Friday, March 07, 2008

Pinoy Money Talk Here Goes

The Effects of the Pinoy Money Talk Mania

The Pinoy Money Talk SEO Blogging Contest is nearly over and I do not really know what happened to my entry. It must have lost a lot of the popularity that it needs in order to make it to the top of the SERPs, particularly in Google because this is where the contest is focused on.

Who's on Top on Pinoy Money Talk?

He who gets to the top of Google SERPs with the keyword Pinoy Money Talk by March 15, 2008 (I guess) wins the contest. Right this moment, Garry is on the lead and there is nothing I can do to make it to the top 10 by now so I decided to make this post just to see where this leads. It will not link to anyone or any entry of mine but I would like to see where this leads and to prove little questions right at the back of my mind about SEO blogging.

Pinoy Blogging not for Money

This Pinoy Money Talk SEO blogging contest did really get into me this time and it's not the price that I wanted to get but the little secrets to see what effects optimized blogging can do to a contest. I guess for one the best advantage of blogs for winning the contest is that they are free to update contest and make fresh ones available everytime the engines need them but this time I can see something different with the Pinoy Money Talk contest. I am referring not just to the top contenders but also to other kulelat entries like mine. Some tactics would even involve posting unique contest to see if they have big effects for the indexing powers and trust of the search engines.

Something Going on and What's the Right Timing on Pinoy Money Talk

Whooah! Pinoy Money Talk really did something to me and I know I will get the right mixture somewhere along the way just like Benj Arriola and the others, or maybe like Garry. I must admit that he should be dubbed as the contest king here in the Philippines since Benj Arriola is nowhere near the country right now but in the U.S. for a work there.


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