page SEO, I do not personally rely on just this portion of SEO or search engine optimization and SEM or search engine marketing for higher expectations regarding SERP rankings, but if you are in the right track, this is easy to see and will surely help a great deal for your target keyword rankings to be on top.

Managing the contents of your pages could be the most critical part of your quest for optimizing your them at a maximum point where your visitors will be transformed into potential clients at a glance of your content. This is where SEO and content management meet at one end. First let me discuss some tips that are not really that much of a secret to many but a relevant find for some newbies out there where I have once been.

Making the Content an Information-Rich Summary

In the online world and the marketing arena, time is of an essence. If you will only realize that people will not bother looking at your pages even deeper if your top page will not catch their attention and make them pause for a while and read some more. This is where interesting contents come in and this is where the virtue of making the content information-rich and relevant as possible.

Reaping contents from other relevant sites will not make sense this time because the search engines see what you do and will only penalize you for doing so and worst is , your visitors will see at once that you have nothing to offer them. Remember that internet surfers are very intelligent users of the search engines these days compared to the early days where SEO relies on some spammy contents to rank in the SEs and visitors won't even know it.

Summarizing the Content for On-Page SEO Advantage

As I have mentioned earlier, time is of an essence, not just to SEO people but also to others. It should therefore be clear that one of the best ways of making your visitors stay longer and be able to convert them into clients and revenues is to make the contents of your pages not just relevant but short.

A good summary will always be best if it has organic and magnetic appeal and if you could put it into your contents. It will not only help make your point of discussion easy to understand but more so, make it easy for both the search engines and humans to get the juice of your thoughts and ideas.

Content Must Be Direct-To-The-Point

One of the best qualities of an appealing content is to make it short and direct to the point. By direct to the point, I mean is that you should make your contents be a clear manifestation of what you want the readers to understand regarding the subject matter that you are discussing.

They should always be relevant with the niche that you are in or the keywords you are targeting to be on top with but should focus on your main objective which is to market your business. This is by far the best way to a good search engine marketing and search engine optimization of the website as a whole.

Put simply, time, relevance, direction, focus and simplicity are the major points to consider in writing and molding content to perfection that is made for both humans and search engines alike. If you could follow these few tips for on-page optimization and content management, then this could be a good start.

Keyword Research and SEO

Keyword research is always the best step before any on-page or off-page optimization begins. If you have no keyword, then you have no page to write about and no keyword to optimize a page for and vise versa. If the SEO saying goes that "content is king" then, keyword is the kingdom where the king will serve his purpose. This is the best analogy that I can see out of the relation of content to keyword and keyword to content. Keyword research may be characterized by traffic, search, density and competition.

keyword traffic

- keyword traffic is the number of expectancy in terms of search engine visitors pertaining to the keyword or keyphrase in relation to a PPC (pay-per-click) or (SEM) search engine marketing point of view.

keyword search

- this pertains to the existing number of searches made pointing to the specific keyword itself. Remember that there is a big difference between expectancy (keyword traffic) and existing data (keyword search).

keyword density

- This pertains to the number of times that a certain keyword or keyphrase appears in an article or paragraph or content as a whole. This is very important in SEO.

keyword competition

- If it is a must to understand everything that tells about your keyword target in terms of SEO, then it is also a must, in fact a priority to understand that you will surely be challenged by other SEO in the keyword that you are aiming to get on top with.

This is called keyword competition. In a challenging SEO arena, you must know your competition in order to see where your efforts will be going or to have an estimate of the efforts that you have to resort to when the time to do SEM (search engine marketing) comes.

Last but not the least of all the things that you need to apply in managing your content or on-page SEO is to see where possible to put them or the proper placement of your contents and the formats you will use to be able to achieve maximum positive results for your on-page optimization project. Sometimes this simple yet effective technique is called or part of aesthetics.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Flash Ads Will Kill AdSense

Flash Ads Not Better Than AdSense

Are you an SEO, an AdSense affiliate marketer or a webmaster who uses AdSense to earn a significant amount of income? This is a must read, then, for you. This specific post is not about what is the better and more effective revenue earning of the two types of ads, this is about what "flash ads" is doing with AdSense ads today.

