Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Google Maps Killing Affiliate Traffic

Appearing in the search engine results are not just plain webpages that cater to services and products and information but also those that buy traffic (arbitrage sites) with the use of affiliate marketing, otherwise known as PPC.

A problem regarding Google Maps have been discussed in many webmaster forums lately raising concerns of traffic loss and how it kills the PPC industry with respect to those who are buying traffic from the advertising medium of Google which is AdWords.

A personal friend once raised this concern with other webmaster opinions open for discussion about how to counter battle this type of problem with regards to PPC campaigns launched but it seems there is no other way but to get to the top and get the little attention or a part of the results traffic that you can get against the results appearing in the Google Maps which normally appears on top of the SERPs.

This set up seems like Google's not so under the table way of killing affiliate traffic by arbitrage sites aside from giving relevant and useful results for the internet users. According to my friend, it's really is killing everything he has worked for so long and what's worse it that he cannot do anything about it.

What about you, what can you say about this?


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