Saturday, March 15, 2008

Remote DBA Services - SQL Solutions

This is just some short post on the link that I am looking into for a client today. I want to develop some sort of an experiment to see if this will have a little say to the linking capabilities of the Intelligent SEO Blog of mine.

This is a link to the client on Remote DBA Services - SQL Solutions and also for the same keyphrase which is server tools and sql solutions.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Offsite Data Back Up and Online Data Storage Solutions

As a webmaster, online business owner, SEO, or SEM person, there is always an option to choose from available tools for use in data back up and management. When we are talking about data back up as part of security to offsite data and online data storage we must put into consideration first hand, the effectiveness and security of the tool.

What really is your perfect preference for data back up solutions or back up services and how do you categorize such tool that take your interest for use. We might have different preferences but the most important part is to know that we can rely on them and that we can use it for securing and managing our data.

As we all know, data is always the most important possession that we have for an online or offline business and we cannot risk data loss at any expense.

Online data storage is always a critical part of any business and also for any PC worker or internet marketer and because of this, we need to know that our storage system will always work for the better in terms of availability, data loss retrieval and security.

This is just like our e-mail storage, where we take care of spam and rid them from such because we do not want them where we retain the good ones and recover whatever is valuable to us that we loose. The same thing works for our online data storage because who would want to loose precious information to vulnerability factors out there? So for your online data storage, trust them with also offers offsite data back up services because they have envisioned the possibilities that such solution would also be wanted to work best even in offsite data storage and management.

This is for the reason that working with data may also be available without the need to go online as sometimes work does not allow online connection to work for you and make available. This is yet another extra convenience for the person using offiste data back up services by

Back up data services by Online Backups are top of the line because they may be used with different platforms and comes exclusively with special plug in to complement with different server types. This makes the service of offsite back up solutions one of the best if not the best in the industry for your swift file recovery and management.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sphinn Review

Today, I just signed up with Sphinn and this time I need to be careful because an earlier account got thrashed because of careless posts.

I've seen how powerful Sphinn is because some of the most powerful search engine marketers and SEO are in it's bed, browsing over for some of the best posts there is and helping newbies like me and each other achieve tasks easier and understand questions with exclusive tips and helpful topics discussed.

Only they have what it takes to be the best social site and I know it.

With Sphinn, I found the best social media and learned that it is never to be abused to an extent of reasons that you want to gain advantage over others. I have seen how Sphinn became a very powerful medium in terms of learning and sharing knowledge and I will not let it go this time, my second chance.

Let the play begin and allow me to learn more of what is out there like the others because I want to be one of them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Digg Acquisition Rumors According to Jay Adelson (CEO)

Jay Adelson, the standing CEO of Digg, bursts out words to end questions of Digg's acquisition by answering ("We get asked this everyday and we never comment," Adelson said. "If we answered every time someone asked us this, we'd never have time to do anything else."). This is in relation to the re-surfacing of the alleged acquisition of one of the biggest social media site - Digg.

This rumor first appeared way back in December 18, 2007 in an article stating that Digg, the social media site is being brokered at $300 million by hiring a company named Allen & Company. Avid spies seem to never stop taking a look at what's hot these days as the rumor last year gain re-surfaced in the arena of social marketing.

Read more of the story here...

You can also try to view a video of the first ever Digg Townhall meeting.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The SXSW Blogger Party

Rocking the blogger's lounge once again, the SXSW blogger's party is today at the Club de Ville in Austin and there is a vicinity map provided by the management of Blogger. This is a free party exclusively free for those who have the invitation and I bet that the great bloggers out there will not let this one pass out without an invitation in their hands.

There will be free food and open bar at the lounge at Club de Ville and this is yet another party to the max for both bloggers and SEO bloggers in the search engine zoo. The party starts at 9:30PM this Sunday and goes until 2AM on Monday.

Remember that this is an exclusive by invitation party so don't waste your time attending without one and you will be denied!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus on March 23

It's official, the new season of Pinoy Big Brother is soon to be released with a fixed date as announced will be on March 23, 2008. The new season is dubbed as the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus.

You can find details about the launching of the auditions with a short excerpt video of the actual auditions held

Pinoy Money Talk Here Goes

The Effects of the Pinoy Money Talk Mania

The Pinoy Money Talk SEO Blogging Contest is nearly over and I do not really know what happened to my entry. It must have lost a lot of the popularity that it needs in order to make it to the top of the SERPs, particularly in Google because this is where the contest is focused on.

Who's on Top on Pinoy Money Talk?