Even if flash ads are a way to attract the eyes of a visitor, they also have a different effect to the AdSense ads that we are allowing to be displayed in our sites through having a Google AdSense account. The big question is, HOW do flash ads effect AdSense Ads?

To those who don't know it yet and for the benefit of those who knows about flash ads but doesn't know what declining effects they do to AdSense Ads, this is just a short discussion to allow easy understanding. The point here is to avoid companies that support flash ads because they will sooner or later kill AdSense.

Do you want this to happen? Of course not, because I believe that there are many webmasters who have and live by the rules of having AdSense accounts and eventually, AdSense sites where they get extra revenue for supporting other activities as a webmaster.

Stop Supporting Companies That Offer Flash Ads

Most, if not all flash ads would encourage and incorporate the installation of a Firefox plug-in called as the Ad Blocker Plus or the ABP. This Ad Blocker Plus is used to limit or block the appearance of other ads like AdSense Ads and other relevant site ads.

This way, the AdSense ads does not get the slot for appearing in a search result which we all know could result to the death of AdSense in the latter as a result. This could be a slow but sure killing of our revenues and would later on be equivalent to AdSense ads revenue failure.

This could not be as serious but is surely worth a second look for many web masters today that depend on their AdSense earnings to support other web activities.

This is a call for many of us SEO and AdSense affiliate marketers who still want to earn from AdSense. Stop supporting companies and websites that support flash ads !

Monday, August 13, 2007

JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the Loose

JNB Web Promotions - Last year, the SEO company based here in the Philippines who pledged a clear, measly $100 sponsorship to the first SEO Philippines contest dubbed as Ituloy AngSulong. Knowing that the said SEO contest sponsors will get backlinks from the contestants, JNB Web Promotions then gave it a go and had their name in the list.

Imagine what kind of SEO company would chicken out of just a measly $100 amount which is only 5k PHP? Cheap !!! My god, they should fry in their own cooking oil !!! To chicken out of the sponsorship after getting all the backlinks they needed to further push them up in rankings with their competition in just a few days remaining would mean that the worst people are managing the company and deserve the second thought before hiring them. Read the rest of the conversations here.

I hope this never happens again in the second SEO Philippines contest (paradise Philippines keyword) that is now on the way and going strong in terms of sponsorship. I also hope that Marc and the rest of the SEO people not just in the Philippines but also in other countries will learn on this one and prevent it from happening again. Chickens should fry in the pan and that includes JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the loose.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Free Webhosting For SEO and Non-SEO

Web Hosting and SEO

For many of us SEO buffs, web hosting is a necessity because we all need a place to host our websites and eventually end up spending a little money to have our ideas available in the internet for our target visitors and viewers. But let me make some clarifications that although there are many who of us who can afford for professional web hosting services, there are some of us who are also looking for the same service quality but for cheaper price and if possible, for free.

For this specific reason, I would like to emphasize that a legitimately high bandwidth web hosting would help to make your site available 27/7 to both human visitors and search engine bots and crawlers. If this does not happen, chances are you would eventually under the shadows of your competition and your pages unvisited and orphaned in the SERPs. If this thing happens, then all your SEO efforts will all be a useless venture, especially here in the Philippines.

Outsourcing Your Web Hosting Needs?

Since here in the Philippines, many SEO would rely on free web hosting services due to excessive financial burnout on having their websites up in the internet all the time, I thought why not go look for some good offers in SEO forums about free web hosting services I would see would fit my likes and preferences as I put myself in their shoes and at the same time would serve my purpose.

I did my own research and found some of them are not as enticing and quality service as many webmasters would seek for. I tried visiting many webmaster and SEO forums but i failed to get what i need for the information about a considerably more professional web hosting service that I am expecting. Tried to go further but almost all attempts were futile and so I had to make a second thought about the particular idea of having some package free and professional web hosting service host some of my websites for free.

