Thursday, August 02, 2007

Settings For Number of Visible Posts Per Page In a Blog

Setting Up Number of Posts Per Page for Better SEO

Maintaining a setting with low number of posts in your blog page can lower the risks of giving away too much outbound links to other unknown sites or pages that have comments approved in your blog post.

This is a warning to many bloggers that i have actually experienced as a blogger and a SEO Philippines future member. Yes! I am looking forward to become a member of the SEO Philippines umbrella. To be one of them I would like to first accomplish a few achievements for myself and my young SEO knowledge here in the Philippines.

Blog Post Setting is a Loophole to Look For in SEO Blogs

I bet nobody in SEO Philippines had ever seen this as a major loophole for their blog rankings in the future, well it's actually up to them but I am telling this in my post since we all know that outbound links do hurt a page's organic ranking in the future because they tend to distribute the power of natural organic ranking capabilities of your blog.

To those who are still in doubt, i would like to make it clear that the settings for your blog post number in a page can be set in the options-reading and finally on the most recent box which by default says "10" for wordpress blogs. For the blogger blogs or blogspot, this can be set in the settings tab and then selecting the formatting options link.

Setting Blog Post Number For Maximum SEO Effect

Remember that if you are allowing as much as 10 posts for that page, it also means that your 10 posts will have each of their own individual page characteristic that you will be giving away to your commenting visitors should you decide to approve their comment. I noticed this behavior through constant observation the inbound links that i was able to get out of blog networking or blog commenting as one of my SEO experiments.

And this theory came to my mind because as i have seen in my inbound links through blog networking, I noticed that blogs that had my comments approved and had possibly set their blog post number to 10 in a page will most likely give me a clear 10 inbound links also.

This can be seen through a short lived experiment and you will be surprised to see to it that you will most likely have as much links as if you are part of the blogroll of that blog with which you have commented and got approved.

Disadvantage of Lower Blog Post Setting In Terms of SEO

The only disadvantage anyway is that if you have this particular setting that I am talking about to a lower number, chances are, you are only giving a smaller chance of that page to rank better and quicker with your target keywords because they only have a smaller amount in terms of content.

You can see this part when you go over your internal link page/s and see the 16K, 12K, 42K differences in size of the page/content of your blog.

Remember that a page will be counted as a page regardless of your content and that the more content there is that is well optimized will have better chances of ranking in the SEO terms of the search engine results pages.


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