He who gets to the top of Google SERPs with the keyword Pinoy Money Talk by March 15, 2008 (I guess) wins the contest. Right this moment, Garry is on the lead and there is nothing I can do to make it to the top 10 by now so I decided to make this post just to see where this leads. It will not link to anyone or any entry of mine but I would like to see where this leads and to prove little questions right at the back of my mind about SEO blogging.

Pinoy Blogging not for Money

This Pinoy Money Talk SEO blogging contest did really get into me this time and it's not the price that I wanted to get but the little secrets to see what effects optimized blogging can do to a contest. I guess for one the best advantage of blogs for winning the contest is that they are free to update contest and make fresh ones available everytime the engines need them but this time I can see something different with the Pinoy Money Talk contest. I am referring not just to the top contenders but also to other kulelat entries like mine. Some tactics would even involve posting unique contest to see if they have big effects for the indexing powers and trust of the search engines.

Something Going on and What's the Right Timing on Pinoy Money Talk

Whooah! Pinoy Money Talk really did something to me and I know I will get the right mixture somewhere along the way just like Benj Arriola and the others, or maybe like Garry. I must admit that he should be dubbed as the contest king here in the Philippines since Benj Arriola is nowhere near the country right now but in the U.S. for a work there.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Google Maps Killing Affiliate Traffic

Appearing in the search engine results are not just plain webpages that cater to services and products and information but also those that buy traffic (arbitrage sites) with the use of affiliate marketing, otherwise known as PPC.

A problem regarding Google Maps have been discussed in many webmaster forums lately raising concerns of traffic loss and how it kills the PPC industry with respect to those who are buying traffic from the advertising medium of Google which is AdWords.

A personal friend once raised this concern with other webmaster opinions open for discussion about how to counter battle this type of problem with regards to PPC campaigns launched but it seems there is no other way but to get to the top and get the little attention or a part of the results traffic that you can get against the results appearing in the Google Maps which normally appears on top of the SERPs.

This set up seems like Google's not so under the table way of killing affiliate traffic by arbitrage sites aside from giving relevant and useful results for the internet users. According to my friend, it's really is killing everything he has worked for so long and what's worse it that he cannot do anything about it.

What about you, what can you say about this?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Preview your PPC Campaign Ads Targeted in a Specific GEO Location

Google Adwords or better known as your PPC(AdWords) campaign Ads are better served if they are viewed in advance to see if your own personal campaign appears when a user clicks for a certain keyword you optimized your AdWords campaign for.

That is with the case where you are targeting the same keyword as what the user typed in his browser and the user comes from the GEO location where you are targeting your Ad to appear.

For those who are looking for an easy way to do it, then I can only suggest that you use a pretty simple tool that gives you the user (the PPC speicalist) the advantage of seeing if your Ads appear when a user clicks a search query that your very Ads are optimized to appear for.

You can find the tool here... Pretty simple but very useful for PPC masters and newbies alike.

Google AdSense Sharing Gets Activated at SEOPh Forum

Marc Macalua, the founder of SEO Philippines has initiated and actually started a new service for SEOPh Forum members - The Google AdSense Sharing Scheme from the Google AdSense Sharing Program.

I received an automated e-mail today telling me to update my profile at SEOPh forum and change a few stuff in it. With the e-mail came a complete guide on how to enable your Google AdSense Sharing with SEOPh. It was a 30% : 10% share for the thread starters and the thread last posters.This means that if you are a thread starter, you can have a 30% chance that your Ad will be displayed and then if you are the last poster on the thread, you get a 10 %chance that your Ad will be displayed while the forum moderators will have a 20 % chance that their Ads will be displayed in the forum.

This is something good for the SEOPh members and I have never considered the founder to come up with a helping hand. Proof that Marc Macalua is out there to help others who are looking for extra slice of the traffic earnings via Google AdSense that SEOPh Forum receives from the search engines.

SEOPh members salute you, Marc for initiating this to help members of SEOPh Forum!

This is a good sign that we are indeed a growing community and that we are improving and molding our SEO/SEM talent here in the Philippines very well to the service of our fellow SEO/SEM friends and comrades.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

PPC Optimization and Keyword Integration

Optimizing for a PPC Campaign - A Tricky Part of PPC Advertising

Optimizing for a PPC (pay per click) campaign may be one of the trickiest processes to undergo when you are out for a deep research for keywords to use in your niche for a particular PPC search engine marketing and advertising. This could also be an important factor with which an online business may depend upon especially if it is in its first few months in the online arena. In the early days it is not possible to earn a significant number of traffic for business conversion but today, everything has changed because of Pay Per Click Advertising.