There are many of us SEO and website owners that I am sure would also be willing to have their own domain hosted for free and so let me discuss the climax of it all - a professional caliber "FREE Web Hosting Service" where all the amenities are put in one package that's very generous to consider signing up an account with.

Free Web Hosting Offers

In my research I found out that some will offer free web hosting but would only allow domains hosted under the site offering the free web hosting and not allow you to have your own domain name hosted therein. Some would allow your websites get hosted but only with conditions to be under their domain and with too many ads and pop-ups. But at last, here comes a totally free web hosting service that allows you to enjoy all the liberties of other professional web hosting and much better, they are totally free.

Free Web Hosting Amenities

This free web hosting service that I would like to completely promote in this blog is a free web hosting that I can say to be absolutely free for all the individuals, organizations, professionals, companies, businesses and webmasters. Their amenities include, free: your own Cpanel and Fantastico suite, unlimited e-mail addresses, MySQL database and I also got some more from their site below.

Other Offers From the Free Web Hosting Service Site

We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;

* 50MB Disk space
* 1GB Monthly bandwidth
* Free CPanel with Fantastico
* Unlimited email addresses (
* Unlimited subdomains
* Popular scripts included in Fantastico
o WordPress 2.2.1
o phpBB2
o Coppermine Photo Gallery
* Many more!

When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.

With these types of amenities and offers for free web hosting service, who would resist such a generous offer. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your account for a free web hosting service at Web Free Hosting.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Settings For Number of Visible Posts Per Page In a Blog

Setting Up Number of Posts Per Page for Better SEO

Maintaining a setting with low number of posts in your blog page can lower the risks of giving away too much outbound links to other unknown sites or pages that have comments approved in your blog post.

This is a warning to many bloggers that i have actually experienced as a blogger and a SEO Philippines future member. Yes! I am looking forward to become a member of the SEO Philippines umbrella. To be one of them I would like to first accomplish a few achievements for myself and my young SEO knowledge here in the Philippines.

Blog Post Setting is a Loophole to Look For in SEO Blogs

I bet nobody in SEO Philippines had ever seen this as a major loophole for their blog rankings in the future, well it's actually up to them but I am telling this in my post since we all know that outbound links do hurt a page's organic ranking in the future because they tend to distribute the power of natural organic ranking capabilities of your blog.

To those who are still in doubt, i would like to make it clear that the settings for your blog post number in a page can be set in the options-reading and finally on the most recent box which by default says "10" for wordpress blogs. For the blogger blogs or blogspot, this can be set in the settings tab and then selecting the formatting options link.

Setting Blog Post Number For Maximum SEO Effect

Remember that if you are allowing as much as 10 posts for that page, it also means that your 10 posts will have each of their own individual page characteristic that you will be giving away to your commenting visitors should you decide to approve their comment. I noticed this behavior through constant observation the inbound links that i was able to get out of blog networking or blog commenting as one of my SEO experiments.

And this theory came to my mind because as i have seen in my inbound links through blog networking, I noticed that blogs that had my comments approved and had possibly set their blog post number to 10 in a page will most likely give me a clear 10 inbound links also.

This can be seen through a short lived experiment and you will be surprised to see to it that you will most likely have as much links as if you are part of the blogroll of that blog with which you have commented and got approved.

Disadvantage of Lower Blog Post Setting In Terms of SEO

The only disadvantage anyway is that if you have this particular setting that I am talking about to a lower number, chances are, you are only giving a smaller chance of that page to rank better and quicker with your target keywords because they only have a smaller amount in terms of content.

You can see this part when you go over your internal link page/s and see the 16K, 12K, 42K differences in size of the page/content of your blog.

Remember that a page will be counted as a page regardless of your content and that the more content there is that is well optimized will have better chances of ranking in the SEO terms of the search engine results pages.

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