Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feedburner's Manageability

Feedburner is Acquired by Google

Feedburner has been announced by Google last month that they were able to buy the prestigious feeds management portal and it is final, in fact they have already managed to make some improvements on the feeds managing of the portal for use in their blogger blogs gallery (blogspot).

I am one of those that felt happy about the acquisition of the site because it made me able to make some necessary changes to my blogs that are now ranking for my keywords SEM outsourcing Philippines and SEO outsourcing Philippines respectively.

Being on top of the results means that I would have to implement social bookmarkings for the benefit of those who are looking for a way to syndicate some of my contents.

Well, I'm glad i don't have to go over the painstaking process of trying to look for he best social bookmarking sites for syndication anymore.
Feedburner - Manageability and User-Friendly


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