PPC is a Powerful Business Model

PPC is also a very critical part in driving traffic and buying traffic at the same time. Since this is a very powerful business model today, many have joined forces with some of the greatest PPC and search engine marketing (SEM) experts around the world.

This is just to implement an effective campaign for them to drive traffic to their business and possibly increase their conversion rate each year. It even came to a point where some online businesses will not survive without PPC advertising in its shoulder as part of the regular paychecks to issue on payday so it became another site analysis and analytics report for most SEM experts to pass to a client for every job they do regarding search engine marketing.

Since this is not just some hype in the market, but a definite source of additional traffic and conversion for most online business today, PPC advertising and optimization became an even more challenging role for most SEM experts all over the world.
A Few Basics in PPC and Keyword Optimization

Using the right tool for optimizing for a keyword design for a business is probably one of the most important in PPC advertising. Since PPC advertising and share of traffic is most targeted in a race to top the Google search engine, it would therefore be most effective to use even the simplest and free tool in optimizing for keywords for a PPC campaign.

In this case, I would strongly suggest using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, so simple yet so useful for generating the right keywords to use for a PPC campaign. If you are looking for keyword integration tool, there is a free tool that I have used before called as the Profit Puppy Keywprd Integration Tool.

This is used when you need to generate such keywords to use for optimizing a PPC campaign such as the negative keywords and so on.
Monitoring your PPC Keywords

Monitoring the PPC campaign using Google Analytics and your AdWords account may also help you a great deal in terms of trying to see which keywords are converting and which are not so that you can mange them and see what should be thrashed based on a certain period of time.

Now, this may not hold true to all campaigns but I can assure you that eventually you are going to have to remove the keywords that you deem useless for your campaign and not converting for you so that at the end of the month you will see only the filtered keywords with which you can concentrate on.

This is very important to avoid confusion in the long run in managing your AdWords Account. Remember that in your AdWords account is where you will see how your PPC campaign is doing so it is important that you know how to handle them the right way.

You can always take a note or two when you are having problems and send to Google AdWords or Google just in case something has gone wrong.

Influencing the SERPs with Social Media Hype - A New way to Apply Offpage SEO

What's in and what's not? It's social media hype and the advantages that it gives in influencing the SERPs to favor a site over your competition with regards to a particular keyword race. Could be and could be not but who knows?

It all started for me when a few friends in the SEO arena in the Philippines attracted me to join in some small SEO blogging contest built and intended at first to serve more traffic to a website. Now it's gotta be in terms of SEO with most of the greatest SEOs finding out that it can do much more than just serve for a campaign to topple the odds over a keyword competition via blogging and networking.

It was at first, Benj Arriola winning the SEO World Competition last year dubbed as the global warming awareness SEO World Championships with title as the very keyword and turning over the tide for other rival entries. He did good with the help of a few SEO friends here in the Philippines and I never minded it all as I am not interested to join in or see anything from the contest.

Then... another SEO contest here in the Philippines dubbed as the Isulong SEOPh keyword ranking contest open only and exclusively for the Filipinos. Followed by the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest. I again didn't mind but just stood aside on who will win the search engine trust and to seek for the methods those top notchers are implementing in their entries.

From there on, a buzz had gone widely roaming around the community of SEO in the Philippines and there goes another SEO keyword ranking contest named the "Paradise Philippines" and from there I considered joining other small contests just to see if there is really some juice in Social Media Networking.

Until it's too late that I found out that indeed, social media networking is an effective way to implement SEO in a website or for a client dying to give extra buck$ for ranking first in their niche keyword.

Then after the Paradise Philippines keyword which I joined and topped on the first page for some time until I lacked the time to give my entry the needed focus. But learned a lot with regards to offpage SEO. After this another SEO contest was launched titled as the "Alibata" for which I didn't join because I can sense something not good is going to happen from the start because of doubts on the very bog prize this time which even prompted some SEOs to buy special domains intended only for the contest.

But they failed to implement maximum SEO because the contest after the passing of the year 2007 went down into a controversy which the organizers failed to give early notice to contestants and entry owners.

This later created havoc over the SEOPh forum and I'm glad that it is now finally over and the organizers must have found a way to calm down the heat due to lack of information dissemination about the status of the Alibata SEO keyword ranking contest.

The opening of the year took me to join in small contests just to see the effectiveness of social media networking and indeed found something else from the rubbles that I can use and confirmed from other friends also that they can be a very effective way to boost rankings in a niche keyword. Social Media Networking indeed gives advantages for offpage SEO implementation.

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